How to unlock an iPhone without a fingerprint

Unlocking your iPhone with a skin just got a lot easier

One of the less frustrating things about the coronavirus pandemic is unlocking your iPhone with Face ID in a mask. If you have an iPhone with Touch ID, you won’t need to enter a password every time Face ID fails, as it can use your fingerprint instead. But for those of us who don’t have home buttons, unlocking our iPhones is now much easier, even if we wear leather.

The only requirements? You need iOS 14 System.5 y un Relozhe de Manzana with watch OS 7.4. You can use them to unlock your iPhone with both your face and your Apple Watch. When you activate your iPhone, it will keep trying to scan your face. If it detects that you are wearing a mask, it will return to your Apple Watch. As long as your watch is within range and unlocked, your iPhone will unlock.

This new feature is a big step for those of us rooted in the Apple ecosystem. If this applies to you, you should take full advantage and consider changing your numeric password to alphanumeric. That way, you can give your iPhone the same level of security as, say, your Mac, and avoid entering a long, complicated password every time Face ID fails.

Previously, the only way to unlock your iPhone without removing the skin or entering the passcode was to jailbreak it and install a setting such as IntelligentPass, which acts similarly to Google’s Smart Lock feature on Android, where your iPhone unlocks itself in certain situations. For example, when you are connected to a certain Wi-Fi network, or at certain times of the day.

How to unlock iPhone by restoring iPhone

The most common way to unlock your iPhone can be quite simple, you just need to restore your iPhone from a backup. Your backup data will be restored to your iPhone, except for the Cydia apps and everything related to the jailbreak itself, so you’ll be back to standard iOS 15/14/13/12/11/10/9/8. If you don’t have a backup, you can still cancel the jailbreak, but be aware that you may not get your data back. Now let’s see how it works with iTunes.

Step 1 Download and run the latest version of iTunes on your computer or Mac. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable, wait until you see the device icon in the upper left corner.

Step 2 Click the device icon and then select “Summary” on the sidebar, scroll down the right pane and click “Restore iPhone” to start the jailbreak process.

Step 3 Here you’ll get a pop-up message asking if you want to back up your device. Click “Backup” to continue.

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Step 4 Once the backup is complete, click “Restore” in a new pop-up window to confirm the unlock operation.

Tips Make sure to turn off Find My iPhone on your device before you restore, as Apple requires this feature to be disabled during restore.

Step 5 Wait until the process is complete, you will eventually return your iPhone to the unjailbreak state as shown on the screen below. Here you can choose “Install as new iPhone” if you want to start from scratch, or choose “Restore from this backup” to get all your apps, settings, contacts, messages, etc. back. Д.

As you can see, iTunes is actually a bit tricky to use when you want to restore and unlock your iPhone. Also, you can unlock your iPhone without iTunes. Backup and restore iOS is one of the most professional programs you can consider. It includes backup and recovery features in one package, making it very easy to use. Download this program for free and check out how to restore your iPhone without iTunes here.

Can you unlock your phone with your fingerprint?

And in fact, Android still has a number of gaping security holes that allow not just bypassing, but bypassing all those fingerprints and passwords. One such hole is the Android Smart Lock system, with which you can automatically unlock your phone when certain external factors coincide.

How to enable the fingerprint scanner on your smartphone

To enable it, we select Settings. There we find the Lock screen and the fingerprint. Then open Fingerprint Management. An intruder will not be able to turn on this feature without your knowledge, even if he gets his hands on an unlocked smartphone.

How to unlock iPhone without password working in iOS 15.2 or later version

The third method belongs to iPhone users who have iOS version 15. In this part we will easily unlock iPhone without a password. A forgotten password on iOS 15 is no exception. iOS 15 can also be locked because of the many attempts to enter our password. So if you already have the latest version of iOS, this method might work for you. The process of unlocking iOS 15 without a password is possible if we reset your iOS device to factory settings. So now we’re going to find the best way to reset a locked iPhone running iOS 15. However, make sure that your iOS devices are connected to the internet before proceeding to the next step.

First of all, try entering your password a few times until it asks you to try again. Repeat entering your password until you see the Erase iPhone/iPad option, which we can find at the bottom of the screen.

It will then ask for your Apple ID password, as we will log you out of your Apple account on your device.

It’s time to press the Erase iPhone button again, as we are deleting your data, including your password.

unlock, iphone, fingerprint

Allow the device to reboot and set it up again. Then restore your data and settings using the backup functions.

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The third way looks like this: a quick and easy way to unlock iOS 15 without entering a password. These simple steps help many users solve their problems.

How fingerprints are spoofed

Touch ID hashes digital fingerprint scans and stores the hashes in a secure Secure Enclave area separate from the main storage.

When you try to lock your iPhone with your fingerprint, Touch ID checks the new code against data from the Secure Enclave. And the fingerprint decryption is stored in RAM and only immediately after scanning.

Of course, it’s much cooler than scanning pictures in certain folders (this was the sin of some Chinese devices). But the first generation Touch ID could be fooled by a piece of paper with a 2400 dpi print. If you have an iPhone 5s, try it, it might work.

unlock, iphone, fingerprint

What’s more: the fingerprint could be taken right off the screen. And not only unlock the iPhone with the old scanner, but also prohibit the real owner from wiping data from it.

With newer models, it’s more difficult. You need a 3D printer and a material that the smartphone would mistake for human skin. And a fairly accurate 3D mock-up of the finger. And a limited number of attempts.

Biometric identification expert Anil Jain and his colleagues at the University of Michigan have developed technology to produce such “fake fingers” from an electrically conductive silicone compound and pigments. The fakes had the same mechanical, optical and electrical properties as real people’s fingers.

Technically, the technology was supposed to improve the reliability of the scanners. But it all depends on whose hands it would have ended up in.

Other researchers, with only a good photo of German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen’s finger, made a 3D model of it. They did not take the finger separately. the print was cropped from a high-resolution image.

The minister agreed to participate in the experiment. The result. she herself proved that the method really works.

What to do if the iPhone was turned on the “Find Phone” function, and now it is blocked?

This situation is the most dangerous. Suppose you bought an iPhone from hand, and the previous owner did not remove his device’s tethering to the Apple ID.When I tried to restore the phone, everything was blocked. In this case, it is better to ask the owner to remove the lock. If this is not possible, you need to contact an Apple service center with a receipt or send documents by email to the company’s American office through the official website.

To avoid being in an uncomfortable situation, when buying an iPhone we advise you to check whether it is tied to iCloud, it can be done on the site of the cloud system in the activationlock section. Checking is done by IMEI.

Voice Over override is only available on devices with a firmware version older than iOS 7.1 (iOS 12 is already on the 10). But the phone then will not work with mobile networks.

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But it’s a great way to protect your device from thieves. One touch of a button can render a gadget completely useless to a burglar.

Create a new customizable voice control command

To create your own voice control command, follow these steps:

◉ Go to “Settings”. “Special Features.”. “Voice Control” or say “Hello, Siri, Voice Control Settings” to go right there.

◉ After that press “Set up orders”, then “Create new order”.

If you see “Custom” instead of “Create new command,” it means you’ve already created one or more custom commands for voice control. In that case, press “Manage,” then “Create New Order”.

◉ Name your own voice command

Enter a unique phrase that you will use to activate the unlock gesture. Note that when voice control is enabled, the iPhone will provide 24/7 voice commands, so make the phrase something you don’t say often, otherwise the command will be executed all the time when you don’t want it. In our case, I tried the phrase “Open Semsem.”. Note that you must enter the phrase in English and it does not support Arabic.

◉ After that press “ActionThen create your own gesture.

This brings us to the tricky part of creating the control, where you’ll need to enter your password on the screen without any numbers, you’ll need to press the exact location of the numbers and in the same order as when you unlock your iPhone manually.

To simplify this task, you need to pre-shade the place numbers with a colored pen, for example, and use that in the add custom gesture window.

unlock, iphone, fingerprint

Once you’ve done everything right, click “Save” at the top, “Back” and “Save.”.

To unlock your iPhone with a voice command and continue your tasks

To complete the process successfully, consider saying “Hello Siri” when unlocking iPhone with your voice, for example, say “Hello Siri, read the latest message” or another action you want Siri to perform, then Siri will ask you to unlock iPhone Then say your voice command, for example, “Open semis,” and Siri will perform the task after unlocking iPhone. Without this point, you might run into a problem of not executing the command because the lock screen is not activated.

Note. The gesture feature works with a maximum of 5 screen taps; That is, the gimmick is valid for a 4-digit password, not 6.

To make it easier, you can watch this video

Important note: anyone can say the command to unlock your iPhone using voice control, since there is no voice recognition, so be careful not to make the phrase simple enough to be guessed, or, as we mentioned before, do not post.

I hope it works for you? So give it a try and tell us the results in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.