How to turn on flashing on the iPhone when calling

How to put a flash on a call to the iPhone

Smartphone users are accustomed to the fact that when receiving the call, a sound signal or vibration are used. There is another possibility for iPhone users. Flash flashing.

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This alarm has been saved from the first iPhone to date, but not all users can use it. She first appeared in the fourth model. This signaling method is very convenient in cases where you do not want to use the sound signal.

This alarm will work for calls, SMS messages or for messages from various applications installed on the gadget.

Iphone 7/ Iphone 7 Plus. How To Turn The Flash Notification On/Off

How to enable a flash for a quiet mode

To turn on the flash flash blinking, you need to perform the following actions:

  • It is required to open the settings.
  • Next, choose the section “Basic”.
  • Go to the universal access point.
  • Next, you need to pay attention to the “Hearing” block.
  • Next, click on the line “Flash of warnings”.
  • Next, you need to install the slider to the right. As a result, a light alarm will be activated when calling. If you need it to work in when you turn off the sound signal, you need to activate “in silent mode”.

Now, upon receipt of the call or upon receipt of SMS, the flash will flash three times. This is especially convenient in those places where there is a loud noise. In such situations, the sound signal can be easily skipped.

The video tells about how to use a flash to receive a notification about calls and SMS

Flash on the iPhone

This function can be activated in various ways. For example, using standard iOS systems or using third.Party applications to turn on and setting up flash and flashlight on the iPhone. It all depends on exactly what tasks it should perform.

When taking a photo or shooting a video on the iPhone, the user can turn on the flash for better image quality. This function is practically devoid of settings and is built.In on phones with the iOS operating system.

  • The inclusion of a car rush. Then the device will itself determine and turn on the flash based on the external environment.
  • The inclusion of a simple outbreak in which this function will always be included and work regardless of external conditions and image quality.
  • Flash shutdown. The camera will shoot in normal mode without the use of additional light.

In addition, additional lights can be turned on using applications downloaded from the official store App Store. As a rule, they contain additional settings that cannot be found in the standard iPhone camera.

How to turn on the flash on the call to the iPhone?

Open the settings application on your iOS device.

Go to the universal access section.

Select the audiovisual material item.

In the section, visual funds have a parameter of a warning outbreak. Put the slider in an active position and leave the settings. In the same section, you can configure activation function in silent mode!

Now, during the incoming call, not only a signal with vibration will be heard, but also brightly flas a flash on the iPhone, attracting your attention. It is worth noting that initially this function was designed for users with disabilities, but, as you can see, it is greatly in demand among ordinary “users”.

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Setting notifications on iPhone without flash

In the new iOS 13, users have the opportunity to configure notifications on the phone for both all applications and each individually. By default, notifications are included for the new program. And any changes in it will be displayed in the form of notification. But in our smartphones there are often a lot of programs that leave notifications. And often there is an information flow of messages when we return home and connect the phone to the Wi-Fi network.

To turn off all notifications at once, including those for which the flash is configured on the iPhone:

After moving the slider to the right and include the regime, your phone will stop receiving notifications. They will all be blocked until you turn off the mode. Even if you in the browser agreed to receive Push notifications, they will also be blocked. In this settings window, you can change the parameters of receiving phone calls from other subscribers.

If you need to configure notifications for each application on the iPhone:

Thus, you can turn off any of the proposed list. Select each and turn off the notification for which the flash was configured. You can also configure some post parameters in this window.

Turn on the light signal when calling on the iPhone

In order for the incoming call to be accompanied not only by sound and vibration signal, but also by blinking a flash, you will need to perform a few simple actions.

    Open the phone settings. Go to the “Main” section.

Close the settings window. From this moment on, not only incoming calls will be accompanied by the flashing of the LED-flaps of the apple device, but also the call of the alarm clock incoming SMS messages, as well as notifications coming from third-party applications, for example, It is worth noting that the flash will only work on the locked screen of the device. If at the time of receipt of the incoming call you use the phone, the light signal will not follow.

The use of all iPhone capabilities will make it possible to work with it more convenient and more productive. If you have questions about this function, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to turn on the flash on the iPhone when they call?

You can install a flash when calling on iPhones of any modification over the 4th. Owners of the iPhone 3GS, this function by default is not available due to the lack of the necessary LED. People who needed light alert due to health problems could purchase a corporate accessory-spray for the third iPhone called iflash. Now it is as difficult to find on sale such an accessory as the iPhone 3GS itself.

Put a flash when calling on the iPhone 4th or any later modification, on the contrary, is very simple-this is taken in 3 steps:

Go to “Settings” and follow the “Basic” section.

Find the universal access subsection. You need it.

How to Turn on LED Flash for Text Messages

Stick down to the “Hearing” block, find the “LED-flavor for warning” torso and switch it to an active position.

Now the iPhone will notify you not only about the incoming call, but also about the received SMS message. In addition, the flash will work simultaneously with the melody of the alarm clock.

Iphone blinks only in blocking mode. If the device is unlocked, most likely, the owner uses it and the call will not miss anyway.

How to turn on the flash when calling on the iPhone

In some situations, it is necessary to turn off the sound of a call on a smartphone (for example, when a child is sleeping), and you also do not want to miss an important conversation. In this case, many think about how on the iPhone to turn on the flash on the call and this is very simple.

Apple has provided for various use scenarios of the iPhone 4 5s 6 7, including not forgetting about such situations. Also, this mode can be very useful to the elderly and users with disabilities (for example, with hearing impairment). The method of turning on the flash on the call is extremely simple.

We go into the smartphone settings

So, we unlock the device, look down down the screen to the “Settings” item, click on it. Next, we stamp up to the point “Basic” and click on it.

Turn on the LED flash for events

On the opened tab, you need to scroll through the menu and find the “Universal Access” item, where the function you need is lies. Now we click on it and look for the “Hearing” section, there we select the “LED-flavor for warning” or “outbreak of warnings” and simply activate it.

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Ready! You turned on the flash on the call, which means that when calling the calls, the smartphone will additionally blink with an LED, and not just vibrate or lose the ringtone.

Note! The flash will blink only that option if the screen is disconnected, and the iPhone is blocked.

In other cases, the flash on the call will not be used. However, if the device is in the hands, and the screen shines, the flash is not needed, this is a quite logical solution.

It is worth noting: this method is universal and suitable for most models, including iPhone 4, 5s, 6, 7, etc. But depending on the version of the operating system, the position of the points in the settings menu may vary slightly. By the way, look, there are already:

What is LED flashing for?

Interestingly, the burning “point” was presented for the first time on the phones of the generation 4s. By the fourth iPhone, such additional functionality had to be purchased separately, such a mini-device was called iflash. It was inserted into the charging connector and perfectly improved the quality of shooting in insufficient lighting. Then passed, and now the photo backlight has become an obligatory component of the “apple” gadgets.

Today it not only helps in creating night photos, but can also perform the work of the flashlight. Another function is a notification of different events, for example, missed challenges, SMS, an alarm clock. The last function will be especially relevant for people with hearing problems, if they do not hear the signal, they can immediately see the flash on the iPhone when they call or play an alarm clock.

Many users want to enable this option, moreover, the device blinking when calling is visually very pleasant.

What to do if the flash does not work

What else can be done if problems arise with a flashlight or flash?

If previous tips did not help you and problems with the flash still pursue you, try to do something else.

  • Reload the iPhone: Hold the volume button and power button until the slider shutdown on the iPhone with Face ID appears. Or power button until the shutdown screen on the iPhone with Touch ID.
  • Make a reset of iPhone settings. In the settings, select “Basic”, scroll down, click “Reset” and click “Reset all the settings”.
  • Update iOS. If the iPhone has not been updated for a long time, look into the settings. “Update in”. The problem may be associated with a rare error, and the installation of the update will help solve it.

There are questions about the use of Apple technique? Ask them in our telegram chat!

In most cases, all failures with the flash on the iPhone are corrected manually without visiting the service center. But problems with a lack of memory remain with you for a long time: they told in our article, why we need the function “unused” and how it differs from removal.