How to unlock samsung if you forgot a graphic pattern

How to unlock the phone on Android if you forgot the graphic key or password

What to do if you forgot a password or a graphic key to a smartphone. How to unlock the device by dropping the settings or deleting a graphic key using ADB and TWRP.

Recently changed the graphic key and forgot it, or let the child use a smartphone, and he accidentally blocked the device? Both situations are unpleasant, but not critical: after reading this instruction, you can unlock the phone, and in many cases it will be possible to save files, photos, uploaded music and video.


When you forgot the password from the screen of your Samsung and urgently need the phone, I recommend using Tenorshare 4ukey for Android. This is definitely the tool that you were looking for. It is compatible with any Android phone, and allows you to “unveil any lock”. He is also able to drop Google Akkuant successfully. So, the use of Tenorshare 4ukey is a quick, light and best solution for a blocked screen.

Steps for removing the screen password:

Install Tenorshare 4ukey for Anfriod and click on “Remove the screen lock” 2. Wait a few minutes, then the screen password will be successfully removed.

Forgotten PIN Passcode Pattern on Samsung

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Install Tenorshare 4ukey for Anfriod and click on “Delete the lock of the Google (FRP) account” 2. Will send a notification to your Samsung device. 3. After receiving a notification, click on the View option on the Samsung device, and follow the step.By.Step instructions displayed on the screen to control the device. 4. At the end, you will need to restart the device and use the unlock mechanism that you just installed to access samsung.

  • Go to the search for my device from a computer
  • Find your J7 on the screen
  • Enable the function “Blocking and washing”
  • Follow the instructions on the page that will appear to block your phone
  • Set a temporary password
  • Enter a temporary password on your j7
  • Create a new password

Using Hard Reset

If the login with a password from the Google system was lost or was not indicated earlier, to remove the graphic key on the Samsung Galaxy tablet or any other gadget will allow the second method. But it is important to understand that all the information from the device will be completely lost. This is a very radical method. A complete reset of the system to the initial state.

In order to start a “hard” reset, you must first prepare the device:

  • You should turn off the device in order to get into the working menu;
  • After turning off, you need to clamp the volume control at the same time as the button responsible for the power. Further behavior of the system is completely dependent on the installed on the device. Such a manipulation sends the user straight to the “Recovery” mode, in which all work will be carried out.
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The working mode always has two conditions. “Custom Recovery” and “TWRP Recovery”. They differ slightly from each other navigation.

Additional methods

If the main considered methods do not help to restore a blocked phone, then you can use additional options.

  • Gesture deletion.Key. To execute, go to the Revion menu, then open the Data-System section. From the list of files find the right one and delete. For full recovery, reboot the phone.
  • Service center. If it is not possible to restore the work of the device, you can go to the service center. You need to have confirming documents with you, for example, a check for the purchase. The minus is that it requires expenses and time.

If the user has forgotten the password, unlock the Samsung Galaxy phone or other model on your own. There are several ways to regain the performance of the device. Depending on the models and the degree of settings of parameters, recovery options will differ. Unlocking the button and sensory phone Samsung in one way will not work. Universal tools are reset to factory settings and flashing.

Special password reset applications

On the Internet you can find a lot of applications and programs that will allow you to remove the code from Samsung. Here are paid and free options for the software that allows you to remove the key from the device. Samsung also has its own Find My Mobile service, which is available only for Samsung users. For the use of third.Party programs, you most often need PC.

Find My Mobile service

Another option for unlock “Samsung” is the Find My Mobile service. Samsung developers decided to simplify the Samsung phone unlock for users if they forgot the password. Using the Samsung Find My Mobile service is the easiest way to remove a gadget lock. To unlock the device using the Samsung “Find My Mobile” service, perform a few simple actions that will not require a lot of time:

  • Go to the platform at the link.
  • Enter the system by introducing your account Samsung.
  • Choose the item “Unlock the device”.
  • On a pop.Up window, press the OK button.

After performing these actions after some time, the gadget should be remotely unlocked. The whole process of unlocking goes quickly, literally a few minutes. And you can use the device. Before starting work, be sure to make sure that the gadget is connected to the Wi-Fi network or uses data transfer.

ADB utility

The ADB Run utility provides SVs of two different devices. With its help, you can withdraw the code on the Samsung phone or completely drop the gadget to the factory settings, which will lead to the loss of all the information stored on the smartphone. When downloading according to the smartphone model, because each device has its own version of the utility that does not work for other models. The inappropriate version of the SMA will make the smartphone incorrect. Here is a plan for using the program:

  • Download and install the program. It is important to consider the model of your smartphone.
  • Launch software.
  • Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable.
  • Select “Unlock Gesture Key”, which is responsible for removing code.

If you did everything right, after performing the action, the key on the device will be dropped and you will enjoy using Samsung.

DR program.Fone

DR program.Fone is very similar to the ADB utility, but the functionality of the program is less extensive. You can download the program on the computer on the official website. It allows you to remove the code on the Android smartphone if you forgot the key. It is easy to use the program:

  • Download and install the program. You can download the program on the official website by link.
  • Connect the gadget to the computer.
  • Open the program.
  • In the department responsible for data recovery, select “Password Reset”.

If you have done everything right, all the information will remain, only protection will be dropped (PIN-code, graphic key). It is important to perform all actions correctly and carefully read the points that you choose. Incorrect actions can lead to a complete discharge of the device to factory settings.

Reinstalling firmware

Without experience and skill, independent reinstallation of the firmware is dangerous for the gadget. Incorrect actions can lead to problems: non.Working software, burning internal components. To reinstall the firmware, it is better to contact the service center.

If you have experience in reinstalling the firmware, you can independently start work. Most often use the universal ODIN or SMART Switch product. When reinstalling the firmware, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the rules for using the program. There is a lot of pitfalls. When flashing the smartphone, the data will be deleted.

Reset of the graphic password using the BYPASS application

BYPASS application allows you to remove the graphic code. To work, the program needs Root Rights. You can play it safe and install the application in advance, which will greatly simplify the removal of the code. But, if you have not installed the BYPASS application, this can be done remotely:

After installing the application, if it was not installed in advance, you need to send a message to the device with the 1234 Reset code, after which the phone will automatically restart. After turning on, the graphic key will be absent.

Special programs

In order to unlock the device, there are special programs. If the user found that none of the above methods work incorrectly, then he can easily contact the utilities.

Forgot Samsung Lock Screen Password? Unlock it without Data Loss

Samsung Find My Mobile

This is an official application from Samsung. It will help to unlock the phone without resetting the settings or a person will not receive any risks when using this utility.

However, this option is not suitable for all users, but only to those who have been registered in advance and authorized in the system of the company. To use the program efficiently, you need:

  • Open the official page;
  • Indicate the email address to which the user is attached to Samsung;
  • Now you need to choose your device from the search;
  • Click on the item “Still”;
  • Select a section with unlocking the device and confirmation of action.

As you can see, you can open access even using special utilities. It’s good when they are official.

Dr. Fone

Another very popular application that will help the user easily unlock Samsung is Dr. Von. It is intended for phones on the Android system, and is also available in official stores, on the site.

After the user uploaded it to his computer, he needs:

  • Connect a smartphone to a computer;
  • Open the program;
  • Find a point with the android controls Lock;
  • Now slip to the point that is responsible for data restoration;
  • Specify the type of recovery that is needed. In this case. Password.

If the user has done all the actions correctly, then the files from the device do not delete. If you take this inattentive, then the user can accidentally click on the reset to factory settings or something similar.

How to unlock the found phone and return the owner

Users often ask what to do if you find the phone. How to unlock samsung. This question is asked to leave the phone or return the owner. The second option is more preferable.

A simple way to find out the password of the Samsung phone. Use the selection method. If it did not work, the option with flashing or the complete discharge of the device is suitable.

But to hack the password on Samsung for entering the phone and its return to the owner can still with a small share of luck. Consider the real method:

  • After errors, in the PIN code, click on the link forgot the password. Pressing the button leads to an invitation to enter the key to email. At the same time, the email address before the eyes is at the disposal.
  • Look through social networks and a human search engine with such a mailbox.

In many cases, you can stumble upon traces of the user with the same e-mail and inform him of the loss. You can go further and use the information that comes from messages, or wait for a call to the phone to answer and talk about the situation.

What to do and how to restore lost data on the Samsung Galaxy S9 if you were reset to factory settings?

There are several ways to return your data after reset to factory settings. I hope you have a backup copy in your Google account or in the Samsung cloud. In this case, follow the instructions for setting up the device to restore the contents.

If nothing happens, try to enter the Google photo, Google disk, Dropbox and any other backup applications that you might have.

As a rule, it is easy to restore contacts if you have an email account, so they should automatically return after entering the system.