How to turn off the iPhone x if it is hanging

What to do if the iPhone X is dependent and does not react to anything

Despite the fact that the iPhone X is one of the most powerful smartphones at the moment, like any complex technique, it is not safe from failures in work. In most cases, they are associated with errors in the operation of the operating system or overloading the RAM of the device with data of different applications. If the iPhone X depends and does not respond to anything, do not panic and urgently run to the service center. First you can try to solve the problem, in the literal sense, with your own hands.

The reasons for freezing iPhone

All the reasons why the phone of any model on the basis of iOS hangs is divided into software and hardware. Programs include violations in the software code of applications, which causes a smartphone freezing. Program errors are eliminated at home, without the intervention of experienced specialists.

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Malfunctions of this kind arise when installing the “curves” of applications updates. At the same time, the device begins to hang or completely stops responding to the click of the “home” key, it may turn off on its own or stop the load on the logo. We will analyze exactly such damage to the gadget in the article.

Hardware errors are associated with mechanical damage to the phone. It can be a broken button, water falling under the case, the fall of the iPhone from a height that jumped out of the mount on the board of the module train. Only a specialist from the service center can solve them, if you wish, it is realistic to do it with your own hands, but before you start, you should get acquainted with the article how smartphones are dismantled.

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How to turn off the iPhone 7

You can turn off the iPhone 7 not like the 5th and 6th model. Now the “home” button has become sensory, now an emergency shutdown is impossible. Consider how to restart or turn off the device.

Standard way

Despite the fact that on the iPhone 7 there is no “home” key, it can be disabled using Power pouring. It is located on the right on the side panel. Then a slider will appear on the screen, after its activation, the screen will be disconnected.

Using 2 buttons

“Power” is still located on the right, on the side panel. To turn off the device using keys, now you need to clamp the sound decrease. It is located on the left side panel. After simultaneously pressing for 5-6 seconds, a black screen will appear, and then a corporate logo. The smartphone will be rebooted.

How to perform a “hard” reboot of the iPhone x ?

Now let’s deal with situations when your iPhone is hanging and does not react to any gestures. Given all the glitches and shortcomings of iOS 11, such a need can often arise.

If earlier, to perform a “hard” reboot, it was enough to simultaneously squeeze the Home and Power buttons, then in the iPhone X everything is somewhat different.

  • Press and release the volume increase button;
  • Press and release the volume reduction button;
  • Click the Power button.

Only after the correct execution of the instructions, the device can restart after a certain period of time, can you see an apple and iPhone X, which can again be used in normal mode.

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I hope you will not have problems with the reloading of the iPhone X or turning it off.

How to transfer iPhone into recovery mode

The recovery mode is used when errors occur when updating and flashing the smartphone.

  • Install the latest version of iTunes and close the application. The standard file manager Finder is used on MacOS Catalina.
  • Connect the iPhone to a computer using a cable.
  • Reload your smartphone as described above, and wait for the connection screen to iTunes or finder.
  • Agree with the proposal to carry out recovery or updating.
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How to restart iPhone 7

Iphone 7. The first smartphone from Apple, which has slightly non.Standard methods of rebooting. The “Home” button has become sensory, so the restart methods have changed.

If the smartphone operates normally, then the reboot can be performed as follows:

Now the smartphone will perform all the necessary actions on its own.

If the phone does not work, then you need to perform the following actions to restart the iPhone 7:

If the iPhone 7 in this case refuses to turn on, then after the actions done, you need to hold the “inclusion” key until the branded apple on the screen appears.

Questions and answers

What is the difference between rebooting and discharge? Iphone rebooting is just a shutdown of the device, and then its re.Turning on. Resetting the device will lead to the removal of applications and files and return the phone to the default settings.

How to restart the iPhone? Go to the Settings General discharge erase all the contents and settings. Enter the password, read the warning, then select wipe. Depending on the model of your iPhone, the settings reset process may vary.

Is the iphone reset dangerous? Not! As long as you have something important backup or otherwise available, there are no dangers associated with the reloading of iPhone. In fact, some problems can even be solved by dumping.

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Reloading without buttons?

Here you need to do this: the main. Universal access. Turn on the AssistiveTouch. Well, further in the menu “apparatus” there is a item about rebooting. Click and without any buttons get the result. By the way, many use AssistiveTouch, because comfortable garbage and when properly dexterous accelerates communication with the iPhone, also tunes in.

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Shutdown iPhone with a failed sensor

If the buttons continue to work, the owner of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 or more old models will easily turn off or restart the device with keys. Even with a non.Working screen. In modern Apple phones, the disabling still requires the use of the display, even if only one press is enough for this. Therefore, the method of how to turn off the iPhone 12 pro, X, 11 or 13 has its own characteristics:

  • If a partially broken screen continues to perceive touches, it is worth clicking the desired combination (power and one of the volume buttons) and try to draw with your fingers in the other part of the display. Slightly higher or lower than the inscription, in the place where the glass remains intact.
  • On a fully broken screen, you can also try to turn off the phone with touches. There is a chance that the sensor continues to work, and it will be possible to perform a “blind shutdown”. Draw a finger not along the display, but on the part of the front panel located below.

If you turn off the phone with swipe in the damaged area did not work out or it was completely out of order that the sensor, not the screen, the device will not be able to respond to the user’s actions. Only two options will remain. First. Wait until the battery sits down. The second. Immediately contact the service, especially since to do without contacting the masters if there are other breakdowns, it will not work out anyway.

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