How to transfer WhatsApp from android to iPhone

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[3 easy ways] How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Over the past few years, the iPhone has been a bit unimpressive, but it has still maintained exorbitant prices. No wonder so many people have started switching from iOS to Android. If you’re one of the many people who have recently made the switch and are wondering how to transfer your WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, you’re in luck. We’ve listed three detailed methods for transferring data from WhatsApp to iPhone to Android.

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“You can use WhatsApp to transfer from Android to iPhone with WhatsApp Backup”.

If for some reason your phone goes bad and you get a new one, you can still get all your chats along with photos or anything else you’d like to store there. This happens for all Android phones.

Nevertheless. It’s different for iPhone, which means the backup idea has failed. Since Android and iOS are not cross-compatible. You can’t restore those chats from Google drive and get everything you saved there.

Instead, the iPhone supports things on iCloud, We all know how strict Apple is about security, so they can’t give Android access to iCloud. Most people try this method over and over again, but never understand why it fails every time. Now you know!


The messenger has a feature available to transfer data from WhatsApp, with email. You will need to have a valid email account.

  • Open WhatsApp on Android, and go to the app settings. Choose a chat section. In the window that appears, click the item. history of chats and press the button. export chats.
  • Choose a chat history. In the message that appears to add media files that will increase the size of the exported chat, select the sending. with or without files.
  • After a window with a list of transmission methods appears, select the new message or email to yourself item. Tap send. Enter the email account where the email with the chat was sent to in your iPhone.

The disadvantage of this method is to send via email, you will get one chat at a time.

Local copy

To restore WhatsApp correspondence from android to iPhone:

  • Create a copy in the messenger settings (settings. chats. backup. copy). Download WhatsApp on iPhone, but don’t open it. Connect Android to your computer with a USB cable (file transfer mode).
  • In Windows Explorer, open the internal memory of the device, and go to the WhatsApp folder. Transfer the databases directory from the application folder to your computer. Disconnect the device from the PC.
  • Connect iPhone to the PC and move the copied folder with chats to the WhatsApp folder in the iPhone internal storage. Disconnect your device from PC, launch messenger and click Restore in the pop-up window.

Google Drive or iCloud

To move the WhatsApp archive from Android to iPhone you will have to use other ways, because they are different platforms that do not communicate with each other.

But transferring whatsapp archives from Android to Android via Google drive will work:

In the messenger settings, a backup is created and uploaded to the cloud service. In the new gadget, log in to your Google account, open WhatsApp, and restore the previously created copy.To restore messages on iPhone from iPhone, you need to use aicloud. The principle is the same as on android.

Via email

If you need to pull specific data from your correspondence, but don’t have to upload it to messenger, you can simply transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone via email. To do this:

Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone and go to the chat you want to share.

Click on the three-dot icon to the right of the user name and select → Export Chat. Specify whether you want to attach media files, or messages will be enough. If there are a lot of files, it is better not to attach them, since email services have limitations on the size of attachments.

Choose how you want to transfer the files. This can be done via Gmail, Telegram, or any other means of communication that are available on both Android and iOS.

Enter the recipient’s address and make sure that you attach all the necessary files.

After that you will only need to open the mail app on your iPhone and save the received attachments. Please note that messages transferred in this way will only be available as a text file and you won’t be able to upload them to WhatsApp on your new smartphone.

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The first thing you need to do is download AppTrans from the official website of the developers. Connect both smartphones to your computer with the program installed, open the application and select Transfer to Phone WhatsApp under App Transfer.

Make sure both smartphones show up correctly, and follow the preparatory steps to bypass system restrictions so the devices can be used to sync files.

Specifically, the Android smartphone must be put into debug mode in order to be able to transfer data from it. Instructions on how to do this will appear on the screen:

  • In the settings of your smartphone, tap on About Device Software (the exact names of the menu items may vary depending on the manufacturer).
  • Find the Build Number item and tap it 7 times. This will activate developer mode.
  • Go back to the previous settings screen: Developer Options will appear at the bottom of the page.
  • Find USB Debug and move the slider to the right of it to the active position.

You need to do some preliminary work on your iOS device as well: you need to disable the Find iPhone function. To do this:

  • Open the smartphone settings and tap the username.
  • Select Locator and go to.
  • Select Find iPhone and navigate to it.
  • Move the slider to the right of Find iPhone to the inactive position.

After that, both devices will be ready to use. Click Transfer Now.

Transferring via email

You’ll only be able to send one message at a time, so this method is only useful if you want to send messages from some contacts, not all of them.

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android device, go to “Settings” and tap “Chat Settings. From the drop-down list, select “Send chat by email”.
  • Select the WhatsApp conversation you want to transfer. A pop-up window will appear with a warning: “Attaching multimedia will increase the size of the email.”. You can select “No multimedia” or “Attach multimedia”.
  • Enter your email address and click “Send.
  • Sign in to your inbox on your iPhone. There you will be able to view messages transferred from WhatsApp, but you will not be able to sync them with your account in the messenger itself.

How to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone

The ability to quickly exchange messages and convenient features have made messenger WhatsApp, one of the most popular and popular, among applications of this kind. When you replace one device with another, the problem of how to save and transfer information from personal and group chats appears. To do this, there are several effective ways that will help not to part with the necessary information.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using emailWith WhatsApp you have such a useful feature as the transfer of messages via email box. To implement this method, you need to use the available email address.To transfer whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone, start the messenger on the Android device, and enter the WhatsApp settings menu. In the list, select the section with chats. Select the chats history item, and press the export button.

Then the history of migrated messages is checked.A window will appear with a list of transfer options. In the list, choose the option to send a new message. If, the user sends data to his address, then selects the email to himself.The next step is to log in from your iPhone, to your email account, where the chat email is stored.

The only bad thing about this method is that you transfer one chat at a time. And it will take time to transfer the entire message history. And the method does not allow you to synchronize chats on your iPhone.

How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android via iCloud

Smartphones with iOS 9 or higher from Apple have iCloud file storage, which is free of charge. With this feature, you can transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android. For this you will need:

  • Sign in to WhatsApp from your iPhone.
  • Select “Settings.”.
  • Select “Chats”.
  • Select “Backup”.
  • Choose a copy frequency of “Everyday”.
  • Create a backup.

When the file has been downloaded, you can move on to copying data from iCloud to Android. To do so, follow the instructions:

  • On Android, go to WhatsApp with your old data.
  • Select “Settings” and then “Chats.
  • Go to “Backup” selection.
  • Agree with all items and enter the phone number.

Important! To create a backup and restore it from another device, you must use the same phone number.

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iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer

To copy chats from WhatsApp for Android to the messenger client for iOS, you need to resort to the use of third-party software. One of the easiest and most effective in solving the task at hand and proven among users is the program iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer from the company Tenorshare.

  • Follow the link above, click “Download for Windows” (or “Available for macOS”) on the web page that opens. Wait a little bit for the installer to finish loading the tool to transfer the messenger to the disk of your PC.

    On the original Android device, activate the “USB debugging” mode.

In addition, on the iPhone install WhatsApp from the Apple AppStore, but do not rush to authorize in it, and if this is already done, reinstall the messenger in order to log out of your account.