How to turn on the ringer on iPhone se

How to turn on the flash when calling on your iPhone

If you noticed that someone else’s flash goes off when you call or receive a message on your iPhone, and you decided to turn it on yourself, it’s very easy to do this: just turn on just one option in the settings.

In this short instruction. about how to turn on the flash on the call on the iPhone, as well as a video, where the entire process is shown visually. Also might be interesting: How to turn on the flash when calling on Android.

To enable the caller’s name reading, open Settings, select Phone and activate the Call Announcement option. To change the voice type, you must change the Siri voice, because that is how the caller’s name is pronounced. Go to the voice assistant section and change the pronunciation language or gender.

Using sounds and ringtones on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

  • Go to “Settings” menu “Sounds, Tones”.
  • Under “Vibration Sounds and Patterns,” tap the sound you want to change.
  • Tap the name of a ringtone or alert to play it and set it as a new sound.

How to turn on/off the flash when calling on iPhone

Apple is known for its special attitude towards people with disabilities and tries in every way to adapt its devices and their features to appropriate limitations. Ironically, some features of the universal access designed for people with disabilities are also useful for healthy iPhone and iPad owners. Many people like the visual notification of an incoming call or message as a blinking sound when ringing on their iPhone. How to turn on the flash on your iPhone when you call, we’ll tell you today.

By default, iPhone incoming calls are accompanied by a polyphonic melody and vibration, created by a tiny vibration motor built into the smartphone. Users can set their own ringtone and even set an individual vibration for a contact on their iPhone. In most cases this is enough, but you can also stand out. You can add another type of incoming call notification in just a minute with a few actions.

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How to enable or disable the flash when calling on the iPhone:

  • on the iPhone desktop to open Settings;
  • switch to the Main section;
  • click on the Universal access item;
  • scroll down and find the Hearing section;
  • click on the Alert Flash item;
  • set the slider to on or off.

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It turns out that everything is so simple, a few familiar movements in the right direction and you have at your disposal in addition to audio and vibration indication of the call and visual.

Please note that the flash will only blink when calling on your iPhone if the iPhone screen is locked. If the smartphone is unlocked (“home” screen is lit), the flashlight will not blink during an incoming call, and what for, if the screen will display a corresponding notification. As you can see, even this insignificant feature has been thought out to the smallest detail, allowing you to save battery power.

By the way, when you activate the “Flash alert” feature, the flash on the notifications on the iPhone, including incoming SMS messages, which will also be indicated by flash tones.

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How to put a song to the ringtone on your iPhone?

Setting a ringtone on the iPhone is not the easiest task, and it is very strange. It would seem that such a user-friendly system like iOS should include a simple tool for this operation, but in fact it is not so. However, there is a way out and today we will tell you how to set a song to your iPhone ringer with just iTunes.

How to make and install a ringtone (ringtone) on any iPhone without a computer directly on the device?

Adding your own ringtones to your iPhone is not an easy task. In the latest Apple’s operating system, there is no hint at the possible addition of custom ringtones. However, in this instruction we will tell you how to fix this misunderstanding by adding to absolutely any actual iPhone ringtone that you can use as a ringtone for an incoming call. And without using a computer.

No sound (lost) on incoming call on iPhone, what to do?

If on your iPhone stopped the sound of an incoming call or messages, it does not mean that it is time to run to the service center. Chances are you’ve stumbled upon a rare but not an isolated bug. A simple reboot or enabling / disabling the silent mode switch may not help, which is why try to use our instructions.

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No sound in call on iPhone. what to do

Your iPhone stops playing audio for incoming calls and text messages? This problem is not always related to technical defects and can be solved with software. How to get the sound of incoming calls and text messages back on your iPhone is explained in this instruction.

Note: If your iPhone is “frozen” in headset mode, follow these tips.

No sound of incoming call on iPhone. what to do

Go to “Settings” → “Main” → “Universal access” menu.

Select AssistiveTouch.

Move AssistiveTouch switch to the active position. The button responsible for the function will appear on the screen.

Press the AssistiveTouch button and select “Apparatus” in the window that opens.

Set the sound setting to “On. Call the “Sound”, then press the “Louder” button to set the volume to maximum.

Make about 30-40 calls on your iPhone.

One of the calls will have to return your iPhone full functionality. If this does not happen, it seems that the problem is technical and, alas, without a trip to the service center, can’t be avoided.

SOS Emergency Calls on your iPhone: how to set it up and use

The Emergency Call function. SOS from iPhone makes it easy to get help immediately. It can make calls to emergency.Rescue services, and notifies your emergency contacts based on the situation, as well as transmits your location using GPS to your iPhone.

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Why do I need an Emergency Call. SOS in the iPhone?

Emergency Calls. SOS is built into iOS 11 and higher. Its functions include:

How to Fix iPhone Not Ringing for Incoming Call (100% Works)

Because Emergency Call. SOS requires iOS 11 to work, and it can only be installed on phones capable of supporting that OS. And that’s at least iPhone 5S, iPhone SE and above. You can find all emergency SOS features in the Settings app (“Settings-Emergency Call. SOS”).

Calling for help in the SOS emergency call app is simple, but how you do it depends on the model of iPhone you’re using.

After your emergency call is completed, your emergency contact(s) will receive a text message. A text message lets them know your current location (which will determine your phone’s GPS, even if geolocation services are disabled, they will temporarily turn on to provide this information).

If your location changes, another text is sent to your contacts with the new information. You can disable these notifications by tapping the status bar at the top of the screen, then tap “Stop accessing emergency location.

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Ending an SOS emergency call. Either because of an emergency situation or because the call was accidental. this is very simple:

Press the stop/cancel/stop button.

In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, press “Stop. Call” or “Cancel” if you don’t want to continue the call.”.

If you have set up emergency contacts, you also have to decide whether you want to cancel their notification.

How to turn off SOS Auto Calls for iPhone

By default, starting an SOS emergency call with the side button or continuing to hold the two-button combination immediately directs the call to emergency services and notifies your emergency contacts. But if you think there is a high probability that you will accidentally activate an SOS emergency call, you can disable this feature and stop erroneous 911 calls and so on. Here’s how to do it:

Toggle the “Auto Call / Auto Call” off slider to off / white.

How to disable the SOS countdown sound

One sign of an emergency is often a loud noise to draw your attention to the situation. That’s the case with SOS for iPhone. When an emergency call is triggered, a very loud siren plays during the countdown to the call, so you can know the call is imminent. If you prefer not to hear this sound, follow these steps:

Move the “Countdown Sound” slider to the “off/white” position.

How to add emergency contacts in case of an emergency

The emergency ability of SOS to automatically notify the most important people in your life of an emergency, this feature is very valuable. But you need to add some contacts to the Health app, which comes preloaded with iOS, in order for it to work. Here’s what you need to do:

Tap “Change emergency contacts” in the Health menu.

Set up the Medical ID, if you have not already done so.

Select a contact from your address book by browsing or searching (you can only use contacts who are already there, so you must add contacts to your address book before taking this step).

Select a contact’s connection to you from the list.

How to use the “Emergency Call SOS” feature on the AppleWatch, I recommend reading at oph., site here.