How to turn off ads on Samsung

How to remove ads on your Android lock screen / Samsung tablet

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Ads on the phone lock screen. what can be more intrusive and unpleasant to the user? For unknown reasons it appears as soon as the user touches the touchscreen. It is not so easy to delete a pop-up banner, but it is very difficult to find the culprit among the applications.

The most unpleasant is that the source of advertising can be a ransomware virus, testing the emotions of mobile device owners. This nasty virus requires money to disable on the lockscreen. If this is not done,

  • Pop-up windows with ads will pop up on the screen, depriving you of the ability to use your mobile gadget,
  • Ads (pop-up windows with a banner) will appear when you unlock the screen,
  • Ads will be displayed on the entire screen of the smartphone, tablet,
  • Banners will be shown in the system and user-installed applications. for example, in the browser Chrome.

It is clear that you should not agree to the fraudsters conditions under any circumstances. In this guide, we will help you detect the virus and tell you how to remove ads in Android, disable by your own efforts. Well, or almost their own. to the aid of special ad blockers come.

Disable embedded ads specifically in your Samsung Galaxy phone

If you do not want to see ads from Samsung, then go to Settings and move to the tab “Notifications.

Now select “Advanced”. Here begins the most interesting thing. you can disable notifications, many of which are advertising.

Of course, you can’t turn off all ads that way. The ubiquitous, pop-up ads will still infiltrate your phone.

How to solve this problem? You can install applications that allow you to remove all ads, including on services such as YouTube.

Yes, you can install a browser with built-in ad-blocking functionality such as CM Browser-AdBlocker and AdBlocker Browser, but it will not be a 100% solution

Turning off ads on your Samsung TV using the router settings

If you are an advanced electronic device user and know your computer network settings, you can block access to Samsung ad services. For example, you can do it in the settings of your router.

Open the browser on your computer and go to the router’s web interface. You can usually access it using the IP address of the device on your local network: just type it in the search bar (e.g.

Go to “Internet”. “Filters”. The names of the menu items and settings may vary slightly, depending on the router: for example, on our device this item is called “Content Filtering.

Select “Blocked web pages (blacklist)” or “Blocked sites.

Add the following links to the list of blocked pages: “” and “”.

Confirm the entry and save the settings.

How to turn off personalized ads on your Samsung TV

Press the Home button on the remote control and then select “Settings.

In the window that opens, click on the “Terms & Policies” tab.

Open the “View Information Services” option and uncheck the “I Agree” box.

Now under “Terms and Conditions” select the “Interest-Based Advertising” option again. Here, also uncheck the “I Agree” box.

Then in the settings, go to “Data Service” and select the “Expert Settings” button.

Open the “HbbTV Settings” menu and uncheck the “HbbTV.

At the end, go back to the “Conditions” tab in the settings. Scroll down and select the “Reset PSID” button, and click “Reset” in the next window.

With this setting you reset your ad settings, these are minor settings, but you will no longer be shown ads based on interests, this will greatly reduce the amount of advertising on your TV.

Sources of advertising in the “smart TV

The fact that every half an hour we are forced to watch commercials while watching channels can already be called commonplace and taken for granted.

But a TV with a Smart set-top box is more than watching TV channels, and even multimedia features are not the main thing here. Using an aeromouse (and/or wireless keyboard) you can turn a big LED screen into an alternative to smartphones, tablets and laptops. YouTube. no problem. Watch streaming video via torrent trackers. please! Talking, social networking. you can do it all lying in bed and enjoying a high definition picture.

Alas, you can’t avoid popup ads, either. Just like on your phone screen or PC monitor. Here we are not talking about the demonstration mode, when the TV brand advertising becomes particularly intrusive (we have already told you why it appears and how to turn it off).

But you have to admit, it’s not always nice to have your YouTube broadcasts interrupted by commercials. The same is true of many free applications. Let’s find out if there is any way to limit unproductive viewing time.

Sources of ads on smart TV

The fact that we are forced to watch commercials every half an hour when watching channels can already be called commonplace and taken for granted.

But a TV with a Smart set-top box is more than just watching TV channels, and even the multimedia features aren’t the main thing here. Using an aeromouse (and/or wireless keyboard), you can turn a big LED screen into an alternative to smartphones, tablets and laptops. YouTube. no problem. Watching streaming video via torrent trackers. please! Singing, social networking. you can do all this while lying in bed and enjoying a high-definition picture.

Alas, but the appearance of pop-up ads cannot be avoided. Just like on the phone screen or PC monitor. We’re not talking about the demo mode here, when TV brand ads become particularly obtrusive (we’ve already told you why they appear and how to turn them off).

But it’s no fun to watch YouTube videos interrupted by commercials, is it? Exactly the same is the case with the work of many free applications. Let’s look into whether there is any way to limit unproductive viewing time.

Using third-party applications

If an ad notification pops up on your Samsung phone, it’s also worth using third-party apps to combat it.

Applications and download links:Features:
“AppWatch A specialized app that allows you to determine exactly which program on your phone is running pop-up ads. It is enough to install the application on your Samsung, activate the “Start monitoring” option, then exit the application and use the phone in standard mode. When the window appears on the screen, launch AppWatch and you will find in the activity history the last launched app that opens annoying ads.
“Ads Detector Another app of a similar type that allows you to detect programs that trigger pop-up notifications. It detects the source of ads on the lock screen, on the home screen, ads that appear in the notification bar (a special detector “Airpush” is responsible for this). By configuring the application, you will see on the screen of your Samsung phone floating icon. When pop-up ads appear, this icon will show which app is the source of the problem.
“Goclean” The program-monitor of app usage. After installation, go to the “Detector” tab, and check the “Include ads” box at the top. Here we see the requests to ad servers, and the number of such requests. We can see which application is causing the display of adverts and disable it.
“Uninstaller” App displays installation date and name of apps. Thanks to its functionality you can see by date what application was installed and when. If you see any questionable application. remove it.
“Malwarebytes A well-known blocker that is very effective in the fight against popup ads. Mobile analog of popular “Malwarebytes Antimalware” for PC.

For D, C, B-Series models

Here everything is very simple, all you need to do is to press the volume button (volume up or down) and then release it to press MENU until you see a window with the successful completion of the operation, it should show what has changed and now the TV screen is in Standard mode.

Depending on the TV model, the setup may differ slightly from the above instructions.