How to transfer Windows license to another computer

Transfer of the license key of the promotional Windows 10 to another computer ⁠ ⁠

Sometimes PC owners have the moment when they understand that a faithful friend no longer meets their requirements. So my FX8320 C 16GB of memory stopped brewing brutal files of the autoCADA, but I needed to work, I could not stand each auto.Saving for 5 minutes, and in SolidWorks the calculations took indecently a lot of time. And I gathered Argrad on the 3000 9th series of the 9th series, everything is asleep, memory 3600 out of the box in the profile, a newfangled M2 hard drive for the system, and of course this is a 570.Case chipset from Asus. I was perfectly iron, but my licensed Windows 10 flew! Which was obtained by updating even more licensed Windows 8. The rustling of the Maicosft forums led me to the answers such as “this was an action to update, it was intended for only one computer, and since you have updated the processor and motherly work, then you already have a different computer and you suck your finger from upset and your path to the Microsoft store where for 12k rubles you will be offered a new key “.And Windows itself says “tie the key to the account”, as well as the Internet gives advice that it would be necessary to deactivate it. Okay. I pull out the guts of the system and put the old matpacket and percent, install Windows and everything works fine. The key clings to my account Microsoft (I must say that I additionally saved it through the “product”). I deactivate it (the Internet knows how), I collect new pieces of iron in place. I enter through the Microsoft account and get the next portion of love and tenderness in the form of an unexplored key. Cracked. Downloaded Windows 8, which I once bought, installed it on clean (Windows 8 never worked so quickly). And through the utility “Assistant for the update of Windows 10″ I roll 10k on the top 8ki!

And it is necessary! The system gives me the same key that was on 10k at the old system, but already in a full.Fledged activated state. 6 hours of time was killed, but the license was restored.

If anyone once bought Windows and updated by 10 through an assistant for update, then hold a method that I have not seen in the description anywhere else

The image of the system. Windows 7 transfer without utility installation

Perhaps the easiest and fastest option. The system has a tool for creating a backup. We go to the Start menu, select “All Programs”, then “Service” and “Archives and Restoration”. Next, it is necessary to create a disk restoration of the OS and create an image. We perform the following actions:

  • To create an image, you need to specify the path where the archive of all data will be created: select a disk, optical or external HDD. By the way, you can create an image and store online, but more on that later. Choose a disk with a sufficient place to carry out this process, it is better if it is still a logical or external disk. Archive.
  • After the end of the process, we load another device, insert our carrier with a copy and load the system.
  • Click on the “restoration of the OS”, indicate the carrier with the image.

Note! In order for the system to load, it is necessary to put in the BIOS settings loading from a hard drive. In principle, the method is quite simple and does not require installation of any utilities. However, the archive is not created so fast and there is no possibility of compression. There are more effective programs.

How to clone Windows 10. The Free and Easy way!

transfer, windows, license, another

How to activate a license on a new computer

To activate using SLMGR, open the command line with increased SLMGR and execute the following command:

transfer, windows, license, another

If you try to use the key that has not yet been deactivated from the previous computer, it may work first. But in the end, the activation will not succeed, and you will receive notifications “not real” and “update your PC”.

Again, this will work only if the key corresponds to the OS that you use. If you have a Windows 10 Pro key, but Windows 10 Home is installed, you will just face a mistake related to Windows Neraop.

And if you try to use the key of the previous version, for example Windows 7 or 10, you will get an wrong key error.

It is best to open the settings in these cases, click “activate Windows” and manually enter the key.

Please note that if you use the PRO key and activate the installed copy of Windows 10 Home, this method will automatically be updated to Pro.

Remember that you can only use Windows keys with one installation at a time and plan in advance. If you want to save your old car when assembling a new one, you will need the second Windows license. But if the plan is concluded from operation, save a little money and transfer the existing license.

Check the type of Windows 10 license

The retail license can be transferred to another computer. Corporate. You won’t transfer it, you will have to purchase a new.

How to determine whether it is possible to transfer the Windows 10 license

Although Microsoft uses different channels for the distribution of Windows 10 licenses, only two options are available for consumers: retail and Original Equipment Manaufacturr (OEM).

If you have a Windows 10 retail license, you can transfer it to another computer. If you are updated to Windows 10 with a retail copy of Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, you can also transfer the key to another computer.

Usually there are no restrictions on the number of times when you can transfer the license if you correctly deactivate the previous copy. Sometimes activation errors may occur that cannot be solved without the help of technical support Microsoft.

If you have a computer with a preinstalled Windows 10, you have OEM license. In this case, the key is not tolerated and with its help you can not activate Windows 10 on another computer. If you have updated to Windows 10 with Windows 10 Home by buying a Microsoft Store store, you can transfer a license to a new computer, since the product key will be converted to a digital license related to Microsoft accounting.

First setting Windows 10

Consider this process on the example of Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703). In older versions (1607 and 1511) it will differ. Some options will be unavailable, and screenshots will be different. Nevertheless, if you figure it out in the process of installation 1703, it will not be difficult for you to install 1607.

    Choose region. Because of the bugs in Windows 10, we strongly recommend that the region leave Russia even if you are from Belarus, Ukraine or Kazakhstan. As we have already noted above, otherwise you will receive many problems, like the absence of an alphabet in the Start menu. You can change the region to the correct after installing the system. In this case, no problems will arise. Click yes.

How to postpone the Windows license using Microsoft account

You can tie the Windows 10 license to your Microsoft account. After binding the license to the Microsoft account, you no longer have to enter the product key after reinstalling Windows. Instead, you enter your Microsoft account in the new Windows 10 installation, and it automatically checks your license.

To find out if your Windows 10 license and Microsoft account are related, click Windows Key I, go to the “System” section “On the Program”, then select “Change the product key” or update your version of Windows.

If you see the same message as in the picture above, your account and license are related. This means that you can enter your Microsoft account on your new computer and confirm the license without introducing the product key.

How To Transfer Windows 10 License To Another Computer | Transfer Windows License To New Computer ����

How to tie a Windows 10 license and Microsoft account account

If you do not see the message, you can perform the following actions to tie your account, press Windows Key I, then go to updates and security activation. In the “Add Microsoft” section, select “Add account”.

Enter your Microsoft account using your email address and password. After that, you will need to enter Windows using your Microsoft account data (although you can return to a local account after transferring a license).

After entering the Microsoft system, your license on Windows 10 and your Microsoft account account will. Press Finish and you will see a message confirming the link.

After confirming the license and links to the account, you can enter your Microsoft account on your new computer. Microsoft will check the license through your account, and the transfer will be completed.

Binding Microsoft account with OEM license

Although your OEM License on Windows 10 is associated with the motherboard in the form of a single equipment, you can try to transfer the Windows license specified above the method. The process is the same, except that the following error message may appear:

transfer, windows, license, another

Choose the elimination of problems at the bottom of the page, and then I recently changed the equipment on this device. Then you will need to enter your Microsoft account and specify the device that you use.

Please note that this may not work for each OEM License for Windows 10, since Microsoft makes it clear that you can use OEM license for only one installation. This transfer of the license works in the first place when you move a hard drive or solid.State drive to a new computer with a constant Windows installation, and not with the new Windows 10 installation.

Determining the possibility of transferring the Windows 10 key to another device

Microsoft has different channels to distribute Windows 10 licenses. There are two for consumers of channels, namely for sale in retail and for manufacturers of original equipment (OEM). Windows 11 Retail versions are officially not on sale, with the exception of OEM versions.

If the Windows 10 retail license is bought, you can transfer the system key to another computer. If you are going to switch to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8 versions.1, the key can also be transferred.

There are no restrictions on how many times you can transfer the Windows license. The main thing is to deactivate the license on the old computer before transferring to a new. At one point in time, a license can be used only on one device. At times you can face errors in the process of activation. To solve them, you may need to contact the technical support of Microsoft.

If you have a computer with a pre.Installed Windows 10, such as Surface Laptop 4 or Dell XPS 13, this means that OEM license is here. Such a key cannot be transferred and you cannot activate Windows on another computer. If you update with Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro by buying update in the Microsoft Store store, you can transfer the license to another computer. The product key with such an update is converted into a digital license that is related to your Microsoft account.

What you need to know before posting windows 10?

You can not tolerate the key without deactivating it on the old PC. If this is not done, then at first the system can work properly. But after a few days he will give a warning about the need to update the “top ten”, and then it will simply stop functioning.

We offer a way to transfer the OS to another car for those ESD keys that have already been activated. The new “dozen” is activated differently. You can buy a licensed Windows 10 and find out the nuances of its first installation from the managers of the SoftMonster online store.