How to turn on mobile Internet on Samsung

How to turn on the Internet on Samsung: connection, settings and Wi-Fi

In today’s world it’s hard to imagine your existence without access to the Internet: social networks, online shopping, ordering cabs and all sorts of other services. all available through the global network. How to configure the Internet on your Samsung phone?

This instruction concerns the configuration and subsequent connection of the smartphone to the global network with the help of mobile Internet (via your operator’s SIM card). If you need to connect to the router. read the material:

How to connect Wi-Fi to a Samsung phone

How to turn on the Internet on your Samsung phone

One of the most common features that are used on smartphones is Internet access. But a connection to the network, you need not only to browse the web. Almost all the work of the modern device is not available without connecting to the network. This makes it autonomous relative to the computer, but useless without the Internet. Almost all applications require a connection, and a lot of the data you need is stored in the cloud, which is not available without a network. Many users, even messages and calls, which traditionally have been available by means of cellular communication, prefer their Internet analogues, in applications Viber, Skype and similar.

Usually, on smartphones, connecting to the network is automatic, or in one step, when the network is available. But there are also situations when it is not possible to connect immediately. We discuss the basic ways of connecting to the network. If you cannot connect to the network because your phone is mechanically damaged, contact a Samsung Service Center for professional assistance.

How to turn on Samsung mobile internet?

On the number 06503 you can always quickly get automatic settings for your cell phone.

Set up your phone or tablet and use mobile Internet and MMS service.

For the services to work, you need to make sure your device has data transfer enabled. How to check?

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For devices running the iOS operating system1. Dial on the main screen: For iPhone running iOS 7: “Settings” “Cellular”; For iPad: “Settings” “Cellular Data”; For iPhone and iPad running iOS 6 or earlier: “Settings” “Basic” “Network.2. Check that the “Cellular Data” switch is on (green).

For devices running Android operating system.

On the applications screen, select “Settings” menu;2. Next, find the section with the “Data transfers” settings and select it. Attention: in different versions of the operating system this section is called differently: “Data usage”, “Data transfer”, “Cellular network settings”, etc.3. Check that “Data transfer” is enabled (there must be a “checkmark”); You can also see the status of “Data transfer” in the settings menu in the Notification Center (swipe from the top edge of the device). The “Data transfer” or “Mobile data” icon should be active.

For devices running the Windows Phone operating system

On the main screen, swipe to the left, tap “Settings” “Data Transfer” (or “Mobile Networks”);2. Check that the switch to enable “Data Transfer” is on.

Select the service you want to configure

You can see the connection of the service in your personal cabinet on the website, the name of the service is “Internet access and MMS”.To make sure your number is not blocked by zeroing out your balance, turn your phone on and off.

How to quickly get automatic internet settings on your phone?

Mobile Internet on your smartphone should be automatically connected after activating your SIM card. If not, check:1. Whether the service “Internet Access” from the operator is connected

To connect, dial the command 110181#

The automatic setup of mobile Internet can be ordered by calling 06503. The password to save the settings is 1234. The call is free.

How to set up mobile internet manually on Android?

Android smartphones of different configurations may have different manual settings. Set up and get the exact ones by entering your device model in the box above.

Usually the way is the following:1. Go to settings. “.”. “Mobile network” and check the box under “Data transfer”. “Hotspots”. Press the “New hotspot” menu function key.2. Enter the following parameters in the corresponding items:. Name: Beeline Internet- APN: internet.beeline.

Mobile Data Not Working || Mobile Data Not Connecting On Android/Samsung [Fixed]

User name: BeelinePassword: beeline- skip items “Server”, MMSC, “MMS Proxy Server”, “MMS Port”, MCC and MNC- Authentication type: PAP- APN Type: default- APN Protocol: IPv4- skip item “Enable/disable.Press “Save” menu function key.3. Go to “Settings”. “

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“. “Mobile Network”. “Access points” and select the created profile of Beeline Internet.

How to configure mobile Internet manually on Apple iPhone?

Go to settings. “Cellular data” and select the item “Cellular data network.Enter the following parameters in the appropriate fields:- APN: Username: beeline- Password: beeline

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Check the balance on the card

Lack of money on the SIM card balance can be no less trivial reason that the Internet does not work.

You can check your balance available for megabytes and your account balance in total by means of special USSD-requests, which may vary for each operator (e.g. for operator Megafon you can check your balance by entering the code 558# in the application Phone, MTS- 111217#, Vodafone-Ukraine 1014#, Lifecell-Ukraine 121# etc.).д.).

If there are no megabytes available, you need to reorder the service or top up your mobile account.

  • Reboot your device.
  • Turn on the Internet on your device.
  • Check your internet settings.
  • Select the SIM card you want to use to access the Internet.
  • Check your balance.
  • Check another browser.
  • Check the date and time.
  • Check your device in a safe mode
  • Go to the main menu and select “Settings.
  • Go to “Wireless networks” tab and select “.
  • Select “Mobile networks”.
  • Go to the “Network Type” setting and select your type. 3G or 4G.
  • Under “Access points” or “APN” tap. To add a new connection.
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Open the menu of your smartphone and select the menu item “Settings”; Select the item “Connection”, then “Mobile network”; Open the line “Access points”, press “Add”; On the screen that opens, fill in all the fields with the data dictated by the operator.

  • Open the menu of the device.
  • Find the gear icon (settings), open.
  • Find in settings a tab labeled “Connections” (there may be no such tab, then look for the next item).
  • Open “Mobile networks”.
  • Next point “Hotspot”.
  • Press “Add access point” or “Options”.
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On the smartphone, go to the settings menu, and then go to the network. Then select the item mobile networks, and in it a category: the names of access points. Using the option key selects the item: new hotspot. In the name field you have to enter: Internet GPRS and activate it.

  • Go to the smartphone settings.
  • Select the Connections tab.
  • Then go to the SIM card manager.
  • Choose a priority SIM-card for mobile data connection.
  • Then go back to the main menu and enable mobile data.

How to connect the Internet in the settings on the phone Samsung

In any phone, it is possible to adjust the settings concerning:

  • passwords;
  • user names;
  • APN access point and its characteristics;
  • data channel;
  • The name assigned to the profile. Without it, your cell phone just won’t get online.

Pay attention to! Parameters should correspond to the cellular operator and the phone itself.

Usually Internet starts working as soon as the SIM card is inserted into the device. All parameters are set automatically. Therefore, almost no additional action on the part of the user is required. He will instantly understand how to connect the Internet on your Samsung phone.

The most common reason why mobile Internet on your phone does not work is that your account is out of money. Subscribers, who don’t have connected automatic replenishment of cell phone, often forget to timely monitor the presence of money on the balance.

  • Restart your smartphone. turn it off and on.
  • Check the registration of the phone in the network
  • If the network signal is OK, check if your smartphone has data transfer enabled
  • Check your phone balance.
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