How to transfer videos from iPhone to Android

Using SHAREit or Xender

If you need to send large files from your iPhone to an Android smartphone or Windows PC, you can use third-party apps SHAREit and Xender. They allow you to wirelessly send files of any size. No restrictions.

First download the app to both devices, then follow the instructions inside the app. The process is pretty simple. The devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To send files to an Android smartphone, you may need to turn on the access point on your Android device and connect your iPhone to it.

These apps have a built-in audio and video player that you can use to view the files you receive.

How to transfer videos from iPhone to Samsung using email

With email, you can easily transfer videos from your iPhone to your Samsung. But you cannot send large files. You can only attach small files of less than 20MB to each email.

In your iPhone albums, select the videos you want to move.

Click on the “Share” icon at the bottom left and select “Mail.

Selected videos will be automatically attached to the email, enter the required email address to receive the email on your Samsung phone.

Go to Samsung email and download videos to your phone’s internal memory.

How to transfer videos from iPhone to iPhone

Apple provides several ways of easy, fast and free of charge video transfer from one iPhone to another. Below we look at the most convenient and effective.

Note that below we consider the options for transferring video to another user’s iPhone. If you’re moving from an old smartphone to a new one and you want to transfer other information besides videos, use the backup feature. Read more about iPhone to iPhone transfer earlier on our site.


Owners of Apple smartphones running iOS 10 and later can share photos and videos with others almost instantly using AirDrop. The main condition is that both devices must be in the vicinity.

  • First you should make sure that AirDrop is activated on the device that will receive the video. Open the settings and go to the “Basic” section.


But what to do in a situation when there is no second iPhone nearby? In this case, iMessage, a built-in tool that allows you to send text messages and media files for free to other Apple users, will bail you out.

Note that both gadgets must be connected to a wireless network (Wi-Fi or mobile Internet) to transfer the video.

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Sending a bunch of photos or videos from one iPhone to another. simple task. But sending photos from your iPhone to your Android smartphone or tablet can be a little more complicated. So how do you send files from iPhone to Android devices?

It’s very popular to share photos and videos through your favorite IM clients like Messenger, Google Hangouts, Viber, Skype, CHATON, WhatsApp, Kakao Talk, BBM and the like. These services, available on both iOS and Android, are easy to use and allow you to send images in batches. On the other hand, most of them reduce the size of the outgoing photo to save data and speed up the process. In other words, the resulting image will not be of the original quality. If that’s not a problem for you, use whichever instant messaging service you prefer.

Via email

Every iPhone has a full-featured e-mail app, and even a novice user is likely to know how to use it. You can easily send one or two photos to a friend, regardless of the recipient’s smartphone make and model. Unfortunately, there are a number of limitations to this method of sending, and one of them is. data transmission limit. Apple Mail has a 20 MB attachment limit, while Gmail allows you to attach a maximum of 25 MB to an email. You can get around these limits by using a cloud service, but not by much.

Sending using cloud services

Cloud services can be used for more than just backing up data. Most of them give us the ability to easily share files and photos with other Android users. Dropbox and Google Drive are ideal for this purpose, they are able to generate secure links to your images in full resolution. Services are free for the user unless they need more space than what the free account offers. Dropbox only provides 2GB for free, but you can increase the amount of storage by getting extra space by engaging friends and/or completing various tasks. On the other hand, a free Google Drive account gives you a generous 15 GB, but the space is split between your Google and Gmail accounts.

Using apps to transfer files

Nowadays, there are apps for anything, including quick and easy file sharing. Here are some that work well on both firmware. The trick is that the file transfer application must be installed on both devices. Otherwise, they will not be able to communicate.

Send Anywhere. The app is reliable and easy to use. You do not even need an account. To send photos and videos you need to select files from the application, and then a unique 6-digit key is generated. Recipient. Android user with Send Anywhere installed, transmission starts after entering the code in the phone or tablet. Data is transferred peer-to-peer via “optimal network path between devices,” which can be Wi-Fi network or Internet.

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Instashare. An app that is very similar to the previous one but less reliable. Requires Bluetooth enabled on both the sender and recipient device. Nearby phones can be detected, while the data transfer itself goes over Wi-Fi.

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC (and Windows to iPhone). UPDATED

If nothing works, you can try QikShare. Its ads are annoying, but the application itself works well most of the time.

Using a computer

As long as you have the necessary USB cables, you can copy images with the file manager of your computer. The process is quite simple and requires neither access to the Internet, nor the installation of additional equipment on the iPhone or Android devices, in contrast to the ways described above. This option is suitable for transferring a large number of photos and videos or large files.

How to transfer files from iPhone to Android via Bluetooth?

iOS operating system has a lot of fans. But it also has its disadvantages. One is the inability of the iPhone and iPad to transfer files directly via Bluetooth. As they say a trifle, but not nice. Probably every iOS device owner has friends with Android smartphones. How to transfer files? Of course, you can use cloud solutions or e-mail for this purpose. But, the challenge is to “tame” Bluetooth. Let’s solve it.

Method three-special apps

The most popular and easy to use app is PhotoSwipe. The obvious advantage of this application is that it does not require internet access, there is no limit on the size and number of files to be transferred. If you want to transfer files between an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you open the application on both devices and put them side by side. Then you choose one or several photos and swipe the screen of the phone from which you are sending photos to the phone that is receiving the photo. The content is transferred via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

You can also use other apps that work the same way: Sharable, Shareit, Feem, Fast File Transfer.

How to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone

Transferring data from iPhone to iPhone via Tenorshare iTransGo

Tenorshare iTransGo is PC / Mac based software designed to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone / iPad / iPod touch. It allows you to 1-Click clone everything from your old phone to your new phone or selectively copy contacts, photos, notes, etc. from iPhone to iPad. д.

Download the program from the official site, install it on your computer and run.

If you want to transfer all the data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone, select the Select all on the original iPhone checkbox. It will display the total size of the data you selected and how much it will take for your iPhone. Click Start Transfer to begin transferring complete content to the new iPhone.

iCloud. how to transfer iPhone data to iPhone

Turn on your old device, open Settings, and select iCloud, click Backup in the menu, turn on the Backup button.

On the new iPhone, set the language, network, and under Settings, select Restore from iCloud copy, enter your Apple ID and password, go to iCloud, then you can freely save the copy to the new gadget.

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iTunes how to move data from iPhone to iPhone

First of all, it is better to install the latest version of iTunes, connect your old iPhone, iPad and iPod to your computer via a USB cord.

Open iTunes by tapping the iPhone button in the menu.

In the Help that appears, click Create a copy now, and the backup is done.

Launch your new iPhone 8, select Russian, connect to Wi-Fi network.

Then open Settings, click Restore from iTunes copy, and the backup file is restored to the new iPhone.

How to transfer the calendar from iPhone to Android

As with contacts, the calendar can also be synced with your Google account, but this will only be convenient if you have done it from the beginning. If you don’t want to manually add all your calendar entries, we’ll show you how to move all your calendar events in one batch. Oh, and we’ll be using iCloud again.

How to move your iCloud calendar to Google Calendar:

  • On your iPhone, go to ” Settings”.
  • Select Passwords and accounts.
  • Select Gmail if you have one, otherwise select ” Add account” to add your Google account.
  • Under Gmail, make sure the Calendars switch is on (green).
  • This will automatically sync all of your calendars. Made!

How to move your calendar entries manually:

  • First, go to your iPhone settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Make sure you have your Apple ID and sync with the Calendar app enabled.
  • If just turned on, wait for the calendar to sync with iCloud.
  • Open the browser on your computer and go to the iCloud and log in to your Apple ID account.
  • Click on the Calendar icon to open the calendar interface.
  • In the left pane, click the calendar sharing button next to the calendar name.
  • Check the box next to Open Calendar. Copy the sharing url that appears below it.
  • Paste the copied address into a new browser tab and change the webcal to http, then press Enter.
  • The browser will download a file with a random character set and extension.ics. This file is a copy of your iCloud calendar.
  • Save the file to a convenient folder on your computer. For convenience, rename the file, to calendar.ics.
  • Go to Google Calendars on your computer.
  • In the left pane next to Add Friend Calendar, click and select Import.
  • Select the calendar file that was downloaded from iCloud. Once the import is complete, you will see the imported entries in Google Calendars. The new entries will also sync with your Android smartphone.

Transferring data from iPhone to Android

Many users are slowed by the process of transferring data from their old gadget to their new one when switching from iPhone to Android. We’ll look at how to transfer contacts and other information, switch to Google services, and work with music, photos, and videos.

This guide will help you quickly and easily solve the problem of how to transfer data from iPhone to Android.

Let’s consider a few different ways.