How to update the router on the iPhone. The problem of auto -storage

Many iPhone owners have recently encountered a situation where the iPhone near the Wi-Fi network displays the “Weak Defense” warning. And judging by the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on other articles, many worry about this. What if it is unsafe, someone broke the Wi-Fi network, or there is a risk of losing some data from their iPhone. Now I will explain what this means why such a warning appears, and what can be done in this situation.

In a nutshell about the protection of the Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi network that is protected by password uses a certain standard of security and encryption. WEP, WPA. outdated. WPA2 TKIP is also considered not very safe. Just often the iPhone swears on it. WPA2 with AES encryption. safer, is used now most often. WPA3 is the newest and safe, so far not very actively used. details in the article: type of safety and encryption of wireless network.

So, if the Wi-Fi network to which you have connected your iPhone uses protection WPA2 TKIP or even more old (WEP, WPA). then the iPhone will write “weak protection” near the Wi-Fi network.

And if you open the properties of the network, then there will be a more detailed description and even recommendations by which you can fix this. For example:

Weak protection.

WPA/WPA2 (TKIP) is not a reliable protection method.

If this is your Wi-Fi network, configure the router to use the type of safety WPA2 (AES) or WPA3.

Such a message appears on the iPhone starting with iOS 14. It says that you have connected the iPhone to a Wi-Fi network that is protected by obsolete and not safe (according to Apple) protection method. Most often it is WPA/WPA2 (TKIP), since WEP and WPA are not recommended at all. Unless someone out of ignorance, or accidentally install them in the settings of the router.

If the network uses an obsolete protection method, then there really is a risk that some kind of someone else’s device will connect to such a network, for example. It is possible that this will be the device of an attacker who has connected with the aim of intercepting some users transmitted in this Wi-Fi network. To which, including your iPhone.

How to fix “weak protection” Wi-Fi on iPhone?

I will not be able to give specific instructions for all manufacturers of routers, models, firmware. I will show on the example of several routers. But in any case, this is done like this:

  • We go into the settings of the router. Here is a universal instruction.
  • We find a section with Wi-Fi settings (wireless network).
  • If you have a router, then select the range (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz) for which we change the settings. Be careful here. If you have two separate networks, then we change the settings for each network.
  • Find security settings and change the protection and encryption method. It is best to put WPA2-PSK encryption AES.
  • Save the settings and reboot the router.

Perhaps, after changing these settings, you will need to re-connect your devices to the Wi-Fi network.

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In the section “Additional settings”. “Settings of the wireless mode” select the network (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) and change protection on WPA / WPA2. Personal. We put the encryption AES.

It is enough to establish a new “authentication testing method” and “WPA encryption” in the “Wireless Network” section.

Setting “Network Authentification” in the “Wi-Fi” section-“Safety Settings”.

After saving the settings and rebooting the router, it is advisable to forget this Wi-Fi network on the iPhone and connect to it again. After repeated connection, the message “Weak protection” should disappear.

If you can’t change the protection method on your router, or other difficulties arose, then you can leave your question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will try to help.



We try to forget the network on the iPhone/iPad and connect to Wi-Fi again

The “Forgetting this network” function does not rarely help get rid of various problems with the connection. Especially, this method is relevant when the device does not connect after changing the router settings. For example, after changing the password of the Wi-Fi network. And the error “failed to connect to the network” appears, or there is a constant connection.

Just go to Wi-Fi settings and click on a problem network. Then click on “Forget this network” and confirm the action by pressing the “Forget” button.

After that, try to connect again, indicating the password.

We make a full reset of network settings on iOS device

Another solution that completely removes all network settings on the iPhone and allows you to get rid of many malfunctions related to the Internet connection and restore Wi-Fi work.

In the settings, we open the section “Basic”. “reset” and click on “Reset network settings”. Then we confirm the reset.

After that, you can try to connect your iPad, iPhone to Wi-Fi network. If the problem remains, and he will not want to connect, then most likely the matter is in the settings of the router (which, I hope, you have already rebooted).

Update the firmware of the router

Update the firmware of your router to know exactly that all his problems and bugs were resolved. This can solve the problem.

If you once connected your device to the Wi-Fi network, then ideally in the future it will be connected to it automatically. If this does not happen, and you need to connect manually, check the auto.carlation option. To do this, go to the Wi.FI settings network name and make sure that the auto.collar option is enabled.

Forced reboot

Like other problems, Wi-Fi problems can solve the forced reloading of the device.

  • On the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, click the volume button, then click the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • On the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus simultaneously click the side button and a volume reduction button by at least 10 seconds until you see Apple’s logo on the screen.
  • On the iPhone 6s and older, iPad or iPod Touch simultaneously click the Home button and the side or upper button for at least 10 seconds before the logo appears.
  • On 11-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro click and release the volume increase button, then the volume decrease button, and then click the power button until the tablet is rebooted.

Reconnect to Wi-Fi network

If you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network, or there is a password entry error, although it is entered correctly, try to forget the network, and then connect to it again.

To do this, select the Wi-Fi network in Wi-Fi settings, and then click “Forget this network”. The window will pop up, where it will be necessary to confirm their action.

Now return to Wi. Fi settings, select the same network, enter your password and try to connect to it.

Reset the network settings

Most network problems can be solved by resetting settings. This will clean the cache, DHCP settings and other data. To do this, go to the settings the main discharge and select reset the network settings.

If you have a VPN in your settings, or you use a VPN application, try to disable everything. If you cannot turn off the VPN completely, do it at least for a while to find out if this is the reason for the problem.

Disconnect VPN

If you have a VPN in your settings, or you use a VPN application, try to disable everything. If you cannot turn off the VPN completely, do it at least for a while to find out if this is the reason for the problem. You can turn off the VPN through the settings or the application itself.

If you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network, or there is a password entry error, although it is entered correctly, try to forget the network, and then connect to it again.

To do this, select the Wi-Fi network in Wi-Fi settings, and then click “Forget this network”. The window will pop up, where it will be necessary to confirm their action.

Now return to Wi. Fi settings, select the same network, enter your password and try to connect to it.

Reset the network settings

Most network problems can be solved by resetting settings. This will clean the cache, DHCP settings and other data. To do this, go to the settings the main discharge and select reset the network settings.

Many users are helped by the disconnection of Wi-Fi system services in settings Privacy of the Geolocation Service Service Service. This option applies only to the location used by Wi-Fi networks, it will not turn off Wi-Fi completely.

What to do if the iPhone does not connect to Wi-Fi

There are many methods that will help to solve the problem and connect a mobile gadget to a wireless network. First, it is recommended to resort to the most obvious options.

Check the correctness of the network

In frequent cases, the slow operation of the Internet and the lack of connection to the network as a whole is not determined by the systemic error of the smartphone, but by the technical failures of the router. To determine the stable functioning of the distribution device, there are several factors. If you carefully familiarize them with them, then it will be possible to identify the cause of the failure of the router. The router may stop working in cases where:

  • There are no network settings;
  • The Wi-Fi network freezes after connecting one of the devices;
  • The data transfer speed falls;
  • A gray color appeared on the wireless connection icon;
  • There is no possibility of connecting to an access point;
  • There is no opportunity to observe the working signal of the router.

It is worth noting that some of these factors may indicate that the wireless module in the phone is also inoperative.

Before starting to check the working capacity of the router, you need to make sure that the iPhone is correctly set up. Despite the reliability and durability of Apple gadgets in the wireless modules of their devices, system errors often appear. Even an inexperienced user will be able to eliminate such a defect on your own, however, in the case of hardware failures, the device will have to be given for repair.

The iPhone may not connect to the Wi-Fi network due to the occurrence of the following errors:

  • Incorrectly entered password is the most common error while connecting to the network. In case of this defect, it is recommended to double.check the conducted password, because in frequent cases, users confuse the keys. As a rule, a protective code for a wireless network can be checked in a router or on another device. If, upon completion, nothing helped, you can go into the settings of the router and specify the new secret code. It is recommended to install exclusively numbers.
  • It is not possible to connect to the network. the error in question is also often found, like an incorrectly entered password. This can be determined both by mistakes on the phone and in the router. It is also not possible to connect due to zero balance.
  • The unsafe Wi-Fi network for the iPhone-the described error occurs when the device connects to an unprotected wireless network. After pressing the button on the screen, various tips appear to ensure protection. When the owner of the device connects to the public network, you can freely use an unsafe connection. However, when using the home option, it is necessary to set the protective code.
  • There is no connection to the Internet. in this case there is a connection with the Internet, but data packages are not transmitted. The mobile device can successfully connect to the Internet, but at the entrance of the browser, any sites or social networks will not be loaded. Most likely that the problem is a malfunction of the provider’s equipment or at the access point. To study the nature of the defect, it is worth connecting another device to the wireless network. If nothing helped, the only way out will be rebooting or resetting the router settings.
  • Inactive switch. under such circumstances, in any case, it will not be possible to connect to the network, since the problem is in the hardware error of the smartphone.
  • The impossibility of recognizing any wireless network means that the problem also consists in hardware errors of the device. The most common defect is the failure of the signal antenna.
  • There is no automatic connection. you need to go into the phone settings and put the corresponding checkmark opposite the name of the network.
  • The signal is transmitted from a computer or laptop-in this case, the phone is not connected due to the fact that the device that transmits data is incorrectly configured.

Check the correctness of the password

As mentioned earlier, this is the most common mistake. Very often, the owners of Apple devices are confused while entering the protective code or use the wrong layout.

First, it is recommended to enter the installed password again, but at the same time you should carefully look at the keys. In a hurry, the user can click on a large or vice versa small letter, indicate the wrong figure or completely put an extra symbol.

Next, you can enter the installed secret code on another device. If nothing changes, then it is better to put a new password in the settings of the router. It is better to use a simpler option, which consists exclusively of numbers. For example, the date of birth or a set of favorite numbers.

Perform forced loading

Also, if it is impossible to connect to the network, you can reboot the iPhone. In some cases, various errors arise in the device that interfere with connecting to the router. What you need to do:

  • IPhones up to 7 versions. squeeze the power button and “home”, and then hold until the system is turned off;
  • IPhones from the 7th version and above. clamp the button to reduce the volume and the power key.

Reset the network settings

At any time you can drop the settings that are responsible for the activity of the wireless network. This method is worth resorting only if the user is sure of the correctness of the router and the mobile device, however, it is not possible to connect to the Wi-Fi network. What should be done:

To expect the system while the operation is performed, and then try to re.connect with the network.

Try connecting from another device

One of the effective solutions of the problem is to connect to the router from another smartphone. In some cases, this method helps. What should be done:

  • Activate the Wi-Fi module on the second device.
  • In the settings, update the search for available wireless networks.
  • Select the necessary option and enter the current code.

If nothing helped

I have been repairing mobile equipment and reinstalling software since 2013. I am a fan of any andoid devices. I tirelessly track all fresh news regarding mobile technology.

The settings are not reset if you have used the manual regime. It is likely that some actions were incorrectly performed in the process.

In this case, you will have to create a new access point. That is, conduct a new settings, indicate the login and come up with a new password.

It is likely that network equipment or gadget failed. The only option is to contact the service center.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not turn on the iPhone

If the iOS user is faced with this problem, then he will need to perform a number of simple actions on his gadget. This can be done independently without disassembling the device and without giving it to repair. Then the main methods of correcting error will be considered, each of which deserves special attention.

Reload the iPhone and router

IPhone restart according to the following scheme:

  • Get to the device desktop by clicking on the screen of the screen.
  • Set the “home” keys and the device and hold for several seconds.
  • Wait for Apple’s corporate party. If Yabloko was displayed on the display, then the phone began to reboot. The user will have to wait a bit until the desktop appears. After that, you need to try again to connect to the Wi-Fi access point and check if the system failure has been eliminated.

Retrilling the router is performed as follows:

  • Inspect the back of the device on which there are connectors for connecting wires.
  • Press the router power button, thereby turning off the device.
  • Wait a few seconds and turn on the Router again.
  • Make sure that the iPhone connection is possible.

Ultimate iPhone Settings Guide: 53 Settings! [October 2022]

You can also restart the router through the settings menu if the Reset button is absent on the apparatus case.

Re-connect to Wi-Fi network

After rebooting the equipment, the user will need to synchronize the gadget with the Wi-Fi access point. The process of completing the task can be divided into several points:

  • In the presented list of parameters, find the section “Wi-Fi Network”. Can be called differently depending on the IOS version.
  • Turn on the technology of wireless data transmission by transferring the slider to an active position.
  • Find the name of your access point and synchronize with it, entering the password.
  • After synchronization, hold the access point by the name to open the window of its settings.
  • Put a checkplace opposite the line “Connect automatically” so that each time do not enter a password.

Reset Wi-Fi Network settings

The reset of Wi-Fi parameters on iOS operating systems is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • Go to the device settings menu.
  • Taping the parameter “Basic”, pushing the list to the end of the presented list.
  • In the new window it is also necessary to scroll to the end of the list and click on the parameter “Reset”.
  • In the menu of special capabilities, you will need to click on the value “reset the network settings”.
  • If necessary, enter the password installed on the phone to confirm the action.
  • Wait for the end of the identification and slip along the line “reset the settings” in the next displayed window.
  • After the above manipulations, the device will automatically restart, after which Wi-Fi settings will be dropped to the factory level.

After reset, it is advisable to check the built-in Wi-Fi module for performance. To do this, you need to connect to any access point.

Update iOS

Most of the problems associated with the functioning of the operating system on the iPhone are solved after updating the operating room. The functioning of the Wi-Fi module is no exception. The process of loading a new update for iOS can be divided into several stages:

  • Connect to a mobile Internet or other Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the “settings” of the apparatus.
  • According to the scheme presented in the previous section, switch to the “Basic” section.
  • In the highlighted list, find the line “Po Update” and slip it once once.
  • The procedure for finding new updates will begin, which can last for several seconds.
  • If the system finds a new update, then the user will need to click on the “update now” button, if not, then user will see the appropriate notification.
  • Before loading the update, it is necessary to agree with the system notification and make sure that the charge level of the mobile phone is at least 50 percent.
  • The system can be updated within a few seconds. In the process, the phone will go into a reboot.

If, in the process of updating the operating room, the smartphone turns off due to the low charge of the battery or due to a lack of network traffic, then subsequently it will have to be called to return to performance.

Make Hard Reset

This is the technology of the hardware reset of iPhone settings. With the help of such a procedure, you can solve the problem with the non-working Wi-Fi as soon as possible. To reset the parameters of the mobile phone, the user will need to perform several simple steps according to the algorithm:

  • Press the button on the apparatus and the volume increase key at the same time. After that, the mobile phone will begin to restart.
  • After the Apple logo appears, press the “home” button at the bottom of the case once.
  • Wait for the end of the reboot.

When the desktop appears, the settings of the device will be reset to the factory level. At the same time, the user will need to re.set up his device, download the necessary software, etc.D.

If problems in the Wi-Fi iPhone module

As mentioned above, it is better to contact a service center with such a problem, whose specialists will be diagnosed with a mobile phone in the shortest possible time and replace the failed component. However, this problem can also be solved by renewing the gadget or its reflashing.

Sometimes Wi-Fi on iPhone refuses to function normally due to the presence of malicious software in the system.

What to do if Wi-Fi flies on iPhone

The occurrence of difficulties with connecting to the Internet is a very unpleasant situation. You can easily skip an important message in the messenger or not have time to watch the movie online. To fix the error, it is recommended to test several effective ways.

Disconnect and connect again

The first thing that comes to mind when problems with Vifai occur is to recover. This is the right decision, because in most cases it is really able to eliminate the error.

After performing the operation, try to open the site again or run the video via the Internet. It is possible that the problem will immediately solve.

You can reconnect to Wi-Fi, including through the control manager. Just click 2 times on the icon of the wifi.

Update iOS

Sometimes the unstable operation of the Internet connection is associated with the inconsistency of the smartphone with safety requirements. They constantly change with each subsequent update of the operating system. If you have not updated iOS for a long time, it has come the most suitable time to eliminate this drawback.

Open the phone settings and go to the “Basic” section. In the upper part of the screen you can see the item “Update in”. If the icon is highlighted next to it, then the next update is available.

Click on the inscription “Check the availability of updates”, and then install the current version of the firmware. In the process of performing the iPhone operation, it will restart.

Update the firmware of the router

As mentioned earlier, the problem can be associated not only with a smartphone, but also with a Wi-Fi router. His firmware is also periodically updated, so you should check the availability of the current version.

To perform the operation, you will need to visit the website of the manufacturer of the router. For example, the owners of TP-LINK devices provides for the resource The site has a section with support where you need to indicate the model of your router.

The system will offer all available versions of the firmware. And the user remains to familiarize yourself with the list of changes, download the file and install.

Change the request for connection to wireless networks

It often happens that the iPhone ceases to connect with the router due to one small setting-“Request for connection”. This is a function that gives options for the nearest Wi-Fi networks.

Open the iPhone settings and go to the section with Vifam. Here you need to deactivate the slider opposite the “Request for connection”. Now the connection with the router should work more stable. In any case, during the period of use, the network will not switch.

Disable Wi-Fi system services

As one of the ways to eliminate the error with Weifai, you can consider the disconnection of system services. This will not affect the iPhone work, but Wi-Fi may begin to work without complications.

To turn off this function, it is necessary to follow the path of “settings”. “confidentiality”. “geolocation services”. “system services”. In the menu that opens, it will not be difficult for you to find a “Wi-Fi network” item. Deactivate it so that the determination of the location does not affect the functioning of the wifai.

Disable the assistant Wi-Fi Assist

When the iPhone understands that Wi-Fi works poorly, he automatically turns off from it, switching to mobile networks. Therefore, it is worth considering the deactivation of this function as an excellent way to solve the problem.

You can disable Wi-Fi Assist in the Saver Communication Settlement section. There you will find the point of the same name, opposite which it is necessary to move the slider to the left.

Make a forced reboot

Often people try to eliminate the error with a simple reloading iPhone. In some cases, this helps, but forcibly rebooting looks much more reliable. It is performed even in a situation where the iPhone is very buggy and does not respond to commands. Forced reboot is done in different ways depending on the model of the device. The instruction is visible in the pictures.

iPhone 8/8 Plus/SE (2020) and models with Faceid:

These commands are relevant for iOS 13. Information about the forced reloading of devices with a more old operating system look on the Support page.Apple.COM/RU-RU/Guide/iPhone/iPh8903c3e6/iOS.

Disconnect VPN

Recently, people very often use a VPN to circumvent the blocking of various Internet resources. But not everyone knows that at the same time the VPN negatively affects the speed and stability of the shutdown.

Try not to use the VPN for some time, turning it off through the settings menu of the same name. It is possible that Wi-Fi will begin to work stably without constant cliffs.

VPN works not only using the iPhone tools, but also through special programs that are available in the App Store.

Disconnect geolocation

This method of eliminating the problem is an alternative to the method of disconnecting system services. In both cases, geolocation interferes in the operation. Accordingly, if you refuse to use it, the Internet will stop buggy.

Go to the “Privacy” settings menu. Choose “Geolocation services” and set the meaning “turn off”. Now Wi-Fi should work without complaints, but at the same time the smartphone will not be able to determine your location.

If nothing helped

Unfortunately, even such a large list of solutions to the problem does not help to completely get rid of Vifaya errors. What to do in this case will tell our experts.

Expert in the field of digital technologies and the activities of mobile operators. I am engaged in constant monitoring of the changes in the industry in and abroad.

It is necessary to update the firmware of the router or reconfigure it through the computer. If nothing helped, you should think about replacing the router.

Check the connection to Wi-Fi through another smartphone. If it works stably, then the iPhone is recommended to be handed over to the service center for diagnostics. Perhaps the Wi-Fi module has broken.

The most rational way is to buy a more powerful router. In addition, you can take the so.called signal amplifier (relay). It will increase the area of ​​the coating and improve the quality of the connection.

What to do if the iPhone (iPad) does not see Wi-Fi network?

We all know that Apple devices always work very cool and stable. Yes, you can’t argue with this. There are really cases when some problems arise on the iPhone and iPad. Today we will consider a very popular problem when the iPhone, or iPad stops seeing a Wi-Fi network from your router. Yes, there is a problem, and now we will try to solve it.

You connected your phone, or a tablet to the Wi-Fi network, used it, everything worked, and here at some time you see that for example the iPad is disconnected from Wi-Fi. Go to the settings, but your wireless network is not there. It turns out that the iPad stopped seeing wi-fi. Exactly the same situation can happen with the iPhone, it may also stop seeing your Wi-Fi network. The most interesting thing is that other devices: phones, tablets, laptops, etc. D. continue to connect to a wireless network and work fine. And what else is interesting, the other Wi-Fi nets sees the same iPhone (if any). but your home network does not see. Or does not see a single wireless network at all. Many immediately carry their devices for repairs and t. D. No need to rush, now we will try to figure it out.

It doesn’t matter which version you have iPhone: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or even iPhone X. In the same way with the tablet, problems are observed both on the usual iPad and on the iPad mini. With iOS versions the same story. Write that the problem appears on those devices that are brought from America. By the way, I read that on iOS 8 devices often do not see Wi-Fi, or simply lose their connection. And one more important point, we will consider the problem when the Wi-Fi network is not displayed in the list of available networks on the tablet, or phone. There are simply many cases when the same iPhone does not connect to a wireless network. I wrote about solving this problem in the article: iPhone or iPad does not connect to Wi-Fi, the Internet does not work.

iPhone, or iPad do not see a Wi-Fi network from a home router: possible solutions

1 Remove the cover from your device. There are covers, after putting on which the iPhone, or iPad stops seeing all Wi-Fi networks at all. Everything has just worked, and here is such a problem. And few people even guess that this is all because of the case.

2 Reload your devices. Friends, do not immediately need to make some complex settings, carry the device for repair, etc. D. You must first just turn off and turn on Wi-Fi on your Apple mobile device. If it does not help, then reboot your mobile device. And be sure to reboot the router. Perhaps just some kind of failure in the work of the router, or mobile device, and therefore, there were problems with Wi-Fi. Very often, a simple reboot helps. You can even restart the router several times.

3 We change the channel and region in the settings of the router. This is the most important and as practice shows an effective way to solve a problem with the absence of a Wi-Fi network on Apple devices. You need to try to change the channel of your Wi-Fi network. Such a problem very often appears where there are many wireless networks. Also, you can try to change the region to United States, which is set in the router settings.

About what the channel is, and about changing the channel on different routers: TP-Link, Asus, D-Link, Tenda and Zyxel, I wrote in the article: how to find a free Wi-Fi channel, and change the channel on a router? Everything is written in great detail there and shown in screenshots. I think that problems with the channel change should not arise. As for the change of the region, as a rule, it changes on the same page as the channel, in the settings of your router.

For example, channel and region change to tp-link:

The region can try to put United States. And the channel, 1st, or 6th. If there is no result, then you can try different options. Do not forget to save the settings and restart the router.

I think that after these actions, the iPhone, or the iPad will see your Wi-Fi, and connects it without problems.

4 We reset the network settings on iOS. Honestly, I did not know about this method. I found information on the Internet that you can solve the problem with the wireless network on iOS 8. In the settings of your device, go to the settings. Basic. Reset. Reset the network settings.

Confirm the reset and wait until the device is rebooted.

update, router, iphone, problem, auto

In the event that the device does not see any network at all (and other devices see). And you have already tried everything, then in most cases it is because of some kind of hardware problem. Therefore, you need to contact the service center.

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If nothing helped, then describe your problem in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will understand together. Also read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there are a lot of useful information on this topic.




Apple iPhone/iPad

Thank you, Sergey. Yesterday I happened incredible: Wi-Fi turned on after a 10-day break itself! The phone was in Shuflyadka and suddenly began to publish numerous signals of receipt of messages on telegrams, Weiber, WhatsApp. 200 posts PROVEL in 10 seconds.! In short, I don’t know how to explain it. And the saddest thing is that this can happen again at any unexpected moment thanks again and all the best!

update, router, iphone, problem, auto

Yes, something strange. Perhaps it will already work. Good luck!

Good afternoon! After a trip to the roaming Wi-Fi disappeared. I did not see a specific network at the hotel at first. Made a reset of network settings. After the Wi-Fi button, it ceased to be active completely. At home has already dumped all the settings. At first the phone found a home network, and other networks in an apartment building. Connected to the home network, wrote that weak protection. After 10 minutes, he turned off from Wi-Fi and stopped seeing any network. What is it connected with?

Something is very strange. Now, after resetting the network settings, he also does not see the Wi-Fi network? What protection is installed on your network. Should be WPA2 with an AES encryption.