How to turn on the TV Sony without the remote control

Control via Smartphone

Today, everyone is sure to have a smartphone in his or her arsenal. And some people even have two. It is these devices can be an ideal analogue of the remote control. Modern smart phone firmware already includes a universal remote control program that is suitable for most TV models. It allows you to turn on the TV, change the channel, and change the volume. However, some wide-format multimedia devices do require you to install a specific application with a wider range of options.

Pairing between your phone and a TV requires some technical specifications of the devices.

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Smartphones just need access to a Wi-Fi connection. But TVs require an Internet port, Wi-Fi module and “Smart TV” function.

The special application needs to be installed not only on the smart phone, but also on the TV set itself.

For Samsung or LG models in the Play store you can find dozens of options for unique remote controls, corresponding to the general class of devices and each individual TV model. For other multimedia devices you can choose any universal app. The only inconvenience is that the application must be installed on the smartphones of all family members.

1 Press the button on the side of the TV set to turn on the TV set. If the TV is in standby mode (the standby indicator on the front of the TV is red), press the button on the remote control to turn on the TV.

TV does not turn on / off immediately after starting / restarts repeatedly

  • Disconnect and reconnect the TV power cable.
  • Make sure that the Power Savings Switch on the TV on the back of the TV is set to the ON position.

To switch from standby mode to AV mode, you need to go to the app on your smartphone. There should be “Settings” or “Mode Switching”. You need to go there and switch the TV to AV mode.

You need to enter the settings menu, select Channels and press Auto search. Then you will be prompted to select the signal source (cable, antenna, satellite) select the desired one and make sure you select full search mode, DTVATV. Press OK and wait for the settings to complete.

How to turn on a Samsung TV without a remote

Every TV has a control panel. Depending on the model, it is located on the front or side, rarely on the back. The control panel, located on the TV cabinet, is a dedicated part, which is equipped with several buttons. Each button has special icons and conventions.

If the control panel is on the front, it is usually hidden. To begin working with the TV settings in manual mode, remove or flip the button cover by pressing lightly on it.

Carefully study all the inscriptions and symbols next to the buttons before use. The standard panel, which almost all popular Samsung TV models are equipped with, is located on the front of the device in the bottom right corner.

Sony Smart TV: How Turn Off / On with No Remote (Use Button on TV)

The control system includes the following buttons.

  • POWER. Press this button to turn the TV on or off.
  • MENU. Pressing this button takes you to the device menu. From the menu you can adjust the brightness, contrast and other necessary settings.
  • OK. Confirm button. After selecting the desired menu item or setting and then pressing the OK button, the change is confirmed and saved.
  • VOL. Usually there are 2 buttons under this heading. One with. and one with icon Use these buttons to decrease or increase the volume of the sound produced by the unit.
  • CH. Use this button to scroll through the channels. Under the same button there are 2 buttons that allow you to switch channel numbers up or down.

If your TV model has buttons on the side or back, their function will be the same as the buttons on the front, so working with them will be identical.

To switch LG TV without a remote control, use the POWER button on the TV itself. You can install LG TV Remote app on your smartphone to control and switch channels. You just need to take into account that the application works with LG TVs from 2012 and up.

Setting up without a remote control

There are TVs that have one big button that looks like a joystick. It is easy to operate by pressing the central button. Let’s look at the peculiarities of working with the joystick on the example of adjusting the contrast:

Sony Smart TV: How to HARD FACTORY RESET without Remote (Use Buttons on TV)

  • To begin, you need to open the general menu by simply pressing the joystick in the center for a couple of seconds.
  • Then a table of contents should appear on the monitor listing the available parameters, among which you should select the desired one.
  • In this example, we select the “contrast” button by pressing the joystick buttons up or down. Then press the center of the button to lock this function.
  • Change the contrast with the left and right keys. Selected parameters are also saved by pressing the “Center” button.
  • To close the menu, you should hold the central button for a few seconds.

This principle is relevant when setting various parameters and functions. You can manually set up a certain sequence of channels so that later they can be found quickly. To do this, select the “Channel settings” item and click on the “Manual tuning” subsection. In the “Programs” section it is possible to assign each channel a definite number. You can also set the sound characteristics and color of the region. Further, the found channels are stored in the memory of the device, and to find additional channels perform all the above steps again.

How to connect and tune a TV Sony

Our company adjusts TV Sony of any editions and modifications. Performing the setting, sorting analog and digital television channels, connecting the TV Sony with the global network Internet, connecting to a variety of external devices, recording and playback. We know how to tune your Sony TV. We have set up a TV Setup Guide for your convenience.

Sony TV manual

Sony kd-65xf9005 manual contains all the necessary information to connect external signal sources. The TV has the following connector connections:

  • CI. Pay-TV limited access module connection
  • AV IN. VCR/gaming equipment/DVD player/ camcorder/ external console
  • AUDIO OUT. Headphone / stereo / subwoofer
  • USB1/USB2. Digital camera (camcorder)/USB drive
  • HDMI. HDMI devices
  • USB HDD Rec. Digital Photo Camera / USB Mass Storage Device / USB Hard Drive
  • HDMI ARC. Speaker system with HDMI ARC device
  • DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (Optical). Audio system with optical audio input
  • LAN. Connect router cable
  • SAT. Satellite dish input
  • RF IN. Cable/Antenna/External Set Top Box

Signs of a locked TV

The blocking is very easy to detect. The TV receiver lock looks different with different manufacturers and different models. It can be either a simple blue screen with a padlock symbol on it or a black screen showing only the password input window.


HELP! Some televisions can lock not only through the menu, but also by pressing a lot of buttons. So the TV set can lock itself if someone sits on the remote control or if someone accidentally drops it.

  • Open the network settings on your TV and turn on Miracast.
  • On your smartphone, go to Settings → Screen → Wireless Monitor and turn on.
  • Select the TV in the list of found Miracast devices.
  • The image from your smartphone appears on the TV screen as soon as it is connected.

Press “SOURCE” button on the TV remote control. A list of sources will be displayed Select “AV” Press ENTER. 4 Make sure that the power to the external device is turned on and working. 5 If all of the above steps have been completed, the TV screen will display a signal from the external device.

Setting up the TV Sony Trinitron without remote control

When buying a TV set it is possible to face an unpleasant situation when the remote control has no batteries. In the evening time it is inconvenient to go to the store to find the necessary battery, and therefore you can tune the TV Trinitron without the remote control. If you enter the TV menu with the button on the TV panel, you can see a large number of settings that will allow you to do all the operations in the right order. If there is no experience in setting up this technique, it is desirable to first read the instruction manual. So you can avoid many unpleasant mistakes when working with the equipment.

Ways to set up a Trinitron TV:

  • The easiest way to configure TV is to activate the automatic channel search mode. To start the function you need to press the menu key on the toolbar (located at the bottom or on the side of the monitor) and go to the TV Trinitron settings. There you need to select the sub-item with automatic channel search. To run the function, you just need to click on the channel search and wait until the search is completed. It is important to note that in some models when using auto mode you are required to fix the channel set to go to the next search. To do this you need to press the button “” which adjusts the volume.
  • If you additionally have a TV box or a TV tuner connected to your TV, then before starting automatic channel search you must select digital or analogue broadcasting. Choose the digital option, because analog TV will soon be unavailable to Russian users. The adjustment of the selected frequency will start as soon as you enter the data. As soon as all channels appear on the monitor you need to flick them all to make sure the signal is in high quality HD.
  • Also for tuning TV channels, you can use the standard manual mode. To start it you need to enter the TV Trinitron menu again, but this time you have to choose the manual mode. It is necessary to activate it and control the settings by switching the volume “minus” or “plus” buttons. Once the frequency of one channel to be tuned will be adjusted, you can proceed to tuning the next channel by clicking on “”.

If a satellite dish is connected to the TV Trinitron, then first you have to tune the receiver correctly. When using satellite equipment, it is better not to change the settings of the set-top box yourself, but immediately start the auto mode.