How to turn on the speaker on the phone

How to turn on the conversational speaker?

To turn up the volume on your Android smartphone, you need to dial the command ##3646633## (it may be different on some individual phone models. use Google). In the engineering menu that opens, you need to scroll through the top menu, and then go to Hardware Testing, and then to Audio.

All you’ll need for the mesh cleaning procedure is an old toothbrush and some time. Use the brush to make circular motions on the mesh. It is important to try to get the lint from the brush into the mesh and clean the dirt and dust from it. However, you should not overdo it here so as not to damage the speaker mesh.

Why I can only use my phone in hands-free mode?

First, I have to be honest, if your Android only works in hands-free mode, chances are your speaker is broken. Of course, there may be a software problem where your device can’t access the earpiece properly. But there is a chance that your smartphone is physically sick.

Turn off the speakerphone during the call.

Tap the speaker image in the lower left corner of the Android screen. This will reduce the sound amplification from the Android speakers and return to normal phone mode.

How to clean a speaker in your phone from water?

What to do if you have no sound on your phone

  • Check volume settings
  • Battery Saving Mode is On
  • If it is a case of headphones
  • Conflict of software, adapters
  • SD card installed
  • Infected phone with viruses, adware
  • Reset your phone to the factory settings
  • Tech. Faults

How to turn on the sound in the zoom on your phone?

Touch the screen to display the controls. If you do not see this frame, then tap on the headphone icon (on Android. the speaker with the cross). the frame will appear. To turn on the sound, tap on the line in zoom. Calling with sound from the Internet.

Just in case, wait for 20-30 seconds.

  • If there is no sound in the speaker.
  • Try unclipping the “antennae.
  • Filled your phone with liquid.
  • iPhone switch
  • Rebooting/Reflashing.
  • Other headphones.
  • Just wait.
  • You may have to wait for more than a day.

How to turn off video in Skype on your phone?

During a video call, open the actions menu in Skype. The basic controls relevant to calls will be displayed. There are five buttons at the bottom. Tap the icon with the camera to disable video.

In the menu choose “Settings”. Find “Calls” and select “Video Quality. If in settings the maximum quality is established, at each video call the considerable quantity of traffic is spent.

The speaker on phone has broken. what to do

The best solution in this situation. is to refer to a master in the service center. The skilled expert can quickly and without problems to understand in what the reason of a malfunction, and if the phone owner will try to repair the phone, he risks to create in it new breakages.

On the link it is possible to see, what to do if the speaker in phone has broken:

The following article presents several ways to solve such a breakdown.

Change settings

Sound may be lost in a particular app, so you’ll need to go into that app’s settings to adjust the desired volume.


Also, if the sound is lost, you can try to get it back using the settings of the phone operating system. To do this it is necessary to pull down the special curtain in which you can adjust the settings, and edit the sound volume in it.

If the user’s device does not have such a function, he can do the following:

  • To begin, it is necessary to open the settings and find the “Sounds” section;
  • After that it is necessary to select the profile that is set at the moment;
  • At this point a special window should open in which the user can adjust the sound settings as desired.

Reset to factory settings

This method helps to solve a lot of problems and breakdowns in the smartphone system. It is very easy to do this: you just need to go to the settings of your mobile device, find the “restore and reset” section, and then click on the “reset settings” button.

On how to reset the phone to factory settings, you can see at the link:

Plug in the headphones

You can check the functionality of the speaker in the phone by plugging in the headphones. If you can hear the sound in them, even not very clear, you can solve this problem yourself. You just need to blow out the headphone jack.

It also happens that the headphone jack affects the speaker. For example, the user noticed that the sound disappeared only after turning off the headphones. It can occur because the mobile device with the disconnected headset defines it as connected. This can be understood by the headphone icon at the top of the screen. In such situation user can try to repair the phone himself. To do this, it is necessary to do this:

  • Before you disconnect the headphones from the phone, you must press the button to increase the volume;
  • Disconnect and reconnect the headset a couple of times;
  • You can also try blowing out the headphone jack;
  • If you happen to get water in the socket or the volume control button, you will need to disassemble your mobile device and clean the contacts in it of oxide.

There are also situations in which certain contacts in the headphone jack are jammed, holding the plug. Using delicate tools they can be unclenched at home or take the smartphone to a special technician for repair.

Cleaning of viruses

In addition, there are often cases when mobile devices are attacked by malware. As a result of such an attack, the phone fails, and the sound may be lost.

First, you need to make sure that there are indeed viruses on the phone. This can manifest itself in a large number of ads on the device. Various banners will constantly pop up, will appear on the work screen, and notifications will come even if the user is not exploiting the phone.

Also the battery in the device will discharge faster or even heat up. Applications will fail, opening and closing without user influence. over, the phone will become “independent” and will download different programs, folders will appear that are not known for what is responsible.

Do not worry too much about viruses on your mobile device, because you can get rid of them very easily. This can be done as follows:

  • First, the user should check his device for viruses, using special antivirus programs. They can be installed, but it is worth paying attention to what the program really works and did not bring new problems to the device. After checking it is necessary to delete those files that the program will show viral;
  • However, if viruses are already present in your mobile device, they can interfere with the correct operation of the antivirus program, so it is necessary to reduce the damage from the attack. You can do this by turning on “in airplane mode”, that way the virus programs will have no access to the internet. After that, you need to check the list of applications and files, and delete all unknown ones;
  • You can remove viruses from your Android phone by going to the “admin” section. There you can detect malicious files and take away their rights;

If you cannot remove a suspicious program, you can try to go to safe mode. This can be done by turning off the phone while pressing the volume down button.

  • It is possible to remove malicious files from the computer through a personal computer, if it has a good antivirus installed. To do this you just need to connect your smartphone to your computer, using the “debugging via USB” mode. You can turn it on by going into settings;
  • The most working method is to reset the phone to factory settings. It is necessary to make a backup copy of all files before it, so that you do not lose them.

Why I can’t hear the person on the phone?

Make sure that no headset is connected to the phone, because in this case the sound will go through it and not through the phone speaker. The same applies to bluetooth headsets and other Bluetooth devices. Restart the phone. It helps if the cause of the malfunction is a software failure of the device.

If you or your conversation partner can’t be heard in Discord, it’s either the program settings, a feature of the operating system, or a bad sound driver. Either way the problem has to be solved.

The speaker does not work on your Android phone

There is nothing more annoying than when you try to talk on speakerphone, but the phone speaker stops working. If you find that your Android phone’s speaker isn’t working, try these tips for troubleshooting.

Let’s start with some simple things to look out for. During a call and you can’t hear anyone on the other end, check if the speaker is on. If it is activated, the speaker icon should be green or highlighted. To turn it on, click on the “Speaker” icon, the icon should light up.

Note : another indicator is probably a problem if you can hear the other person through the earpiece.

Increase the ringer volume during a call

If the speaker shows that it is on, the volume may be turned down too much. Try pressing the volume key on your phone while talking.

The volume button is usually on the left side of most phones. When you press it you should see a volume indicator. You can increase the volume with the volume key or slide the volume indicator to the right until you hear what the other person is saying.

Note : the only way to check and adjust the call volume. is to be in talk mode. A good test call would be to call your voicemail or someone you know.

Check the volume in the media settings

If you still can’t hear anything, make sure that the media volume is not turned off. To do this, proceed further:

Tap “Sounds and Vibration / Notifications.”.

Press “Volume” or select “Profile.

Move the volume slider to the right to increase the volume.

Note: you can also access the volume settings by pressing the volume up or volume down button and then pressing the down arrow in the upper right corner to display the sound mixer settings.

Do Not Disturb mode may be on

This handy feature may be the reason for no sound. Check if it’s off, here’s how to check it and turn it off:

To go to this setting, go to “Settings” “Sounds and Vibration / Notifications”, then check if the “Do Not Disturb” setting is on. Or swipe down from the top edge of the screen and tap the Do Not Disturb icon. You should see a notification below it to select for further settings.

If “Do Not Disturb” is on, tap this setting to see what sounds are muted.

You will have 3 options for exceptions: no exceptions, alarms only, and custom.

If you have “No Exceptions” set, the sound will be muted and you will have to either disable “Do Not Disturb” or set it to “Alarm Clock” or “Custom” only to select the sounds you want.

Note : Android Marshmallow uses “Total Silence”, “Alarms Only” and “Priority” options. Select any setting other than “Total Silence” to turn the sound back on.

Most Android phones automatically turn off the external speaker when you connect headphones. This may also be the case if your headphones are not fully seated in the audio jack. For the test, turn off the headphones and play a test sound, some music or make a test call. Remember to turn on the speaker.

Some phone cases are known to muffle sound. Try taking your Android phone out of the case, and then test the sound. You should immediately notice if the sound improves.

While this may seem like a trivial step, rebooting often fixes any software glitches that may have disabled your sound.

Press and hold the phone‘s power button until you see three options on the screen: “Power Off,” “Restart,” and “Emergency Mode” or “Do Not Disturb Mode,” depending on the model. Press “Reboot” to reboot your phone.

Completely turning your phone off and on

You may have to go through the reboot process even further. Your phone may have a physical problem that requires you to turn it off and on. Follow the steps above, but click “Off.”. After you turn your phone back on, you can easily test the sound with your favorite app.

Note : some phones have a sound while booting, so you can know right away if it helped.

Not all phone models have removable batteries, but if you have the ability to pull out and reinsert the battery. This is a good way to completely reset your phone without erasing your data. Consult your cell phone manufacturer’s manual if you don’t know if your battery is removable or not.