How to turn on a phone without SIM Samsung card

Is it possible to configure Android without SIM card

Any buyer will get a smartphone in his original state. It does not contain any accounts, and the version of the operating system can be enough old. Our article will tell you what actions you need to take with the device immediately after the purchase.

There is no much sense in this material, because the Android operating system itself carefully talks about every step taken when the smartphone or tablet is first turned on. But some users want to know in advance about what awaits them. It is for such people that this article is written. She also talks in detail about those steps on which certain difficulties can still arise. Our task is to ensure that you can easily configure the device so that its use is as comfortable as possible.

FAQ for mobile security. ⁠ ⁠

Question: Is it true that the mobile phone can be tracked? Answer: yes it is true. The included mobile phone can track the telecom operator. Any operator, not just the SIM card which is currently used at the moment. You can track a mobile phone at all without a SIM card. And exactly with the same accuracy as a mobile phone with a SIM card. Conditions such: the phone is included and is in the area of ​​the operator network that tracks.

Question: Is it true that the mobile phone can be remotely enabled? Answer: yes it is true. The communication operator from his equipment is able to enable the mobile phone remotely. For this action, no super duper of military-secret equipment is required. All actions are performed on standard OPSO equipment. The operator can turn it on in active and in passive mode. In passive mode, the phone visually no signs that it will not be applied. To do this, it is necessary that the phone is recorded, that is, it has a battery and it was charged and that the phone had such an opportunity at all. Not all cellular standards and not all telephone models support the function of remote inclusion.

Question: Is it true that a mobile phone can be conducted by a remote wiretapping and peeping through the camera? Answer: yes it is true. But not all phone models are equipped with such functions. There are both old models of devices through which you can listen remotely (watch) and new. Among the new ones there are also models that do not have this function at all. Large manufacturers assist special services and try to include this functionality in their models. But not all countries and manufacturers support amers in this endeavor. There is information (unverified) that our Korean-Japanese-Chinese friends are not very helping in this matter.

Question: Is it true that a mobile phone with GPS can be tracked more precisely than a mobile phone without this function? Answer: No, this is not true. The included mobile phone is monitored by the signals of the cellular stations to which it is connected and nothing else. The reasons for this are very simple. If the phone is not in the area of ​​the cellular network, then there is simply no way to connect to it, which means that data with the GPS module is simply useless. If the phone is on the network, then it is usually connected to 6-7MI mobile stations. Knowing their exact attachment to the terrain and having the opportunity to make up to 35 triangulations, you can calculate the location of the mobile phone with an accuracy of one cubic meter in a few seconds. And then the question is why use the GPS module if it gives accuracy no higher? And the procedure of the quiet involvement of the GPS module is not so simple technically.

Question: Is it true that the mobile phone stores data about all the simards that inserted into it? Answer: Yes and no. Yes, until you reset the phone settings for the factory, he remembers several (depends on the model) the latest Simcarts inserted into it. After the hardware discharge, the phone is clean. But all combinations of SIMEMEMENIA numbers are stored in the database of the operator. That is, as soon as Simmemaia appeared on the network, then immediately remembers this operators of communication. How long they store data about this, I don’t know. I think for a long time.

Question: That is, you can change the phone change the number of the emei and the phone will be clean and not trackable? Answer: No, this is not so. All GSM chips have factory numbers nailed to them with nails in the manufacture. These numbers are taken into account. That is, with a great desire, you can trace the original EMEI number by the chip number.

Question: And they say that if you have 2 mobile phones with you and one of them is turned off (the battery is removed), and the second is monitored and the first will be calculated because it is nearby? Answer: no it is prejudice. A de.Energized device can be enabled and monitoring technically. The state cannot yet cancel physics. There is a chance that in the near future attempts will make identification chips working without food in the phones. But at the moment I am not known to me such developments.

Sim card not registered on network only emergency calls fix in samsung phones

Question: What is the error in calculating the coordinates of the mobile device when tracking? Answer: I did not calculate the exact error. But now approximately the motionless device can be calculated from an accuracy of 1 meter of cubic. But all this is mathematics physics and geodesy. I think that it is not so important to calculate the position of your phone with an accuracy of 1 meter cubic or 9 meters of cubic. They are usually cordoned off by blocks.

Question: How to find out they listen to me or not? Struggle measures? Answer: if there is no battery in the phone, then they do not listen. If you are interested in listening to your conversations? Then this is not calculated. Since wiretapping is on the communication operator. And not how on your phone is not reflected. You can understand whether your phone is on in quiet mode by its (phone) temperature. In the process of wiretapping, there is an actual connection by GSM as during a conversation. And the consumption of the battery charge corresponding to this. If the phone is simply turned on quietly, for example, to find out the coordinates of yours, then it is as it stands in the waiting mode of the usual. My opinion. If there are suspicions, then the battery is down.

Question: That is, if I have a phone with zero Imay and I often SIM cards, then it can still be tracked? Answer: If the tracking means finding the coordinates of the mobile phone by means of the telecom, then yes. If we are talking about finding out who the owner of the phone, then the change of emei complicates the process. You can identify the phone by restoring its original emei. You can do this by finding out the number of the GSM chip, which is recorded in this chip in the manufacture. And then make a request to the factory. As far as I know the number of the chorus.Humidity materials, you can only find out a direct connection to the chip. That is, for all these operations, the device itself is necessary. Although now in most stores to buy a phone for cash, it does not need that the name of the owner of the device is unknown.

Question: Do all types of mobile phones can be tracked? Answer: I am not ready to say for the NMT standard, but all later developments allow you to track the applied apparatus regardless of its model. That is, the fact that your brick for 100 does not increase your safety. The misconception that old devices are worse monitored not related to the devices themselves, but with the fact that as cellular networks develop, the possibility of tracking has improved. Previously, accuracy in a radius of 25 meters was considered the limit, but since then computing power has grown.

In the pursuit of Data. Samsung S7 Edge⁠ ⁠

Kind. Everyone knows the line of the S7 series from SAMSUNG with its famous Exynos processor, who loves to hang around after 5 years, let the command blink the blue LED and leave the board on vacation, having previously chewed all the data) with such symptoms and my turned to me customer.Yes. It was a very long time and possibly not true. The terrible dream of a cumpermother) So. The processor’s dump or wear wear can outwardly behave the same way, but according to internal measurements and launches of nutrition in different ways.The phone was brought by a corpse.In the unfriendly service, when the phone was still able to hang on the screensaver decided to flash, allegedly without loss of data and now the firmware broke in the middle and the phone did not turn on.

There is no better card alas, alas. This repair is more than 2 years, so I will be content with what is) to think and connect to PC does not make sense. Immediately for disassembly:

From the power supply of 400mas consumption, which can talk about dead memory. Yes, here is in two ways, since it can also be a dump of the bastard along one of the paired tires of data transmission. In this case, part of the data is lost and the percent cannot normally issue the picture.To check and exclude the dead memory chip, it must be removed

I protect the processor from overheating and the dump I remove the memory of memory, after passing by solder in its circle, in order to reduce the temperature of the soldering.First.Person shooter)

turn, phone, samsung, card

I remove the defense and get access to the chip.The chip is filled with a compound. With insignificant heating, it begins to crumble. I destroy it at the edges of the chip so that the standing capacitors and resistors would not rise from the board of memory

While the board is still hot immediately clean up the place for the reverse landing of this chip

I roll balls on the microcircuit and in the programmer

The chip is alive, which means the perching of the processor is the culprit of the shutdown of the phone.Now it is on the rball.By the way, I did the repair in 2019) I remove the processor protection

WHA what cooling the hot chip) is now clear why the dump is. But again, there is a double opinion.Some believe that the solder under the chip is degrading, others. Degrades the point of the crystal itself. But you can judge this only when you remove the chip

In my case, there was a blade of crystal from the substrate, since the solder is perfect here. This is of course sad, but on the other hand, when reinforcing, I will warm the chip like on old video cards and he will work for some time if he has not collapsed at all at all.The purpose of the repair. Data extraction. There was no talk of further performance at all. Then I made a little trick.The chip itself is collected: the processor, and the rally above it. I did not share because the chip is wide and the substrate of the textolite is too thin and it even leads when dismantling. If you want or not, you can only remove it only by leaving the operation on the processor, or cut out the fee from the reverse side and transfer the percentage and memory to the donor.But fucking such corns. Without CNC here it is difficult, for a long time and unwell) you see at least one gray nickel? But he is not) I just walked a little braid to remove solder. Contacts did not shine.Right now, there is a stew from flux and compound, which must be removed.

“Safe mode

Make sure that the operating system does not conflict with the software. To do this, download Android in a “safe mode”, in which all user applications are disconnected. This option is possible if the phone begins to turn on, but does not finish, but freezes, for example, on the screen with the logo.

If the load was successful in the BR, then you need to look for the software that prevents the phone from working normally in the standard mode. You can start with recently installed applications. Despite the fact that third.Party software at this moment is deactivated, it still remains in the system, so it can be removed by the way described in a separate article on our website.

Can you use iPhone without service?

You can use your iPhone without cellular communication. Thanks to the growing number of Wi-Fi access points throughout the country, use applications on your iPhone without a cellular connection is easier than ever. Operators such as T-Mobile, even allow you to call and send text messages via Wi-Fi if you are outside the cellular coating area.

Simple steps for activating SIM card AIRTEL 4G

  • Send SMS from a 20-digit SIM card number from the existing ARTEL connection to number 121.
  • Answer, gaining 1 to confirm your request.
  • Wait for the phone to turn off the network.
  • Remove the old SIM card and insert a new SIM card into a slot.
  • Turn on the phone and wait 5 minutes.

Using Google Simble Sim-Card Service

Hello Google can send texts and graphic messages, as well as for voice calls there is Google Voice. This allows users to make calls over the Internet. You can port your old phone number on Google Voice and receive calls via Google Voice using Wi-Fi active connection. Applications such as Hangouts allow you to make VoIP calls without the participation of the carrier, provided that you have access to good Wi-Fi connection.

Now you know. That you can continue to use your Android device for sending and receiving calls and messages, exchange video, etc.D. I’m sure. What do you already know. That even without the Internet, you can also continue to play pre.Installed games, listen to music, select pictures using a mobile phone camera, use a watch and alarm clock, shoot a video, use a notebook, etc.D. In short, you can use the old Android devices, like Wi-Fi, a tablet is turned on!

Reset the phone settings to default values

At this stage, the discharge to the factory settings is mandatory. Perhaps there has been a software error that does not allow Android to detect the SIM card. To check, you want to drop the settings of the device to factory. Just don’t forget to create backups of files in advance.

To restore the factory settings S10:

  • Make a backup of data in the internal memory. If you entered the Google account on the device, you activated Anti-Theft, and you will need your Google accounting data to complete the general reset.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the volume increase and the Bixby key, then press and hold the power key.
  • When the Android logo is displayed, release all the keys (for about 30-60 seconds before the parameters of the Android recovery menu).
  • Click the volume button several times to highlight “erase the data/reset of settings to factory.
  • Click for a selection click the power button.
  • Press the volume reduction button until “Yes. Delete all user data”.
  • Press the power button to select and start the overall discharge.
  • When the overall discharge is completed, it will be allocated to “restart the system now”.
  • Press the power button to restart the device.

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So, I went into the Internet began to download cards for Clash of Clans. Then something happened, pressed something downloaded on it (downloaded file 18. I am already 18) then pressed in that program #to include #, a window of rights came out, etc. D then hesed 2min and again the same window turned out. I overloaded the phone, it came out your phone blocked, see the PIN code (I don’t know Pin Kodv), I wrote the chicks. It turned out they say, the wrong Pin code. Scoop and again prohibiting the window. Help the pancreas. I ask you to. This extortion is asking for 6 pieces I have no money. This is all a divorce. HELP! Probelrash December 20, 2017

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Good day all. Dina in led the block of the blocked phone GT-S5222 I Zabula Yogo, Chi is possible to rose block, Shchob not to redesign. On the Ekrani, the blocked blocked phone numbers viD 1 to 9 OK TA SOS. That # NEMA. PIDSKAZH BUDLASKA, in advance. Shults July 2, 2015

My Samsung S5230 has turned on the telephone lock, I turn it on without a SIM card I dial the code. He gives the wrong SIM code. I tried it through the team 27673855#. And since when completely blocking, you can only call number 112 and only then dial a team from these characters, I got into an ambulance twice, once in the police after this attempt I stopped. How can you still remove the lock help Major Mary2706 June 7, 2015

Samsung GT-E 2252 asks for a SIM card code, I tried the advice with an emergency call, it didn’t work out, now I am urgently dialing, they immediately throw it away. Lystri May 25, 2015

Mende tel. Password Copes Basip El. Mail and password Deps Shgp Kaldya Ony Kalai Ketirsa Bolada, El. Post offices to the jazzami katy depp the shgp Zhatyr. Nestes Boladyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Ulbosyn Yergushov 8 February on February 8

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Hello! If there is an opportunity, please, please how to remove the password from the phone, the phone did not work for a long time, while I did it in the workshop and I forgot about the password on the phone when turned on, the problem is not available and asks 4-8 digits. I tried everything possible, but it doesn’t work out. Help me please! Thanks! Knopa June 3, 2012

When I turn on the phone (the brand of the Samsung GT-S5230 phone) with another SIM card, it sucks the SIM card password, since I do not know it, and I don’t have it at all (now I can’t use the phone at all (tell me what to do? Nastya_milashka 14 January 2012

Hello everyone, I also faced such a problem and now I will tell you where to do it all! If nothing helped you. You can simply take your phone to the closest service to you and you will do it all in 15 minutes. I tried a lot of all sorts of all sorts of codes are useless. I myself checked them on his phone Samsung GT-S5230 ! Alekseybaburin September 25, 2011

A standard password was replaced. After turning off the mobile, the password was forgotten, now writes phone lock. Type code: 27672878# or 27673855# not changing. Kalyan August 8, 2011

In a child, Samsung GT-3650 requests SIM password, she says that she did not put any password. Help unlock. Pechenka May 10, 2011

I turn on the phone at the top is written a telephone block what to do and if you dial a code with a grille write an unacceptable symbol and everything is erased by Kiryuha January 3, 2011

When I turn on the phone, I ask for a password,

turn, phone, samsung, card

I blocked personal files well, then I was able to unlock, but to change the foal on the blocking of personal files, I can not remember the shortage of what to do Dary July 2, 2010

With that decision, that is, I mean the flashing of those programs that are described. The phone data is saved, I really need everything. In general, everyone is afraid to lose anything. Stigma June 10, 2010

  • Turn off the Samsung device, and then insert the SIM card of another operator.
  • Turn on the device again.
  • Now he will ask Samsung unlock codes, just enter the Unfreeze code, but if it does not request the code, open the room and enter UNFREEZE, and then press Send.
  • You will receive a warning about an unsuccessful attempt to exchange messages, but do not worry, this should happen.
  • He will turn off the freezing of the phone and you will see the network lock screen.
  • Now enter the unlock codes, and the device will be unlocked.
  • You must try this method without using a SIM card.
  • You must enter the code 638 Code #.
  • This code was actually sent to Samsung.
  • After entering this code, a message will appear on the screen that the phone is deactivated.
  • This is another step that you need to try without a SIM card.
  • You must enter Code # code. Here “code”. This is a SIM cards unlock code.
  • This code was actually sent to Samsung.

After entering this code, a message will appear on the screen that the phone is deactivated.

For models Samsung: SGH-A127 / E840 / F210 / J600 / T749

The device will reboot and it will be unlocked.

  • Turn on the device with a SIM card.
  • Hold the device in portrait mode and enter 638 Code #
  • You will see the hint of “network blocking is deactivated” and it will reboot.

For samsung z320i / 510 / 650i

Thus, you can use the unlock code of your SIM card on various Samsung devices. Keep in mind that these methods can only cause the screen of the network control key. To completely unlock the Simsung SIM card, you will need to unlock the Code code.

Here are some programs that can unlock your Samsung mobile phone:

If you use this program, you will not need to look for any list of Samsung unlock codes from the Internet, the program will provide you with the necessary codes. The tool is very easy to operate and is able to provide productive results for a very short period of time.

This is the right website that can provide you with all the necessary instructions and information on how to get a SIM card code to unlock your device.

Latest How To Unlock All Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Without SIM Card For FREE! Full HD 2017

Free unlock SIM cards Samsung Online, as the name implies, is an exclusive online code generator. As soon as you enter information about your device, it will begin to generate the necessary codes that can unlock your samsung device.

Free Unlocks. Great website, which has long been offering code generation services. This is very effective, and many users reported positive results when using this. They have a paid service, as well as a free trial service, known as trialpay.

turn, phone, samsung, card

As you can see, you can get such effective programs to get free Samsung unlock codes.

All these methods are very effective if you are going to unlock the SIM card to use another SIM card of another operator. But you should know that to complete this process you need an unlocking code, and without this code the procedure will be incomplete, and the SIM card will not be able to unlock.

If you also blocked your Android device and cannot understand how to get around the lock screen, then you can use the Tenorshare 4uke for Android software to get around this lock screen with just a few clicks of the mouse. This is a professional unlock program that can easily go around any password or lock screen. This is an extremely easy to use and strongly recommended software!