How to turn off demo mode on your Sony TV

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The manual shows how to turn off Demo to Home Preview “There is a home button on the back of the TV, press it until the screen says demo mode off. http://www.Sony.See the following instructions for details on how to exit Demo mode

Sony LCD TVs. FAQ discussion on front page. (Part 8)

After buying a TV panel, many consumers ask how to turn off demo mode on a Sony Bravia TV. This is a very simple operation that varies depending on the model of the device.

How to turn off demo mode on your Sony TV

Buying a new TV from Sony, you can be confronted with the fact that the screen is constantly popping up an ad. This is a demonstration mode (DEMO) designed to optimize the image in the store. All you need to do is switch to a different home mode or home viewing. Usually this option is activated in the early stages of tuning. But do not worry, you can easily disable annoying ads. All you need to do is follow the instructions below.

Unlock Demo Mode via the menu

In order to turn off the screen saver mode on your Sony, you need to enter the settings of your TV.

Sony Demo Mode Problem Solved

To do this we take the remote control.

  • Find and press the HOME button on the house icon. If there is no such button, then the MENU button should be present.
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Then go to System Preferences
  • The next step is to go to the general
  • Look for the Demonstrations or the store and click on Home.

Disable the demo through Autorun

the other way is the tried and true way for almost all tvs from Sony. To do this you will need to go into the initial settings. There you will find an option to select Home View instead of Store View.

turn, demo, mode, your, sony
  • Press HOME on your remote control.
  • At the end of the menu list is Settings, click on it.
  • Select System Preferences and press OK.
  • Next, we need the Setup item.
  • Select Autorun (Initial Setup). Do not confuse with Autosetup this is a bit different.
  • The next step will be offered to make the initial settings: choose a country, language, search for channels, connect to the network, skip if offered you can at the same time and change the settings you want.
  • You should be prompted to select the location of your TV is Store (DEMO mode) and Home (home viewing)
  • Confirm your actions and all you have done is turn off annoying advertising your receiver.

Easy ways

For many Sony Bravia models there are simple ways to get rid of Demo. To do this, simply find the HOME or MENU button on the TV body. All you need to do is to press and hold it for about ten seconds until a message box appears on the screen saying that the demo mode has been successfully deactivated.

How to turn off demo mode on your Sony Bravia kdl 48wd653 TV

Disabling demo mode on Bravia TVs

Here’s how to do it

On the remote control, press HOME, then go to the Settings menu, select Client Support, and then select Factory Settings.

If these methods don’t help you or if you don’t want to fix the problem yourself. contact a Sony Bravia TV repair service.

Feel free to confirm the factory reset. After activation, the system will reset all the settings. You can select the language and country you want, and the system will ask you where you want to use the device. Select Home. Once you do, the annoying bar will stop appearing.

How to do it

Press and hold down the UP button on your remote at the same time and press Power on your TV.

The device will turn off and then turn back on, don’t worry, this is normal. After that, perform a reset as described in the previous method. Don’t worry, the reset won’t affect or harm your TV.

We tested these ways on a Sony Bravia kdl 48wd653 TV.

You can ask a question our service center craftsmen by calling or writing your question on the feedback form.

  • Switch Bravia TV off.
  • Unplug the power cord from the power outlet.
  • Wait two minutes and reconnect the power cord to the power outlet.
  • Turn Your Bravia TV On.

Press the HOME button on your remote control. Scroll down the menu and select Settings. Set Demo Mode and Picture Reset Mode to Off.

How to turn off Picture Reset Mode on your Sony Bravia TV

After buying a TV panel, many consumers ask how to turn off demo mode on a Sony Bravia TV. This is a very simple operation that varies depending on the model of the device.

Disable demo mode on Sony

Disabling the demo rollers, which show the advantages of the device and limit some of its features can be done differently, depending on the series and year of manufacture of the product.

Reset to factory settings

The easiest way to disable demo mode, which will work for all of the company’s equipment, is to reset the equipment to factory settings.

  • Take hold of the remote control and press the “Home” button;
  • in the menu go to the “Settings” section;
  • find “System”;
  • launch “Client Support”;
  • click on “Factory”;
  • Confirm the action by pressing the “OK” button.

After the receiver has been reset to factory settings, you will need to configure it again. to set the viewing region, date and time, etc.д. Under “View View” you must assign “Home” and not “Store”, otherwise the demo mode will start again.

Android TVs

To turn off demo mode on Android TV receivers, you need to:

  • take the remote control and select the “Home” button;
  • At the bottom of the page, in the corner on the left, go to “Settings”;
  • go to “System” section;
  • go to the demonstration options;
  • Switch off “Demo mode” and “Reset image”.

KDL-xxWxxxB and KD-xxXxxxB series models

  • click “Home”;
  • at the top of the screen, in the corner on the right, select “Settings”;
  • Run “Preferences” or “System”;
  • for TV panels with “System” section, open the “General” tab;
  • enter the demo section for the store;
  • Disable “Demo mode” and “Reset/Reset image”

For other series

  • Find “Menu” on the body of the receiver and hold it for 10 seconds. A notification will appear on the screen;
  • if the previous method does not work, press and hold the “Channel/Input” key;
  • Press “Menu”, open “Settings”, then “Setting”, then “Initial” and proceed as indicated. Set “Home” rather than “Store” in the “View” step.

Conclusion So, resetting the demo mode on Sony TVs is very easy if you know your device model and follow the instructions.

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To deactivate safe mode, just turn off and then turn on your smartphone or just reboot. Safe mode is designed in such a way that you need to turn it on anew each time. Without this, it will boot in standard mode.

If you need to exit safe mode, just reboot your device or follow the steps below.

  • Press the key with theWindows R logo.
  • Enter msconfig in the Open field, and then click OK.
  • Open the Boot tab.
  • Under Boot Options, uncheck Safe Mode.
  • With the TV off, press the power button once. to turn it on.
  • With the TV on, press and hold the power button to turn it off.

Setting up demonstration (DEMO) mode on your TV is used by retailers to demonstrate the operation and features of your TV. Using this setting limits some of the features and functions typically used by the user at home.

Ways to disable demo mode with ads on TV

Advertising on computers became a mass phenomenon at the beginning of the millennium, during the era of the memorable dot-com. With the proliferation of smartphones, a significant portion of companies’ advertising budgets has migrated to the mobile sector. But today, when Smart-TV capabilities are almost as good as phones in terms of functionality, everything is back to square one. Once again the TV ad men have a holiday: in addition to the traditional demonstration in TV programs and in the intervals between them, they have added the demonstration of commercials, which are actually not related to the content. Of course, such aggressive advertising suits few ordinary viewers. Today you will find out if it is possible to get rid of such an intrusive marketing offensive.

Trouble Causes by Manufacturer

So, the breakdown of TV from any modern manufacturer is accompanied by symptoms such as:

  • Black screen when ON/OFF indicator is active;
  • Uncharacteristic operation of the LED diode on the control panel;
  • Buzzing, whistling or clicking inside the appliance.

Next, the article will consider the main malfunctions of TV devices from one or another manufacturer. Remember that the search for a breakdown must begin outside and end inside. It is better to assign the thorough diagnostics to a specialist who can not only identify the problem, but also eliminate it.

Do not count on the resuscitation of an old kinescope device, if it stopped showing signs of life, it would be cheaper to buy a modern plasma.


Samsung failure can be caused by a variety of factors: a power surge, a failed software update over the air, a triggered lock mode, or a failure on any loop. In any case, fixing the defect will not take much time and effort, because the manufacturer always provides a good service support to buyers from our country under warranty obligations.

turn, demo, mode, your, sony

Read more about broken Samsungs here.

turn, demo, mode, your, sony

LG is in the same situation as Samsung. Both companies value their reputation, so if there are any problems they are always ready to meet the needs of consumers.

about the typical troubles with LG here.


Practice shows that the most common reason for Philips malfunction is the accidental locking system. It has already been mentioned in the article that it is better to entrust the disabling of the blocker to craftsmen.

How to repair your Philips, reviewed here.

Colorful Sony displays work like clockwork, what can’t be said about their built-in power supply units. Without professional help you can’t do anything.


Smart-TV from Toshiba Japan often stops working due to software malfunction. Go to the manufacturer’s official website in the line type in your model, download the file and perform reflashing according to the algorithm provided.


Domestic Rubies may not work due to:

User intervention is contraindicated with these devices.


Modern Horizon models break down very often, after only a few years. The most common defect. damaged transformer, which replacement in the service center will cost less than 1000. A similar malfunction is also found in Vityazes.


Sharp has common problems such as:

Self-replacement of such parts is simply impossible.


Supra problems are usually of a software nature and occur in the following cases:

  • Processor malfunction;
  • flash drive breakage. it stops booting (at best it shows the logo);
  • The software that has come off is a flickering light on the case.

It’s worth noting that most TV device owners can’t cope here.