How to turn on the mobile internet on your phone

Setting up the Internet on the phone

There are no problems with the setting of Internet access for a long time, as in 99.99% of cases it is set automatically. But some subscribers have some difficulties with this. To configure the Internet on your phone, if it does not see the automatic settings, you can manually. by specifying the access point and other necessary data. We will tell you how to do it.

Usually the setup process is as follows. insert the SIM-card into the smartphone, and it automatically tunes to the desired operator. exactly so happens on all normal phones, if they are not made in the artisanal way in Chinese basements (it does not concern pipes of more or less known brands). And some russian operators, after inserting SIM-card into phone, at once send all necessary adjustments in the form of service messages.

It is also possible to order the automatic settings of the mobile Internet forcibly:

  • MTS. go to the page, indicate the number and click “Send”;
  • Megafon. automatic ordering does not work. Previously, you had to send the number “1” (without quotation marks) to the number 5049;
  • Beeline. it is enough to call the number 06503;
  • Tele2. call the service number 679.

On Megafon it is only possible to set up manually, if the phone refuses to set up itself when you install the SIM card.

Manual configuration of the Internet on Android

Now let’s break down how to configure the Internet manually on Android? Here everything is simpler and at the same time more complicated. Usually, the mobile operator sends a file that automatically specifies all the necessary parameters. But it can happen that a particular model is not in the operator’s database. In this case the question arises, how to configure the Internet on the Android smartphone manually?

    We go to “Settings” and choose the item “Other networks. The name will be approximately this, but may vary depending on the translation;

How to configure the Internet on Android?

If you are connected to the services of several mobile operators, then you can find out the settings on the official website or by calling the subscriber support number, where you will be told all the necessary data. This solves the problem of how to configure Megafon mobile Internet on Android.

From this article you can see that setting up the Internet is not such a difficult task, if there is a manual. Thanks to it you know how to properly configure the Internet on Android and use it. Now you can use all the benefits of civilization and from any place to surf the Internet, get the information you need and communicate in social networks. networks.

How to configure the mobile Internet on Blackview with Life SIM card:)

To do this, similarly create an access point, and in the settings in it specify the following:

Save the hotspot, turn off and on the internet again.

The fact that you have not working mobile internet in your phone Blackview does not mean that the phone is defective. It just means that your wireless service provider did not send the automatic settings, and you need to specify them manually. It takes three minutes, including the time to reboot.

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How to set up mobile internet on Blackview with Life SIM card:)

To do this, similarly create an access point, and in the settings in it specify the following:

Save the access point, turn off and on the Internet again.

The fact that you do not work mobile Internet in the phone Blackview does not mean that the phone is defective. It’s just that your cellular service provider didn’t send the automatic settings, and you need to specify them manually. It takes three minutes including time to reboot.

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How to configure the Internet on a pushbutton phone

Owners of mobile phones often need to access the Internet to view the necessary information, and here they are faced with the problem of not knowing what to press on the mobile device. Settings of the Internet on the button phones may vary slightly, depending on the manufacturer, but, in general, to perform the setting is not difficult. It will not take much time, you just need to follow the instructions.

If you own a cell phone, you should know that you can also connect to the internet on this mobile device. The only thing, to view the information may not be very convenient due to the small screen, but still. Sometimes you need to look urgently train schedule, the weather or read an e-mail, to do this you need to properly perform the settings and full use of your cell phone.

Request automatic settings from the operator

The fastest and most convenient way is to receive automatic settings from the mobile operator. After installation of a new SIM-card in the phone it receives several informative messages, including service SMS, which contains information about APN data. Sometimes the mobile device asks for permission to install, and sometimes does it automatically.

If the automatic tuning has not been done before or the data is not saved, you can correct it. It is necessary to consider that simple reboot will not give anything, we need that the phone recognized a sim card as new and sent a request to the server of the operator. To do this, turn off the cell phone, remove the SIM card from the slot and after a few seconds insert it again.

There is another way to get automatic settings, but here you will need more time. Go to your mobile operator’s site and go to Support. Here you open the sub-item Phone Settings, where you enter your number in a special window. Then, it is necessary to tick the box that you are not a robot, and specify what parameters you need. Please note that such requests are processed rather quickly and then the operator receives an SMS message that must be opened and then saved. It is desirable to reload the device after all manipulations.

Besides, it is possible to request the settings from some operators by sending an empty SMS-message. The number can be found in the Start Package manual or on the Internet. This operation is absolutely free, but only if the subscriber is not in roaming.

During automatic configuration, not only the parameters of the mobile Internet, but also of MMS come.

Setting up the Internet on the phone manually

On some outdated models of phones or low-quality Chinese modifications to make the automatic setting is not possible. However this problem is solvable, since it is possible to do manual settings. To do this, create a new profile in the settings:

  • Profile name. here you can write something arbitrary, but it is desirable to specify the name of your operator;
  • Prescribe the access point or the APN. Here you enter internet.(name of your operator).ru;
  • Specify the data channel. GPRS;
  • Enter user name and password.

The remaining cells should not be touched, as it may cause errors in data transmission. After entering the last data it is necessary to save all changes and then reboot the mobile device. That’s it, you can try to connect to the Internet.

If it is not possible in a manual mode to execute settings, it is necessary to call to Support subscribers and to ask the expert for the help.

Parameters and setting instructions from operators

Depending on subscriber’s operator, the algorithm of manual settings can differ. Detailed instructions are available on official sites of telecommunications companies. If you wish it is possible to come into the nearest salon of the company and ask the adviser for the help with settings.

If you use the services of the Russian operator MTS, the settings will look like this:

  • We create a new profile in the phone, giving the name MTS Internet or any other;
  • Specify access point or APN.;
  • Write a data channel. GPRS;
  • Set user name and password. mts/mts.

After that, save the settings and reboot the mobile device.

It is possible to order the required settings by sending an SMS-message to number 1234. This operation is absolutely free, if you are not in roaming. Short number 0876 operates on the same principle.


Tele2 subscribers can get automatic settings by calling the free number 679. If necessary, you can make the settings manually:

  • The profile name is set as Tele2 Internet;
  • The home page is set as;
  • Turn off the proxy server;
  • Specify the GPRS connection channel;
  • Access point or APN:;
  • The field for login and password are left empty.

After all the changes have been made, the settings are saved and the cell phone is rebooted. That’s all, and then you can launch the Internet.


Subscribers of Beeline can get automatic settings by calling the number 06503. In the manual mode, the settings are made as follows:

  • Enter the phone menu, then select the mobile network and Data transfer section;
  • They enter the network name. Beeline Internet;
  • The user name is beeline, the password is the same;
  • APN protocol: IPv4.

After completing the settings the changes must be saved, then the mobile device is rebooted.

It should be remembered that without a preliminary reboot of the cell phone after the settings, the Internet may not work correctly.


Subscribers of this mobile operator can configure the Internet by following these instructions:

  • Go to settings, select a mobile network and access point;
  • Set the name. Megafon;
  • APN. internet;
  • In the columns user name and password enter. gdata.

Mobile Internet

Nowadays almost always the Android smartphone connects to mobile access points of cellular operators automatically. without the need for the owner to configure anything manually. And still it happens that the Internet on the phone does not work; to make sure that the matter is not incorrectly “picked up” data, the subscriber should adhere to the following algorithms.

To manually connect and configure the mobile Internet from MTS, you will need:

  • PAP or PAP/CHAP as a method of authentication (on some models. as a method of authorization).

Important: the changes will come into force automatically; now the user to connect to the mobile network on the phone, just select the newly created access point and wait until the connection is established.

It is possible to remove any point in its settings by selecting the corresponding option in the familiar context menu.

Tele 2

In all the details of how to connect the Internet on Tele2, the owner of a smartphone can find out in the World Wide Web. For the simplest mobile network configuration is enough:

  • Repeat steps 1-4 of the previous point. In the fields “Name” and “Access point / APN” type correspondingly tele2 internet and

That’s all. now, as in the previous case, you need to select the newly created point as an access point and start using all the charms of mobile Internet from Tele2.


To connect an Android smartphone to the Beeline signal, you will need:

  • In the “Name”, “APN” and “User name” fields indicate beelineinternet, and beeline (in some cases, it may be necessary to enter a password. it matches the username).
  • By entering the default value in the final line “Access point type” and saving the changes, the phone owner can finally connect his device to the wireless network of Beeline.


The process of setting up mobile Internet from Megaphone on an Android smartphone is as follows:

  • The user creates a new access point and enters the parameters megafon and internet in the “Name” and “Access point” lines, and the “User name” and “Password”. a single value gdata.
  • For MCC and MNC, specifies 255 and 02, respectively, and enters default as the access point type.
  • In a few seconds, the user will see near the icon of the SIM-card, where the wireless network is connected, the letter designation of signal quality; if nothing appears, it is necessary to restart the phone and repeat the above described manipulations for your operator.

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