How to Use iPad as a Graphic Tablet

Apps for the tablet

There are plenty of programs and editors on the internet that will give you the ability to create sketches on a common device. Just download the appropriate OS and start creating.


This program will allow you to use the universal gadget as close to a graphic. The application connects the device to the computer. The work takes place in the editor GIMP.

An example of using the tablet with XorgTable

Use Your iPad as a Drawing Tablet for Any PC App!

But keep in mind that the quality of images will be low. In addition, while working in the editor, the computer mouse will not react.

Transforming the tablet

As we have already figured out, these handhelds are designed to use ready-made content. It can be both games, movies, music, and office work and seining on the Internet. Many would agree that it is quite enough for a comfortable time.

But we are trying to improve our device today, so we are looking for a solution to learn how to make a graphics tablet from a tablet. Now you can find a lot of applications that will add features to our device.

First we should consider a more popular and expensive device. So, how to turn the iPad into a graphics tablet? Consider the editor Sketchbook Ink, which was developed by the rather popular company Autodesk. This app will allow us to save money and add a lot of features that a graphics tablet has.

This company produces many different applications for private and commercial use. The products of the company Autodesk already appreciated by millions of people around the world.

This popular company has made its way to Apple products, which have a rather peculiar operating system. iOS. Sketchbook Ink provides people with a full range of tools to create high-quality content. The application is ideal not only for people who have decided to learn to draw, but also for professionals. Probably many would agree that it is much more convenient to draw on one prepared device than to carry around a set of pencils and paper.

The app is capable of turning your iOS device into a graphics tablet that will use vector graphics. This is the right choice, as many experts say. It is vector graphics will not lose image quality even with a large enlargement of the drawing.

Sketchbook Ink contains a large set of tools that allow you to create high-quality images. Different brushes, pencils, eraser, color palette will help you create a masterpiece. You can use a special thin stylus to draw.

ipad, graphic, tablet

Can you turn a tablet into a graphics tablet? Of course! As you have already realized, the quality of images is quite good. This is possible thanks to the scaling of images and quality fills. You can use several shades or fill an area with the color of your choice.

This application has a rather useful function. You can use layers to create a better image. This is the only way to get a fairly realistic image.

Galaxy Note 9, Note 8 and other devices with S-Pen as a graphic tablet

The most interesting in the context of the topic at hand are the Galaxy Note smartphones and Samsung tablets that support the S-Pen, sensitive to the force of pressure and equipped with the Wacom digitizer. All of these advantages we can take advantage of and turn our mobile device into an almost full-fledged graphic tablet:

  • On your phone or tablet, download VirtualTablet Lite (S-Pen), available for free on Play Market: (there is also an ad-free paid version).
  • On your computer, download and install VirtualTablet Server, available at
  • Run VirtualTablet Server on the computer after installing. If you plan to connect via Bluetooth, then when prompted by the program, allow searching, in my example I connect via Wi-Fi (computer and smartphone must be connected to the same network). Wait until the Status field in the program says Ready. Keep in mind that it should not be blocked by a firewall.
  • After starting the server, launch the VirtualTablet app on your phone or tablet, and then select the connection type: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB (the last option requires you to enable USB debugging on Android).
  • If you use a Wi-Fi connection, if both devices are connected to the same network, you will see a list of servers in the app (or you can manually enter the IP address). Choose the right server and click the “Connect” button in the app.
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Done, the virtual graphics tablet on your mobile device is running and you can use it in graphics programs.

For example, draw in Photoshop, using all the additional functions of brushes, and if your computer has Windows 10, the Windows Ink Workspace features will become available (the icon usually appears automatically in the notification area), you can also conveniently use the free Microsoft Fresh Paint application (available in the Windows 10 Store).

If necessary, in the VirtualTablet Server program on your computer, you can change the sensitivity of the touch and pen movement. Also note the following point: if your computer uses more than one monitor, the graphics tablet will only work for the monitor that is number 1 in Windows.

How to use an iPad as a graphics tablet

Avatron Software has released the Air Stylus application which allows you to use your iPad screen as a graphics tablet and draw in graphics editors. If you’re into digital painting, you probably know that a graphics tablet is very handy for electronic art because they allow you to draw with a pen, which gives you more freedom than the movements of a mouse or trackpad.

There are different types of graphics tablets, but especially valuable and expensive are those that have a display with a touchscreen. These models allow you to literally draw on a living digital canvas, putting a brush where you need to draw a line or make a brush stroke. However, most users already have an iPad, it is the same screen, with a superior retina display and touchscreen input. And the Air Stylus app lets you use your iPad as a graphics tablet, without having to buy an additional device.

To draw in this application you must have a stylus in order to experience the full convenience of this application. Air Stylus Works with a variety of styli, including Wacom styli that transmit pen pressure data, so you can draw thin and thick and control your drawing just like you would with a regular pen or brush.

A graphics tablet is a pen device designed to input information into a computer for subsequent work. In other words, a graphics tablet is an electronic sheet of paper and a pen, which can be used to perform various manipulations with information in various programs.

Is it possible to use an ordinary tablet as a graphics tablet?? Of course! All you need is a tablet, an internet connection and a stylus. There are programs for iOS and Android on the World Wide Web.

The main difference between a monitor and a tablet is that when using a monitor, the artist draws directly on the graphic monitor and sees the image on it. When using a tablet, the artist draws on the tablet and sees the image on the computer monitor.

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Our pick of the best tablets for drawing

ipad, graphic, tablet
  • Best overall. XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro.
  • Best on Android. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.
  • Best drawing tablet. Huion H610 Pro V2.
  • Second place. Huion GT-221 PRO.
  • The best for professionals. GAOMON PD1560.
  • Apple’s best tablet. Apple iPad Pro 11.

iPad as a Graphics Tablet for Photoshop? Yes!

How can I use my iPad as a graphics tablet?

I have an iPad and would like to use it as a graphics tablet to record video tutorials on my computer.

What software should I use so that the iPad is an input device to directly control my PC? I want to be able to draw on my computer via my iPad. It will work as a Bamboo Pen tablet, as in the “graphic tablet” link.

iPad does not have the same capabilities as Wacom graphics tablet. At best, with the exception of Eazel, you can only control your cursor on a Mac or PC. There are many programs of this type for the iPad on iTunes, from the free touch mouse (iPhone only) to iTeleport (iPad, 25).

Graphic tablets are not that expensive, especially compared to iPads. The cheapest Wacom tablet in the US costs about 200. Ask someone you know to give you one for your birthday or appropriate holiday. If you know enough people, you can find them for free. I gave away my old Wacom Graphire last year when I bought the new Intuos. Ebay shows used Graphires at various prices; make sure the tablets used include a pen and mouse.

I have also done video tutorials using the graphics tablet and Photoshop. I haven’t decided which video capture software to use. Too many for me, I recommend one.

The answer to your question is the Avatron AirPad software. I just downloaded the Windows version, and so far it seems stable enough, although I’m sure the Mac version is even more reliable, since the Windows version looks relatively new.

That said, it’s pretty impressive and does exactly what you want to do, AND of course, other than touch sensitivity, and there will always be some lag (heck, graphics tablets have lag too, believe it, but very much Less).

Go to “Settings” → “Bluetooth” on your tablet and activate the technology. Simply touch the 2nd generation stylus to the side of the tablet, and it will charge up and connect to your device instantly.

  • You need to download the iDisplay app. Also suitable Duet Display, the principle of connection they have the same;
  • Install iDisplay for Windows or macOS;
  • Connect your device via cable or Wi-Fi.
  • Once connected, a window pops up where you need to click on the “Always Allow” button.

Can you use iPad as a graphics tablet??

Despite the fact that the devices from Apple have always been famous for their infinite capabilities and versatility, using iPad as a graphics tablet, for drawing and beautiful handwriting is not very convenient

ipad, graphic, tablet

A much more common use for this device is to consume finished content, whether it’s iPad games, movies, music, or just seing on the Internet.

To solve this annoying problem, there was developed a lot of applications for iOS, which help to use iPad as a graphical tablet, thereby saving a certain amount of money, as well as expanding the popularity of this beautiful device from Apple. First, let’s look at a way such as using the Sketchbook Ink editor from the fairly well-known company Autodesk.

Autodesk is currently one of the world’s largest developers and suppliers of various software not only for private use, but also for commercial organizations, industrial sector.

The company is not bypassed and products and Apple with its unique operating system iOS. Sketchbook Ink editor is just an example of application development for those iPad owners who want to feel themselves as artists and painters, using iPad as a graphics tablet, rather than primitive paper and pencils.

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This app turns your iPad into a graphics tablet that even today’s serious artists can appreciate. Using vector graphics, according to these knowledgeable people, is the most rational choice, as vector images do not lose their quality even with multiple enlargements.

An app that turns your iPad into a graphics tablet, combines a whole set of tools familiar to anyone who’s ever done fine art: brushes, pencils, eraser, palette with paints. Virtual, of course. Use your fingers or a specialized stylus as a brush.

You can use the zoom function to depict small details of the picture. And if motion accuracy is not particularly important, and you don’t have to worry about using multiple shades, just use a fill in some area of the image with a particular color.

There is also a specific feature, which is not inherent in all applications for drawing. in order to get a fairly realistic image, you can superimpose paint layers, make peculiar strokes with a virtual brush.

The image obtained after drawing on the iPad is simple enough to export to a personal computer, it can also be sent to a special service Dropbox. Despite the fact that the high quality of the resulting images should please the eye of the most sophisticated connoisseur of art, the application has several significant drawbacks, which the developers promise to fix in future versions of the application.

These include, first of all, the lack of support for multiple layers, as well as infrequent freezes when working with brushes, which can interfere with the creative process.

But these disadvantages are more than compensated by the possibility to use your iPad as a real graphics tablet by spending only 1 minute.99 with the purchase of the application in the App Store.

It is also possible to use iPad as a graphic tablet with the new input device. a special stylus Cregle iPen. Since standard iPad styli do not allow you to put your hand on the tablet screen, and do not provide enough high-precision lines, the craftsmen from Cregle, with the assistance of Kickstarter, offered users a new device.

Cregle iPen looks like a fairly large and thick ballpoint pen, and the device comes with an iPad dock and two batteries.

Batteries are used to power the pen-stylus, and the second device from the kit serves to more convenient use iPad as a graphic tablet. The receiver made it possible to put your hand on the iPad screen so that it does not respond to the touch of your hand, and also improved the quality of writing: the area of response to the touch has been reduced.

The charge of the two batteries used in the Cregle iPen is enough for 100 hours of uninterrupted operation of the new device. Unfortunately, the stylus for the iPad is complicated by the fact that it is not a standard Apple device.

My IPAD PRO just became a DRAWING TABLET for my PC! (Duet Display Review!)

However, the joint work of the developer of the popular tablet and Cregle is in full swing. In future versions, according to the developers’ assurances, the Cregle iPen will be significantly improved, and new features will appear: for example, it will be possible to adjust the thickness of the drawn lines, increasing or decreasing the force of pressure on the screen.