How to unlock phone if I forgot drawing


First of all remove SIM-card from the phone and turn off the device. Then press special combinations of keys and hold for about 15 seconds.

Note that on the phone these combinations may vary. For example, in LG, VIVO, Prestigio, Nokia, Vertex, DEXP, Microsoft, Digma they often do not match. over, some users point out that even within the Mi (Mi) series in Xiaomi they are different.

So what combinations can work? Here are the main ones:

Power button and volume up key; Volume down key and power button; Home key with power button and volume key.

As a result the service menu should appear on the screen. Choose Recovery, then. Wipe data / factory reset. Usually the gadget is reset to factory settings in a few minutes. That’s it. the screen is unlocked without entering a password.

It can be difficult to find the right combination for Irbis, Inoi, Prestige, Tele2, Finepower, Highscreen, Intel-based smartphones. When working with them, it is best to use the factory manual.

How to unlock an Android Pattern Lock without resetting

If you want to bypass a complicated lock with a pattern, you can use your Google account without going back to the factory settings. Android phones are usually protected by a password, PIN or picture key. You can get access if he is the actual owner of the device, who knows the key. So remembering the code or key is very important, because if you forget your keys or pattern, you will lose all your data to regain access to your device.

But things have changed a lot. You can now unlock the Android pattern key without resetting.

Yes, you don’t need to reset your Android cell phone to factory settings to gain access, rather you try different ways that will help unlock the Android graphics key. PIN or password.

Either it’s your 4 digit PIN or the most secure password and pattern, these methods can bypass all types of locks on your Android device without any reset.

unlock, phone, forgot, drawing

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the easiest ways to crack a forgotten PIN or Pattern Lock on your Android device.

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How to unlock a forgotten Android Pattern?

One of the ways to lock the screen of any smartphone is a drawing, or picture key. Using a security pattern prevents accidental touch button presses, and also restricts unauthorized access to your device files. It is important to think of not the simplest lock pattern, so that if the device is lost or stolen, it will be impossible for intruders to use it, but at the same time the graphic key should be well remembered by you.Because, it often happens that the owner forgets the graphical lock key of his Android device. If this happened to you too. then just for you we presented in this article the top 5 ways to unlock your smartphone without using the original lock pattern.

Unlocking a Samsung phone without a password

The first thing to unlock your smartphone, if you forgot your password, which is guaranteed to work, regardless of what state your device is in, whether it responds to touch, whether you have access to Samsung or Google accounts. It consists of resetting your smartphone password using the PassFab Android Unlocker utility. Since it is not installed on the phone, but on the computer, there will definitely be no hitches with unlocking:

You can reset the password using PassFab in any state

Resetting your password is guaranteed to reset your data. Keep this in mind

Wait for data processing and resetting the password

Keep in mind that removing the password from the phone is just a side procedure which is part of the data reset mechanism. That is, all data that is stored in the memory of your smartphone will be deleted in the process of removing the password. So you get a completely blank device which you have to fill up again with data. This is not a problem if you have a backup. But the important thing is that now you can set a password which you won’t forget.

unlock, phone, forgot, drawing

How to reset your phone with buttons

Despite the limitations of each of the previous methods, they are all relatively convenient because they require that the smartphone you unlock is in working condition. What if the screen is damaged or no longer responds?? In this case, you can try to reset the smartphone in recovery mode, which does not require the touchscreen, because all manipulations are performed with the buttons.

  • Press and hold the side power button;
  • Then press and hold the volume button down (the way may differ from smartphone to smartphone);
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You can reset your smartphone in recovery mode if the screen does not respond

unlock, phone, forgot, drawing
  • The screen will prompt you to enter safe mode, accept;
  • Perform a reset in recovery mode and restart your smartphone.

Note that rebooting in this case is a mandatory action to complete the procedure. It is required for getting your smartphone out of recovery mode. If you do not do this, you will not be able to get it back to work. After completing all the manipulations you will be able to set up your smartphone again as a new one and, if you took care to save it beforehand, restore the Android backup.

How to unlock the phone if I forgot my password?

If you own an Android phone and like many people care about the security of the personal data stored on your device, then this article is for you. You may have already encountered a situation where, having put a complex password on your phone, you realize that once you forgot it and can not repeat it, losing access to all the content of your smartphone. And although the phone screen lock is set precisely to protect the phone from penetration, to remove the lock, not knowing the password, it is still possible. In this case, the main question remains. how to remove the lock from the phone? So, here are 5 ways to remove the screen lock on your Android phone.

How to remove the graphics key on your Samsung, if you forgot it

The Pattern Lock is one of the most common ways to lock the screen on Samsung phones, as it helps to avoid confusing your device lock password with other passwords (e.g. passwords for accounts, applications, websites, etc.д.), which are mostly presented in alphanumeric form. Nevertheless, the lock pattern is also quite often forgotten, and then smartphone owners are scrambling for answers on how to remove the pattern key from the Samsung. In this article we will discuss several solutions that can be useful in case you find yourself in this situation. Use any of them or try each option in turn to guarantee effective results. Each of the methods will provide you with a guaranteed result. resetting Pattern Lock on your phone, the only difference is the ease of use or the conditions of a particular situation.

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Now we offer you to get acquainted with the detailed description of each of the options. Step-by-step instructions for each of the methods will help you to easily perform all the necessary actions on your own and in a very short period of time.

After the process of cleaning is completed, in the main menu of Recovery click on the first option “Reboot system now” to reboot your device.

Android will start loading, which will last longer than usual, as it does after the first start of the smartphone. Data from internal memory will be deleted, but files from the SD card will remain.

How to remove a forgotten Pattern Lock from an Android phone or tablet

The easiest way to remove a forgotten pattern key from an Android phone is to ask someone to make a call on the phone, then minimize the call and go to settings to remove the pattern key.

But these ways are suitable for early versions of Android.

How To Unlock Forgotten Pattern Lock On Android Phone | Unlock All Mobile

Users of newer versions of Android may find the following method helpful:

  • Waiting for the battery to run out when the device displays a shutdown message on the screen;
  • Then it is possible to go to the power settings and then go to the lock settings and remove the pattern key from your phone or tablet.