How to update on your Samsung phone

Updating your Samsung Galaxy A03 Core phone

For several years since its release, smartphones continue to be supported by the manufacturer. All this time the user receives updates that add new features. To update Android on your Samsung Galaxy A03 Core phone, not only do you need to follow a few simple steps, but you also need to prepare for the procedure.

Before installing the updates, it is recommended to check the current firmware version. You may already have the current Android installed on your phone, and you don’t need to update.

  • Open the smartphone settings.
  • Go to “About Your Phone.

This section will indicate the current firmware version. At the beginning of 2020, the current OS is Android 10, but very soon Google will release the next Android 11 update.

How to download Samsung’s Android software. Dr.Fone


Normally, notifications will be displayed on your phone or tablet whenever a software update is available. But in some cases it will not appear, so we need to follow another process to check the software and update it. Most people usually update their phone to improve the stability and performance of Android software. There are two basic ways to update the software on Samsung devices.First method. is to update your phone’s software via OTA, also known as a wireless connection. The second method is to use the Samsung Kies software, developed by Samsung itself to perform updates on its devices and manage the device.


Check if any updates are displayed in the notification panel. If not, first set up your Samsung account. Then check the “Check for updates automatically” checkbox.After that, do the following.

Go to Menu Settings About Your Phone Software Update.

If we are not connected to a Wi-Fi connection, it will prompt us to connect it. A Wi-Fi connection is recommended because it is stable and allows you to download updates faster.

If updates are not available, a message like “There are no updates available and the latest version is installed on your device” will be displayed.

If there are any updates available for the device, a message like “Software updates available” will appear.

In the message notification, tap and select the “Download” option.

Select the Install Now option on the screen.

A screen will appear showing the status of the download and the progress of the download.

Once the installation is complete, your phone will reboot and a download screen will appear with the new system files installed.

Usually small updates are done through OTAs. Samsung used to provide updates for its smartphones with kies. Most people use Samsung Kies to update their phones. If OTA updates are available, they will be displayed in the notification bar. If we check for updates on the phone itself, and they are not displayed there, it is not a problem, because the updates will be displayed through Samsung kies. Samsung usually provides minor firmware updates via OTA.The following is the way to update the software on your Samsung phone. Samsung Kies software, developed by Samsung Mobile division.


As soon as kies recognizes the device, you will be notified that an update is available.

Read the text and warning in the notification pop-up message and check the “I have read all of the above information” box.

Read Allow to save information and click Allow to save.

Kies will begin updating phone software from Samsung servers. It usually depends on the speed of the internet connection.

Do not close any programs on the PC, turn off the PC, or disconnect the device from the PC.

After a while kies will transfer the firmware files to the device. Make sure your device is not turned off.

When the process is complete, press the OK button.

Disconnect the device from PC. Once disconnected, the device is ready to use with the new software.

Is it possible to update the phone on the charger?

Some models of smartphones will not be able to start the auto update process if the battery charge is below 30 percent, and for some models you need at least 60 percent. It is better to update the firmware while holding the phone on the charger, because if the phone gets discharged during the process, the installation will go wrong.

Before you update “Android”, you will usually receive a notification that a new software version has been released and an update is availableYou need to do the following:

  • Enter the settings;
  • Go to the “About device” tab;
  • Next, open the “Software Update” section;
  • Uncheck the “Auto Update” option;
  • Restart your device;
  • Done.

How you can update your Android if there are no updates?

The easiest way is to install the update from the Recovery menu. First you need to download the Android update and save it to the memory card. To enter the recovery you need to turn off your smartphone, press the volume up and power button simultaneously, wait to enter the menu.

To clean Android by regular means, you need to open the system settings and find the “Storage” section. Select the internal memory of the device, and you will see a list of available content on the smartphone. Tap on “Cache data” and agree with their deletion in the popup window.

How to update Android via Smart Switch

If the update did not come to the smartphone or the user does not want to install it using the device itself, it is possible to do it via computer. So, there is a special technology Smart Switch, which allows you to update the firmware on your Android device.

The developers have created versions for MacOS and Windows. After that, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Connecting Your Smartphone to a Computer with a USB Cable.
  • Launch the Smart Switch software. Your computer must be connected to the internet.
  • The system will determine which version of the operating system is installed on this smartphone model. And also, whether there are new updates.
  • If new firmware has been released, the command “Update” will appear on the screen, which should be clicked on.

The standard firmware upload procedure will begin. You can monitor the loading process on the screen of your smartphone. Your device will reboot as soon as the update is complete. After a successful download, the user can disconnect the phone from the computer.

Software update

Updating the software is quite simple, in most cases you will get a notification of the software update on the notification panel. If you aren’t notified of the software update: Go to Settings About Your Device Software Update.

Software update

Updating the software is pretty simple, in most cases you will get a software update notification on the notification bar. If you don’t get notification of a software update: Go to Settings About Your Device Software Update.

Answers to readers’ questions

I can’t update the software without Play Market. Play Market says you need to update your software.

Update your Android version or reinstall Play Market through apkmirror. If it doesn’t work, I have to do a hard reset.

The day before yesterday bought a new phone (Samsung Galaxy A50). After updating the software, the SD card is no longer readable, in.ч. on other phones.

On this topic there is a manual how to fix the memory card. Most likely there are read errors and you need to format the medium in a supported file system.

When will the new Android update be available?

Since between the direct release of a new version of Android and the physical possibility of installing it on the gadget passes a certain amount of time (from 2-3 to 6-8 months), you need to have patience, and follow the announcement companies. Among the first products with “marshmallow” support are devices from the Nexus and Android One lines. As for the Samsung brand, this month promises an update to 6.0 for the following mobile devices: Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge; in January 2016, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge; in February, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge.

Now about other brands. Sony announced the update for all the current Xperia line of devices, starting with the 2013 Xperia Z Ultra GPE and ending with all models of the Z5 series (both Premium and Budget). A number of devices from LG are limited to the G4, G3 and G Flex2. HTC, on the other hand, limited to the last two generations of its own devices: One M9/E9 and One M8/E8. In addition, equip your flagship and mid-range units with Android 6.0 are promised by companies such as Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Asus, OnePlus and ZUK. This list is not yet complete. Subsequently, we will keep you updated with the latest announcements.

I have a Huawei U9500 phone, and I did not know that I needed to update the version. I have Android 4.0.3, how to update the firmware to a new version?

The process of updating Huawei firmware is described here. In short, there are two ways to update the firmware of Huawei U9500.

  • Take out the battery, press volume buttons on the phone. After that the Android update process will start.
  • Go to Settings. Memory. Software update. Updating the SD card, running the Android OS update.

How to update your Android version? I read on different sites, tried it, it does not work. I have Android 4.4.4.

The easiest way to update your phone is through the Settings. Options. About the device. Software update. The location of the section may be different in different versions of Android. This is how to perform a standard update on Android, download the official software. This is the safest and easiest way.

I have a Samsung Duos, version Android 4.1.2 can’t update to a higher version of the operating system. Please help me to upgrade!

First, you need to find out if you can update Android on your phone to version 5.x. Apparently not. The matter is that technical characteristics of your phone do not allow you to install newer versions of android.

On the other hand, you can download the Android update from the 4pda forum, where modified firmware is posted. But we would not advise installing such updates on a rather old phone, unless you have the necessary skills and are not prepared for the drop in performance of your mobile device.

Trying to update to the newest version 8. Writes “Error” and shows a tampered android with a red triangle with an exclamation mark hanging above it.

Most likely Android 8. this is the latest version of the OS to which you can update the firmware on your phone officially. At least that’s what the users of the 4pda forum claim. Of course, you can update your phone by installing custom firmware, but no one guarantees the stability after such an update.

Bought a NTS one m7. I can’t update to android 4.4.2. The device does not find the software update, how to solve this problem? How to update it?

NTS one m7 can be upgraded to at least Android 5.1. If you can not install the official update, try to download the custom firmware on the forum 4pda. There are also instructions on how to update your phone to the latest version (see “I can’t update to Android 5” on the website). here ). In this topic you will find solutions to problems if Android does not update.

I have a Moto x play, I don’t want to update the system, I keep getting the message “Android 6 is available.0.1”, which is wildly annoying.

To disable firmware updates, go to the Android settings, section About the phone. Software update and disable updates by unchecking the appropriate item.

The memory of the device broke (the phone stopped turning on), it was replaced, but the firmware is not native. No firmware update. Can I use Kies to roll back the Android (put the native) and update it?

In order to rollback the update, you need to reboot your phone in Recovery mode, choose “wipe Data/Factory update”, “wipe archive” and reinstall the firmware from the zip-archive, previously downloaded to the memory card. To find the official firmware you can both on the official website of the manufacturer, and on the forum 4pda, in the section with the appropriate name of your mobile device.

Acer Iconia A1-810 Tablet. I have no firmware update. I press update and it says “your device requires an update”.

This model of tablet was released about 5 years ago, it does not support new versions of Android, so the manufacturer does not post updates for firmware. You can look for custom (unofficial) firmware on the forum 4pda, but it is not advised to put them. it is better to buy a new tablet than to experiment with the firmware to the detriment of the stability and speed of the device.

Doesn’t open the build number on Android. Clicked for a long time. How to be?

Android build number is initially available to view in the “About smartphone” (“About tablet”). If you want to enable the hidden settings (section “For developers”), you can activate them just by clicking on the build number, it is enough to do 4-7 taps on this line.