How to unlock your phone if you forgot your Asus password

A forgotten unlock key on your smartphone is an extremely unpleasant situation. You can prevent it by installing a special program and getting ROOT rights. In addition, thanks to the vulnerabilities of the Android system, it is possible to turn on the Internet and log into your Google account, performing the removal of protection quite legally.

If you use a smartphone or tablet quite recently, do not set a complicated picture or a long password with a lot of characters. In any case, try to remember at least part of the security scheme. Android will provide 10 attempts to enter every 20 minutes. Of course, if you constantly enter the wrong codes, the device will be blocked, and then you can’t do without authorization in Google.

Use the Battery to Unlock the Asus

To unlock the screen of your gadget in cases where you forget the pin code, you can through the power management system.

  • Wait until the phone charge drops to 10-15%.
  • When a low battery message appears, click on the link that takes you to the battery menu (power management settings).
  • From there go to the security section of the device.
  • Disable password.
  • Turn the tablet off.
  • Press and hold down VolumeBottom Power on.
  • Wait until the first lines appear and release the buttons.
  • Press Volume Up button to select Wipe data/Factory reset, then select Reboot.
  • Turn the device off and then on again with the help of the key combination Home Power Volume Up (Down)
  • Next, using the volume keys select Wipe Data and wait for the tablet to reboot.
  • After switching on we make the initial settings and restore all the data.

Unlocking the phone, depending on the brand and operating system

Many modern models of phones support function of protection of the phone with the help of special passwords, which the user sets independently.

But there is always a risk to forget the code you set yourself which will make it impossible to use the mobile device further. In this case, you can unlock the phone using the firmware reset function. In other words this is a factory reset of all settings on the phone.

Of course, then you will have to make all the settings you made before, but there is no other choice. This kind of unlocking differs for different manufacturers.

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How to unlock an Android phone

If you’ve forgotten your account picture key, it’s not hard to unlock your phone. Most likely you have a Google account tied to the phone, if yes, you need to do the following:

It is required to enter any graphic key for several times until the system asks you “forgot password?”Just click on this link and enter your Google account login email and password, then “Sign in”

How to unlock a Nokia phone?

  • A computer (or any of its analogs: laptop, netbook, tablet) with Internet access;
  • USB cable connected to the phone;
  • Nokia PC Suite, which must be pre-installed on your computer and (preferably) updated to the latest version. Download it from Nokia official website (;
  • Nokia Unlocker Tool, which should also be on your computer.

Then start the software, plug the cable into the PC and connect to the phone. When the phone is detected by Nokia PC Suite you can run NokiaUnlockerTool. After that the phone will be recognized by this program.

Request a code and the software should unlock your phone. If this method will not help, please apply to the phone repair or the nearest service center of your cell phone manufacturer.

How to unlock your Sony Ericsson phone?

With the phones of this manufacturer you can unlock in two ways: using the cable that came with the phone and using a special service cable. For this second variant you also need additional software (SEMCtool_v8).4 or TMS 2 software.45).

If you are planning to use the cable from the kit then you will need the WotanClient program which unfortunately is not free. There are also some smartphone models that can be used with the DaVinci client.

How to Unlock a Samsung Phone?

The phones of this manufacturer are also equipped with an access lock function with a special security code, which you can easily forget.

If you had just such a case (or someone else has blocked your phone, it happens) and you do not know how to unlock your phone, then install a program on your computer with the name Samsung @ home 9.41. With its help you can easily cope with this problem. The functionality of this utility is quite simple and you will be able to deal with its settings without much effort.

How to unlock LG cell phone

With the phones of this manufacturer it is not as simple as with the others. If your phone is locked, you can restore its functionality only with the help of special codes. The problem is that each model has a different code, so there is no general solution.

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The only solution. go with your phone either to the store where you bought it (if the phone is still under warranty), or to a specialized service center. Only there you will be able to help.

Use the manufacturer’s services

As we wrote in the beginning, many manufacturers have their own services to unlock your smartphone. For example, the Korean Samsung has a service Find My Mobile. With his help, you can track the location of your smartphone, delete all the data from it, remotely lock or unlock the gadget.

To do this, simply go to the service site from your computer or laptop, log into your Samsung account, select your smartphone and click “Unlock” button. The whole procedure is very simple and straightforward.

Unlocking phone via repair utility

This method will work if you have CWM or TWRP repair utility installed on the phone. With it you can simply delete the file from your phone that is responsible for the lock screen.

How to Unlock ASUS Laptop Forgot Password

  • Go to recovery mode (restore menu). Usually you need to press the power, home, and volume down keys at the same time. Or see above in the article.
  • Choose Mount option.
  • Select all the storage media on the phone that has folders. Do not choose mount system partition read-only.
  • Connect the phone to your PC by cable, download Aroma file manager to your PC and transfer the archive to the Download folder on your phone.
  • Install the downloaded app. Open the install menu, select the archive and press Install.
  • In the folder structure of the phone go to /data/system. Find and delete files with the following words in their names: gatekeeper, lockscreen, locksettings.
  • Reboot your phone. Lock screen should disappear.

Turn the phone off completely. Press the mechanical “volume up” and “power/unlock” keys. After your phone emits a vibration. release the power button while holding “volume up” until the engineering menu appears. After opening Recovery release the button and select Wipe data/factory reset.

Press and hold down the “Volume” and “Power” buttons After the Asus logo appears, release the buttons You are in the “DROIDBOOT PROVISON” menu Press the “Volume” and “Volume.”Press Volume button to select “FACTORY RESET” and confirm with the Power button

How to remove phone lock if I forgot the password

A fairly common problem for users of Android gadgets is setting passwords when logging in and then forgetting them. In order to regain the ability to use the phone or tablet, it is important to know how to remove the lock if you do not remember the key (graphic or numeric).

A little later we will consider all the basic ways to solve this problem, ranging from a simple login to the Google account, which is tied to the Android of a particular phone, and ending with the serious work of removing the password.key, gesture.key application, as well as using the Recovery.

Call the phone

To unlock your smartphone simply by making a call from another handset is possible with Android OS version 2.2 or less. To unlock the Pattern Lock you only need to enter the phone settings during a call from another phone, select the Security menu, and there disable the Pattern Lock that the user has forgotten.

Discharged battery

It is also easy and simple to disable the forgotten Pattern Lock on the phone when the battery is low, when the phone starts to give the notification about low charge and the need to connect the device to the power. At this point it is necessary to enter quickly the state of charge menu, and from there return to settings and in the usual way disable the necessity to enter the pattern key.


You need to install the special application ADB Run. To be able to do this, you need to connect your phone to your computer and install the appropriate drivers, so that synchronization of both devices can occur at each connection. After ADB Run is set, the program is loaded into the Unlock Gesture Key menu, press the digit and the Enter key simultaneously and remove the graphic key.

If something did not work with the above method, you can try with the installed ADB Run program on your computer manually by pressing CtrlR, in the field that pops up enter cmd and press Enter. After that you need to enter one by one:

After entering all the above commands, the smartphone is rebooted and an arbitrary graphic key is entered at startup.

Another method of unlocking the program under consideration is to use the command line. To do this, press Manual in the ADB Run menu, then Shell, and then enter the following commands:

  • su ;
  • rm/data/system/locksettings.db ;
  • rm/data/system/gesture.key ;
  • rm/data/system/locksettings.db-wal ;
  • rm/data/system/locksettings.db-shm ;
  • reboot.

The tablet or smartphone must be rebooted to bypass the lock. If the device still prompts you to enter the unlock key, you must enter a random gesture from the keypad.


The above mentioned ADB Run can unlock the phone using the special Fastboot mode, when the tablet or phone is connected to the PC, it will need to run ADB Run, which will require entering Manual Command, then ADB, then enter fastboot w or fastboot erase data. At the end of the process you will need to reboot the phone.

Smart Lock

In all Android phones after version 5.0 (including this version) provides a feature to disable the screen lock for special cases, such as a secure, verified Bluetooth connection. It’s called Smart Lock. It provides unlocking by face, voice, fingerprint and other parameters, depending on the device model and Android version.

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Using Smart Lock can greatly simplify the use of your Android device, but there is a risk that attackers can easily hack your phone and get full access to all the data on it. For example, if the phone has the office as a secure location, any employee can use the phone without locking it. You should only configure Smart Lock if you are fully confident that your phone will not fall into the hands of anyone else.

Signing in to your account

After a user repeatedly enters the wrong graphics key on their smartphone, Android may prompt them to sign in by entering their Google account, which is specified in the system settings. If someone mis-enters the key for the fifth or sixth time, Smart Lock will prompt them to enter their account information in a special form. If you enter your Google account correctly, your phone unlocks quickly. If the user forgot and changed the password, but the phone is not unlocked, you should try to unlock it again after 72 hours.

Forgot account or no internet access

When entering the correct Google account, there are situations when there is no internet connection. If this happens, you’ll need to reboot your phone, access the Android Notification Center, connect to Wi-Fi or mobile data, and then enter your correct Google Account username and password. If in this case the user has forgotten his account password, it must be recovered and then entered in the Android.

In order to turn on Wi-Fi on the locked device, you can go to the emergency call section, dial ##7378423##, then enter the Service tests WLAN menu and turn on the Internet there.

unlock, your, phone, forgot, asus

If there is no Wi-Fi connection, you can insert into the phone any SIM-card with enough money for mobile Internet. If even it is impossible for some reason, it is possible to activate a network in phone with the help of the connected LAN adapter and a router with the Internet. With such an adapter smartphone is connected to the router and the Internet in it is activated. However it is worth saying that not all versions of the Android OS support LAN adapters, so this scheme may not work.

Reset to factory settings

It is possible to hack the graphics key on the device if the Recovery menu (CWM, TWRP or standard) is installed on Android. For this purpose, using the menu reset user settings to factory defaults, which deletes all the programs, messages and numbers in the phone book, but does not affect pictures, music and other files. The problem of deleting data is solved by creating a Google account, which will save everything that will delete Recovery. In the Recovery menu you must choose factory reset or wipe data/factory reset.

On Samsung phone models, data resetting is performed using the following actions:


  • turn off the device;
  • On models released after 2012 it is necessary to press the center button, the volume up button and the power button simultaneously, and on models released before 2012 only the center button and the power button must be pressed simultaneously;
  • in the Recovery menu that pops up, select the above menu item.

On Asus models after switching off the phone simultaneously press the power and volume keys, then a menu of 2 points appears, where you must select the volume key wipe data, and then the volume key quickly click on this line to confirm the choice.

On Huawei phones, resetting is performed as follows:

How to hard reset Asus X008D. Remove pin, pattern, password lock.

  • First the phone shuts down;
  • If possible remove and reinsert the battery;
  • simultaneously press the volume up and power keys until the Android image appears (afterwards release the keys);

Deleting gesture files.key and password.key

If the phone has the root access and CWM Recovery, the forgotten Pattern Key can be removed by deleting the system files gesture.key and password.key. For this purpose Aroma file manager in the form of archive is downloaded to the phone. Then turn off the phone and enter the Recovery menu by one of the ways listed in the previous paragraph. Next, in this menu select install zip, then Choose zip from /sdcard, and then select the folder with Aroma or click choose zip from last install folder, and there already find Aroma. In Aroma you have to go to data/system and remove the following files:

  • locksettings.db;
  • locksettings.db-shm;
  • locksettings.db-wal;
  • gesture.key or gatekeeper.pattern.key;
  • password.key or gatekeeper.password.key.

After all these operations the phone has to be rebooted.

Firmware as an option to unlock

When you reflash the device the lock will be removed. There are different ways of flashing for each phone model, all of them are identical and differ only in drivers for specific manufacturers. Let’s consider unlocking Pattern Lock by flashing the phone on Sony brand device:

  • First of all Flashtool and corresponding drivers should be downloaded and installed.
  • Firmware for the handset is downloaded and created, which can be used in Flashtool.
  • Flashtool should be run.
  • In the program enter tabs Tools, Bundles, Create.
  • In the opened fields you need to enter the following data: Select source folder firmware location, Device specific model of the handset, Branding. lock remove, Version. Firmware number.
  • Files loader.sin and userdata.sin files should be moved to firmware content from folder list.
  • To create an unlocking file, press Create and flash the resulting file in Flashtool.


On Samsung phones the unlocking of graphics keys is made with the help of Recovery menu. To do this, turn off the phone, press and hold the power, volume up and central keys simultaneously, until the menu pops up. In this menu using the volume keys you can select wipe data/factory reset, then press the power key and in the menu that appears you select yes delete all user data. After that you need to reboot your phone by choosing reboot system now.

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To unlock HTS phones turn off the phone and, if possible, remove and reinsert the battery. Then enter Recovery menu by holding down the power and volume keys. The buttons are released when the Android image appears on the screen, and in the menu that appears you can select actory reset or clear storage.

To unlock Asus phones after 5 failed attempts to enter a key, you need to enter the data of your Google account with username and password when the Forgotten Key window appears. If the device was not synchronized with such account, it will be possible to unlock the phone only by restoring the system.


To reset the password on Meizu devices, you can act in several basic ways. First, you can log in to your device using the same Google account, which becomes available after entering the wrong key multiple times and the Forgot Key message appears. Secondly, you can do it with the help of SMS Bypass and Instal Bypass, downloading them to the smartphone when connected to the computer, running Install Bypass and then SMS Bypass. After installing the last program from another phone you need to send SMS with the text 1234 resert to the locked device. Meizu smartphone should be restarted and any combination should be entered as a password, it will be considered correct in this case. You can perform such actions only on those devices, where there is no software blocking from unknown sources and where USB debugging is enabled.

Also on Meizu you can reset passwords with ADB Run or reset all settings with hard reset. For the first variant it is necessary to connect the switched off phone to the computer and switch it on. Then they download and run ADB Run on it, where in the Input window they enter number 6, which means to select Unlock Gesture Key. After that, 4 ways to unlock the phone will appear on the screen, of which it is better to choose the first or the second when the graphical key, the third when the numeric lock code, and the fourth if the Meizu device is rooted. Rebooting the phone helps to log in without a key. This way is good only for MediaTeK (MTK) based Meizu phones, with which the company cooperated up to the latest smartphones. New Qualcomm base is not compatible with ADB Run application.

When choosing the option of a full reset of all settings Meizu phone, you must first turn off the phone, then simultaneously hold down the power and volume up buttons, in the Recovery menu which appears, select clear data and start. The smartphone goes into reset mode and once the reset is completed, you can turn on the device without any passwords.

Each of the described options to reset the passwords has both advantages and disadvantages, any of them may not be suitable for a particular make or model of phone, so you need to know as much as possible to be able to unlock your phone as quickly as possible.

Can not unlock the phone

Has long been on the block the numeric pin, but now (4-5 days) instead of my lock screen appears black and gray (in a square), perhaps the standard some, but unlock the phone Asus ZenFone 6 can not, I can not even imagine how, saves the charger. My lock screen appears when I connect, but when I disconnect it, it reappears. Turn off turn on your phone. does not help, it appears and disappears on its own, as if someone controls it. Help me to understand this magic, please, or at least how to unlock, I can not get any. Thank you

Follow the instructions and it will work

Probably malware (not necessarily a virus). Save multimedia from the memory card. photo/video/music and format it on your computer. Insert into the phone after resetting/flashing.

Reset your phone to factory settings through Recovery. To do this, turn off your smartphone, hold down the volume and turn on the. The Asus logo will appear, keep holding the keys for another 5 seconds. Eventually a special DROIDBOOT menu will appear in front of you. The control here is done with the volume keys, and the choice is the power key. Choose Recovery and the phone will restart in recovery mode. If it says “no command”, then you need to press the volume down for 3 seconds and then, without releasing it, press the volume up. The menu will appear. There select in turn, wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition. After the procedures are complete, press reboot system now. All. Your ZenFone 6 will reboot and will be like in the store. Completely clean and ready to configure. Please note that all your data will be erased.

You must reset your tablet to factory defaults. In the off state press the power button and volume up button at the same time and select Hard Reset. All your data (photos and video) will be lost. Then you need to flash the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s official website!