How to turn off your iPhone when the sensor doesn’t work

How to turn off the iPhone if the screen does not work, by discharging the battery

Discharging the battery is an old way of turning off the iPhone rather quickly. Another thing is when the user does not have a screen delay. In this case, he may have problems with the fact that the process itself will take a long time.

The user with the “Power” or “Home” buttons needs to keep the phone on at all times. This is only possible when the user does not move away from it. Since on any iPhone there is such a thing that the screen turns off automatically after 30-40 seconds, this may be a problem.

If a person has had a longer screen delay installed beforehand, then they may not have a problem with this. It’s enough to keep it on. Over time, the phone will turn off by itself.

Forewarned is forearmed

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No one is safe from problems. But those who know how to behave have a much better chance of getting away with it. Together with a working iPhone and iPad. I do not wish this situation on anyone, but if it happened to you, your relatives or friends, do not waste your time. Like rescuing real drowning victims, there are only seconds. There’s no way to follow the proverb: iPhones have no hands. So take action yourself: dry it quickly and go straight to the experts. You’ll get help.

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You don’t know fear if you haven’t looked into the eyes of someone who has dropped their iPhone in the water. It can happen to anyone. And it’s always bad timing. The situations are different, but the result is the same: the smartphone lives out its last days, hours and sometimes even minutes. Now it’s up to you to decide what happens next. The fishing line between a pile of expensive metal and a fully functional smartphone.

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How to turn off iPhone 11

If you press the power key on iPhone 11, the voice assistant will be activated. Let’s look at the current ways to turn off.

Via “Settings”

To turn off iPhone 11, you need to go to the “Settings” menu, and then press “Basic”. Scrolling to the end of the menu you can see “Turn off” highlighted in blue. Pressing it will bring up a window with a slide. After swiping the smartphone will be turned off.

Two buttons

To turn off the new smartphone model without using the sensor, press the increase or decrease key along with the shutdown key. A slider will appear, after swiping to the right the screen will turn off.

How to turn off your iPhone if it’s frozen and the sensor doesn’t work

Why doesn’t the Home button work on iPhone 5s. troubleshooting

iPhone does not respond to touch, what to do in this case? Experts recommend using the hard reset method in such a situation. The implementation of the method is different on different models. To restart iPhone 7 and newer models it is necessary for some time (5-8 seconds) to hold simultaneously the power button and key, which is responsible for volume decrease. Soon the Apple logo will appear on the screen.

The way to restart new iPhone models

To restart the earlier models it is necessary to press and hold the power and “Home” buttons simultaneously for 7 seconds. After a specified period of time, the logo will appear on the screen. If after resetting the screen of the smartphone is working and responds to touch, you can be sure that the cause of the problem was the problem with the operating system.

If phone hangs

From time to time problems may occur with screen and keys simultaneously. In this case there is nothing else but to fully discharge the smartphone, and then connect the charger.

The most effective way is a hard reset. It allows you to revive a display in the shortest possible time. If you do not risk it often, you can use the program from Apple. iTunes, through which you can restore the gadget. You need to connect it to your computer.

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When none of the methods helped turn off your iPhone and breathe life into the sensor, then there is nothing else but to use the services of a service center.

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How to turn off your iPhone if the screen doesn’t work

To turn off your iPhone if the screen isn’t working, either method is inappropriate, t.к. You must always swipe to the right before turning off. If the sensor is broken, it is not possible. Consider what to do in this situation.

Two buttons

On pre-Iphone 7 gadgets, press the “Home” and “Power” keys simultaneously for 2-3 seconds. Phone will reboot on its own without any sliders. Power key will turn on the device. You’ll enter your password when booting up.

There is no Home key on models 7 and up. Instead of it, press the volume up or volume down key along with the power off key. iPhone will begin rebooting.

How to turn off iPhone with a button

The standard operation to turn off the device is to press the power key located on the top of the panel.

Every iPhone model from 3G to X has this key. The latest series of hardware is missing only the Home key, which used to be located at the bottom of the device. Now there is no physical control at all.

To turn off your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Press Power key for 4 seconds. After that the window will darken and the “Turn off” panel will appear.
  • Swipe to the right (sliding your finger across the panel in the desired direction) to disconnect the device.

After that the Apple logo will appear and after a few seconds the screen will completely go out. Even when the device is turned off, it can still perform certain functions. For example, to charge.

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If the operation to turn off the iPhone was erroneous, you can remove the menu that appeared. There is a round icon that says “Cancel” at the bottom of the window.

By pressing it, the owner of the phone will return to the main screen of the device.

How to turn off your iPhone if it hangs

Sometimes it can happen that there are problems not only with the sensor, but also with the buttons. Let’s figure out how to turn off the iPhone, if the screen and the button do not work. Unfortunately, in such a situation, the only thing left is to completely discharge your device, and then connect it to the charger.

Usually both methods help to bring your device back to life. If none of the above options helped you, we advise you to contact a service center.

Many people love the iPhone for its reliability, quality and ease of use, but even these phones are not immune to various failures.

The problem in most cases is the failure of the sensor or the entire display. How to turn off your iPhone if the screen doesn’t work? First you need to determine the cause of the failure, and based on it, look for a solution.

Mechanical damage to the touchscreen

After a fall or impact the phone screen often fails. If the “accident” with your device has resulted only in a broken window, the replacement will not cost you much. But if the matrix is damaged and the touchscreen does not properly handle touch, the cost of repair will be considerable.

Important! Appeal for repair only to official service providers offer their services inexpensively, but then it turns out that instead of a broken screen a low-quality Chinese counterpart was installed, and the master “forgot” to connect the plume.

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