How to unlock the buttons on the TV

How to unlock the remote control from the LG TV set?

Press “P” and “” keys simultaneously. Then type a combination of the same characters. For example, 1111 or 5555. It is also recommended to try the code 1234 or another row of identical numbers.

You should press the “P” and “” buttons at the same time. After that, dial a combination of identical numbers, such as 2222 or 5555. Among the common and standard codes adopted are 1234 or 1111. After typing the combination, you should press “” again.

Three variants of troubleshooting

Locking can be set on purpose by any user, via the menu settings or caused by pressing several buttons simultaneously on the remote control.

Also locking the TV can occur due to a malfunction of the operating system or a failure in the settings. In this case, you can get help only in the service center.

WARNING! If your TV-receiver only shows one channel, it is not locked. It is possible that there was a malfunction in the operating system, and only reflashing the TV will help to remove the lock.

If the TV set has blocked due to a technical problem, you cannot solve the problem yourself. If the device is under warranty, the technician is obliged to correct the problem free of charge.

How to receive TV repair orders by tel. 24/7 at

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Modern televisions are equipped with a remote control (RC) that allows you to control the device from a distance, which is very convenient. Most televisions are equipped with a lock function that is used to limit children’s access to the TV.

Sometimes the child lock happens by accident and there is no way to remove it. Locking can easily happen if the remote control was played with children and accidentally pressed an obscure combination of keys, or someone sat on the remote control, leaned on it.

Possible signs that the TV is locked:

  • Blue screen with a key is displayed,
  • TV shows PIN (password) box,
  • Only shows one channel.

Troubleshooting options:

  • The TV lock is removed by the remote control by pressing a special combination of buttons,
  • TV is working, but it needs to adjust the channels (in rare cases),
  • Requires reflashing the TV memory (in rare cases).

Why Samsung TVs are blocked and how to unblock them: instruction

On appliances manufactured by Toshiba, the “Child Lock” feature disables all buttons on the TV, you can unlock them only with the remote control. You can also set parental control for your favorite channels or block the menu from making changes to your TV receiver settings.

You can’t unlock your Samsung TV without the remote control. Standard child protection code can be found in the manual, usually it’s “0000” or “1111. To override the parental lock, you can reset your set to factory settings through the menu.

Install SkyStar 2 type DVB-card into the motherboard slot. Download and install the legendary ProgDVB program. It has a user-friendly interface, it’s free and works smoothly. There are enough plugins written for it that can decode digital channels.

Moving between the computer on the left and the wireless device in the middle of the numbers 1 and 0 means there is a wireless connection. Moving between the computer on the left and the wireless device in the middle, and the cloud representing the Internet to the right of the numbers 1 and 0 means that there is a connection to the wireless network and the Internet.

  • Click the Advanced button to learn more about your wireless connection. Channel fishing line for trimmer displays the channel on which the wireless connection is taking place.
  • The Encryption line shows whether encryption is enabled, and if it is enabled, at what security level. The line speed trimmer band displays the speed at which the device is currently communicating.
  • The signal quality and channel quality bars display information about the quality of your current wireless connection.
  • Install the MD Yankse 1 plug-in.32.2 TT. It allows you to watch dynamically through your monitors the key matching process. Its installation is not difficult, you only need to unzip the archive with the program to the root of the program ProgDVB. The plugin will then appear in the “Plugins” tab.

Install Softcam Server 1.2.3 into the root of the ProgDVB program. It downloads the decryption algorithm and the key from the Internet.

They change all the time, otherwise why the monthly payments, but sometimes the key change is much faster, for example, NTV changes every 15 seconds.

But the channels encoded by BISS and Cryptoworks, they are changed not so often, and their basis is the softcam files.key, keys.bin, easy.keys, are in the public domain.

When you select the “Enable” option, press the “Next” button. To set up a complete profile. When you click on the “Add” button, you will see a screen where you need to specify the name of the profile. Enter a string that will be easily identifiable on the profile screen. After entering the name, press the “Next” button.

Satellite television is a serious alternative to traditional terrestrial. In contrast to the latter, it can be received anywhere in the world. You must be within range of a particular satellite, have a satellite dish, a satellite receiver or a satellite DVB-card, and

It is possible to receive and watch TV satellite channels in any point of the country where there is a coverage area of the corresponding satellite. All you need is an antenna of the right diameter, a tuner (TV or DVB) and a TV. Tuning in to a satellite is not difficult, so it can be done

The name you entered will also be displayed in the list of available wireless devices in the Site Overview. The name field is case sensitive. Infrastructure: select this mode if you are connecting to an access point or wireless router. Infrastructure mode offers extra features like energy savings or increased coverage.

If you select Infrastructure mode, press “Next” to go to the next screen. Then go to the next screen. On this screen, select an authentication mode. You can choose 64- or 128-bit encryption. Available methods are alphanumeric, hexadecimal and passphrase. The password is an optional text string up to 32 characters long.

Satellite encoded channels are popular. they’re a great alternative to cable TV. Anyone can configure your cable TV set-up now. Most customers use a DVB card. a special card for the PCI slot on the motherboard (similar to

Satellite television is currently much superior to such alternative options for viewing television channels as cable television and decimeter antennas. It has a vast number of channels for all tastes and preferences. However, most of them are paid and

Click “Next” when you’re done. If you’re going to connect to the Internet, select “Enable. When you select “Disconnect,” click “Finish” to complete the profile setup. Most infrastructure configurations require an “Enable” setting. Press “Finish” button to finish the profile setup.

Make sure each wireless device belongs to the same subnet mask. After entering all the information, click “Finish” to complete the profile configuration. On this screen, enter the name of the network you want to connect to.

  • There are several ways to watch encrypted TV channels, and one of them is fair and legal, while the use of all other methods is an offense.
  • You will need
  • Receiver with emulator or network card.
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North American users can select Channel 1 for European users, select Channel 1 to complete, and then press “Next” to go to the next screen. Select the “Shared Key” option. Then you should select encryption level in Encryption field.

To decrypt data transmission, every wireless client on the network must use the same 64-bit or 128-bit key. After setting the parameters, click “Next.”. You must then specify the encryption methods. When you select the data encryption method, enter the key or password in the key bar.

How to remove protection from your Panasonic TV?

Press the “Menu” button. From the lines that appear, select Settings, then Childproofing. Select “Turn Off”. Your TV may have a password-protected version that protects against children.

1) Open Settings. Advanced Settings. Security. Highlight the top item “Age Lock”, but do not press it. 2) Press the channel switch buttons one by one: Up. Up. Down. Up. The special window “MAIN PASSWORD” will pop up, enter there 0313 and press “OK”.

Is it possible to unlock the TV without the remote control

All Toshiba-brand TV settings can only be adjusted using the remote control. Respectively, you won’t be able to unlock it without the remote control. This brand of child protection is the total locking of the control panel on the TV set, you can unlock it only with the remote control.

There is also a parental control, which restricts access to certain channels or adjustments. If you lost your remote control you’ll have to buy a new one. Without it you can not remove these restrictions.

For many brands (for example Thomson, Supra, Hyundai, Polar and Erison) working with the settings of the device is possible only with remote control. If you don’t have one, you have to buy a new one or contact a professional.

In general, to unlock the TV without remote control, you have to act according to an algorithm:

No one is immune to loss or breakage of the remote control. To avoid being left with a locked TV and no remote control, you should download an app on your smartphone that lets you control your TV from it. You can find such programs on Play Market/AppStore.

Sometimes the TV is locked by accident and there is no way to unlock it. It could easily happen that someone sat on the remote control, lay down, leaned over or children, playing with the remote control, accidentally pressed an obscure combination of keys. Possible signs that the TV is locked:

  • A blue screen with a key is displayed;
  • The TV displays a field for entering a PIN (password);
  • Only one channel is shown.
  • The TV lock is removed from the remote control by pressing a special combination of buttons;
  • A rare case: the TV is working, but it needs channel tuning;
  • Rare case: TV memory must be re-flashed.

If you cannot unlock the TV yourself, we strongly recommend you not to change the memory chip or its firmware with your own hands. Call a handyman to do the job.

Sony TVs

In a case of unreactive remote control from the Sony TV panel, how to unlock it?? There are several options here:

  • press the “P” and “” keys simultaneously. After that, type a combination of the same characters. For example, 1111 or 5555. It is also recommended to try the code 1234 or any other sequence of identical numbers. Then press the ” ” key again;
  • when the code from the previous step is entered, the LED should light up continuously. Then you can try to immediately press the “Menu” and “Volume” elements of the interface;
  • press the button for 10 seconds.
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How to unlock the remote control from the TV: universal ways

There are effective ways to unlock the remote from the TV, which are suitable for any model and do not depend on the manufacturer and other characteristics. If you still have the user manual, it is worth using the section which details possible malfunctions and how to fix them. The remote control can be unlocked with a special combination of keys. If you lose the manual, it is worth looking for it online.

Warning! Before trying the following methods, check that the batteries and the rechargeable batteries are in good condition.

Button combinations that work on most devices:

  • Remove the batteries or rechargeable batteries from the device. Use the off button and keep it pressed for a while while inserting the batteries.
  • An effective way is to press any key for 10 seconds.
  • Pressing the ” ” and “P” buttons at the same time can also have a positive effect. While the LED is lit steadily, hold down the buttons and dial the sequence: “Channel Plus” and “Menu” in parallel.
  • While holding down the buttons described above try the sequence “1234” or a combination of identical characters.

Important! The listed combinations and key combinations must be completed by pressing ” “.

Possible problems and what to do about them

Before you can unlock your TV, you must first understand the cause of the problem. Based on practice, the most common cases are presented below:

User has set a password and forgotten or does not know it (a blue screen with a key may indicate this)

Press the DISP button on the remote control for ten seconds. If it doesn’t work, use your original remote control as directed in the TV manual

Child lock is set, but remote control is lost

It’s impossible to solve the problem without the remote control, you have to find one or buy a new one

The TV does not respond to the buttons on the remote control

Perhaps the remote control is out of order or the batteries are dead. You should buy new batteries or a remote control. You can also use your smartphone as a remote control (if your TV supports this function). You can also check the old one’s operability by pressing any button and taking a picture of the remote control pointed at the phone. if there is a micro-flash in the picture, the remote control is in order. In this case, probably failed TV port and you need to call a master.

Only one channel is available for viewing

Channels might have been tuned wrong. You don’t need a wizard, because you can set them up yourself

Sometimes it happens that after unlocking the TV channels can’t be tuned, or they get confused again, the TV menu hangs, and other strange things happen. This may indicate that the tuner is malfunctioning and you need to re-flash (update) the TV. For inexperienced users it might be wise to call a professional.