How to update the application on the Huawei phone. Applications store for android

Many users install new applications from Play Market on their Android smartphone. It happens that the user suddenly notices that the acquaintance has exactly the same application does not work like him. precisely, in the application of a friend there are new chips and opportunities, but for some reason our user does not have. The user has great doubts that he uses the updated application of the latest version. The question arises, but how to update the application on Android?

You can “get used to it” and remove the old application from android, and then download and install a new application. The method for updating the application, of course, is decisive, but suddenly something important will disappear? Isn’t it easier to configure an automatic update or manual once?

Where there are updates for applications

To configure or check the configuration of applications previously downloaded from the Play Market, you need to open the Play Market:

Next, on Google Play, open the menu by clicking on the icon with three horizontal stripes:

In the menu that opens, click “My applications and games”:

Opening “my games of the game”, we see the “update” buttons opposite those sentences for which there are updates:

You can click on the “update applications today” button and thus update them all at once. You can update only one application by clicking opposite this application on the “Update” button

How on huawei download Instagram

This is the Petal Search service. It allows you to download anything

Confirm the download and use prohibited applications

  • There will be a list of applications corresponding to your request, and sites from where they can be loaded;
  • Click on the desired application and confirm its download.

Before downloading something, pay attention to where the application is downloaded from. The name of the Internet site is indicated directly under its icon. If these are resources like APKPURE, APKMIRROR or DownloadAPK, be prepared for the fact that the installation file that you will have to install, and then delete it from the device, so that it does not occupy the precious space is downloaded. However, for those who do not like to pay for software, loading software from the outside is quite ordinary practice.

How to download on Huawei applications from Google Play

You can download even Google applications in Petal Search

The database of applications that Petal Search offers access quite extensive. There is not only Instagram here. WhatsApp and other popular applications from American developers, but also Google Maps, Google Assistant, YouTube and even Google Pay. But if, in general, I do not worry about the performance of cards, assistant and video hosting, then how will the payment service work on the device without Google Play Services unknown. However, in the Petal Search you can find them, therefore it is possible that there will still be no problems, but I would not hope for a positive outcome, given that Google now and then blocks my services on Huawei smartphones.

Is it worth downloading APK on Android

Huawei smartphones are still constrained by restrictions

Is it safe what Huawei offers? Well, frankly, yes. In any case, all the sites that I came across in Petal Search were familiar to me and, most likely, are safe. About one of them. APKPURE. we have a detailed material at all, be sure to read it, there is a lot of interesting things. True, Huawei notes that it is not responsible for the content that you download, since Petal Search is only a link for those who want to download software inaccessible in Appgallery. And by ensuring their own security, according to the company, users themselves should be engaged in.

I myself would use Applications from Petal Search myself? Probably not. Still, loading APK files-the procedure is quite compromised. Not only does Huawei do not give you any guarantees regarding their safety, so they also occupy excess space on the device. As a result, the loading of two or three dozen apk files can deprive you of up to one gigabyte of free memory. Therefore, I would prefer to download what is, and not try to look for bypass paths, which are also unsafe.

Reinstalling the application

If you update WhatsApp on Android does not work because of an error or other unforeseen problems, then try to reinstall the application through the Play Market. So the latest version of the messenger will be loaded immediately to the device. How to download the updated WhatsApp:

Launch the Play Market and enter the WhatsApp Messenger in the search bar to go to the main page of the application.

Attention: Before removing the application, be sure to turn on the backup backup in the settings if you want to save the history of correspondence and the call journal.

Click on the “Delete” button to start the messenger deinstal.

In a pop.up window, click “OK” to confirm the action and wait for the end of the removal.

Without leaving the page, click “Install” to download the messenger for free.

If you reinstall WhatsApp on the phone, then it will not have to be updated additionally, The latest version of the messenger will be loaded from the Play Market. After that, you can continue to use the application.

Through the phone

Instagram updating instructions will differ slightly depending on the smartphone.


Option 1. To update Instagram on the iPhone:

1 Open the App Store app store;

3 click the “Update” button (if it is displayed).

On the application page you can see the history of updates to understand how often they come out.

1 Open the App Store app store;

2 click on the account icon in the upper right corner;

3 leaf down to the section “Expected auto.renewal”;

4 Here you can update all applications for which updates are available, including Instagram.

Option #3: IPhone owners can configure automatic Instagram updating in the settings of the smartphone itself:

3 In the “Automatic loads” section Activate the sliders opposite “Applications” and “Updates”.

In the “Cell data” section, you can choose whether to update applications when the phone is not connected to Wi-Fi. Here you can set the maximum amount of data that can be downloaded not by Wi-Fi (in order to save mobile traffic).


For smartphones based on Android, with the App Manager installed application, the ability to turn off automatic updates in the Instagram application itself is available.

Option #1: To turn on the automatic update of Instagram on Android:

3 Further “Information” → “Applications Updates”;

4 Click next to “Automatic Instagram update” to activate the function.

Ready, now Instagram will be updated automatically to the latest version.

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Option #2: Another way to update Instagram on Android:

1 Open the Google Play app store;

2 click on your avatar located on top;

3 Open the “Applications and device management” or “my applications and games” tab (depending on the phone model);

4 in the “Updates” section Find Instagram, click “Update” and accept the user agreement.

If the list of updates does not have an Instagram application, then you have its latest version installed.

Huawei and Honor

On the smartphones Honor and Huawei there are no Play Market app store. Therefore, users use its alternative. Appgallery.

To update Instagram on Huawei and Honor:

2 Press the “I” button (or on the account icon);

4 Select the program for which you need to install the update (in our case, “Instagram”) and update it.

Through a computer

Instagram expanded the capabilities of the desktop version. Now users can upload posts directly with PC. The site is updated by itself, no additional actions are required from the user. But if you sit through the application on the PC or Android emulator, you may require manual instagram update.

Appendix for Windows

Windows users have access to Microsoft Store Applications store. Here you can download the official PC Instagram application.

Option #1: To update the application installed on PC:

3 Press the “Update” button (if it appears). If there are no buttons, then you have the latest version of Instagram installed.

Press the Update button to the right of the Instagram application (if there are no buttons, you have the latest version of the application).

2 At the bottom of the screen on the left, click on the “Library” icon;

3 Press the “Get Updates” button to update all applications.

Android emulator BlueStacks

You can sit on Instagram via PC not only in the web version of the site and through the official application in Microsoft Store. An alternative to these options. Android emulators, programs that help launch and use on PC applications designed for smartphones.

How to update Instagram on PC using the most popular BlueStacks android emulator:

2 In the upper part of the screen, click on the “Applications Center” tab;

3 click on a button called “Go to Google Play”;

4 The Google Play app store will open, click on the menu button. “Three horizontal lines”;

6 In the “Updates” tab, all applications will be displayed for which new updates are available. If Instagram is displayed there, click “Update”. If Instagram is not displayed on this list, then there are no fresh updates yet.

To configure automatic update:

2 In the upper part of the screen, find the “Applications Center” tab, click on it;

3 click on the “Go to Google Play” button;

4 After the opening of Google Play, click on the menu button. “Three Horizontal Lines”;

6 Now go to the section “Auto.updating of applications”;

7 Select when an automatic Instagram update will occur: “always” or “only through Wi-Fi”.

After that, Instagram will be updated automatically, without your participation.

What is the latest version of Instagram?

At the time of writing, the latest version of Instagram is 222.0. On average, new updates are released once a week.

Why is Instagram not updated?

In order for the smartphone to automatically update the applications to the latest version, you need to configure the application auto.updating on your smartphone. Otherwise check the availability of updates and you will have to install them manually.

If you set up automatic update, but Instagram is still not updated, perhaps there is not enough memory on the smartphone. Try to delete unnecessary files or move them to a cloud storage.

Check if the Internet works if the signal is weak. Instagram will not be updated. To quickly update applications, it is worth connecting to Wi-Fi and put the phone for charging.

How to update Instagram if there is no update?

If you are faced with any problem in Instagram, but there are no fresh updates, you will have to wait for them. In 70% of cases, all bugs are solved precisely with the help of updates that come out almost every week. If this does not help, delete and reinstall the application.

In other cases, send an error message on Instagram: “Settings” → “Help” → Report the problem “.

Do not forget to update Instagram to the latest version. This will help increase the performance of the application and correct many errors. Since updates come out several times a month, it is better to configure automatic update in advance and not spend your time on manual installation of a new version of the application.

META, which owns social networks () and Instagram (Instagram), by court decision from 21.03.2022 recognized as an extremist organization and is prohibited in

Turn on/off the auto updating

By default, on any smartphone/tablet running the current version of Android in the Google Play app store, the function of automatic updating programs is enabled. On the one hand, it is convenient. You do not need to manually check the availability of updates, since the system will do this in a timely manner. On the other hand, we have already figured out the minuses of such a function.

To control the automatic update function, we repeat the following steps:

Open Google Play Market on your mobile device.

Click on the icon of your profile, which is in the search bar.

Go to the “Settings” section and open the “Connection Settings” tab.

Select the “Application Auto Exvert” line and click “Disable” (for turning on, you should click “only for Wi-Fi” or “any network”, respectively).

How to update applications manually

If you turn off the automatic update of the programs, you will need to check the availability of new versions yourself so as not to use too outdated assemblies.

To manually update the applications, follow the following actions:

Open the Google Play Market and open the profile menu in the search bar by clicking on its icon.

Go to the “Applications and device management” section.

Select the line “Refresh” Available “.

A list of applications installed on the device will appear, for which a new version is available. To get it, select any program from the list and click on the “Update” button.

Update the application via Google Play

Manual update allows you to select specific installation applications.

The easiest way to update any application on the device with the Android operating system is to use the Google Play Prophetic Stage Shop. If you are sure that the program is not removed from the store, then do the following:

  • Open Google Play.
  • Click on a round with your account in the upper right corner.
  • Go to the “Applications and Device Management” section.
  • Select “Updates Available” or click “Update everything”.
  • Update the necessary applications.

In order not to constantly do this manually, you can configure auto.renewal:

Auto updating most often occurs when connected to a charger.

  • Open Google Play.
  • Click on a round with your account in the upper right corner.
  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Select “Connection Settings”.
  • Click the “Auto Board of Appendices” and select the network through which the update will be renewed.

After this application will be updated automatically without your participation.

APK download on Android

Without this setting, the installation will not begin.

The second, easiest way to install an update is to download an APK file from the developer website. If you are a client of Sberbank, then in this way the bank proposes to establish updates of its application. Before downloading the installation file, you need to allow your browser an installation of alternative sources. On the example of the Xiaomi smartphone and the Google Chrome browser, this can be done as follows:

  • Hold your finger on the browser icon until the context menu appears.
  • Press the button “On the Appendix”.
  • Sweet to the point “Installation from unknown sources” and activate it.

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After the preparation is made, you can switch to the site and upload the right application. If you want to update Sberbank online, then you need:

Ignore this security warning.

  • Go to the Sberbank website and download an apk file.
  • Or do it by direct link.
  • As soon as the file is downloaded, click on three points in the upper right corner and select the “downloaded files” section.
  • Find the loaded APK in the list and click on it.
  • Agree with everything that the system will ask you, and the installation will begin automatically.

Thus, the update will be established, and you can use the latest version of the application you need.

Where are the updates of the applications in iOS and Android?

Let’s say you decided to update the same WhatsApp. What do you do? Go to the settings of the messenger himself? This is logical, but, alas, it is useless. there will be nothing about any updates. Open the smartphone settings and train the section on program management? Unfortunately, and this will not help.

The fact is that the update of all applications is centralized, and the official store is responsible for it. the App Store in iOS and Google Play in Android. We need his settings.

How to configure automatic update in iOS?

It is most convenient to force the applications to update automatically, so as not to worry about their relevance anymore. In iOS, this option can be included in the settings in the section on the App Store:

  • Open the settings.
  • Press the Apple ID icon at the top menu.
  • Select the Itunes Store and App Store item.
  • Find the Automatic load section.
  • Turn on the updates. Below you can configure whether updates will be downloaded using mobile Internet. if you save traffic, turn off the cell data parameter.

[How-to-Update-Ios-Andriod-Apps-Screen-1] [Alt/Caption: How to include automatic applications updating in iOS]

How to update Android applications without Google Play

There are several reasons why Google Play may be absent in firming smartphones running Android. The first is Chinese delivery. If the device was intended for sale in the PRC market, it will be deprived of access to the official application catalog Google. The second is the action of the new model of the distribution of applications and services of a search giant, according to which smartphone manufacturers can abandon Google Play and another by the company. But how in this case to look and install applications updates?

APKGRABBER (download) is a convenient utility for Android, which will allow you to download updates of all your applications bypassing Google Play. APKGRABBER itself will analyze all the programs installed on the device and find the file with an update, regardless of the method of installation. This method of updating will come by the way to those who prefer to receive paid for free, downloading from the Internet APK files of popular games, applications and utilities.

How to update APK applications

After installing the APKGRABBER on the device, the utility will need access to certain operating system functions. After receiving the necessary privileges, she will scan your smartphone or tablet for installed applications and in automatic mode will begin to search for available updates. If necessary, this process can be transferred to manual mode when the search is carried out only by your command.

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APKGRABBER searches for updates only on proven online platforms like APKMIRROR, UPTODOWN and even Google Play. Therefore, you should not worry about updates. All files that fall into the database of such platforms are carefully checked by moderators, which allows you to minimize the probability of installing updates with infected components. Thus, the update process through the APKGRABBER becomes no less safe than through official sources.

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Manual installation APK

On smartphones and tablets of some manufacturers, as well as on devices with an other way from the original firmware, the Google Play Market may be absent. Instead, there is usually an alternative to digital content, to update a particular program in which, we repeat, by analogy with the above instructions. If there is no one (for example, in custom versions of the OS) or you just need to install the uptake manually, it is necessary to perform the following:

    On your own, on your own, on the Internet, the application of the application that corresponds to the Android OS version and its hardware platform (architecture) operating on the mobile device.

Note: Information about architecture can be obtained in applications by the Antutu Benchmark and AIDA64 type or by familiarizing yourself with detailed specifications (usually it is enough to enter the request “Manufacturer SPECS” in the search engine, and then move on one of the first issues in the issuance).

The armpits themselves can be found both in specialized web resources and forums, and on the official sites of some Android developers.

If there is a notice of blocking the installation of applications from unknown sources, following the instructions on the screen, provide permission to perform this procedure in the OS settings.

Touch the inscription “Install” and wait until a new one is installed on top of the application version of the application

Including the automatic application update

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, by default, the Market installed through the Google Play or its analogue of the application are updated automatically when connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Check if this parameter is active, and, if necessary, change its settings as follows:

    Having launched the Google Play Market, call it menu and go to the “Settings” section.