How to unlock the graphic key on Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia as a PIN code asks. How to unlock Sony Xperia if you forgot the password

Forgetting the password or drawing is very simple. This is a common problem due to which some even run to the service center. But in fact, you should not waste time searching for such a center in your city. The following are instructions for Sony Xperia owners, with which you can easily circumvent the lock screen. By the way, it is she who is used in service centers.

Please note that this text is designed specifically to unlock the smartphones of the Xperia line. On devices of other manufacturers, you will have to try to get around the blocking in other ways.

Sony XPERIA Hard Reset China Unlock Pattern Pin Or Password

Remove the Sony Xperia Z2 graphics key through the Gmail account

To reset the smartphone to the factory settings, follow the following instructions.

How to reset the password using the Xperia service

To make a hard discharge of the phone, start by pressing and holding the power button button to increase the volume for several seconds.

The device will vibrate once. At this stage you can release the power button. Keep holding the volume control key for another 10 seconds.

The phone will vibrate and then turn off, indicating that the hard reset procedure is completed.

How to unlock the phone on Android if you forgot the password

Today, many smartphones work on Android. These include ZTE, Fly, Honor, Xiaomi, Meizu, HTC, BQ, Asus, Oppo, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Alcatel. Also, MTS, Sony and many others work on this OS. But how to unlock these devices if you do not remember the password?

If previous methods are not suitable, then you can go to extreme measures. To do this, you will have to reset the smartphone settings to factory.However, all the data that were not saved in cloud services will be used.

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Xperia hard reset (All Xperia Hard Reset) patern lock

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Step-by-step instruction

After these simple manipulations, you will find yourself on the desktop of your device. This algorithm should work on most versions of Sony Xperia, but if it suddenly does not work, then repeat the same actions, only with the code#73556673 ##. On some “machines” this code can simply lead to a restart of the device (the listed codes are one of many service codes for Sony Xperia, you can find the other codes on the official website of the smartphone manufacturer).

If suddenly the methods described above do not work, do not despair, because you can just use the PC Companion program.

Using this program only on Sony Xperia, you can update, reserve data and restore it from the reserve. This program is quite simple and convenient to use. You can find it on the disk that should be in the box of the purchased smartphone.

Also, you can unlock the Xperia smartphone through the My Xperia service. To do this, you need, on the official Sony website, go to My Xperia, and follow the instructions of the instructions in Russian.

How to remove a graphic key. Tips and emergency solution: reboot a smartphone or tablet

If none of the above solutions does not help, unfortunately, only the hammer method remains: the device must be reloaded. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of data will be lost. Since you do not go to the settings menu to reset the device, you just use one of the following methods:

  • Reset through “Find my device”. You can also reset the settings of your smartphone or phone using the “Find My Device” function described above by clicking “Delete”. Compared to clean reset to factory settings, this is not so scary. For example, you can enter this device again with the previous Google accounting record.
  • Reset through the recovery mode. If the smartphone is turned off, it can usually be launched through the so.Called recovery mode. It differs in each manufacturer and model. But, as a rule, you must press and hold the power button exactly at the same time as the volume reduction button. If this does not help, you must simultaneously press and hold the power button, increase the volume or the return button home. A simple menu appears now. Use the volume control buttons to go to a point such as “reset to the factory settings”, and click the power button to restore the factory settings of the device.

Recovery mode

Safe unlock code for Android or our tips

unlock, graphic, sony, xperia

For those who still want to use the graphic key to protect the phone, we have collected some tips in conclusion:

  • Regularly use a cleaning tool for a microfiber display. In fact, in the case of the theft or loss of a phone, not a single person should repeat possible combinations from traces of your touch. They can be seen if you move the device a little under the light. “Twist fingers trace” usually shows the way to the graphic key of unlocking directly;
  • Do not use overall unlock, for example, “z” or “l” or well.Known geometric shapes such as a square;
  • Use as many signs as possible and try to do more intersections;
  • Do not choose angles as a starting point!
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If for some reason you have not come out to remove the graphic key yourself, then you should contact a specialist. It is best to contact the service center, focusing on the model of your device. And a qualified specialist will help to solve your problem.

Perhaps even after unsuccessful experience you will continue to use this protection method. Just write your key in a secluded place, for example, enter it as a name for your flash drive. Be careful and you will succeed!

How to reset the Sony password Xperia z if you forgot

Before you start, note that the discharge of the smartphone will lead to the removal of any saved data and settings. We recommend that you create backup copies of data.

To find out in more detail, read a separate article on reset: how to make Sony reset to factory settings?

To make a hard discharge of the phone, start by pressing and holding the power button of the volume enforcement button for several seconds.

The device will vibrate once. At this stage you can release the power button. Keep holding the volume control key for another 10 seconds.

The phone will vibrate and then turn off, indicating that the hard reset procedure is completed.

We unlock the Sony Xperia screen if you forgot the drawing

Help (FAQ)

Unfortunately, the methods below do not work! We all understand that the protective graphic key is set precisely for protection, therefore there are no tricks to unlock it with a trifle method! The only options to unlock Sony Xperia if you forgot the graphic key: enter the password from your Google account and enter it, if you do not remember, try to restore; Make the Hard Reset Smatoon, that is, to discard it to the factory state with a complete loss of data in memory. Therefore, I strongly recommend. Do not forget the graphic key and password from the Google account!

In the Android system, starting with 4 versions, it became possible to set a different screen lock. It’s already more convenient for anyone here: someone does not want to bother and establish the removal of the lock by conducting a screen or simple movement, someone will be more interested in installing an unlock with a face, voice recognition, but someone is even more interesting to install a password or drawing To access the working environment. Well, for obvious reasons, the more difficult the degree of protection, the more likely that once the owner himself will not be able to unlock the smartphone, forgetting the same drawing or password. How funny it does not sound, but there are more than enough such cases. In this article I will talk about how to unlock the Sony Xperia screen, if you forgot whether the password is a password and you can’t enter data from your Google account. Fortunately, in Sony Xperia, it was quite simple to get around this very blocking if you know one digital code. So in skillful hands your working environment will not save even Lockscreen. And so, what needs to be done to get around the screen lock:

  • Press the emergency call button
  • Enter such a code in it. ### (approaches all Xperia devices)
  • This code provides access to the service menu in which you need to choose Service Tests (test service)
  • Next in the list we find NFC. NFC Diag Test, expect the dough and lay the “Home” button
  • Everything, you got to the desktop
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This trick is shown on the below video. On the second form, there is another trick on how to remove the screen lock by a pattern on Sony Xperia Z, ZL, SP, E, but it does not work on all versions of the firmware. In this case, the ### code is simply entered, after which the smartphone is rebooted. For clarity, I urge you to watch videos presented below.

Remove the Sony Xperia Z2 graphics key using PC Companion

Now you know how to reset the settings for the factory and remove the Sony Xperia Z2 graphics key.

Dear reader! If the method suddenly described in the article did not help you. Please help the rest. Write how you coped with the problem or ask a question. By the way, the answer to your question may already be in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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