How to turn on Apple Play on iPhone 11

Apple Pay is not working in Russia? Not true, you just need an MIR card

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In the past few days, almost every hour, the media, an online store, a service, or another Telegram channel have claimed that Apple Pay in Russia has allegedly been turned off or is working intermittently. Usually it’s recommended to use a regular plastic card along with it.

In this very small article, I want to briefly dot the i’s:

Apple Pay works in Russia and Wasn’t disconnected in the country.

“Failures” of Apple Pay and other contactless payment services like Google Pay or Samsung Pay are due to problems on the side of sanctioning banks and their payment terminals. Just terminals can not conduct contactless payments from Visa and Mastercard cards.

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Apple Pay as a function is currently disabled only for Novikombank. It happened yesterday. Other banks, including sanctioned ones, still support Apple Pay.

The official Apple page lists the banks that support Apple Pay. While your bank is in this list in section Russia. it supports Apple Pay.

Instructions. How to set up and use Apple Pay in Russia

We cannot give any details or show screenshots. But let’s help you prepare for the launch of the service. It’s coming tomorrow.

Let’s tell you how to enable Apple Pay, how to set it up in Russia, and how to use it in stores. Let’s go!

How to activate Apple Pay on iOS devices

With the question of how to activate Apple Pay on the iPhone or other gadget, users often turn to search resources. Using Apple Pay will be possible for owners of iPhone version 6, SE or higher. Owners of the fifth smartphone model will be able to use the Apple Watch to pay for purchases.

How to activate Apple Pay on iOS devices

Let’s introduce some restrictions on using the system. Owners of the following mobile devices can connect to the ApplePay payment service.

iPhone Watch iPad Mac, MacBook
Versions 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, SE, 6, 6s, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 6 Plus, 6s Plus with iOS 10 Series 4, 3, 2, 1, 1 st generation with watchOS 3 iPad 5, 6, Air 2, mini 4, mini 3, Pro, and Pro 3 with iOS 10 Starting in 2012 with Touch Bar feature, Touch ID
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Tie a bank card to an electronic wallet on your iPhone, if it belongs to one of the following payment processing systems:

The payment tool also supports cards of not all Russian banks. A full list of Apple’s partner banks is available on the company’s official website in the payment service section. In order to connect to the service, the expiration date of the linked card must be current. Touch ID must be enabled on the smartphone, logged into the iCloud account.

How to connect to Apple Pay

If the bank card and iPhone meet the above requirements, activation of Apple Pay on the Apple device can be done according to the following instructions.

  • Wait a while while the activation process is going on. The bank must approve the payment card or request additional information.
  • The device will receive an SMS message with a confirmation code. Enter the code in the appropriate field. Click on the continue button at the top right.
  • Get a notification in the Wallet app that the bank card was successfully added to the device to pay via Apple PAY. After opening the program, you can see the added card.

Binding of the card to the Apple Watch is performed in the Watch app on the iPhone. Up to 12 cards in total can be linked to your smartphone (up to 8 cards in older versions of iOS). To remove the card from your device, use the “Wallet and Apple Pay” line on the “Settings” menu. Clicking on the desired card, we will open the page with its data and, swiping down, select the item “Delete Card”.

How to pay with Apple Pay

After the described steps of connecting payment card to ApplePay the cardholder can pay for the purchase in one touch. Here are brief instructions on how to make a purchase.

On the Apple Watch or iPhone X, double tap the side button to make a purchase. If you want to pay online at websites or in mobile apps, just find the link “Pay with Apple Pay” and follow the instructions. To be able to make such a purchase, the gadget must have Touch ID. Payment without entering a PIN-code is possible for the purchases not exceeding 1000. This method of purchase does not require an internet connection.

Note. To pay Apple Pay directly from your smartphone’s locked screen, just double-tap the home button and then also confirm the payment by waiting for the transaction to complete. To do this, in the iPhone menu “Settings”, “Wallet and Apple Pay” must activate the switch “Double-tap Home”.

Once you understand how to set up Apple Pay and link a bank card to your phone, each user of the service can quickly add a card to an electronic wallet and make purchases without a bank card in your

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After you finish tethering the card, check the NFC function. To do this, go into your iPhone settings. Navigate to Wireless Settings. Find Near Field Communication in the list and make sure the technology is turned on.

Press the side button twice to use the default card. Look on your iPhone for Face ID authentication, or enter your password. Hold the top of your iPhone near the contactless reader until the display shows “Done” with a checkmark.

  • Hold down the side button and the volume up button at the same time.
  • Quickly release both buttons.
  • A thumbnail will temporarily appear in the lower left corner of the screen after you take a picture. Click on the thumbnail to view the photo, and swipe to the left to remove the thumbnail from the screen.

Go to “Settings” “Battery” and turn on the “Percentage charge” option. When you use power-saving mode on the iPhone SE (2nd generation) or iPhone 8 or earlier, the battery percentage is always displayed in the status bar.

How to pay for subscriptions and iCloud on your iPhone

Since Sunday, many Russian iOS users have noticed that they have stopped getting billed for iCloud and other subscriptions made through their iPhone or iPad. You can still pay at offline stores, though. I say “still” because this feature is either gone or will disappear soon:

Central Bank : Apple Pay and Google Pay will not be available for Visa and Mastercard cards in Russia

For example, my Apple ID cards became unavailable:

And when paying within apps, this is what happened:

There used to be a choice of all my cards. Now this list simply does not exist

And when subscribing for an app, the iPhone gave the following:

When adding a new card, the iPhone gave an error yesterday:

This message appeared after trying to link the card “Mir” bank, which works with the Apple Wallet

How to pay Apple Pay with iPhone. step-by-step instructions

Here you can find information on how to use Apple Pay and pay for offline and online purchases using the payment service. Apple device owners don’t always dare to use it right away after connecting Apple Pay. Or, at the stage of payment, there are problems with the transaction. the bank rejected the transaction, the card is not supported by the system, etc.д. The one-touch payment option is almost always convenient, but not always clear to users from the first use. Mistakenly mall cashiers also make mistakes when making a payment.

Consider the issues related to the supported banks and payment cards, where and how to pay for goods with ApplePay, options for using on different devices and payment locations, and everything that concerns the mechanism of transaction.

How to change the payment method in App Store and iCloud on iPhone

Go to Settings Apple ID Account Payment and Shipping.

Select Add a payment method. If this payment method already contains a mobile number, skip this step.

Supported mobile numbers: Beeline, MegaFon, MTS, YOTA.

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Choose the Mobile phone option, enter the phone number you are using and confirm the action with the verification code from SMS.

When the mobile number is validated and appears in the list, tap Change and drag the payment method to the top of the list.

Press Done to save changes and return to the previous menu. If everything has been done correctly, the cell phone will be marked as the main payment method.

How to use Apple Pay from a locked screen

ApplePay from a locked screen works the same way as when activating the service from a device in active mode. Then you’ll see a payment picture, which looks just like Wallet for ApplePay on the unlocked screen. All you need to do is:

You can do this on your iPhone, iPad, or Smart Watch.

How to use Apple Pay from a locked screen

This way helps you use contactless payment even faster. But what to do if nothing happens when you double tap? How to open Apple Pay for quick card access? To do this, you will need to go into the settings and activate this option.

Enabling the function from the locked screen

To enable Apple Pay access from a locked iPhone, follow the instructions.

  • Find the “Access with screen lock” section. Double-tap Home (or double-tap the side button on iPhone X and later versions).

You can now open Wallet quickly from the locked display by simply pressing “Home” twice. If you click here, you can also change the card to buy. To do this:

Note. To be able to pay from a locked phone, you need the latest version of iOS installed.

How to pay through Apple Pay from a locked screen

To make a purchase on your iPhone with the display off, follow these steps.

  • Before payment, without unlocking the display, quickly press the “Home” button twice.
  • The Wallet program will appear with the card ready for purchase. If necessary, you can swap your card for another.
  • Bring your smartphone closer to the POS terminal.

ApplePay works the same way on the unlocked screen. The difference is that you don’t have to unlock the screen and launch the Wallet app to pay. On iPhone X and newer models, you’ll need to double-tap the side button instead of the Home button, like you do with the Apple Watch smartwatch when paying.

After learning the settings and principle of making a purchase on a locked device, the owner of the device will make this function a priority when paying and will displace all other ways to make a payment. Double-tapping the center button will help you quickly buy an item using Apple Pay.