How to turn on the home button on my iPhone

Fixes to act now when your home iPhone doesn’t work

The home button on iPhone doesn’t work after updating, replacing the screen, or for unknown reasons? Read and take the 6 ways on this page to solve the problem yourself.

“My home button “doesn’t work after iOS 12 update on my iPhone 6. How can I fix the stuck home button “?”

“When I’m playing a movie on my iPhone and I want to exit it to go back to the home screen. I found that my ” Home ” button doesn’t work. God, how can I quit the YouTube app? My iPhone. is an iPhone 7 running iOS 11. “

The home button is just like an exchange of. Whatever you do on your iPhone, you can tap it to return to the home screen to start a new task. You can also get a double-tap to view all background tasks and easily disable or replace the task.

However, when you press the home button, you may be shaken.

Why the iPhone home button doesn’t work?

A home button that doesn’t work can be caused by physical damage such as dust, a broken home button, or a software bug such as an iOS update, app conflict, etc. Д.

How to fix that the home button on your iPhone doesn’t work?

This post compiles simple 7 solutions to help fix the iPhone home button not responding.

AssistiveTouch features

The on-screen button is almost all-powerful. it lets you access the Siri voice assistant, lock and rotate your screen, change the volume, silence your smartphone or tablet, take screenshots, and display an extensive multitasking panel and look at recent notifications. Each individual action is arranged in predefined thematic sections, which, of course, can be changed and customized at will.

If the listed features are too small, it is worth to go straight to the settings and expand the powers of the screen assistant. even the imitation of some interactions with the device will not be a problem. for example, one-click can depict shaking or spreading of the fingers to zoom in or out.

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When it is necessary

Even the most careful user is not immune to Home key breakage. In this regard, adding the Home button on the screen of the gadget will be relevant:

  • at full inoperability of the physical counterpart;
  • in case of partial malfunctions and occasional lapses;
  • if you want to postpone the failure of a physical button by using a virtual one.

It is worth noting that in the case of the first two points, the Home key is a last resort. Use it only if you do not have a valid warranty, or if you cannot contact a service center.

Button on the screen and its settings, calibration

You can display the Home Button on your iOS smartphone or tablet in the Universal Access section, where developers from Apple have collected a huge number of technologies and features that make life easier for users with disabilities (and some parameters of other technologies like 3D Touch, Siri, and Face ID). You can get to the section through the settings:

New gesture creation

You can record random touches and finger movements using the touch screen and save them in the AssistiveTouch menu.

To create a gesture.

  • Choose Settings Universal Access and select the Touch checkbox.
  • Select AssistiveTouch, and then select Create new gesture.
  • Recording starts automatically when you touch the screen, so press or swipe when you’re ready.
  • When finished, tap Stop.

To view the recorded gesture, click Play. To re-record the gesture, tap Record. Press Save to specify the name of your gesture.

If you find it difficult to perform a gesture using multiple fingers at once, you can record individual movements and they will be grouped. For example, draw two horizontal dots at the top half of the screen and a semicircle at the bottom half of the screen, then tap Stop. If you press Play, all dots and lines will appear at the same time.

Disable Siri

Holding down the Home button for a long time defaults to Siri. But if you don’t use it or if you take screenshots often, for example, you can disable the launch of the voice assistant to avoid false triggering.

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Why The iPhone Has A Virtual Home Button

How to turn off Siri on the lock screen?

Open Settings → Touch ID and password. After you enter the lock password in the Access with screen lock deactivate the toggle switch opposite Siri.

How to turn off Siri completely?

Go to Settings → Basic → Siri and turn off the main switch, then bring up the action in the pop-up menu.

Displaying the Home button directly on the screen of the iOS device!

Option 1 (older versions of iOS)

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone or iPad. open the main. universal access.
  • Almost at the bottom of the list find the item. AssistiveTouch, go into it and activate the function by moving the slider.

Option 2 (Newer versions of iOS)

After that, on the screen of iPhone or iPad appears a big white circle, pressing it will give you access to the back button and other features.

  • This option works always and everywhere. in all programs, games, etc.д.
  • For convenience, it (this white spot) can be moved to different corners of the screen.

By the way, if you have a key “only” stuck, there is no need to display it on the screen, it may well help the so-called calibration.

Wipe the button with isopropanol

If you use your smartphone a lot, over time it collects a lot of dirt and dust. These things can clog the mechanism of the button and make it malfunction. Accordingly, you can try cleaning the key to make it work again. Unfortunately, this tip does not apply to the iPhone 7 and 8, because their buttons are touch-sensitive.

  • Wipe the area first with a dry, clean, microfiber cloth.
  • Moisten the cloth with a solution with high (98-99%) m isopropanol. It is used, for example, in nail degreasers.
  • Wipe the button with a tissue and press the home button several times to get the product inside. Isopropanol evaporates in the air, so the internal components are safe.

If the reason is really dirt, after such cleaning the button should work.

What to do if the Home button on your iPhone doesn’t work

Below we look at a few recommendations that will either bring the button back to life, or do without it for a while, until you decide to repair your smartphone in the service center.

Rebooting iPhone

This method makes sense only if you own an iPhone 7 or a newer smartphone model. The thing is that these devices are equipped with a touch button, not a physical one, as it was before. It can be assumed that there was a system failure on the device, as a result of which the button simply froze and stopped responding. In this case the problem can be easily solved. it is enough to reboot your iPhone.

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Reflashing the device

Again, a method suitable exclusively for Apple gadgets equipped with a touch button. If the reset method did not work, you can try a heavier artillery. to fully flash the device.

    Before you start, be sure to update your iPhone backup. To do this, open the settings, select the name of your account, and then go to the section “iCloud”.

Developing the button

Many users of the iPhone 6S and younger models know that the “Home” button is the weak point of the smartphone. Over time, it creaks, may stick and sometimes does not respond. In this case the well-known WD-40 spray can help. Spritz a small amount of product on the button (you should do it as carefully as possible so that the liquid does not penetrate beyond the gaps) and start tapping it repeatedly until it responds correctly.

A software duplicate button

If you are unable to restore the normal functionality of the controller you can use a temporary solution to the problem. the program dubbing feature.

    To do this open the settings and select the “Basic” section.
  • One-touch Home;
  • Double-tap the “Program Switch.”
  • Long press “Siri”.

If necessary, commands can be assigned arbitrarily, for example, holding down the virtual button for a long time can create a screenshot.

If you were unable to resuscitate the Home button yourself, do not delay in going to the service center.

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