How to upload music to iPhone without iTunes

How to put music on the iPhone in four directions with / without iTunes

Iphone becomes more pleasant thanks to its mobility for watching video or listening to music. Nevertheless, how to put a bunch of musical songs on the iPhone will become problematic. On this page, we will tell you about four ways to transfer music from a computer to the iPhone C / without iTunes, transmission of music from other devices, such as Android or iPad / iPod, on iPhone for convenient listening to free songs.

Fonetrans is a tool that allows you to record music on the iPhone from PC / Mac on iPhone. Check its other functions that you cannot miss:

  • Place music on the iPhone without iTunes from a computer (Windows and Mac)
  • Convert songs automatically for placing and playing on iPhone.
  • Export of music from iPhone on iTunes / on a computer.
  • Compatible with iOS 10 and iPhone 3G3 / 4 / 4s / 5 / 5s / 5C / 6/7, iPad Pro, etc. D.

Step.By.Step guide to IPhone Music using Fonetrans

Step 1 Launch Fonetrans and connect the iPhone to PC

Run this software on Windows or Mac computer and connect the iPhone to a computer using a USB cable, wait a few seconds, and this intelligent program will automatically find your iPhone.

Step 2 add music to iPhone without itunes

Select “Multimedia” “Music” “Add” to add a music file or folder to place music in the music library on the iPhone. If you want to put a ringtone on the iPhone, just select Ringtons.

If you want to exchange music between two iOS devices, just connect two iOS devices to the computer and click Media to find the IPhone / iPad / iPod XX music file to transfer music from iPad to iPhone easily.

If you want to place music from your iPhone on a computer or iTunes, just connect your iPhone to a computer, then select a music file on your iPhone, click “Exporting B” or “Export to iTunes” ,

How to upload music, video, etc. In iPhone or iPad without iTunes using ISTICK for Windows

It seems that the time has come when the last arguments of the Apple antiphanates become irrelevant. The need to synchronize the iPhone and iPad with only one computer through an intricate iTunes finally gives a thing of the past, thanks to the ISTICK revolutionary application from Softorino.

The first thing that any happy holder of iOS devices encounters is iTunes is an application for synchronization and the only way to download to your iPhone, iPad or iPod media files, photographs and books. And if Mac users are most often known and understandable, then most Windows fans have difficulties at this stage. In addition, users of iOS devices were doomed to tie their gadgets to a single computer and re-copy all files even after a simple reinstalling of the operating system. Perhaps the appearance of iCloud slightly simplified the task, but in general the problem remained.

So it was, until ISTICK was born through the efforts of Softorino-an application that, bypassing iTunes, allows you to fully work with all files on iOS devices without jailbreak. The first solution for PC, which allows you to connect iPhone, iPad and iPod to any computer and freely copy and move files in both directions as simply as when working with documents on a USB drive. The ISTICK integust is so simple and convenient that you do not have to get used to it, but you can immediately start work.

“Istick is the beginning of something really revolutionary. We love Apple, we love the iPhone, but iTunes. It is just too moral and makes it possible to realize all the potential, this is especially true for Windows version.”. Комментарии и мнения владельцев Peter Bondarevsky, co.Founder of Softorino.

Consider how it works. As soon as the iOS device is connected to the computer, Istick defines it and displays the window where all the possibilities for managing the gadget are presented:

  • Mediataca Management- allows you to copy all video and audio files from your PC device, as well as add files to the iOS library.
  • Book management-for transferring books from iOS devices to a computer and adding new.
  • USB Stick. A special folder on your iPhone, iPad or iPod for storing files. Files from this folder cannot be opened in iOS with standard methods, it is designed more to transport files between computers.
  • Access to the iOS file system. Allows you to work with files directly iOS itself. This section was created only for specialists and we do not recommend that you make any changes here.
  • Photos management-now in the application there is no opportunity to add photos on iOS devices, you can only view the pictures and copy them to the computer.
  • Working with applications. Allows you to work with application files installed in iOS.

File management in any section takes place in the standard Windows conductor and does not cause any difficulties. Documents copied to iOS devices are immediately found in the library and can be opened with standard means. Over, for example, music files added using iStick will remain in the library even after synchronization with iTunes. It is worth noting that it is necessary to load the media files in the format compatible with iOS, in order to play their reproduction.

ISTICK also contains a section with settings, very ascetic, quite in the spirit of Apple. In the settings, you can choose the action when connecting iOS devices to the PC, display the program icon in the tray, and maintaining the report. In the ABOUT section, you can see information about the product and developers, and in Tutorials you will find a brief excursion on Istick functions.

  • Download audio and video files, books and ringtones on iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  • Copying any files from iOS devices to a computer.
  • The ability to work iOS devices with several PC.
  • The ability to work simultaneously with several iOS devices on one computer. Including, you can transfer files between two gadgets.
  • Lack of need to install iTunes.
  • The ability to use iOS devices for transportation and storage of files, like a USB drive.
  • Intuitively understandable integration.

It is worth recognizing that it turned out a very successful product that will significantly expand the capabilities of your apple gadgets and eliminate many problematic issues in working with files. You can congratulate Softorino, which managed to make a breakthrough in this area and give us such an alternative to iTunes. The ISTICK program is so far available only for Windows users, now you can download a free version with some restrictions. If desired, you can update it to the full version, which is sold for 39.95 for promotion, but in the near future the price will rise to 89.95.

Installation of iTunes on a computer

You need to download the installation file on Apple’s official website. How to install iTunes you will figure it out yourself. It’s not difficult. It is unlikely that you may have problems with the installation, but if you arise, it is better to seek help from Support and they will help you quickly. After installation, start the application.

In a running application, you must find a small icon in the upper left upper corner, which is marked with an arrow on the screenshot below, then click on it and select the “Add File to the Media Text” in the menu that appears.

After pressing this item, a window will open in which you need to choose a directory (folder with music files) on your computer.

Having opened the folder in which your music files lie, select the necessary (which you will upload to the iPhone) using the mouse clicks with a clamped Ctrl button, then click the right mouse button, pointing the cursor to any selected file and click “Select”. All selected Files will move to the program integration.

When the files became available from iTunes in the music section, you can issue information about each music path, that is, register metadata. Click on one of the files, click “Information”, and then you will understand everything.

Now the music is ready to be loaded on a mobile device. True, you still have to tinker a little. Synchronize it with iTunes.

The process of throwing songs

Pouring music on iPhone through iTunes is quite simple, but the process takes a lot of time due to the features of loading and its design. Initially, you will need to transfer the desired file to the “library” of the player, and then conduct synchronization with a smartphone. The following instructions are given for a better understanding of how to do this correctly:

  • We launch the iTunes application on the computer, having previously entered your Apple ID.
  • Now add songs to the “Library” of the application. To do this, click “Add the file to the media”, and then from the arbitrary folder on the computer we select suitable tracks. The download will automatically begin and the playlist will create.
  • If desired, these tracks change or their own covers are added so that when listening, the musical composition looks aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. To edit, click on the track and select the item “Information”.
  • We connect the iPhone to the computer using Wi-Fi or direct connection through the cable.
  • After connection, we go to the “Music” tab, and then synchronize tracks with the memory of the phone as shown in the image.
upload, music, iphone, itunes

As you can see, adding songs to the iPhone is not such a difficult task. After getting used to such a system, it becomes very convenient. The possibility of adding metadata and free editing information greatly simplifies the life of the user.

Simple MP3 transfer ways to iPhone without iTunes

Itunes. Not the only way to add mp3 music to the iPhone from your computer. This is a good way to manage your music library, but not the transfer of mp3. Fortunately, you have more opportunities for work.

MP3 transfer to iPhone using Mobiesync

Aiseesoft Mobiesync is one of the best ITUNES substitutions. He overcomes the disadvantages of iTunes and simplifies the process of transmitting mp3 between the iPhone and a computer or other mobile device.

  • Music transmission in mp3 format between the iPhone and a computer in one click.
  • Pre.Viewing mp3 files on iPhone before and after transmission.
  • Coding audio files in accordance with your iOS device automatically.
  • Do not interrupt the existing music on your iPhone.

In short, this is the easiest way to add mp3 files to the iPhone from your hard drive.

How to transfer mp3 to iPhone using Mobiesync

If you plan to transfer MP3 to your iPhone, install on your computer software for transferring files. Then connect the iPhone to the computer using Lightning cable. After starting the software, your iPhone will be discovered and scanned. This software is available to all iPhone under the control of iOS 15/14/13/12/11 or earlier version.

Functions: for iOS 13/14 you need to enter your iPhone password to establish a connection.

Iphone audio files management

After scanning iPhone, files will be streamlined by type. Select music from the left side panel to display all audio files on your iPhone. If your phone has a limited space, you can choose unwanted music and press the basket icon on the upper tape to remove them.

When you are ready, find the desired folder or a list of playing for music tab. Expand the additional icon in the top line of the menu and select add files). Then find the MP3 files that you are going to copy on the iPhone and confirm this. Wait a few minutes. You will see that mp3 files will appear on your iPhone.

Transfer mp3 to iPhone using Fonetrans

Fonetrans is another popular file transfer software for iPhone. You can use it to control files, such as music in mp3 format, video, images and documents without iTunes.

  • Add mp3 to the iPhone from your computer just.
  • Keep the original sound quality when transmitting mp3.
  • Improve performance using a physical connection.
  • Compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro / XR / XS / 8/7 or earlier.

How to transfer mp3 to iPhone using Fonetrans

After you installed the MP3 program for the iPhone to your PC, run it. There is another version for Mac. Then connect your iPhone to a computer using a USB cable. If you use iOS 13 or higher, enter access code.

Pre.Viewing of music files on iPhone

upload, music, iphone, itunes

The program can scan all files on your iPhone after connecting. Then go to music tab from the left column. Now you can view all the music and playlists on your device.

Find the upper tape, press the additional and select add files). In the file opening dialog box, go to the MP3 files that you want to add to the iPhone, select them and confirm. When the MP3 transfer to the iPhone is completed, close the software and disconnect the iPhone. Now you can enjoy music on your phone.

How to write mp3 in iPod using Mediamonkey

Mediamonkey. This is a free and powerful music management software that combines music management, playing and editing tags. Mediamonkey. This is not just a media manager and player. File transfer with iPod. Therefore, if you want to transfer a music file to the MP3 to iPod, you can instead try Mediamonkey.

Opening Mediamonkey on your computer, select “Tools” to “synchronize the device”. Then select your iPod to move the mp3 file to iPod.

How to download music on a computer from the Internet (, YouTube, etc.D.)

There are many services and sites with huge music archives. If desired, you can download the desired song from. Youtube, Torrent of Tracks or, for example, from the Zaycev website.Net.

In more detail about programs for downloading music on a computer, we talked in this material.

To avoid further problems with compatibility, we recommend downloading music in “mp3” format.

Iphone music using itools. Step.By.Step instructions

First of all, of course, you need to download the ITOOLS program itself, you can do this by the link:

The installation of the program is intuitive, so we will not paint each step in detail. But the process with the transfer of music, consider step by step.

1 Launch iTools, connect the code to the computer using a USB cable. The program should determine the type of device that was connected. In the main menu you will see the name of your mobile gadget.

2 Go to the navigation panel to the “Music” section, then click the “Import” button as shown in the screenshot below.

3 Further, a window will open in which you need to specify the path to the folder where you store music downloaded on PC. If you are a confident PC user, then it is unlikely that you will not be clear to you at this stage.

How to transfer Music from PC to iPhone without iTunes

In a folder with music, you must choose those files that you want to download to your iPhone, for this, select them one by clicking each time “choose”. Or highlight several in the list, then also click “Choose”. It is convenient to prepare a folder with music on the computer in advance, which you want to download on the iPhone.

4 That’s all. Audio files loaded onto the device are now also available in iTools, in the “Music” section. That is, this section displays files stored on a mobile device. If you wish, you can copy them to your computer, for example, if you are connected by a friend’s device who came to visit.

The method will work on almost all modern devices of Apple, that is, regardless of whether the iPhone 6 you have, iPhone 7 plus or iPad, the method considered above will work perfectly.

How to download music from the Internet on iPhone and iPad without iTunes

Open the Browser menu and enter the address of the site from which it is supposed to download music in the address bar. In our case, this is SEFON service.Pro.

Select the necessary composition, click on the file download icon in the Filemaster program.

Then a window will appear in which the reproduction of the downloaded composition will be launched. Click on the icon with the image of the diskette in the lower menu, enter the desired file name, then click “Confirm” to save changes.

The uploaded file will be in the root folder of the application, but it is easy to transfer it to the music folder.

upload, music, iphone, itunes

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone

To do this, press and hold your finger on a loaded composition until a pop.Up menu appears. Select cut, then open the music folder, click on the button in the lower right corner and slip in the insert button. The composition will be moved into the current folder.

The Filemaster program is available for free, however, shutdown of advertising in the free version will cost the user 279.

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Pleased the name of the folder “Picture”. It was also necessary to write “song” instead of “music”.

All thanks excellent article, excellent program. I advise everyone.

Yes, more than sure, this application takes up a lot! Since this program is written in a separate folder all files!

Downloaded the program. All tracks are blocked why?

Soundhost is an online platform (mobile and web), which allows you to listen to your favorite music online, monitor the work of artists and musical events.

The user who created the account has the opportunity to load music, create playlists, communicate with other participants in the chat, subscribe to their news, send personal messages. You can install privacy settings for the profile, as well as make it individual, adding a cover and an avatar, create playlists and much more.

You can also (load, download, sell, listen to music at Soundhost) many opportunities. Fast loading of tracks, jumps, convenient listening to tracks, Ukrainian, Russian and English, the ability to command and approve tracks and much more.

Music from these third.Party browsers is not always reproduced. Accordingly, you do not know whether this or that track is necessary or not. Idownloader, Goodreader, Filemaster. And so there are such tips about downloading like mushrooms. Result = 0.

Seriously? And what prevents me from just throwing music in iCloud, one of the folders? Or just download from Safari to icloud? Why is the left application for this?