How to unlock a Lenovo tablet video

Video lags on your tablet

Lenovo tab p11 TB-J606L. Video in iwi and movie search slows down.

Contacted support for both services. One of them has already replied that they have checked the situation on their side and found no problem. They think that the problem is either in the device or its firmware.

Video starts slowing down not immediately, but after about half a minute. It looks as if the calculation of the video stream goes on the CPU cores, they overheat and start trotting, or the heat pack is exceeded. Possibly for some reason the hardware video acceleration for these applications is not working.


Lenovo tab p11 TB-J606L. Video lags in the iwi and film search applications.

Contacted the support of both services. One of them already replied that they checked the situation on their side and did not find the problem. Thinks the problem is either with the device or its firmware.

Video starts slowing down not immediately, but after about half a minute. It looks like the calculation of streaming video goes to the CPU cores, they overheat and start trotting, or the output over the heat pack. It is possible that for some reason the hardware video acceleration for these applications does not work.

Hello @ Ivan A., welcome to the community.

Was this problem from the beginning or did it happen after something else (maybe after installing some software)?

Check for updates by air and via Rescue and Smart Account. After installing the updates (in case there will be any), check the functionality.

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The problem was there from the beginning, right after the first installation of these applications. I have been using the tablet for 2 weeks. I have installed all the available updates for android, Lenovo services and applications from Play Market (using the tablet itself) after turning on the device for the first time. I will be able to check the program for the computer a little later.

The problem was there from the beginning, right after the first installation of these applications. I have been using the tablet for 2 weeks. After turning the device on for the first time, I have already installed all available android updates, Lenovo services and applications from Play Market (using the tablet itself). I will be able to check the computer program later.

Try also the display settings (Color Mode, Color Resolution, Eye Protection, etc.).) and set the “default” values for these settings.

Check if anything will change after this.

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Again:Lenovo tab p11 lags video in online movie apps

Already set to standard and default. Disabling the night screen mode does not solve the video performance issue either.

Again:Lenovo tab p11 lags video in online cinema apps

I connected the tablet to Rescue and Smart AccountAssistanceIn the “Rescue” section of the program offers the same version of the firmware (if I’ve understood correctly and compared versions), which is already installed on the device (TB-J606L_S120184_210520_ROW). There is no other automatic updates offered by the program. Carefully checked all the sections of the graphical interface of the program, but did not get information about updates.

I confirm, video in cinemas KinoPoisk and Okko is slowing down in the same way. Techsupport of these services can not help.

Again:Lenovo tab p11 lags video in online movie apps

I confirm the problem, video in the NBA app lags, both in HD and SD quality. It seems that the problem is not in applications, but in the tablet.

unlock, lenovo, tablet, video

There is even feedback from Lenovo ?

Half a year since I bought my tablet, I have several subscriptions to online cinemas and have no way to watch them in the applications on this device (Cinema Search, Okko).

It’s sad and in no way encourages the purchase of devices from this manufacturer in the future.

Apologies for the late response.

I understand that you have cleared the cache, reinstalled these applications did not change anything?

Try doing a factory reset (previously deleting Google Account).

If it doesn’t help, @ Dezmond89 @ Andrei53 please specify the firmware version which is installed on your device now.

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How to reboot your Lenovo tablet?

Press once until you hear a click. No need to hold down the button. After pressing the reset button, the screen goes out and the tablet instantly shuts down. Then you have to restart it by holding the power button for 5 seconds.

  • Tap Settings on the Home screen
  • Tap Security
  • Press Screen Lock
  • Under Confirm your Pattern / PIN / Password. Confirm the saved pattern / PIN / password
  • Under “Select the screen lock interface” press ” No / Swing”

How to reset the graphics key on Lenovo?

First of all turn off the smartphone. Then press the “Volume” button along with the power button. Enter the recovery and immediately move to the “Wipe Data and Factory Reset” menu. Tap “Wipe All”.

To reset, enter the engineering menu to do this turn off the tablet, then press the power button and at the same time press the volume button up, then a menu will appear, in it you need to find items wipe data or factory reset select something of this, then the tablet should reboot and.

unlock, lenovo, tablet, video

“kill” the graphics key or “locker

A few clever words. The file you are creating is located in /DATA directory under the name GESTURE.KEY. Or rather, this file is responsible for locking the screen. You just need to delete it and that’s it. your device is unlocked. This will require:

The downloaded program should be unpacked to the root of drive C. In the same directory you should put the script. To run the program, you must run the command adb devices in the command line. Call the command line like this: Windows 7: Start. Find. type cmd. (will appear in the search)Windows XP: Start. Run. type cmd. Enter

Run the adbBLOCK GEST script in the program and it will ask you if you want to remove the GESTURE screen lock file.KEY, which is what we need. Press Enter to agree. Next, the program will ask for permission to reboot the device. During the reboot process, disconnect your tablet or phone from your computer.That’s it, but if it doesn’t work. Try Recovery or Bootloader modes.

Third party software and its features

You can once again make sure to register your Google account using unlocking utilities from the internet.

Log in any way you can and visit the Google Play page. Download the required application, for example Screen Lock Bypass Pro. It will be especially useful on versions from Android 2.2 to Android 4.0.

Attention! Screen unlocker is chargeable. Check its compatibility with your operating system version to avoid unnecessary unreasonable spending.

Select your device in the program and reboot. After you click on Activate, enter your new password.

“Call a Friend

For owners of devices where the SIM card is installed, there is another way that will help unlock the Lenovo tablet. However, there is one condition: the device must have a special application installed that allows you to make calls.

It is necessary to install a SIM card in the slot, then call the number attached to it. You can do this from a landline or cell phone. In other words, you need to make a call to your own tablet and accept the call. When you’re off the phone, the lock doesn’t work. It is enough to minimize the phone application and you can cancel the protection.

It is worth noting that this simple method is not suitable for everyone. Modern models of tablets are designed to protect the data stored on them, in case of theft.

Setting up a Wi-Fi network

In order to connect to a Wi-Fi network, you need to turn it on in the settings. Usually the settings shortcut is on the start screen, but if you can’t find it, go to apps. it’s there. Slide the Wi-Fi switch. Now, in the list on the right you should see the network you want to connect to.

It is important to know that the tablet Lenovo a 2107 supports only Wi-Fi standard n, so if the network does not appear in the list. you may just be using a fairly old adapter.

If the network appears, select it, enter the password in the window that appears and press “ok. If the router or adapter is set up correctly, the Internet should appear.

Disassembling the Galaxy Note 10.1

The advantage of this model is the use of both standard plastic fasteners and screws. this provides good protection from children and excellent repairability.

First of all we remove the silver insert. it is very easy: put a spatula or a paddles in the hole between the case and this panel, gently move the tool around the perimeter and unhook the fasteners. Take a screwdriver and unscrew all available screws, if you do not do this, further disassembly of the tablet will stall.

unlock, lenovo, tablet, video

All unscrewed screws put in pre-prepared containers and sign, so you won’t forget where they came from.

Now using the spatula and a pick we remove the back cover, it’s the same as with the panel: put it through the hole and move the tool around.

Disconnecting the connectors

Once you remove the cover your eyes will fly in different directions and you’ll see a lot of cables, but don’t be afraid they all disconnect nicely.

Now using light movements we start to take out the connected cables. You will ask how to disassemble the tablet and do not lose anything in the process, the answer is simple: write down, draw a diagram, you can even shoot a video.

Note that elements may have additional fasteners in the form of screws, so first inspect the part you want to disconnect and only then proceed.

Once all the elements of the perimeter were disconnected: go to the battery, but first disconnect the cables that surround it.

Remove the battery

Again we need to take a screwdriver, unscrew the screws that hold the battery and put them in another container, at the same time do not forget to disconnect the cables and connectors that hold it.

The battery takes up most of the internal space, but it is clear at once that the manufacturers went to extreme measures to reduce its size, so the tablet is quite thin.

Now you can safely disconnect the motherboard, the manufacturer took pity on the specialists and did not invent any special fasteners: everything can be easily removed.

Important elements of the board have special shields that are very easy to remove after unscrewing screws.

In some models they can be simply glued or soldered, and this is the worst possible way to repair.

The rest of the elements

Now we need to get to the matrix, and for this remove the remaining elements.

At the bottom we find the barely visible screws and unscrew the connector for the docking station, scroll through the case and disconnect the speakers, which are almost not fixed. Now the question of how to disassemble the Samsung tablet you will not have, but let us finish the process and then summarize.

Now is the moment of truth, we try to disconnect the matrix from the cover glass. this is one of the main stages of the whole disassembly, because this very factor influences the repairability of the device.

You can breathe a sigh of relief. the Galaxy Note passed this test with flying colors. Almost all users know how to work with the tablet, but not many know what is hidden under the casing. If the glass is damaged, its replacement will cost much cheaper than, for example, with Apple products, which should pay attention to this.

Finishing with disassembly

You also need to know how to remove the frame from the glass. To do this, you should pay attention to the highlighted fasteners. these are the rings that are threaded through the frame and they will have to be broken. Fortunately, the frame is additionally fixed with sticky tape.

At this stage it is necessary to put some effort, the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to break or damage the frame.

Congratulations. Samsung Galaxy Note was successfully disassembled, in order to reassemble it do the same steps in reverse order.