How to upload to instagram from a computer

Easy and convenient ways to upload a story to Instagram via computer

Interesting content in Instagram can be posted via smartphone, but it is often more convenient to do it from a PC, using standard tools, as well as special utilities. Let’s consider how to upload a story to social network Instagram via computer, so as not to download it to your phone.

Some people are driven to upload their photos and videos to Instagram stories because they want to become famous and popular, others want to upload useful content that they want to share with their followers, others want to pre-process photos or videos using this social network.

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Simple methods will help to upload a video of an Instagram social network account when there is no way to publish the content of the account from your phone.

How to upload a photo to Instagram from your computer using the browser

To post an image to Instagram from your computer, use your browser. For Google Chrome and Opera right-click on “View Code”, and for Yandex.Browser”. “Explore Item”. Now let’s see what it looks like in practice.

Instructions for uploading photos

Go to the browser, go to the Instagram page and connect your account.

Right-click and select “View code. We used the Google Chrome browser.

Example of how to enable “View Code” in the browser

In the window that will open, select to display the page in a cell phone format.

Choosing a page format in the browser

Refresh the page and use all the functionality of the application from

The mobile version of Instagram on PC

Next, let’s look at a few options for uploading images using extensions in the browser.

The best app blockers for Android (2018 release.)

Excel is a spreadsheet program developed and distributed by Microsoft. This is part of the Microsoft Office suite, which.


BlueStacks. is a handy program that you can download from the homepage of the official site. This is an emulator that can fully recreate Android functionality on a personal computer. It weighs a lot, may slow down. It’s free and contains ads. First, you’ll have to get used to making Instagram posts in BlueStacks from your computer.

Once installed, go to the app and click on the gear. You’ll be prompted to register a Google account or open an existing one. Sign up and start searching for Instagram. Launch it by clicking the appropriate button, similar to a mobile app download. The social network will now be available in a mobile version on your monitor screen. You can create a shortcut on your desktop.

To upload a photo, simply drag and drop it into the emulator window, which will display a list of applications to send. Select Instagram. All the processing features are available to you: filters, cropping. Add text, hashtag, tag people and send the first entry from your computer. All actions are the same as the mobile app.

Steps for uploading and posting to Instagram from a PC

So, in this article, we will share a detailed guide on how to publish Instagram posts directly from PC. The process takes a little effort to set up, but it does a great job. Let’s take a look.

First of all, open your Chrome browser and visit Instagram. Once done, Signing in to your account.

Now right-click anywhere on the page and select ‘Verify’

This will open the Window Developer for Chrome which looks like this.

Now you need to click on the “Mobile” button, as shown below.

You will now see the mobile Instagram interface.

In the drop-down menu, select your smartphone model de su elección.

This will change the browser view to the mobile screen. You will now see the download button at the bottom of the screen.

Note: If the download button doesn’t appear, reload the page.

Use the download button to view the files stored on your computer.

That’s it! You are ready to go. Here’s how you can post to Instagram from your computer

So this article is about how to post to Instagram from your computer, I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends. If you have any questions about this, let us know in the comment box below.

Chrome extension

The second way to download. via Chrome extension.

Go to Google Play, type “Desktop for Instagram” into your search. The service offers so many options, I choose the very first one.

A couple of minutes to install and run the new program. The mobile emulation in Instagram opens in a new browser window.

I press the “” button again and add the photo to my IG profile. The image processing options are the same: filter or crop/rotate:

I publish a post, see it in the feed.

Summary: The second option through the extension is even easier than through the developer’s console. Minus. you need to install an extension.

How to post stories to Instagram from a computer?

The web version of the social network Instagram on PC lacks the function of downloading life-moments, which makes it difficult for users to use the service. However, in such a situation, there are several ways out:

  • If your PC or laptop is supported by the Windows platform, you have the opportunity to download the official Instagram program. This version contains the necessary tools to process and add stories through the comp;
  • The second way is to use additional tools from Chrome “Instagram Web”, which can be installed through the official Chrome browser online store. This app allows you to publish stories using a PC, you just need to log into it with your account and Instagram will take on the appearance of a mobile version;
  • One effective way is to use programs on PCs that provide a delayed posting tool for social networks. The ParaZight service, which has a new function. Instagram stories editor. will help you with this. This is very convenient, because you can control the timing of the publication of posts in advance plan the output of stories in the profile.

How to watch Instagram storis from a computer?

Viewing life-moments in Instagram is also not intended in the computer version, as well as their download. This becomes a problem for most users, but there is a sure-fire way to solve this difficulty. The way is to use Chrome’s IG Story app (Web instagram). To do this you need to open the official online store from Chrome and install the application on your computer.

Chrome’s IG Story program gives a little bonus to its users: by downloading the app to your computer, you have the ability to view other users’ stories anonymously, just by clicking on the eye icon next to the Stories list.

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