How to update your Samsung phone through your computer

Updating Android: How to update to a new version, rollback? Guide in detail

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The market of mobile products is such that as new versions of Android OS are released, smartphone manufacturers introduce their support in their own models, both recently released and have already proven themselves. How it works? At the time of purchasing a new mobile product, it is available with a basic version of the system installed by default. After a period of time, Google is releasing a new release of Android. In six months or later, depending on the geographical region, when the new version becomes tried and tested and stable, it can be installed on your Smart. As a result, you get a new, modern interface, support for new apps and more customization and customization. In this piece, we’ve put together a detailed guide for you on how to update Android on your phone.

How to force my Samsung to update?

Here’s how to force an Android update.

  • Go to your Android cell phone’s settings and go to the “About Phone” section.
  • Then click “Software Update” or “System Update”. Fig 2. Updating Android Software.
  • Then click the Check for Updates button. Pic 3. Check for Android updates.

What happens if you don’t update your Samsung phone?

So, all updates include new features. If users do not update it, the features will not be found. Here’s why we recommend that you continue every time you update. Enjoy the recently released features.

Configuration Update is a tool that allows you to manage the updates you receive on your Samsung-branded device. Optimizing your smartphone is important if you don’t want it to slow down over time. To this end, it is extremely important to keep your version under control.

How to update the YouTube version?

If your device is connected to Wi-Fi, you can update it without a computer. To do this, check for an update in the menu “Settings” “Basic” “Software Update“. Next, the device will offer to download and install iOS 12. nothing more from the user is required.

Do I need to update my phone system?

Be sure to. The fact is that each new version of Android, in addition to all sorts of “pluses” for the user, carries a large number of updates to the security system of the smartphone. Well, then we can do with the simple security patches that Google releases every month, you say.

Software update is short for “software update”, i.e. firmware update. This section offers to update the firmware version and, often, the operating system version (but not always. be careful!). The update happens “over the air”, that is, using the internet.

[solved] How to connect my Samsung phone to my computer

“Hi guys. I have a new Samsung phone that I can’t connect to my computer with Windows 7. It connects as a modem under “Devices and Printers”. I get an error message “Installing MTP USB driver” and an error message “Path not specified”. I’ve tried everything in my army of computer skills enthusiasts, including Samsung support chat, my courier’s tech support, and many other suggested fixes with a Google search.ALL failed. Please help!”. Edison

Samsung phone. The smartest phone among Android devices. and more people are using the Samsung phone to replace the iPhone. When you connect the Samsung to your computer, you can transfer media files between the computer and the device. Most of us have a desire to share photos, videos and other media files with friends. However, we recently received a report that part of the Samsung phone can not normally connect to a computer. Now we will talk about the solution that Help you successfully connect your Samsung to your computer.

Connect your Samsung to your computer the usual way

If you are using the Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge / S6 / S5 / Note 4, A9 / A7 / A5 running Android 4.0 or higher, you just need to go to the settings and enable USB debugging. Then connect the device to your computer so you can test your Samsung phone on the computer, and it will be read as a drive.

If your device is running Android 2.3, keep the following guide for yourself. Preparation: Uncheck “USB debugging” before connecting to your computer.(You can go to “Settings” “Apps” “Development” “USB Debugging”)

Go to “Settings” and select “Wireless & Networks,” then click “USB Utilities”.

Press “Connect drive to PC” (when your phone is not connected to PC). You will then see messages prompting you to connect the USB cable to use the storage device. Don’t press “Cancel” now.

Connect your phone to your PC with the USB cable and press “Connect USB Drive” on your phone when it reminds you that USB is connected.

Note. The above operation works on Android 2.3 and can be different for devices running different versions of the Android system.

Fix a Samsung computer connection failure

In addition to the methods mentioned above, you can solve the connection failure in this way. The latest version of Broken Android Data Recovery can help you solve this problem. Let’s see.

Start the program and connect your Samsung phone to your computer.When you see the interface below, tap “Your device is not detected?” option.

update, your, samsung, phone, computer

Select data types and click the “Start” button.

Then you will be prompted to select the name and model of your device from the list. If your phone is not on the list of supported devices, you can also click “Can’t find my device” for more help.

Follow the instructions shown in the interface below to get your Samsung into boot mode:. Turn off your phone Press and hold the volume down button Home button Power button Press the volume up to enter boot mode.

The recovery package is now loaded, and your phone will be forced to reboot several times.

Once the download process is complete, your Samsung phone will be successfully detected and connected. You can now save data from your phone to your computer or restore deleted/existing data from your Samsung.

Free Download Broken Android Data Recovery:

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How to transfer notes from Samsung to your computer?

First, connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable that allows you to transfer files.

  • Turn the phone on and unlock it
  • On your computer, click the Start button. and then select Photos. to open the Photos app.
  • Select Import From USB Device and follow the instructions.

The main problems with the firmware

There are many methods to change the firmware on your smartphone. In most cases, the user has no problem updating his phone. But sometimes changing the operating system leads to various errors. This table shows the main problems a user may encounter.

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