How to turn on the Honor Band 5 watch

Huawei Honor Band 5 manual in Russian

Honor Band 5 settings can be roughly divided into two parts: profile settings and functions. The first of these is performed on the I tab. Here you set goals by number of steps and weight, and enter personal information such as gender, date of birth, height and weight. This data is necessary for a more accurate calculation of the parameters of activity.

This menu also makes the following settings:

  • ON/OFF. automatic data synchronization.
  • Automatic device search for pairing is activated.
  • Setting up goal notifications (steps).
  • Heart rate alarm and heart rate threshold setting.
  • Selected measurement system.
  • You can set up data synchronization with cloud storage.

To access bracelet feature settings, click the bracelet icon in the upper-right corner of the Home tab, or select the bracelet in the My Devices tab of the Self tab.

The Honor Band 5’s range settings are as follows:

Dials. The previous version of the fitness bracelet now has a choice of 4 dial options. For the Honor Band 5, there are many more choices of about 40 options.

Huawei TruSon. Enabling this feature maximizes sleep analysis with breath analysis, diagnosis of 6 types of sleep problems and sleep improvement tips from Harvard Medical School. Without the TruSleep feature, the bracelet also monitors your sleep, but in this case you will only see the duration of your sleep, divided into light and deep stages. Turning TruSleep on increases the power consumption of the bracelet.

Reminder. When this option is enabled, the bracelet will vibrate every hour to remind you to stretch.

Constant heart rate monitoring. There are several modes of heart rate measurement:

  • One measurement. The measurement is triggered by the bracelet.
  • Smart mode. Bracelet automatically measures your heart rate based on your activity.
  • Real-time mode. When this mode is enabled, the tracker measures heart rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing the most detailed data. But it is the running mode that consumes the most power.

Alarm Clock. You can set up to 5 alarms in the app, one of which is a smart alarm. The latter monitors your sleep phase and wakes the wearer at the most favorable time (during the REM sleep phase). That is, if you set your alarm for 6 o’clock, and the alarm clock recorded a fast sleep phase at 5:50, it will wake you at that time. The time difference can be limited to 5-30 minutes. Judging by reviews, the smart alarm does not work for all users.

Don’t worry When this mode is on, the screen does not turn on when you raise your hand, and the bracelet does not receive notifications of calls and messages. You can set a Do Not Disturb schedule and select one of the Do Not Disturb scenarios.

Notifications (enable notifications on the bracelet and select applications for which you want to allow notifications).

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Weather reports. To view the current day’s weather on your bracelet, you must enable this feature and allow the app to access geodata.

notification of Bluetooth disconnection. When you activate this feature, the bracelet will alert you with a vibration when the tracker and smartphone are turned off.

Feature customization. Here you can change the order in which function icons appear on your wristband screen and remove those that you do not use.

Activate the screen by lifting your wrist.

Switch hinge. With this function enabled, you can change the interface by turning your wrist.

Automatic Wi-Fi package download.

Updating the software.

How to charge the Honor Band 5

Charging uses its own charger, which is attached to the bottom of the bracelet. It comes with a short microUSB to USB cable. One end connects to the connector of the charger, the other to a USB port of a computer, laptop, or any power supply that operates at any current. Charging process to 100% takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

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How to turn the bracelet on

To turn the bracelet on, it must be fully charged. After that, the Honor Band 5 will turn on by itself.Charging is done by Micro USB cable. It must be connected to the charging jack on the bracelet and the other end to any USB port on any computer, laptop, or various power supplies. It takes about two hours to fully charge a hundred percent.

Honor Band 5 firmware update

Immediately after pairing, the Huawei Health app will request a new firmware version from its servers. Whether you update your Honor Band 5 now or not is up to you. But I am a proponent of installing the latest versions of the software.

Changing the language

The default language is Chinese. This is obviously because the device is made there. But when you contact the phone, it translates to the host language in most cases it is Russian. But if that doesn’t suit you, open the app, go to settings and select another language.

How to turn on music through Honor Band 5?

A reasonable question I asked myself after looking at several reviews on the Internet how to enable music control on the phone through the Honor Band 5. And I found the answer only after connecting the bracelet to a Xiaomi smartphone. It turns out that for iPhone owners, the developers cut this option as well, leaving it to work only with Android.

It can be disabled through the app settings. And if enabled, the music playback control screen is in the main menu on the fitness tracker screen


It is noteworthy that in this model there is no special button to turn on and off. These actions are performed through the menu. To activate it, simply go to Menu//System/ Shutdown or Reboot.

honor band 5 unboxing and first impressions how to turn on

Instructions Honor Band 5 in Russian to set up a fitness bracelet

Honor Band 5 manual in Russian is a universal manual, where the user will find answers to questions regarding the operation of the gadget. The product itself was presented in the summer of 2022, and it was purchased by tens of thousands of fans of new and modern equipment from Russia. In this review of the functionality we have created a selection of tips on use, a description of the tools, the features of the product.

The first question users ask after purchase is how to turn on the Honor Band 5. The task is complicated by the absence of buttons. In fact, the bracelet does not have a key responsible for power.

It is impossible to turn on the device by software. If the charge level is normal, the watch will always be active, so you won’t miss a notification from your smartphone or an important reminder.

Right after you purchase the Honor Band 5, you need to connect it to a power source. It comes with a micro-USB cable that plugs into the side of the tracker. The USB port of a computer or laptop is ideal for recharging. Standard power outlets are too powerful for a wearable device. Bend is fully charged in 2 hours. You can tell a low charge by the dim screen.

How to set up the Honor Band 5. instruction in Russian

Setting up and connecting the Honor Band 5 to your phone, iPhone or Samsung is the next step! The first thing you need to do is download the Huawei Health app to your smartphone, which will help with training, changing the language, analyzing data and tracking various readings. After installation, open the Bluetooth settings and pair the Honor Band 5 with your iPhone (phone) and go to the downloaded app. Once successfully paired and connected, you will be able to see all the information you need on your smartphone.

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Honor Band 5: how to turn on, reset, update, set the player and notifications in the fitness bracelet

Although the Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet is not a super complicated device, many moments when working with it are puzzling. How to turn it on if there are no buttons, and it does not respond to touching the screen? How to turn off, how to restart, control the player, set notifications? These and other questions that most often cause difficulties when working with a fitness tracker, we will consider below. The instructions on how to connect the Honor Band 5 will also help you get used to the gadget.

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Setting up the Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet features on your phone

The main screen of the Huawei Health app has several tabs dedicated to collecting statistics, workouts, or settings. You’ll need the “I” tab to control the basic functions of the fitness bracelet. Click on the line with the name of your bracelet to open a list of available settings. If the feature names are different from yours, look for similar ones, as the app is updated regularly.

TruSleep Sleep Analysis

The first thing you can do is connect Huawei’s TruSleep feature, which will assess your sleep and breathing quality around the clock. It can recognize several sleep problems and will give you recommendations depending on the problems found. So, you can get advice on moving more, with recommended types of movement and times of exercise. Although this feature drains the bracelet’s battery noticeably, improving the quality of your sleep can significantly raise your standard of living, as daily vigor helps us accomplish more of those great things we picture in our dreams.

Activity and heart rate monitoring

We recommend that you do not neglect the following function. a reminder of a sedentary lifestyle. Although these hourly notifications can be annoying at first, they can help you realize how often you actually move. After all, the right amount of movement, along with healthy sleep, is also the key to our vigor and success in life. Continuous heart rate monitoring is not only useful for athletes or people with poor health. It can help you know how your heart reacts to walks, jogging, stress, and take action. For example, if you exceed optimum values, reduce your workload, start cardio exercises, visit the doctor, or take other measures. This feature works in real time (measurements are taken continuously at short intervals) or in “smart” mode (measurements depend on your activity).

Smart alarm clock

The following setting sets up to 5 alarms, one of which is smart. This means that the gadget tracks your sleep phases and wakes you up at the most awake phase. This time can vary from what you usually set, either by a dozen minutes or a few hours. It’s an interesting feature, but in practice it is more suitable for those who live on a free schedule.

Do not disturb” function

The Do Not Disturb feature is better understood in advance, so that at the right time you are not frantically looking for ways to turn off annoying notifications. If you prefer to work in silence, you can set a specific schedule according to your daily work hours. Another handy feature is the ability to turn off notifications during the periods when the fitness bracelet is removed from your hand, because then you can see them on the phone. Finally, select “Do not disturb all day” if you need complete information silence all day. The function of activating the gadget by raising the wrist is also configured here.

Set up notifications

The next feature will help you configure the applications you allow to send you notifications. Not only the traditional social networks or messengers like Instagram and WhatsApp, but also any sites and services you often use. Also interesting is the “Bluetooth disconnect notification” feature. It will be especially useful for those who frequently lose their smartphone. As soon as you are so far away from your smartphone that you lose Bluetooth, your fitness bracelet will immediately vibrate.

Set the function display

Honor Band 5 also has the ability to customize the functions of the bracelet. Click on the “Functions setting” line and you can swap the functions. To do this, click on the left side of the desired item and move it down or up. If you do not use some bracelet functions and do not want to scroll through them every time on the screen, simply disable them in the same menu by clicking on the cross to the right of the selected line. To add features, click the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

Technical functions

The last three functions are related to the technical side of the configuration. The first feature is autoloading update packs over Wi-Fi. Enable it if you don’t want to use up your daily quota of mobile internet if you update apps. Then the gadget will be updated only if you are in a Wi-Fi zone. The second function is a software update: in this section the firmware version is displayed and a forced update check is performed. The third function is a reset, which implies a return to the factory settings. It may come in handy before you sell the fitness tracker or in case of malfunctions, but all your “hard-earned” indicators will be reset. Completing this long list of features is the “Cancel pairing” button, necessary in case you connect another fitness bracelet. In addition to the mentioned functions, you can make some other settings on the “I” tab. In particular, here you can set workout goals and settings such as auto-sync data, select a system of measures, heart rate threshold and limits (Settings section), and more. Let’s briefly consider the contents of the other tabs as well. The “Home” and “Exercise” tabs reflect all the statistics collected on today’s activity (distance traveled, time spent and calories burned), sleep status, weight changes, heart rate and other characteristics. Statistics are collected by week, month, year and cover all your workouts, including their plans. This makes it possible to trace the overall change in your condition over a long period of time and find out what specific workouts or activities led to this.

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Turning on the Honor Band 5 for the first time

The difficulty with turning on the Honor Band 5 for the first time is that this model of smart watch lacks a standard button that performs this action. The first models had a separate button, in future Smart-watches the developers do not plan to use it. The screen will light up only after turning the wrist. But if when you first use the bracelet does not respond to the rotation of the hand, then do not rush to carry it to change it. Probably the device is not charged.

After charging, time will be displayed on screen. From this point you can proceed to the settings of synchronization with your smartphone. But first make sure that it matches the parameters:

Honor Band 5 | Honor Band 5 Setup and Unboxing | How to Connect Honor Band 5 With Phone | 100% Fix

  • Android 4.4 and up;
  • Bluetooth is enabled;
  • The corresponding application is downloaded from Play Market or App Gallery, depending on the base on which the mobile is running.

Honor Band 5 Unboxing and How to Setup

On the tracker will appear hints that will help you to do the first turn on correctly. After that, you need to download a special Health app.


With the purchase, in addition to the bracelet, the owner receives a charger and instructions in different languages. Russian and Chinese. It informs that:

For more information, see the manual and the mobile app.

Turning it on without charging

It is interesting that to connect the bracelet is not necessary to connect it to the network. You can do it without charging. If there is enough charge, it will light up when you touch the screen. In the same way as with the mobile app.

Once you are on the main application screen, you need to click on “Profile” and then. “Add device. From the list of devices, select “Bracelet” and agree to the collection of activity data. After a short wait, the smartphone will show a notification to confirm the connection on the bracelet itself.

  • On the phone screen at the top, in the corner, connect the device;
  • in the list find “Smart bracelet”;
  • Find Honor Band 4, if necessary, restart the mechanism;
  • press the “Pair” button, agree with the terms and conditions;
  • select “Smart bracelet”, confirm the pairing;

How to connect Honor Band 5 to the phone: instructions for pairing a smart bracelet

How to connect the Honor Band 5 to your phone? In addition to the old functions: health tracking, heart rate reading, pedometer, new ones have been added. Smart Watch now captures quality and duration of sleep, calculates blood oxygen levels, and warns of possible dizziness. They have highly sensitive sensors that detect a person’s current state. Wear the bracelet all the time, even when you sleep. Then in the morning you’ll get a full report on the quality of your sleep. Bought a tracker and do not know how to pair it with your phone? Use the short instructions.