How to transfer vyber to another phone

How to Transfer Viber Messages to New iPhone:

To transfer all your messages to your new iPhone, you first need an iCloud account. All of your data will be copied to your iCloud account and then restored to your new iPhone. For this, all you need to do is to follow the steps below.

Here are the steps for backing up and restoring messages on your iPhone:

Open the Viber app and go to advanced settings on the screen. Several options will be displayed, click “Backup Viber” after entering the settings tab. After that, click “Backup Now” to start the backup process.

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Viber will connect to your iCloud account and all your Viber data will be stored in your iCloud account.

Sign in to your iCloud account on your new iPhone. Launch Viber on your new iPhone.

Viber will automatically prompt you to restore Viber content. Tap on “Repair Now” option.

As a rule, transferring Viber to another phone without losing data takes only a few minutes and does not require any specific knowledge. The main thing is to have a stable Internet connection, an active older device and preferably a wire to connect your gadget to your computer.

Transfer from Android to Android

The question of how to transfer the Viber data to a new phone from Android is the easiest to solve. The first thing to do is to make a backup copy of the history on the old device. To do this, go to the messenger itself and select the “” item. Next we are interested in “Settings” and the “Account” tab. At the top there is a menu “Backup”. Go to it and click “Backup”. After a short period of time, the copy will be successfully created and uploaded to the Google Drive account to which the device is tethered.

After that we move the SIM-card from the old device to the new one, download Viber and go through the registration procedure. Then repeat all steps, described in procedure of creating copy, only in menu “Backup” we choose item “Restore.

Transfer Viber Messages From Old Android To New Android Phone Restore Chats

You can also transfer your messages to your new device manually. Here first you need to send the history of Viber messages to your email. To do this, go to the settings of calls and messages, where you select the item “Send message history”. Specify the mail address and wait for the archive with the data to arrive there. Then, either from your computer or through a new device, go to the file system of the device, to which we transfer the data, and go to the following path: /data/com.Viber.Voip/dtabase, and copy all the files from the archive here. If you need to replace the files, then confirm it. After rebooting Vyber all the correspondence history will appear in the new device.

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There are often questions about how to transfer Viber to another phone from a tablet. If the tablet with Android on board, then the procedure will not be any different from the one described above.

Transferring from iOS to iOS

The great advantage of Viber is that the application on iOS is almost no different from the one installed on the Android device. Therefore, the procedure of creating a backup will be completely similar. Only here everything is saved not in Google Drive, but in iCloud, and there is no possibility to transfer the history by copying it to the file system.

Transferring from a computer to any device

The biggest problem with how to copy Viber to another phone arises if you previously used the PC version of the program. The catch is that there is simply no way to copy the data. So the answer to how to duplicate history from a laptop or PC to a mobile device is always the same. no way. There are options only if the messenger was used through an emulator of Android or iOS, and not the official application.

Another common question: “Can data be transferred from iPhone to Android and vice versa??” The answer is no, because these operating systems have different file structures and use different cloud storage.

Changed SIM card?

Not only do you want to transfer your WhatsApp messages to another phone, but you are thinking about changing your phone number? Not a problem. there is a solution! The instructions for iPhone and Android will be identical. this:

  • Open the “” menu and go to settings;
  • Click on the “Account” block;

Note, the method only works when moving history between smartphones of the same platform. Transfer Viber from Android to iPhone or vice versa will not work.

First you have to back up your history according to the instructions above. you’ll get the corresponding notification on the screen! Otherwise, you won’t be able to transfer your Viber history to another phone.

Finished with this part? If you’re still on your old SIM card and don’t want to move your number, just skip this section. Let’s move on and get our hands on a new, different device.


If you bought a new Android smartphone, don’t rush to delete Vyber on your old phone. First, activate the “Backup” function:

After that, you need to select a time period for the Back Up update: select “Day” and click “Create a copy”.

Important: if there is no “Backup” option in the app, you need to update to Viber 7.0.

Chats from messenger are stored in the Google Drive cloud storage. You need to sign into a Google account or create one in advance using email to continue accessing your data.

For iPhone users, the transfer process is pretty much the same. You will also need to make a copy on your existing device. Everything will be in the iCloud cloud. If you do not have an account on the server it should be registered beforehand.

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When backing up your data, connect to the WI-FI network, so that you do not “go minus”, using up all the traffic of mobile Internet.

How to transfer viber history to another phone

In this article, we will tell you how to transfer your Viber history to a new smartphone or PC and how to set up automatic history backups.

From time to time we have to replace smartphones and other devices with new ones. That’s why many users ask a question: how to transfer Viber account and messaging history to a new device without losing important messages and data?

With the account, everything is more or less clear: activating the account on the new device, you will automatically log out of it on the old one. But what about the message history? We’ll show you step by step how to copy the history and move it to a new smartphone.

How to transfer Viber history to another phone

Often the Viber messaging history contains a lot of useful and important information for the owner of the mobile device, so when you change devices you may need to transfer the data to the new device. This raises the question of how to transfer the history of Viber to another phone in order to access your old messages in the future.

There is one official way to copy the old Viber correspondence to another Android phone. You can do it via Google Drive.

Transfer Viber messages to another gadget

To transfer Viber history to another device, you need to do the following:

  • Sign in to Google account on your Android device on the donor smartphone.
  • Launch the Viber messenger application.
  • Open the main options menu by tapping the three-line icon at the top of the display.
  • Select “Settings” in the list displayed.
  • Find and open the “Account” section.
  • Enter the “Backup” subsection.
  • Find the menu item mentioning Google Disk at the bottom of the screen, and tap on it.
  • A prompt will appear for linking the service to the Google account, you must select the desired account (if there are several) and confirm the intention by pressing “OK”.
  • Tap “Create copy” and wait for the process to complete.

Next, in order to deploy the created copy of the chat on your new phone, you need to do the following:

  • Move the SIM card to the new device.
  • Log in to the Google account that you used to copy the data on your old smartphone.
  • Install from Google Play messenger Viber.
  • Activate Vyber.
  • Open the main menu of the messenger application by tapping on the three-line icon in the upper left corner of the display.
  • Select “Settings” section.
  • Then go to “Account” section.
  • Activate “Backup” subsection.
  • Find and select the line with “Restore.
  • Confirm your intention in the opened dialog box.

Important. To ensure that uploaded photos and videos are displayed correctly on the new device, it is recommended that you copy the viber directory from the internal memory of the donor phone to the built-in disc of the recipient’s smartphone

Many users in Viber wonder if it is possible to transfer the history of Viber from the computer to the phone, having previously made a copy of the chat to a file using the messenger? Unfortunately, this option is not possible, despite the assurances of some chat participants to the contrary.

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To transfer Vyber messages to another phone is not difficult, both for an advanced user of mobile devices, and for the average person. The above detailed instructions will help in this.

How to transfer Viber messages to another phone?

After buying a new phone or replacing the current one, many users begin to worry about. In most cases, they involve transferring personal information to the device. In the case of most services everything is simple. it is enough to log in from your account. However, faced with how to transfer Viber history to another phone, there are nuances.

The history of messages in Viber is important for many people, because old messages can contain important information. So this question worries a lot of people. But it’s not hard to do the transfer, just follow the instructions below.

How to transfer Viber to another phone

With the purchase of a new smartphone, a person has a double feeling: on the one hand, it is nice to own the best device. On the other hand there is a problem with moving your favorite apps from one Android to another? How to transfer Viber messages to another phone without damaging yourself?

In this article, our expert will share his personal experience and tell you how to solve this problem.

How to transfer Viber to another phone

Changing a mobile device is not only a pleasant procedure, but also a problem for some people. And the reason is that not everyone is ready to part with the data stored on the old smartphone. And if you can simply transfer photos and music, then what to do with messenger? How to transfer Viber to another phone without losing information: messages, contacts?

Currently, there are several ways not to lose data. And we will talk about them below. But before we proceed to describe them, we should recall two important rules:

  • You will not be able to transfer Viber to a new phone with a different operating system.
  • To run the program on your computer enough to download the installer and log in to the system under the number that is used on your smartphone.

In order not to encounter the error of transferring data from the messenger it is important to think in advance what method of transfer will be used when buying the gadget. It is recommended not to store a large amount of correspondence on the device, as this can significantly slow down the process. In the history it is better to leave those messages that may really be needed in the future.