How to turn on a Samsung without the power button

How to turn on the phone without power button

In Android devices, the “power” button performs two main functions. turning the device on and off, as well as activating and removing the lock. If the power button is broken, it does not allow you to fully use the device, which is a straightforward way to the service center. If there is no repair shop nearby, or if it is important to postpone the repair to a later date, in this article you will learn how to turn your phone on without the power button.

There are several methods of starting a device without the power button, but they depend on how exactly the device is turned off: turned off completely or is in hibernation mode. In the first case it will be harder to solve the problem, in the second case it will be easier. Consider the options in order.

Completely turned off your device

If your device is turned off, you can start it with the recovery mode or the ADB.

Recovery If your smartphone or tablet is turned off (for example, after running out of battery), you can try to activate it by entering the recovery mode. You can do it this way.

  • Connect the charger to the device and wait about 15 minutes.
  • Try to go into the recovers by pressing Volume Down or Volume Up buttons. Maybe a combination of these two keys will work. On devices with a physical home button (for example, Samsung) you can press this button and press / press one of the volume keys.

Wait for the system to boot and either use the device or use the programs described below to reassign the power button.

ADB Android Debug Bridge is a universal tool that will also help to start your device with a faulty power button. The only requirement is that the debugging feature must be activated on the device.

If you know for sure that USB debugging is disabled, then use the method with the recovery. In case the debugging is active, you can proceed with the actions below.

    Download and install ADB on your computer and extract it to the root folder of your system drive (usually the C drive).

In addition to command line control, the ADB Run app is also available, which allows you to automate Android Debug Bridge procedures. You can also use it to make the device reboot with a faulty power button.

  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 of the previous procedure.
  • Install ADB Run and run it. After making sure that the device is detected in the system, enter “2”, which corresponds to “Reboot Android” and press “Enter.

Both recovery and ADB are not the complete solution: these methods allow to start the device, but it can go to sleep. Let’s see how to wake up the device if this happens.

Device in Sleep Mode

If your phone or tablet is in hibernation mode, and the power button is damaged, you can start your device in the following ways.

Connecting to a charger or PC The most universal way. Almost all Android devices come out of sleep mode if you connect them to a charger. This is also true for connecting to a PC or notebook via USB. However, you should not abuse this method: firstly, the connection jack on the device may fail; secondly, the constant connection/ disconnection to the mains negatively affects the battery.

Calling the phone When you receive an incoming call (regular or Internet phone) the smartphone or tablet comes out of sleep mode. This method is more convenient than the previous one, but not very elegant and not always feasible.

In some devices (for example, LG, Asus), the function of waking up by touching the screen is implemented: double-tap on it and the phone comes out of sleep mode. Unfortunately, it is not easy to implement such an option on unsupported devices.

turn, samsung, power, button

How to Power On / Turn on ANY Samsung Phone Without The Power Button

Reassigning the Power button The best way out of the situation (besides changing the button, of course) will be to transfer its functions to any other button. To such we can refer all sorts of programmable buttons (such as a call to the voice assistant Bixby on the newest Samsung) or volume buttons. We’ll leave the issue of programmable keys for another article, but now let’s look at the Power Button to Volume Button application.

  • Download the app from Google Play Store.
  • Launch it. Turn the service on by pressing the gear button next to Enable/Disable Volume Power. Then check the option “Boot” to be able to activate the screen with the volume button after rebooting. The third option is responsible for the ability to turn on the screen by pressing the special notification in the status bar, it is not necessary to activate it.

Note that on Xiaomi devices you may need to lock the app in memory so that it is not disabled by the process manager.

Wake by Sensor If the method described above does not suit you, there are applications that allow you to control your device by sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope or proximity sensor. The most popular solution for this is Gravity Screen.

  • Download Gravity Screen from Google Play Store.
  • Run the application. Agree to the privacy policy.

Despite the great features, the app has a few significant drawbacks. First. the limitations of the free version. Second. increased battery consumption due to the constant engagement of sensors. Third, some of the options are not supported on some devices, and other features may require ROOT access.

As you can see, the device with a faulty power button can still be used. At the same time, let us note that neither solution is perfect, so we recommend you to replace the button, if possible, on your own or by contacting a service center.

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How to turn on Samsung without the power button?

There are several options for solving this problem, here are the most effective of them:

Putting the smartphone on charge. Many Samsung and other phones turn on when they are connected to the charger. The first thing you can do in this case is to put the device on charging and try to press the volume button.

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If there is no network charger at hand, but you have a laptop and a USB cable, you can connect the phone to your computer.

If the first method does not work, try holding down the volume button in the. position, the home button and holding these two buttons pressed, connect the power cable (do not release the buttons all the time!). After a few seconds (about 5-7) a “warning” menu should pop up.

The buttons should be released immediately, and then press and hold down the volume button to the. and. positions After 5-10 seconds the device should start loading.

The third method gives results in almost 100% of cases when the button does not work on the Samsung Galaxy. It involves manipulating the smartphone battery and requires some manual dexterity.

You need to remove the back cover of the device, insert the power cable. When the second battery indicator appears, you need to sharply disconnect the power cord and also sharply remove and insert the battery. The phone will start to reboot.

There are a number of methods that can help if the main key is broken. It is recommended to follow them, as these methods will allow you to activate the phone in an emergency situation and use its functions.

Connect the original charger

It is possible that the phone does not turn on due to totally discharged battery. This is why the activation button does not work. So first of all you need to connect the gadget to the original charger. The battery will be charged and the phone will turn on.

This method will work if the cause is hidden in the battery. Once the device is active, you should press the power button. If it works, then the problem was hidden in the battery.

It is important to connect exactly the original charger, because it has the power that meets the hardware standards of the phone. You should also carefully inspect the charging connectors on both parts, if there is damage, you need to fix it, and then move on to charging the gadget.

Reboot your phone

Samsung phones are available in one piece or with a removable back panel. In this regard, there are two methods of overloading the gadget. The first method is designed for devices without the possibility of removing the battery. It consists of the following:

  • The “Volume Down” and “Home” buttons are clamped;
  • A menu with options will pop up on the display, among them choose overloading;
  • The screen will go out, after a few seconds the Android system will restart.

The second option can be used when the cover is removable. To perform it, the following is done:

  • The smartphone is prepared, the back cover is removed, you must take the charging cord;
  • the charging cable is inserted into the port;
  • When the display shows a picture of charging, you should remove the cable and battery from the device;
  • After a few seconds, put the battery back in place and close the panel.

After the performed actions, the system of the gadget will reboot and it will turn on. You can use the power button again.

It is recommended to make a copy of the data from the phone, because it can happen that the phone stops turning on the power button and stops working.

Using the application

In the application stores you can download software that is specifically designed for situations where the power key is not active. The following programs are most commonly used:

These products modify the system and change the function of the keys. In this case, if the volume button is used to turn on, you can control the power of the speakers through the smartphone settings.

Applications are translated into Russian, their functionality is quite simple, any user will be able to understand. Added to this, utilities are distributed free of charge license.

Connect it to your computer

This method can help if your phone is dead and won’t turn on. It is also used when the phone does not respond to any action. Connecting the gadget to your PC, you can transfer all the important data to the PC memory, and then repair the gadget.

To begin with you need to prepare an operable USB cord, you can take any wire, which fits to the smartphone. Then it is connected to a laptop or PC. The phone responds to changes and will boot up. It should be noted that this method works only in isolated cases, it is recommended to use it to check and copy important information.

Recovery mode

This is a popular method which can also be used to activate the gadget even without the power key. It consists in switching to the system mode Recovery. To do this, the following steps are necessary:

  • first you need to put the device on charge;
  • should pass about 15 minutes, during this time the battery charge will slightly replenish;
  • Press the volume button, it must be pressed together with the Home key, depending on the model, you must press the volume up or down;
  • after some time, the recovery mode window should appear on the screen;
  • it should find the Reboot Now section and leave it selected.

The phone stays in this position for several minutes. It should reboot in automatic mode. If you have TWRP recovery installed on your gadget, you need to restart the model with the touch control.

Important. When the phone is active again, it is better to reassign the button options so this situation does not happen again.

Using ADB is a universal solution and is suitable for activating any gadget, including Samsung products. The device is turned on through a laptop or PC, so you need to buy a USB cord. Smartphone should have active debugging via USB.

You can perform the method using the following instructions:

  • download and unzip the ADB files on the PC;
  • Connect the mobile device by USB cable to the PC;
  • Install the drivers you need, you can search for them on the web;
  • On the computer, go to Start, to the standard programs, among them the command line is selected;
  • in it is typed the command cd c:adb, when the PC system will find the smartphone;
  • Then write the adb reboot code.

If all steps have been performed according to the instructions, the phone will reboot. Then you can disconnect it from the computer and use it in a normal mode.

Handy ways

To turn on the smartphone, for which the power button is inactive, you can use improvised items. For example, often a metal stick is used. To do this, pull out the power button, in the place where it was, insert a metal part.

With the help of this stick, you need to jumper the contacts of the device’s power on. You should perform these actions carefully, as too much pressure will result in even more damage to the gadget. It is required to hold the metal object for several seconds until the smartphone is finally switched on.

If there is no result, it is recommended to remove the battery, SIM card and memory card. After some time they are inserted into place, you can try to re-activate the mobile device with the stick.

Simple home repair

If the user has experience in repairing appliances, you can fix the phone yourself using a soldering iron. There are two methods that allow you to turn on the device.

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The first consists of soldering the button in its proper place. And you should keep in mind that plastic loses its shape quickly when heated. The button may change its size due to temperature changes and will not fit into the slot.

There is another option. It is necessary to attach wires to the contacts in the place of switching on. They are led out of the case through the hole for the key. To turn on the device enough to short circuit the wires, it will start the process of turning on. Protruding wires can look ugly, but the method is useful when there are no other options.

Home repair can certainly activate the phone, but there is a high risk that you can put the gadget out of service altogether. It is therefore recommended to use other methods, or to take your smartphone to the professionals in the service center. If the user is confident in his abilities, it is possible to repair the gadget on his own.

Before you start to resuscitate your device, you should remember that it is a temporary aid. For any kind of problem, the best option is to go to the service center, even if one of the methods of solving the problem is effective and the smartphone comes back to life.

Connect the original charger

Almost all Samsung model devices turn on by themselves when they are connected to the charger. It is recommended to use the original charger, a cheap universal accessory can make the situation worse. After connecting, you need to wait about 20 minutes, during this time the smartphone should indicate on the screen that the charging process and turn on. If this does not happen, then you should move on to other methods of solving the problem.

If you have no charger handy, but you have a laptop, you can connect to it with the original USB cable, the phone will also start charging.

Reboot your phone

If you press the “Power” and “Volume Control” keys simultaneously, the device will reboot completely. It is obligatory to hold the buttons for 5-7 seconds, then the device should start the process of switching on. If the smartphone does not respond to pressure or does not start, then this method is not appropriate in this case and you need to switch to the following options.

How to Turn On Galaxy A20 Without a Power Button / Broken Power Button

Using an app

If the power button of the smartphone didn’t break at one moment, but started working badly, you can secure yourself with the installation of improvised applications. Similar utilities help in controlling the device without the power button. We should consider a few proven programs that can help in this matter:

Power Button to Volume Button

This program allows you to configure the ability to turn on the gadget using the volume buttons. Its menu has only two items: Screen Off and Boot. Selecting the Boot option switches the smartphone to a state where rebooting, powering on or off is controlled by the volume buttons.

Keeps you safe from situations where the power button seems to get unexpectedly out of order.

Gravity Screen. On/Off

Another famous program that allows you to replace the power button on your device. The menu is provided entirely in Russian, allowing you to intuitively configure all the settings to suit your needs. In addition to moving the power on function, you can also set the proximity sensor to automatically turn the screen off and on depending on the situation.

Connecting to a computer

Connecting via USB cable to a computer or notebook works in isolated cases. The device may react if it is sufficiently charged. But the method is considered unreliable and helps only in single cases. As a rule, if the device does not respond to charging, it will also not notice the connection through the cable.

Recovery mode

There is another effective way to resuscitate your Samsung, if it does not respond to the power key. The Recovery mode resets your settings and reboots your device completely. This can be done by performing the following steps:

  • Connect the gadget to the charger;
  • Leave it to charge for 15-20 minutes, this time will be enough to get at least a minimum charge
  • then press the “Power” and “Volume control” buttons simultaneously, you should wait for 5-7 seconds;
  • After waiting, the recovery mode menu should appear on the display;
  • there you need to find the “Reboot Now” item, click on it and confirm your actions in the popup window.

If the power key does not work at all, the only solution is to leave the smartphone in the Recovery state for a while. It will have to restart in automatic mode. You can learn more about how to use this function here

If the device has Recovery TWRP, you can restart your Samsung using the touch control.

After a complete reboot, it is recommended to reassign the power button, for example, to the volume keys.

To turn off the device you can also use this mode, for this you should click on “Power Down” in the functional menu.

Start your Samsung without using the power button, you can use a laptop or home PC. This method is considered efficient only if the smartphone supports debugging via USB. Otherwise, the only option is Recovery.

The order of actions when working with the computer and ADB is as follows:

  • First you need to download the ADB utility to your PC. Before downloading make sure that the version of the program is suitable for the operating system you have on your computer;
  • It is recommended to unpack the downloaded file to the root of the system department;
  • in the opened folder you should choose “SDK Platform Tools” and install it;
  • after completing the installation, you should click on the file “SDK Manager”, tick the checkboxes indicated in the picture and tap Install. This is the end of installing ADB on your PC;
  • Connect the smartphone to your computer with a USB cable;
  • You will need to install the drivers that are suitable for this model of phone. They may be available in the package of the device, if they are not there, you can always find what you need with the help of the Internet;
  • on your computer enter cmd in the search box and click the necessary item listed below;
  • The command line will open, where you should write adb reboot and click enter. Immediately after this, the connected device will automatically restart and you can continue to use it.

There is also a simplified version of this program, called ADB Run. This one has all the control commands prewritten in the code, which makes using it much easier. In order to set up your Samsung with ADB Run, you will need to do the following:

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer with a cable;
  • download, unzip and install the program, it has an intuitive interface, so the installation process does not require any special knowledge;
  • In the very first, initial window you should choose the activation of the mode “Reboot Device”. To do this, you must enter the number 4 in the box shown in the picture;
  • It remains only to run the reboot of the Android gadget, clicking Reboot.

Using ADB Run is easier in that you do not need to use the command line on your computer. The program is more understandable, even for those who are not versed in such things.

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Handy ways

If the “Power” button is out of order, you can use improvised items. If you have a metal wand, you can use it to short-circuit the contact where the key is located.

How to Turn On Galaxy S10/S10 Without Power Button / Broken Power Button

It is important to remember that you must act very carefully, do not press, do not squeeze. There is a high probability of damaging the phone or its connectors.

Hold the wand for 10-15 seconds to turn on the device. This method is also suitable if you want to disconnect the device. If the phone does not respond to these manipulations, you should remove the battery and SIM card, then insert them back and try to turn on again with a improvised means.

Simple home repair

If you have experience and some knowledge, you can try to reanimate the “Power” button with a soldering iron. First of all it is recommended to try to solder the button on its place. Keep in mind that plastic quickly loses its shape when exposed to too high temperatures.

You can also solder to the inner contacts of the wire and bring them out. To turn on the device will be enough to short circuit the wires for a short period of time.

This method of solving the problem is considered a temporary, because constantly sticking out contacts are considered unsafe, as well as bring inconvenience when using the smartphone.

Switching on your Samsung phone with the volume button

Connect the phone to charger or computer using a USB cable. If the battery is zero, then let it charge for a while.

Once the battery is charged, chances are it will turn on by itself and all you have to do is press “Home”.

If smartphones don’t have a “Home”, hold down the “Make Silent” key and connect your phone to your computer.

Hold down the volume key until you see the boot menu. Select the “Start” option using the volume keys and your Samsung will turn on.

If your device does not boot into the bootloader using the above methods, leave a comment with the name and model of your device, I will figure out how to turn on your model with the faulty power button.

You can also start your device with ADB. First you will need to install ADB on your computer.

Once you have installed the ADB and Fastboot tools. You need to start Samsung in Bootloader.

Only you must have USB debugging enabled. I doubt that, so now I will not describe the further process.

How to turn on Samsung if the power button doesn’t work

Even the most expensive smartphone is not immune to breakage. In the process of operation, the device can fall on the floor, be affected by water, receive other mechanical damage.

turn, samsung, power, button

As a result, some of the controls can fail.

Practice shows that one of the most vulnerable places of a Samsung smartphone is the power button (on / off).

If the phone’s main button is broken or stops responding to pressing it, only a master can help correct the situation. However, you can use your smartphone with a non-functioning power button for a while.

Switching on the Samsung with a nonfunctional button

How to turn on the Samsung without the power button?

There are several options for solving this problem, here are the most effective of them:

Putting the smartphone on charging. Many Samsung and non-Samsung phones turn on when connected to a charger. The first thing to do in this case is to put the device on charging and try and hold down the volume key.

If there is no wall charger at hand, but there is a laptop and a USB cable, you can connect the phone to your computer.

If the first method does not work, try to press the volume button to “-” position, the “home” button, and, keeping these two buttons pressed, connect the power cord (do not release the buttons all the time)!). After a few seconds (about 5-7) a warning menu should appear.

The buttons should be immediately released and after that press and hold a little bit the volume button to the “-” position. After 5-10 seconds the device should start loading.

The third method gives a result practically in 100% of cases, if the button on your Samsung Galaxy is not working. It involves manipulating the battery of the smartphone and requires some manual dexterity.

It is necessary to remove the back cover, insert the power cable. When the second battery indicator appears you need to sharply disconnect the power cord and also sharply remove and insert the battery. Phone will restart.

Switching on Samsung without a button using the Mobile Uncle app

Each time to turn on the phone Samsung without the power button all the above intricate ways is not very convenient, so after a successful launch, we recommend to install a special application Mobile uncle tools 2017 (Mobile Uncle) on your smartphone.

With this universal multi-tool you can do almost anything with your Android device, completely changing the settings and functionality of the working buttons.

The Mobile Uncle app works with any MTK processor-based device.

There is another app. Power button to Volume Button (available for free on Play Market). it is designed specifically for this case. You can use it to transfer the function of the power button to the speaker volume keys.

There are only two active items in the application menu: Boot and Screen Off. It is enough to tick the box near the item “Boot” and the smartphone will turn on with the volume rocker.

As an additional option we recommend to consider the application Shake Screen On Off. it allows you to turn on / off the screen with a slight shake of the device, if the power button does not work.

How to turn on the phone without the power button Android a few options out of a hopeless situation

As a rule, as a result of some unwanted external influence (or for other reasons), the power button on a mobile device may stop performing its function. And that’s when the question arises, how to turn your phone on without the Android power button?

The situation is certainly not pleasant, but not desperate. To solve the problem to pull out the necessary information or even use the smartphone for a while is quite possible. This is what we’re going to talk about now.

Powering on the phone via USB cable on PC

For those users who have enabled the debugging function in their settings, it is possible to power on the phone via PC, without turning on the phone’s power button. To do this, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Download and install on your computer Android Debug Bridge (ADB). a program that is designed for flashing touchscreen phones.
  • Connect the device to your computer with a USB cable.
  • Open ADB console and type “adb reboot”.

The app also lets you set up root rights and reflash your phone if needed. The simpler version of the program is ADB Run. You can also use it to restart Android even if the power button does not work.