How to turn off your iPhone if it’s frozen

Quick solutions to fix iPhone won’t turn off

Turning off your iPhone. is probably the least possible thing to bother you with, as it’s pretty simple: just press and hold the on/off button for a few seconds, and you’ll see a scroll bar that turns off your iPhone. Despite this, we still got some feedback from various users who complain that their iPhone won’t shut down like the one we showed above. Why this happens and how to fix iPhone won’t disconnect quickly? In this post we’ve gathered 6 quick solutions to help you solve the “iPhone won’t shut down” problem, hope you get some useful information.

How to turn off your iPhone if the sensor doesn’t work

When the smartphone stops responding to touch, you will not be able to turn it off in the usual way. Fortunately, the developers thought of this feature and here are two ways to turn off the iPhone in this situation.

Forced reboot

This option will not turn your iPhone off, but will cause it to reboot. Good for those cases when the phone is not working correctly and the screen simply does not respond to touch.

For iPhone 6S and later models hold down the home and power buttons simultaneously. After 4-5 seconds there will be a sharp shutdown, after which the gadget will start up.

turn, your, iphone, frozen

If you have iPhone 7 or a newer model, you will not be able to use the old method of resetting it, because it does not have a physical “home” button (it is replaced by a touch button, or there is no button at all). In this case you will need to press the other two Power and Volume up keys. After a few seconds there will be a sharp shutdown.

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iPhone Discharge

There is another option for turning off your iPhone when the screen does not respond to touch. it needs to be completely drained.

If you don’t have much charge left, you probably won’t have to wait long. once the battery reaches 0%, the phone will automatically turn off. Naturally, in order to activate it, you must plug in the charger (a few minutes after charging begins, the iPhone will turn on automatically).

One of the methods presented in this article is guaranteed to help you turn off the smartphone in case its screen does not work for some reason.

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The reasons why the iPhone does not turn off

Before you start learning how to fix iPhone hangs and does not disable the problem, you first need to know the possible causes that can lead to this situation. Here is a list of the most likely factors to cause a hang-up of your iPhone.

turn, your, iphone, frozen
  • iPhone has a software problem.
  • The home lock can break.
  • iPhone screen can’t respond to touch.
  • iPhone gets stuck in zoom mode, DFU mode, white screen, etc. Д.

First, let’s remember how to reset iPhone in normal mode, when all phone functions are working properly.

You can turn off your iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 by performing the following manipulations:

  • You need to press and hold the “Power” key, which is located at the top end of your device for a few seconds. The result of such actions is the appearance of two large “Turn off” and “Cancel” buttons on the smartphone screen.
  • Next, you need to swipe the word “Turn off” from left to right, without taking your finger off the screen. This gesture is also called “Swipe”. Swipe. swipe, pull). If everything has been done correctly, the iPhone will begin the process of shutting down the screen will turn off and the device will stop responding to touch.
  • The last step is to press the “Power” button again you will see a black sign of the Apple logo on a white background.
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this method of restarting the gadget saves all the programs in the multitasking panel and after turning off the phone you can easily access all your previously run applications.

turn, your, iphone, frozen

The hard way to reboot the iPhone

Once upon a time, there was only one way to force a reset of the iPhone. But now, with the release of new models, the methods of rebooting them are also changing. With the release of the iPhone 7 and then the iPhone X, Apple has changed the button-pressing procedure twice in one year. In general, act according to your iPhone model:

  • iPhone 4S/6S: Press HOME and POWER button for 15 seconds.
  • iPhone 7: press the POWER and. volume for 15 seconds.
  • iPhone 8/X/XR/XS/11: Quickly press and release the volume button. Then do the same with after pressing the Side button (formerly called the POWER button) for 15 seconds.

Hold down the appropriate buttons until the screen goes out (sometimes up to 15 seconds). This type of reset saves you from freezing or glitchy interface of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPhone Touch). I once used this method to cure my phone from excessively fast battery discharge, when overnight lying on the table iPhone discharged by 20%.

If you need to activate DFU mode on your iPhone X or 8 read this article.

How to reboot iPhone

The need to reboot your iPhone may arise during normal operation, but more often the question posed in the title arises in a situation when the phone is frozen and the standard methods do not work, and a forced reboot is required.

In this instruction in detail about how to reboot iPhone 12, 11, XR, XS, SE, as well as previous versions of the smartphone if it froze, as well as the usual reset in case when everything is working properly.

How to forcibly turn off your iPhone

Have you ever experienced that your iPhone seems to not respond or hangs? When your iPhone is stuck, you can’t do anything with your iPhone. This will make you frustrated. Sure, you can wait for the battery to run out, but it might take a while. The best way is to forcibly turn off your iPhone, which will not erase the content on your iPhone. In this guide, we’ll help you understand how to force shut down your iPhone.

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How to turn off iPhone 7

Turning off the iPhone 7 is not the same as the 5 and 6 model. The home button is now touch-sensitive, no emergency shutdown possible. Consider how else to reboot or turn off your device.

The standard way

Even though iPhone 7 does not have a Home key, you can turn it off by pressing “Power”. It is located on the right sidebar. Then a slider will appear on the screen, once activated, the screen will turn off.

With 2 buttons

“Power” is still located on the right, on the sidebar. To turn off the device with the keys now you need to press the sound down. It is located on the left sidebar. After pressing simultaneously for 5-6 seconds, a black screen will appear, followed by the company logo. The smartphone will reboot.

It is also possible to turn off via “Assistive Touch”, as in the 5 model phone.

What to do if iPhone (X, 8, 7, 6, 5) hangs on loading and won’t shut down?

But before we start, I would like to note that the reason for freezing iPhone can be different and unique in each case. The malfunction can be caused by a software malfunction or physical damage, and as you have guessed, there are different solutions. So what to do if iPhone hangs?

Fix Any iPhone Frozen/Stuck/Loop Screen (How to Force Restart!)