How to turn off Samsung Galaxy a50

  • First, press the volume down button and the power button for a few seconds.
  • If the screen goes out, hold down the volume up button power button for a few seconds.
  • When the Samsung Galaxy logo appears. Release all keys.

#1. remove Bixby Home from the home screen

It’s really easy to do: on the home screen, tap on an empty space and hold it down until the settings menu opens; swipe to the right to the settings page on the left side of the home screen; turn off Bixby Home.

  • First, press the volume down button and the power button for a few seconds.
  • If the screen goes out, hold down the volume up button power button for a few seconds.
  • When the Samsung Galaxy logo appears. Release all keys.

How to turn off Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy a50

Open “Settings” and go to the “Apps” category. There, find “Bixby Widgets” and click on them. After that, you will have access to the “Turn off” and “Stop” button.

How to remove the screen lock on your Samsung phone?

Screen lock is a foolproof way to protect Android devices from unauthorized parties. In all Samsung smartphones this tool is pre-installed, so anyone can use it. If the numeric or graphic display key is no longer needed, it can be removed in a few clicks through the standard menu of the device. However, under certain circumstances, this method of deactivation will not work. Let’s look at why you can’t disable the screen lock and how to remove the password from your Samsung phone in such cases.

Select Show system apps. Go to the Security tab Storage and select Delete data Clear cache. Then go back to the Security tab and select Force shutdown. McAfee antivirus protection will be disabled.

To disable the safe mode, it is enough to turn off and then turn on the smartphone or just reboot. Safe mode is designed so that it must be restarted each time. Without this, it will boot in standard mode.

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How to remove Samsung daley on Galaxy a50 or s10

Since daly now is not yet perfected to perfection and it is more of a problem, this service is of little use and is better to disable it.

First of all, let’s remove Samsung daily from the notification panel, so as not to annoy. To do this, keep your finger on the screen until the smaller windows appear.

Then move the screen to the right and move the slider to the left in front of Samsung daily. He will no longer bother you with notifications.

This is not all. Let’s turn it off completely. To do this, go to “Settings” and choose “Device Maintenance”.

Samsung A50 Switch Off Problem

Then click on “Battery”. Tap “Monitor app power consumption”. Select apps in sleep mode.

Now click “Add.”. Spin the screen down (almost to the very end) until you see “Samsung daily”. Highlight it. Press “Add” at the bottom. Now tap it again in the new window.

Scroll down the screen and select “Memory”. At the bottom press “Clear data”. Scroll back down. Scroll down the screen and press “Stop”.

With the shutdown figured out. Now let’s remove the Samsung a50 or s10 from the side “Power” button.

How to forcibly turn off a Samsung smartphone

When you need to turn off the Android phone Samsung Galaxy in a normal situation, it is enough to press and hold the screen off button, and then select the desired item in the menu. However, the situation is complicated when you need to turn off a smartphone with a non-functioning screen sensor, with a broken screen or without the ability to unlock it, hung phone, especially considering that the batteries in modern Samsung are non-removable. Some people in this case wait until the battery is fully discharged, but this is not good for the battery at all (see. What to do if the Android runs out of power quickly). Nevertheless, there is a way to turn off in the described scenarios.

In this short instruction. details on how to forcibly turn off the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, using only the hardware buttons on it. The method works for all modern smartphone models of this brand, including a locked device with a completely non-functional screen or in cases where the phone is frozen. Unfortunately, the reason for writing this article was my own new broken Note 9 (but there is a silver lining: thanks to Samsung Dex full access to memory, data in it and applications remained).

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Let’s look at the process of unlocking the PIN using Galaxy with Android 10 as an example:

  • Go to Settings menu
  • Go to Biometrics or passwords (or Lock Screen, depending on the firmware version)
  • On the Lock Screen Password tab, tap Turn off screen unlock password
  • Confirm the procedure by entering the current pin code.

Please note that all previously used unlocking tools, such as fingerprint data, will be disabled and erased.

The specifics of the Galaxy A50 is that the smartphone can not just disassemble. This is done because of the peculiarities of the attachment of the battery: the battery here is not removable, but glued to the boards. To prevent users from self-repair, the case is conditionally indestructible.

Disassembly of the smartphone is possible, but only with the use of special tools. Professionals, who have already encountered the specifics of the model, recommend to disassemble part of the case according to the following algorithm:

  • To begin with we prepare the necessary tools. hair dryer, suction cup, thin plastic spatula or card, screwdrivers for small screws.
  • Using a hair dryer on a low temperature, so as not to damage the holographic drawings, begin to heat the back of the case.
  • Once the plastic is warm enough, attach the suction cup to the parts.
  • Lightly pry up with a spatula or a thin plastic card the gap between the parts and pull the suction cup.

How to change power off or switch off method in Samsung Galaxy A50s

turn, samsung, galaxy

The part is removed, but we have not got inside the phone yet. The perimeter of the case is fixed with screws, which must be unscrewed and remove in turn the frame, protective screen, cables, and then only. the display module.

If you need to replace the battery, you need to be careful not to damage the plumes, remove them, and then proceed to the connectors of the motherboard and fingerprint scanner. After installing the new battery or drying the parts, you should proceed to reassemble the Galaxy.

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Disabling updates and alerts for installed software

To prevent new versions of installed games and applications from downloading to your smartphone, you need to do the following:

  • Run the standard for all Android devices Play Market program.
  • Open its settings and find the section “Auto Update”.
  • In the window that appears, check one of the available options: “Never” (allows you to completely disable the update of existing software), “Always” (when a new version of this or that utility comes out, it will be immediately downloaded to Samsung), “Only via Wi-Fi” (installation will be performed only when connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi). alt=”How to turn off updates on Android Samsung” width=”452″ height=”315″ /

After checking “never” in the settings of auto update you will not download new software versions to your phone. However, the alerts will not stop bothering you in the future. To turn off the update notification, go to the “Alerts” tab in Play Market and uncheck the respective items. /

Completely turning off updates can cause the loss of functionality of an application. For example, updating the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV and its absence for the Smart Remote on your phone will make it impossible to control the TV remotely from your Android device.

In cases like this, you can get an up-to-date version of the installed software manually:

  • Open Play Market and invoke its settings.
  • Go to “My apps and games.
  • Find the desired item and tap on it. Instead you can click on “Update All”, thereby installing the current versions of all programs that need it. /

How to Turn Off or Restart Galaxy A50s with Power Button