How to turn on your phone if the battery is dead

Perform a forced restart of the device

Your phone may be on, but it’s frozen. The screen may then be dark and unresponsive to any action. So first try restarting your device with the hardware keys.

How to forcibly reboot your iPhone

On iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or later, press and immediately release first the volume up key, then the volume down key. Then press the side button and hold it down until the Apple logo is displayed.

On iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, press the side button along with the volume down button for 10 seconds or more until you see the Apple logo.

On an iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, or an older model, press the Home key along with the side button for 10 seconds or more until the Apple logo appears.

How to forcibly reboot your Android smartphone

Press and hold the power and volume down keys simultaneously for 10-15 seconds. If successful the device will restart automatically or will display a menu on the screen in which you will need to select the restart command.

To reboot some Android smartphones you just need to press the power button for a few seconds. Sometimes there are some gadgets that are restarted with other keys. If the smartphone does not respond to the above steps, type “how to force restart” into the search engine and add the name of your model. Then follow the instruction found.

How to turn on a new iPhone

Usually a new iPhone is in the box when it’s turned off with 40-60% of the battery.

Naturally, the device from the store should start up halfway, that is, after the normal startup procedure, which is done by pressing and holding (for a few seconds) the power button. The power button is located on the right side of all recent iPhones (in iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone SE the power button is located on the top side).

How to turn on iPhone

How to turn on your iPhone or iPad if it won’t turn on

If the iPhone or iPad refuses to turn on, then you should consider four possible reasons:

The device has gone into “save mode”. Quite often iPhone or iPad shuts down and enters the so-called “save mode”, and then does not respond to pressing buttons or touching the screen. This usually happens because the owner of an iOS device rarely (or never) does not reboot his gadget. On how to get any iPhone or iPad out of the above state we have described in detail in this material.

The device is not charged. Your iPhone or iPad has probably been gathering dust on the shelves and is completely discharged, which you should see in the picture of the battery, the Lightning connector, and a lightning icon on the screen. The solution. connect the gadget to the power adapter and the mains;

Low temperature. If you live in Norilsk or Vorkuta and are trying to turn your iPhone on outside at.If the temperature drops to 30 degrees, you are unlikely to succeed, because the smartphone automatically shuts down when the battery electrolyte becomes too thick.

The decision. to warm the device in conditions of room temperature;

The presence of marriage (breakage). When buying a new iPhone or iPad it does not matter what type of failure refers to, whether it is a manufacturing defect or a software failure. In this case you should contact the dealer and demand to replace the faulty gadget or get your money back. Even in the absence of warranty obligations, the reseller is obliged to meet the requirements of the buyer, if they are presented within the period prescribed by law.

“Broken” software

It is clear that this is the worst option of the two mentioned. But it also happens with the iPhone, requiring a so-called hard reset, or Hard Reset. To do this, it is necessary to simultaneously press the Home and Power keys:

A moderate pressure on the buttons for 10-20 seconds will cause an image of a bitten apple. the Apple logo to appear on the display. It is a sign that the phone is rebooting. Once the process is complete, the gadget will return to normal operating mode.

The way of such “reanimation” of the device is also useful when programs hang up, the buttons are unresponsive. The data stored on your phone will not be deleted.

The software is “broken

It is clear that this is the worst case of the two mentioned above. But this also happens with the iPhone, requiring a so-called hard reset, or Hard Reset. It is necessary to simultaneously press the keys: Home and Power:

A moderate pressing of buttons for 10-20 seconds will cause an image of an apple bitten on the display. the logo of Apple. This is a sign that the phone is rebooting. After the process finishes, the gadget will return to normal mode.

This method of “reanimation” is also useful when freezing applications, lack of response to button presses. The data stored on your phone will not be erased.

Why phone shows the charge but does not charge?

If your phone shows charging, but does not charge as a result, it is possible that the controller in the main board is broken. In this case, you only need to go to the service center for a complete check of the device and replace its cards.

The main thing is to find the cause of Xiaomi malfunction. Xiaomi smartphone doesn’t turn onReset

  • Press and hold the power button and the volume knob down until the Mi5 splash screen appears on the display;
  • Hold down the volume knob;
  • To enter the Recovery and find the English language;
  • press Hard reset.

iPhone charges but does not turn on

Everyone may encounter a situation where the iPhone is charging, but does not turn on. Perhaps the cause of the failure is serious, and you will have to repair the smartphone for money. However in some cases (for example, if the connector is dirty or there is a software failure) it is possible to fix the problem at home, without experience, qualification and tools. It is worth trying to find the problem yourself and get the phone working again.

What are the causes of iPhone malfunction

Many iPhone owners experience difficulties: the gadget charges slowly or does not turn on at all. And if a minor malfunction (e.g., a broken Home button) is not so critical, in such situations it is impossible to use the phone.

  • Critical internal parts (tristar, sync cord, power controller, motherboard, or battery) are damaged due to mechanical impact (bumps, drops) or flooding
  • A faulty, non-original charger (a cheap Chinese fake) is used
  • Breakage of the Lighting connector or its contamination caused by dust, hair, lint, and other small debris
  • software failures (software directly affects the chip that controls the charging process)
  • The USB port on your tablet or desktop computer is broken
  • Factory defects in Apple components involved in the battery charging process

Errors in software operation, malfunctioning of chargers and iPhone parts (batteries, connectors, cables, etc.).) can manifest in different ways. A few examples:

  • iPhone doesn’t turn on after it has been discharged (when the battery has run down to zero)
  • application hangs, does not respond to taps, or the screen is completely black
  • the gadget turns on, but hangs after the Apple logo appears
  • the battery indicator is on, but the battery level is very low, even if it has been running for a long time
  • iPhone is dead and won’t turn on when charged from the cigarette lighter socket or a computer

Before you take your smartphone to the service center make sure that the cause of the malfunction is a hardware failure. And do not delay a trip or call a repairman if you spilled water on your iPhone. every hour of delay can make the situation worse.

How to get iPhone back to work

If you have trouble plugging it in and charging it, the first thing to do is to check whether there is current in the outlets. Next, if the phone does not turn on at all, connect it to the charger. Under normal circumstances the battery will tell you that it is being charged. the LED is on, it means it is charging. Remember that the battery is not designed to work in conditions of low temperatures. So warm the smartphone before you connect the charger, if the battery is dead in the cold.

Another situation is that you are trying to start your iPhone, which has been discharged for a long time. If the battery is dead, you need to wait 15-60 minutes and only then press the Home button or Power.

The smartphone still does not respond. perform a hard reset:

  • Press “Power” and “Home” buttons simultaneously (in 7-generation devices. “Power” and the volume button)
  • Wait 10-20 seconds for the Apple logo to appear on the screen of the gadget
  • Release the buttons. the operating system will start in about one minute

This method also helps with other problems. For example, when the program hangs or there is no reaction to the buttons.

When the Apple logo is on and off, you need to. Most likely the battery is dead due to software failure. The error was caused by a failed iOS update or downloading and installing unlicensed software.

  • launch iTunes on your computer and plug in the USB cable
  • turn off your smartphone, using a combination of the Home and Power buttons (if you have an iPhone 7, use the volume button instead of Power)
  • Press and hold the Home button and connect to your computer
  • hold Home until the phone screen shows the iTunes logo and the plug icon
  • You should see a message on your computer display saying “there is a problem with your iPhone; it needs to be updated or restored
  • confirm the restore

The procedure to download and install a new version of iOS will take about 30-40 minutes. There is another way to restore. DFU mode. The method is radical because it destroys all the data on the phone. Steps:

  • connect the charger (the level of charge must be greater than zero)
  • After 5 minutes, disconnect the charger, connect your smartphone to your computer (desktop or tablet) and turn on iTunes
  • Press Home and Power at the same time, hold them exactly ten seconds, then release the on and off button
  • Hold “Home” (15-30 seconds) until you are notified in iTunes (there should be nothing on the phone screen when you enter DFU mode)

Then confirm the procedure and click on the “Restore” button. If you forgot to overwrite data from your phone, you can cancel recovery: disconnect USB cable, hold Home and Power for 10 seconds. Then the iPhone will reboot.

If the software is okay, inspect the connector for contamination. Debris clogged in Lighting, should be carefully removed by improvised means, such as a toothpick.

When charging the battery from a computer, consider the functionality of the USB port. Probably not enough amperage. try a regular Apple charger.

Pay attention to the charger itself as well. Even if the original Apple cables are fragile. the braid and wires are easily damaged. what can you expect from cheap Chinese products. The phone may stand for a long time and show charging, but it will still be zero if the charger is fake or broken. Use only original chargers to avoid these problems.

If the above steps were unsuccessful, it’s likely that the battery was discharged due to natural wear and tear, factory defect or damage. Dropped or flooded the phone. don’t even look at the indicator light: take the gadget to the repair shop or call a specialist at home as soon as possible.

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Special mention should be made of the case when the clock is set to January 1, 1970. When someone jokes in this way, the smartphone also does not turn on. constantly restarts, does not go beyond the logo. In such a situation you should wait until the battery is 100% discharged. only when it is fully discharged can you get it back to work. In order not to wait too long, you should contact a repair shop or act with your own hands: disassemble the phone, remove the battery, reinsert it and reassemble the smartphone. Then the date is reset and it turns on again. Doing it yourself is possible if you have skills and professional tools (suction cup, tweezers, spatula).

How to prevent phone breakage

These simple rules will help you to avoid malfunctioning smartphone:

  • Install only verified software
  • Handle your smartphone with care
  • Get a soft bumper case
  • Install the protective glass
  • Avoid dropping your phone into water
  • Do not let the battery discharge completely

Xiaomi and Redmi phones are quite robust and reliable. Depending on the model, they can safely tolerate moisture and dust, drops and bumps. However, if you have problems, we hope you will find our instructions helpful.