How to turn on the Samsung Galaxy a 30

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Alternative methods of connection

If you can’t connect your Samsung Galaxy A30 phone to your computer via USB, you can try alternative methods of transferring information from one device to another:

The first option does not need a detailed description, because in this case you just need to insert the memory card into the adapter and connect it to the PC via the appropriate slot. But this kind of pairing will only allow you to transfer files to or from the flash drive.

To access the memory of the smartphone you need to use a Wi-Fi connection. You will need an additional program. For example, MyPhoneExplorer. It has to be downloaded to your PC (from the official site) and to your phone (via Google Play).

turn, samsung, galaxy

Further connection is performed as follows:

  • Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the application MyPhoneExplorer on the phone.
  • Think of a password for the connection.
  • Open the program on your PC.
  • Press the “File” button and select the “Connect” item.
  • Confirm pairing by entering the previously created code.

This way your smartphone can connect to PC without using a USB cable. MyPhoneExplorer displays a list of all available files on your computer. You can transfer information both from and to the phone.

Where to enable flash notification in Samsung Galaxy settings.

You do not know how to configure Samsung Galaxy flash notify about incoming calls, messages and other events? In this article you will find information on how to activate this feature on your smartphone.

The flash notification function on the Samsung Galaxy notifies you about missed calls, messages and other new events with the camera flash. This is useful when you need sound on your phone, but want to know about incoming calls, etc. It also looks cool when the light starts blinking and some people just want this function to be activated. Turns on flash notifications in Samsung Galaxy smartphones through special features. This way should apply to all Samsung android, below you can add reviews if this article helped you or not and do not forget to specify the model of the device, so that other users will have useful information from you.

To turn on the flash notification function on your Samsung Galaxy, do the following steps: Open on Android Samsung Settings then Special Features then Hearing and Flash Notification. Tap the radio button to activate the function.

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Done, now your Samsung Galaxy smartphone will flash notify you of calls, messages and other events. To disable this feature, do the same thing and tap the switch to turn it off.

How to Activate KIDS MODE on Samsung Galaxy A30, A40, A50 & A70

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What to do if my phone turns off and won’t turn on

If the way above was not effective, further it does not turn on, I have another option of forced turning on

It is a little longer, more complicated, but nevertheless often successfully unlocks a70, a30, a40, a20.

What you need to do. You need to press two more buttons: the first power button and the second to make it louder this time, not softer.

Wait for the menu, and there you have two options. The first is preferable and only if this does not help, go to the second.

You need to sound quieter to select reboot system now and press the power button. If this does not help, then with the same buttons first select wipe data/factory reset, confirm and then reboot system now.

Just remember. personal data in the phone a70, a30, a40, a20 will not remain, but if you enable synchronization and log in with the same Google registration, they will be restored within an hour.

Perhaps not everything will be restored (the applications installed will not be restored), but photos, videos and contacts in the phone will be restored.

samsung galaxy a30 won’t turn on or charge how to turn on my samsung galaxy A30 [100%]

How to unlock Samsung a70 if you forgot the password or PIN and the Pattern Lock

On the Samsung a70 unlock password, key or code is no different from the thirtieth. you can see that in the pictures.

Therefore it makes no sense to rewrite the same text over and over again. All your actions are similar.

Switch it off, switch it on by holding down two buttons, select “wipe data/factory reset, confirm, agree and reboot by selecting reboot system now.

The only thing worth mentioning is that the locked phone sometimes does not want to power off. Then if you long (no more than 10 seconds) hold down the power should appear “restart”.

If the reset succeeded, then as soon as you see the Samsung logo, hold down the volume and with it the power, so that the menu appears.

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If the reboot does not appear, then press the power to silence, and then when the logo appears, proceed as written above.

User can record keywords on the recorder, when used, the system will automatically start the snapshot process. Often use the following words “Cheese”, “Smile”, “Record video” (Record video).

In the camera section, we have added a settings section with a “Mode” button. The function allows you to switch to professional shooting mode “PRO”.

What parameters can be edited in PRO mode:

  • Brightness;
  • ISO;
  • White Balance;
  • Focus length;
  • Effects and other values needed to improve image quality.

Often available “AUTO” function, which automatically selects the values for specific shooting conditions.

How to set the screen Samsung Galaxy instruction

Hi! Today I will show you how to set the screen on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can very easily and quickly change the settings of the display. Brightness, colors, icons, modes, screensaver, etc.д. Everything is very simple and fast. See instructions below and write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you do not understand something. Let’s go!

See, there are two ways to get to the settings. First, tap on the blank area of the home screen and hold down. At the bottom you will see a panel. Click the Settings button there.

Second, on the desktop, find the Settings icon and click on it.

In the settings, click on the Display tab.

  • Screen brightness;
  • Enable or disable automatic brightness;
  • Turn on the blue filter. Reduces eye strain by limiting the amount of blue color emitted by the screen;
  • Change font size, font style, and screen scale;
  • Screen mode. There are 4 options: Adaptive Display., AMOLED movie., AMOLED Photo., Main. Here you can also set the balance color of the entire screen;
  • Main screen settings (see below);
  • Enable simple display mode;
  • Add icon frames;
  • Status bar. Display only three recent notification icons in the notification panel. Show Charge Percentage;
  • Screen Timeout. You can choose after how long the screen will turn off when idle;
  • Block accidental touches if the device is in a dark place, in a or bag;
  • Screensaver. Displaying a screen saver after the automatic shutdown of the screen when charging the phone or docking it.

How to connect your Samsung phone to PC via USB?

Quite often there is a need to connect your smartphone to your computer. What for?? At least in order to transfer images from the smartphone to the computer memory. Well, someone charges touchscreen devices this way conveniently, you know. In short, the need exists. Another question is how to connect a smartphone to a computer. In this article we will show you an example based on a Samsung device.

We need the cable (MicroUSB or USB Type-C does not matter), the smartphone itself and computer or laptop.

Actually the connection can be called successful. Smartphone starts charging, so everything is in order (in some cases the gadget may not charge, but this is not a reason to panic).

If you only use the USB cable and the computer to charge your touch screen device, you can stop there. But if you need to transfer some data from your computer to your smartphone or vice versa, you need to do a few more things.

When you connect your Samsung to your computer, the following message appears on your smartphone screen (after unlocking the screen):

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samsung galaxy a30 won’t turn on or charge how to turn on my samsung galaxy A30

The system asks you if you want to allow access to the data on your phone. You can click Deny to charge, but you have to click Allow to transfer data. What happens if you don’t? Open My Computer and see our smartphone. Double click on it with the left mouse button.

We can’t see anything, because we’ve denied access to the file system on the smartphone. If you allow it, then the file system will be available for you to view and work with. Feel the difference.

Note that the example above shows both the internal memory of the smartphone and the external memory card.

Now you can work with files and transfer them, for example.

If the table with the choice of connection does not appear, the computer does not see the file system of your smartphone, it is possible that the USB configuration by default uses only the charging device. This option is relevant if the developer mode is on and someone has managed to poke around in it. The solution is this. Go to Developer mode (what it is in this article), then find Default USB Configuration.

Now, when you connect your smartphone to a PC or notebook, you should be able to access data on your smartphone.

How to turn on the NFC function on the Samsung Galaxy

Slide your finger down the screen from the top edge of the screen.

This will open a panel to enable or disable the main functions. Some people may have NFC displayed here.

If not on the first page, swipe to the left. Here will be the function. Press N icon to turn NFC on or off.

“Safe mode

Make sure that the operating system does not conflict with the software. To do this, boot Android in “Safe Mode”, which disables all custom applications. This option is possible if the phone starts to turn on, but does not finish, and hangs, for example, on the screen with the logo.

If the download is successful in BP, then you need to look for the software that prevents the phone from working properly in normal mode. You can start with recently installed applications. Although the third-party software is deactivated at this moment, it still remains in the system, so it can be removed using the method described in a separate article on our website.