How to turn on the iPhone alarm clock. How to change the alarm ringtone on your iPhone

How to turn down the alarm clock on iPhone

The standard app on any iPhoneClock” is a really useful feature that allows you to set the alarm clock to the right time, so you will not oversleep, miss work or other important matters.

For those who have recently bought an Apple phone, the first settings might seem strange, especially if the user has switched from Android to iPhone. But it’s worth noting that the settings for the alarm clock on iPhone and Android are almost the same, and this is a huge advantage.

In order to set the alarm correctly, you need to perform the following algorithm:

  • We go to the application “Clock“, which is located on the main screen when you turn on the phone. The icon of the program looks like a standard clock on a black background. To find this utility on the main screen is not difficult. This application is standard, that is, it comes on all phones from the company Apple. It does not take much memory on your phone.
  • Clicking on the icon takes you to the main screen of the program. On it we see some sections that are responsible for the time. Find there both a stopwatch and world time. You must find the “Alarm Clock” section and click on it;
  • Then click on the plus button in the upper right corner. You must do this in order to create your own new alarm clock.
  • You may select the alarm clock offered by the system. To activate it, simply move the slider to the active state. If you do it correctly, it will turn green.
  • After setting the alarm that we want to create. For the settings you must specify the time, as well as the frequency. You can also use different additional parameters, such as: the name, the sound and even the repetition of the alarm;
  • After setting the alarm, go to and click on “Save.

So the assistant will ring at the time set by the user. So you can set a reminder to get up.

Sleepzy. Smart alarm clock

This program will track your sleep by counting the phases and choosing the best moment to wake up. Of course, in a given time interval.

Alarm clock on iPhone

In addition to full statistics, quickly adjustable alarm clocks and easy wake-up, you can choose from the great melodies that are smoothly accruing and lacking in the standard iOS alarm clock.

You can also check the current weather forecast right after waking up. The program is free and with a small amount of advertising, which is disabled for a token fee. The application was included in the selection of the best programs in the Russian App Store for 2016, according to Apple.

Playing any track from Apple Music as an iPhone alarm clock

If you got tired of waking up to standard monotonous sound of alarm clock in iOS and want to make your morning a little bit more fun, it’s time to reset your alarm clock.

All you need is a valid subscription to Apple Music.

Find a favorite track in Apple Music and save it to the device to listen to it without connecting to the network.

Go to the Alarm Clock section of the Clock app.

Press Change and choose the alarm clock.

Select Sound and look in the list to select a song.

Find a song from the list or via search and set it as a melody.

Do not forget that you can make several alarms and specify a separate track for each of them.

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How to change the alarm ringtone on Apple iPhone 4 16GB NeverLock (Gold Edition)

The user can add any song as an alarm. The default sound is the standard one (not everyone will like it). To change it, you need:

  • Open the alarm clock (built-in or third-party).
  • Go to “Settings” section.
  • In the “Default Ringtone” tab, select the ringtone you like.

Apple iPhone 4 16GB NeverLock (Gold Edition) smartphone gives you the right to change the sound for one or all alarms. The general settings section is responsible for changing reminders at the same time, and clicking on the set alarm time will take you to the specific alarm settings.

Add a “Full battery alert

Full battery alert scripts are posted on RoutineHub. where new versions will also appear when they become available. So we recommend that you take it from there.

Go to the site, then click on “Get Shortcut”. You will be redirected to the Commands app, where you can check the workflow contents. If it’s ok, click “Add untrusted shortcut” at the bottom. (You may have to go to “Settings” first. “Commands” and turn on “Allow untrusted commands” if it’s not already done.)

Set up a full battery warning

To set the alarm to notify you when the battery is full, log into the Commands app and click on the “Low Battery Notification” command on the “My Commands” tab. Tap “Start” in the menu that appears (in iOS 13 the menu will be at the bottom, but in iOS 14 it will be at the top).

If you didn’t receive a notification to grant the team access, you can grant it access in another way. In “Commands,” tap the dotted icon in the upper right corner of the “Low Battery Warning” command, then scroll down until you find the “Clock” action. Tap “Allow access,” then “OK.”. If you see “Team Info” instead, turn on “Clock” and tap “Done” in the upper right corner. Tap “Done” to exit the workflow.