How to unlock the iPad mini if ​​you forgot the password

Forgot the password on the iPhone: how to drop. 2 ways

It is hard to believe how much and an important part of our life is hidden in a smartphone. This is correspondence, and the history of calls, photos and videos, documents. The user’s desire to protect the valuable and considerable amount of personal information is clear. Apple offers to use the code-paralle for this, but this is not the only protection tool.

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True, regularly using the Face ID (Touch ID) as an unlock iPhone, it is quite easy to forget the block of the lock screen, since it has to be introduced quite rarely. Such situations happen often, and in this material we will talk about how to lose the password on the Apple smartphone if you forgot it.

Do not worry. You can restore the performance of the device. But for this, unfortunately, you will have to erase all the data stored on the devices. Then the smartphone can be tuned again.

If you have repeatedly incorrectly introduced a code for unlocking your iPhone, then a notification will be displayed on the screen:

Iphone is disabled, try again when it passes (and there will be a certain number of minutes)

Suppose that you still could not remember the right combination when re.Attempt. You just have to transfer the iPhone to the recovery mode. Further actions will lead to the removal of all information on the smartphone, including the code-paralle. But after that you can set up and continue to use your iPhone.

After the data is deleted, and the initial setting of the system is carried out, you can restore information from a backup copy. If it has not yet been created, you can configure the iPhone as a new device, and then download any data from iCloud there.

How to reset the code of the paralle on the iPad itself (only for tablets on iPados 15.2 or more new version)

With ipados 15.2 users greatly simplified the procedure for resetting the forgotten code-paralle. From now on, this can be done directly on the device. What is required for this:

  • The iPad should be installed iPados 15.2 or more new version of.
  • Ipad should be connected to a cellular network or Wi-Fi network. Keep in mind that if you reboot the device in the “iPad does not access” device mode on the lock screen, then you will not be able to re-connect to the Wi-Fi network until the device is unlocked. Cellular devices will re.Connect to a cellular network if you have an active service.
  • You need to know the Apple ID and password if you used it earlier to configure the device.

If you have repeatedly tried to enter the Parol code on the iPad screen, keep in mind that the tablet is first blocked for 1 minute. You will be given another attempt if it also turns out to be incorrect, the lock time will increase to 5 minutes, then to 15 minutes and so on.

After 15 minutes have passed and you again introduced the wrong code-paralle, at the bottom of the screen will appear the option “Epipate the device”.

Click the “erase the device”, and then press the “erase the device” again to confirm the action.

Enter the Apple ID password to get out of Apple ID on your device.

Click the “erase the device” to irrevocably delete all your data and settings.

When rebooting the iPad, follow the screen instructions to set the device again, restore data and settings from a backup and install a new password.

If the password from Apple ID is forgotten

The login and password from the Apple ID account will be needed when the user decides to go to the ICLOUD website or to the iTunes program. This password can be restored in several ways, each of which is described in detail in a separate article.

To avoid problems with the restoration of the forgotten password from the iPad, regularly create and synchronize backups of iTunes and icloud. This will help in most situations to maintain all important data.

Other methods of solving the problem

There are other ways to return access to iPad. For example, you can resort to the use of special programs designed to unlock the disconnected mobile device on the iOS OS. The most famous program of this kind is Tenorshare 4ukey. It allows you to remove the forgotten password in one click. But there is a very important nuance. This removes not only the password, but all the information on the device. However, the user has the opportunity to restore remote data. Such an opportunity is available if it saved backups in iTunes or icloud.

Forgot iPad Password? 2 Easy Ways to Unlock It!

It is worth adding that on numerous forums of the owners of Apple technology you can learn about other ways to unlock the gadget. But it should be understood that in most cases all the methods indicated there are meaningless and ineffective. For example, some advise to unlock the iPad through an emergency call or delete a file with a password. In practice, such actions will not lead to unlocking the device, or to preserve important personal data. Therefore, the optimal option of access restoration is still the ITUNES and ICloud programs.

It is also worth noting that for Apple there is no problem of password restoration. Over, this applies not only to users who forgot the password, but even the hackers who did not know him. IOS devices allow you to restore access even bypassing the protective system. Therefore, the owners of this technique can recommend the use of simple unpretentious passwords that you do not have to remember for hours, and in case of failure to waste time on their restoration. Complex combinations of characters will not bring the proper effect, but at the same time they will be very quickly forgotten.

If you have problems that you are not able to solve, come to our service center.

Features of using the recovery mode

If the three listed methods cannot be applied, it is necessary to use the next algorithm for unlocking the tablet in case of password loss:

  • Turn off the device;
  • Press the Home button and connect the iPad to the iTunes utility, without removing the finger from the closed button;
  • As a result, iTunes will see the device and report that the tablet is operating in recovery mode;
  • After pressing the OK button, the apparatus will be restored, but at the same time the applications you set and personal data will be lost.

Tips that are better not to follow

Often on Internet forums you can read the iPad unlock tips, but most of them are not effective for models on which the latest versions of the iOS operating system are installed.

unlock, ipad, forgot, password

All these methods can be absolutely meaningless and ineffective, in contrast to the synchronization of the device using iCloud or Aytyuns.

It is important to understand that unlocking and restoring the iPad is not a serious problem, both if you forgot the password, and when it never knew it (this applies to hackers).

And this means that no matter how difficult the password is, the device can still be turned on bypassing the protective system.

Therefore, it is better to use simple passwords that are easily remembered, and not create inconvenience in the invention of complex combinations, which are also often forgotten, and do not bring a significant effect.

Advice! Inventing complex passwords, it is better to fix them in any place to avoid such problems.

A detailed explanation of the above procedures to restore the work of the iPad can be viewed at

How to reset the password on iPad?

Hello! You probably forgot your password from the Apple device? Do not worry! In this video, you will find out this!

How to unlock the iPad using Aytyuns

If the tablet was synchronized with Aytyuns, then you can unlock it by performing several simple operations:

unlock, ipad, forgot, password
  • Attach the iPad to a personal computer with which synchronization is required.
  • If synchronization has already been carried out with this computer and reserve copies have been created, then when the aytyuns is launched, synchronization will be performed again, even with the portable device turned off.
  • Before restoring the tablet, it is necessary to disable the encryption of the previously created backup copy.
  • After the backup is completed, it is recommended to move on to the “Restore from the backup” function, then it is recommended to select the most new copy in the device’s memory to unlock the iPad.

Do not forget that you can configure the tablet in such a way that the next time with a tenfold incorrect password, the data yourself is erased and the operation of the device is restored.

How to unlock iPad without password in dfu mode

If you forgot the iPad password and have not synchronized iPad from iTunes on a computer, you will need to enter access code to unlock the iPad, and press the “Trust” button on the iPad to allow the computer to control the iPad data.

In fact, iTunes also opens the door to unlock the iPad, even if you have not connected the iPad to this computer. You can unlock the iPad through the IPad iTunes recovery mode.

Ipad with Face ID: Press and hold the upper button and any volume button until the power is off the slider, drag the sliders to turn off the iPad. Connect your iPad to the computer, holding the upper button. Hold the top button until you see the recovery screen screen.

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Ipad with the “home” button: press and hold the side (or upper) button until the feeder is turned off. Drag the slider to turn off your device.

unlock, ipad, forgot, password

After that, connect the iPad to the computer using a USB cable, holding the “home / top” button pressed until the recovery mode appears.

Then iTunes will find your iPad and you will see the option to restore or update. Here you must choose “restore”, and iTunes will help restore the factory settings of your iPad, and your iPad will be unlocked.

If your iPad comes out of the recovery mode during the process, you will have to repeat the steps described above to convert it to the recovery mode.

Guide to action

If this happened, and the person forgot the password to his tablet, then the first thing to unlock it is to try to remember this invented cipher.

But if this does not help and the person forgot the password completely and irrevocably, then it will be advisable to use the clue about how to unlock the tablet.

Firstly, the number of consistent attempts to enter the wrong password in the iPad is limited by five attempts.

And, therefore, if the attempts to enter the correct password end, then the tablet is blocked and on its screen you can see a message that the device is disabled.