How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

How to transfer WhatsApp from android to iPhone: all ways

How to transfer WhatsApp from android to iPhone is a great question that raises many users in a stupor. We figured out in detail the problem and found ways to bypass the restrictions imposed by the differences of operating systems! We start studying right now.

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The transfer of WhatsApp data from android to iPhone is quite complicated, it is not always possible to go through it without loss. Difficulties are related to the radical difference between two operating systems. What to do? You can get the desired result. We will consider in detail all the available options. Ready to start?

First, let’s talk about how to transfer WhatsApp from android to iPhone via e.Mail. Many people forget about this chip or do not know at all. In vain. Convenient tool enough if you need to save a small amount of information. What needs to be done?

  • Take the old device in your hands and open the messenger;
  • Find the dialogue you are interested in and open it;
  • Click on three points in the upper right corner;
  • Select the item “Export Chat”;
  • Click on the icon “attach media files”. If you want to add images, audio, video and other documents;
  • Click “without files”. If you need to transfer only text messages;

So you can easily transfer the WhatsApp from Android to the iPhone. Only selected or all correspondence. Please note that several dialogs cannot be distinguished, you will have to repeat the action for each.

What is the minus of this method? It will not work to read messages in the application. You will open them on the new smartphone, but only by e.Mail.

We follow further? There are other ways to carry WhatsApp from Android to iOS.

Why do people face problems when transmitting WhatsApp from iPhone on Android?

On the phones Android WhatsApp performs a backup of data on Google disk, while, as you can imagine, the iPhone does it on icloud. Therefore, you cannot access WhatsApp files from your iCloud account on your Android phone when switching from iPhone to Android.

There are three main methods. All of them seem difficult, but we defeated the stages and tried to make the process as simple as possible for understanding.

Whatsapp from the iPhone on Android using WhatsApp Transfer

As ‘Anywhere Door’ for your data WhatsApp Transfer can transmit any WhatsApp from the iPhone on Android, with iPhone / iPad on iPad / iPhone, with Android on Android. (Support of more than 7000 mobile phone models).

Here are step.By.Step instructions for postsApp data from iPhone to Android

Download and install WhatsApp translation into your PC. It works both on Mac and Windows. Win download mac download win download mac download after installation you will see this social application parameters in the upper line menu. Click it and select WhatsApp module after connecting both phones to a computer or Mac via a USB cable.

Please note that in order for this process to work, you need to follow the instructions on the screen to enable the USB debugging on your Android phone.

Make sure both phones are correctly defined in your WhatsApp program. When you click the “Pass” button, your WhatsApp data on your iPhone will begin to quickly be transmitted to the Android phone.

Depending on the size of the WhatsApp data, this process can take several minutes. You should also know that any messages that are already on the Android phone will not be deleted.

Hitsapp from iPhone to Android using Wazzapmigrator

Wazzapmigrator. The most downloadable application for whatsApp to Google Play. Basically, this application takes all the data of the iPhone WhatsApp and converts them into the format, which can read Android Phone.

This paid application costs 6.99 US dollars. But this is the right way to ensure the transfer of WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android if you follow the instructions step by step.

However, you need an auxiliary software to do this, and the procedure is quite complicated. Want to take a shortcut?

Here’s how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android using Wazzapmigrator:

Iphone data backup on PC using iTunes

Make a backup copy of your iPhone on a local PC in an unpleasant format. To do this, when backup iPhone on the computer using iTunes, just remove the “reserve copy” checkboard.

You will need to download iTunes Backup Extractor to your computer. This will help you get to know WhatsApp files in the iphone backup and extract them. We recommend that you use ‘Ibackup Viewer’ that free.

You can also select the IPhone Extractor ‘, which is free until the 4 files are removed (enough to download the WhatsApp backing file).

Eliminate the data of Chatstorage.Sqlite, AKA WhatsApp on your computer

With Ibackup Viewer, you can extract WhatsApp files from the backup of iTunes. Your chats will be stored in the following place:

Appdomagingroup. Group.Net.Whatsapp.Whatsapp.Shared. Chatstorage.Sqlite

Appdomagingroup. Group.Net.Whatsapp.Whatsapp.Shared. Media (it will be in the form of a folder, copy the entire folder)

Whatsapp data transfer to Android

After extraction, you can import the history of WhatsApp (Chatstorage.Sqlite) with PC on Android in various ways.

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transfer, whatsapp, android, iphone

-By USB with a standard copy of Windows with a USB drive for Android

After postponing WhatsApp from PC to Android you will also need to download ‘Wazzapmigrator to your Android phone from Google Play.

The final stage

Connect your Android phone to a computer. He will show you internal files. One of these files will be the Waszapmigrator folder, copy the files previously extracted from the iPhone using tools mentioned in step 4, in this folder and click the playback button on Android. Then you can allow the application to do your job and do all your WhatsApp messages with your iPhone on your Android phone.

transfer, whatsapp, android, iphone

Although this application is the most downloadable application for the WhatsApp to Google Play, this process does not seem simple and is not always the most reliable way to transmit WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android.

How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android using the Restore Social application

Restoring the social application is recognized as the most effective way of importing WhatsApp with iPhone on Android, as well as on iPad / iPod Touch / Android devices.

In addition to IOS WhatsApp, to restore the social application can also create backup copies of other social networks, such as the history of the Line / Viber / Kik / Wechat chat, with only one mouse click only.

Here are some steps that will work in whatsapp iPhone on Android:

WHATSAPP transfer to Android iPhone using a backup copy

Whatsapp service also has a tool that allows you to create backup copies. Its advantage can be called the absence of the need to have both mobile devices for carrying a transfer, that is, you can create a backup copy of the chats from the smartphone on Android without having the iPhone, and carry out the transfer after buying the latter.

The sequence of actions when transferring WhatsApp this way:

  • Run on the smartphone under the control of Android the WhatsApp application;
  • We go to the “Settings”, click on the section “Chats”;
  • We select the function “Reserve copy of the chats” from the list of available actions;
  • If you have backup chat back earlier, a list of all previously completed copies of the program will be displayed on the next screen. We are interested in the creation of a fresh version, so we press the “backup” button;
  • We wait for the end of the data copying process;
  • If you plan to transfer the old smartphone to other hands (even if it is your close relative or family member), we strongly recommend that you delete WhatsApp along with all the data. In different versions of Android, this operation is performed in different ways, the approximate way is: “settings”-“applications”-WhatsApp- “Delete”;
  • When you have an iPhone, load from the store, install and start WhatsApp;
  • We enter the account under our phone number (the previous one, which was on Android);
  • The application will find a backup, saved on Google, it remains to click on the “Restore” button and wait for the completion of the data transfer procedure.

The method is really good, but any mistake made at the stage of creating or restoring a copy can lead to irrevocable data loss.

Import of local backups

The WhatsApp backup, stored locally, that is, in the internal storage of a mobile device, can be easily transferred to PC to safely preserve and/or recovery. This function not only makes reservation more efficient and protected, but also allows the transfer of the messenger data to the current go of another device posted, for example, when it is not possible to connect them to a computer at the same time or the second at the moment is not at hand.

The easiest way to restore WhatsApp with Android on iPhone. This is an email.

To transfer your WhatsApp to IPhone chats and Android, go to WhatsApp on your Android device click “Three points” (additional parameters) in the upper left corner click the button settings, and then go to the chat chat history.

On the current screen there will be an export of chat option. Click on it. Then you can choose a separate chat or group chat that you want to transfer.

Click and select, without the media or turn on the media.

Then you can choose an email or gmail from a pop.Up menu.

Note. Due to the maximum email size, you can send 10,000 WhatsApp to the last posts when you choose the Include Media and send 40,000 WhatsApp messages when choosing without the media.

You will be invited to enter an email address, make sure that the address is active and you remember the password.

Finally, open your e.Mail on your iPhone, you will have access to all your translated conversations. If it is not displayed, you may have missed a step. Read the procedure carefully and you will be successful soon.

By exporting a copy of the history of a separate chat or group by e.Mail, you can only access your WhatsApp chat history on iPhone. But you cannot synchronize WhatsApp messages with your WhatsApp account on the iPhone. And you will have to repeat the procedure described above again and again, if you need to transfer many individual or group chats.

How to throw WhatsApp from android to iPhone using e.Mail

The creation of backup copies provides for the preservation of all data from the messenger entirely. But if the brand new iPhone needs not to transfer all, but only relevant correspondence, you should use another function. It involves the transmission of textual and media files by using email. To implement this method, you will need a registered account and a valid mailbox (or better than two).

So, in order to send data from the Android device on the iPhone, several actions should be performed.

  • Launch WhatsApp messenger on the old smartphone and click on the icon in the form of three vertical points.
  • Select and go to the “Settings” section and then to the “Chat” tab “.
  • At the very bottom of the page opened, select the category “History of Chats”.
  • From the list of available operations, launch the “Chat Export” option, and then mark the dialogs that need to be transferred to a new apple device.
  • Когда появится сообщение «Добавление медиафайлов увеличит размер экспортируемого чата» понадобится отметить один из двух вариантов: одобрить или отклонить. It is worth considering that in the case of sending a media content, the sending process will take more time.
  • When a window appears with the parameters of sending a dialogue, you will need to decide on the choice of the addressee. If the recipient is a stranger or emergency address of an e-mail, you need to choose the option “New message”. In order for the letter to come to the same box from which it was sent, you will need to indicate the “letter to yourself”. In the input field write a text and press the “Send” button.
  • Now you need to turn on the new iPhone, and go to the email account. A new letter with a chat WhatsApp should appear among the contents of the box.
  • To restore them, you should run the messenger, go to the “settings” and choose the function of the same name.

This option of transferring the messenger data is simplicity, but has a number of significant disadvantages. Firstly, within the framework of one letter it is permissible to send only one chat, so the transfer of a large number of contacts can take away a lot of time. Secondly, despite the possibility of transferring textual and media files from Android to the iPhone, synchronizing them with an apple gadget will not work.

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone| iPhone to Android 2022

How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android via iCloud

Since the messenger is not able to store information on special servers, return the lost message, photo or video sent many years ago he will not be able to. Similar miracles can only be made by the cloud storage of icloud. It reliably hides all the information, backups of WhatsApp and other applications made at different times. Therefore, with the transfer of contacts and the history of correspondence from the iPhone to the iPhone or to another device that supports the difficulty operating system that supports the iOS should not arise.

Before starting the data transmission process, you need to check three things:

  • The iPhone should support the version of the iOS operating system at least 7;
  • The iCloud service is activated in the “settings” of the phone;
  • There is enough free space to maintain correspondence.

Information about the incomplete amount of storage is reflected in advance, before the launch of the data copying process, so no excesses should arise (and will not be, since the “smart” system will warn about it in advance).

  • If the listed conditions are met, you should proceed directly to the procedure.
  • Launch the messenger and on the lower panel of quick access with a long slippage to call the “Settings” menu.
  • In the list of available functions, the line “chats”, and on the page of the unfolding tab, select the “backup” option (in some models it has the name “Create a copy”).
  • The application will analyze the volume of the free space of the storage and offers to save only text data, or all the information, including images, audio and video files.
  • If there is enough space, the system will offer to generate new copies for synchronization in automatic mode, daily, every week or once a month.
  • At the next stage, you will need to activate the “Create a Copy” option and wait for the operation to complete the operation.

For the successful end of the procedure, you will need to take the last step. To restore correspondence on a new phone. The algorithm is simple:

  • When initializing the account, indicate the current phone number;
  • Undergo authorization in the iCloud account;
  • When a request-notification appears, choose the only possible option.
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To complete the procedure, you may need some time (on average from three minutes to half an hour), due to the speed of unloaded content and its volume.

The last stage is applicable exclusively to apple devices, since all virtual storage is also used to transfer data. To unload the history of correspondence on Android, you will need to slightly change the algorithm of action.

  • Launch the messenger in the fast access panel located at the bottom of the screen, call the “Chats” section.
  • In the integrated integration with contacts and messages, choose the desired correspondence and click in the name of the interlocutor.
  • Next, select the option “Export Chat”, and choose the format of sending with or without media files.

At the end, you will need to decide on the choice of transmission option. To date, several ways are available: sending in a message to the email address, saving in the “files” section, moving to a neighboring messenger. The only inconvenience of this method is the performance of routine actions for a long time.

How to transfer WhatsApp to iPhone using third.Party software

One of the most convenient ways to maintain correspondence on the new iPhone is to use special programs. For example, Tenorshare icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer: a Russified version can be downloaded for free. This software is good because it does not require the use of the developer mode and allows you to perform the desired operation in just a few clicks.

First, connect both smartphones with USB cables to the computer, on which ICarefone for WhatsApp Transfer is installed. For the iPhone, it is better to use the original cable. Make sure the program recognized them.

Now you need to create a copy of all data on the source device. To do this, click the “Create a new backup” button “.

It remains to transfer it to the iPhone: for this, the WhatsApp application should already be installed on it. The program will ask you to enter the phone number to which the messenger is tied.

After that, all information from the backup will be restored on the “apple” smartphone.


Another effectively decisive problem under consideration in the framework of this material is the instrument is the name Wazzapmigrator. Compared to the above DR.Fone process of transferring WhatsApp from the iPhone to the Android devices is not so simple in the Migrator, but the cost of the means described below is incomparably less than the software from Wondershare.

For the effective operation of the proposed further software, it is necessary on the ITUNES computer. If this has not been done earlier, install this branded decision from Apple to work with iOS devices with PC.

    Connect the iPhone on which the subject to transfer the WhatsApp is installed to the computer.

Be sure to without encryption.

Install the VAZAMECTORTOR utility on PC,

In the internal memory or on the removable drive of a smartphone.

Go to the Extract from iTunes Backup directory, touch Media, and then confirm your choice by slipping OK in the lower right corner of the screen.