How to use NFC on your smartphone

How to set up NFC on your phone

Many flagship devices contain many features, among which you can find a whole line devoted to such an acronym as NFC. To this acronym you can find few worthwhile explanations, which will tell you what it is. In general, they say that it is a wireless communication technology. But here’s what problems will be solved with it, why it is in the device at all, what it gives the user. It is not at all clear to a person that there can be a normal built-in module.

However, this feature is very useful and appreciated on many devices. Otherwise it would not have been able to acquire such widespread popularity, as it is now. And the function is that with its help, the user can pay for all purchases in a contactless way with his mobile device.

Checking for NFC

Not every smartphone has built-in NFC support. Most models from the budget price category do without such a module, it is not always present in mid-range smartphones.

Although the flagship versions and the so-called “subflagships” of almost all manufacturers get NFC by default. To check for the presence of the module you can try to find the inscription Near Field Communication or the letters N on its body. If there are no identifying marks, it is worth going to check in the settings.

The algorithm for finding the NFC module on Android 7 is not complicated. Just go to the phone settings, click on the inscription “” in the group of wireless networks and communications. In the list that opens, it should be labeled NFC. or the full name of the technology. It means that the phone supports data transfer in this way. However, both in this version of the firmware, and on Android 8, and other platforms, before using the module will have to first turn on.

How to enable NFC on Xiaomi

Before you install contactless payment, you need to turn on the NFC module in your smartphone. It is initially disabled, as it constantly sends electromagnetic radiation and consumes battery power. To use contactless payment you have to turn on NFC, otherwise nothing will work.

Enable NFC through the notification curtain in the quick settings (where the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, location and so on switches are located). It is enough to find the button “NFC” and activate it. everything, this way the NFC will work.

NFC is also enabled in the smartphone’s settings, under “Connectivity and sharing” here:

How to set up contactless payment on xiaomi

It is necessary to open the menu and in the section “NFC” activate the corresponding slider so that it becomes blue. The switch is located here:

For contactless payment in Russia, you need to open the “Security item location” in the settings menu and select the function “SIM Wallet” as shown in the screenshot below.

After successfully activating the sensor and transferring the security element to SIM, you can start setting up contactless payment itself.

How to set up NFC on the phone

Before trying to set up a device, it is necessary to understand whether the user has NFC on his phone. There are several ways to do this:

  • See if there is a special NFC sticker on the device, which is most often located on the back of the device. You can also find it next to the battery pack;
  • You can also read the manual, which also indicates whether the device has the module or not.

It is worth examining what the gadget is capable of. To do this, enter the main settings menu of the device, and then make sure that this option is present.

  • Go to the main menu on the smartphone;
  • Tap and open the settings;
  • Now you need to find a special section “Wireless networks” or “Connected devices”;
  • After different tabs like “Wi-Fi” and others it is possible to open “” and find the necessary section with NFC. To activate it, it is necessary to move the slider to the right to activate.

Thus, the user could only activate this function. It is also possible to download a special program NFC Retag FREE which ties different cards to the device. But first of all it is necessary to define the payment system.

What is NFC on Android?

NFC. Near Field Communication). the technology of data transmission between devices at close distances. The function is based on a special built-in chip in both devices which allows them to receive the signal with the data. For example, a user can send multimedia files from a smartphone to a smart watch, or from a camera to a smartphone.

NFC technology also integrates applications and payment methods stored on each device. To make purchases using a smartphone, all you need to do is perform basic actions:

  • Set up payment in a special application;
  • Connect an external module or activate NFC inside the phone;
  • Bring a smartphone to the terminal and wait for the payment to be completed.

Payment data can be saved on multiple devices at once. To do this you need to download the application with the note Pay on Google Play or App Store on all the gadgets that have a built-in NFC chip and add to it a bank or virtual card that will be debited with each purchase.

This option is very convenient in a family circle where all family members use the same card to pay. Also, the user no longer has to worry about forgetting the wallet at home. It will always have the payment data at his/her fingertips.

Contactless payment applications have certain system requirements. On Android, Google Pay is the most popular. It is suitable for phones from different manufacturers. To activate it, you need the following parameters of your smartphone:

  • Built-in NFC module;
  • Android OS version 4.4. and higher;
  • Official firmware;
  • Locked bootloader;
  • Lack of active root rights;
  • Phone certification from Google.

If NFC can be connected externally, Android apps will not work on custom firmware or an unlicensed smartphone. Fans of extended settings will also have to give them up in favor of contactless payments.

Is it possible to install NFC module on the phone??

The latest models of smartphones are often equipped with a built-in NFC module. But what about those who have older versions of phones?

In online stores and cell phone stores you can buy an NFC module for your smartphone in several forms:

External modules fit smartphones, cameras and smart watches. They work on a par with the standard built-in chip and can also transfer data between devices.

How to embed the chip in your device? It’s very simple: the SIM card or label is inserted into a normal slot for SIM and memory cards. The NFC-antenna is accurately attached to the active SIM-card and remains with it inside the case.

Smart watch with NFC-module and other accessories for payment

NFC-antenna cannot be connected to the smartphones with a side hole for SIM-cards or a fixed back cover.

The easiest way is to contact your service provider and ask for a replacement SIM card with a built-in chip. However, a couple of nuances should be considered:

  • Replacement of SIM-card could entail a change of the phone number;
  • A bank account must be linked to the SIM card;
  • The choice of the bank is up to the operator.

After the NFC SIM-card is installed, the user can make payments with the smartphone. The amount of purchase will be deducted from the bank account attached to the SIM-card. After each transaction the phone will receive an SMS-notification from the bank with the specified payment.

Another way is sticking a sticker with an NFC chip on the device. Each sticker has a unique identification number and certification.

To use the module, it is enough to open the back cover of the smartphone and attach a sticker to the device. Next, you need to install the NFC Tools application on the phone, which allows you to set up the external module and make the payment.

How to turn on NFC on Android?

Setting up NFC on Android with an embedded chip ready is much easier. On all smartphones of the given operating system the setting is the same.

To activate NFC you need to open the standard settings of the phone and go to “”. It can be found immediately in the main menu or the “Wireless Connections” tab.

In this section is the contactless payment option. Tick the checkbox to activate it or move the checkbox to the right (depending on the smartphone model).

You should also pay attention to the Android Beam feature. It must also be active to send data to another device.

In the “Contactless payment” tab, you should select the app through which the payment will be made by default.

If you don’t have this kind of setting on your smartphone, it doesn’t support NFC data transfer.

How to connect a payment tool?

After a successful activation of NFC service it’s necessary to download the app for contactless payment. Google Pay is most often installed on Android, as it is possible to attach several cards from different banks for payment. Some users like applications from specific banks, such as Yandex.Money. Samsung owners prefer Samsung Pay because the application is optimized for their smartphones.

To find out how to pay via NFC from your Android phone, just follow a couple of steps:

Let’s consider the actions in details by the example of Google Pay.

How to download Android Pay to your phone? To do this, open Google Play and enter the name of the program in the search. Among offered options select the necessary one and press the button “Install”.

The application will load in a couple of minutes. After that, you should press the “Open” button.

The program will request access to the location and data from your Google account. It will then ask you to add your bank card as the primary means of payment. The system accepts Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro cards. The user has to enter it:

Next, you need to enter a phone number to confirm the data. An SMS will be sent to it with a one-time password, which should be mentioned in the application.

After that, you should activate the custom screen lock. Since the application contains sensitive data, it requires additional protection from intruders.

What are NFS tags, NFS tags and the tag scanner?

Another interesting application for NFC is tags and tagging. Everyone knows what a QR code is. So, an NFC tag or a tag is a kind of analogue of a QR code, but in another version. As a rule, on colored stickers, NFC chip is sewn, and almost any useful information is put in the chip.

It can be a link to a website, a route to a cafe, the web address of a YouTube channel, access to a free wi-fi network, etc.д. If necessary, tags are made that turn on the smartphone mode “On the plane” or “Do Not Disturb” actually make changes to the settings of your smartphone.

How to buy an inexpensive smartphone with NFC?

The indisputable convenience of tags and labels. no need to point your smartphone camera (QR). just bring your smartphone to the sticker and all. and more models of smartphones support NFC, and it is gradually becoming more and more accessible.

Popular brand flagship models are expensive, but if it makes no difference why pay more?

For example. I recently purchased an inexpensive secure smartphone for travel with Android 10 from China, which has this feature. For a detailed review of this smartphone (with video) see here. Affordable price and high quality. Be sure to look at how to buy it if you are thinking of changing your smartphone.

The conclusion is the following. NFC is quite a safe feature, which is becoming more and more available and spreading. It allows you not to carry around a bank card. Only with contactless payment, you need to use “near-field communication” with special care. Do not give access to unauthorized persons, do not lose your smartphone. Good luck to all!

Advantages and disadvantages of modern technology

The main advantage of the NFC module. low power consumption, affordability, safety and ease of use. But before you activate this function it is necessary to study certain nuances.

Like all devices NFC module has some disadvantages:

  • Small range. It brings some inconvenience when using this technology. On the other hand, it provides maximum security. The owner of the smartphone will not be able to accidentally pay for the product, set the command.
  • Uncontrolled development of modifications for NFC. The producers of gadgets “Haomi” and “Sony” are trying to improve the process of information transfer. They produce their own parts which work only with their smartphones or tablets. To enjoy all the benefits of the module, the consumer will have to buy a cell phone of a certain brand, as well as install applications only of these developers.

For your information! Developers are gradually trying to eliminate some of the shortcomings and make various improvements to their technology.

If the user does not know how to connect NFC to the smartphone or has difficulty doing it, it is better to turn to a specialized center for help to experienced craftsmen.

NFC allows one-touch shopping and other types of transactions. If your smartphone does not have this feature, you can buy the corresponding chip or SIM-card. To ensure proper security, the phone owner will have to enable screen unlocking by fingerprint or PIN-code. there is no other way.