How to view security camera footage

What is an H.264?

Simply put, the file H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) is a video file encoded in the licensed video compression standard H.264, which provides a high level of compression (low bit rate) with excellent image quality.

Refer to! Bitrate is the number of bits (units of information) transmitted per unit time. For Full HD (1080 p) movies the bitrate of the video file is about 10 Mbit/s.

Because of its high level of compression and other advantages, the H.264 has replaced the previous MPEG-4 ASP codec and is widely used in AVCHD camcorders, Blu-ray and HD DVD, HDTV, etc.д.

  • audio in the codec can be compressed separately and captured together with the H.264;
  • Backwards compatible with older compression standards, such as H.263/H.261 and t.д.;
  • reduces the size of the digital video file by about 50%;
  • is open for licensing to all vendors;
  • is a standard for interoperability between different devices
  • allows you to stream video from high definition cameras over the internet.

How to open a file from a video recorder or surveillance camera is not playable

Good time!

There are situations where you need to open and watch video on your computer recorded on a surveillance camera (or DVR). And, it would seem, here they are MP4, AVI, H264, MOV (and others) files.). only need to open it.

view, camera, footage

How to check cctv footage

But after trying dozens of players and codecs. it is not always possible to open such videos (it happened to me about 10 years ago, when I first encountered such a question).

In this article I will give you several recommendations, which should help to solve this problem.

Note: I am not an expert in video equipment, so I may be a little imprecise in terms.

The storage period of the archive video information from entrance and yard surveillance cameras is 5 calendar days, from cameras of mass gathering places, commercial facilities, educational and medical organizations, as well as construction sites. 30 calendar days.

In order to view the CCTV camera online, you must first open the tab “DEVICES” in SmartPSS program, in this tab add your device, NVR or PC server, use the “add” button.

How to view video surveillance in the entryway?

If you have an emergency and you need to urgently review the CCTV footage installed in the entrance hall, there are several options on how you can access the footage.

First you need to find out who owns the system. This could be:

  • The condominium company/the housing cooperative or the tenants of the apartment building
  • The installer of the video surveillance system
  • service provider
  • A federal program (Safe Region and others).

You should contact the management company and ask for the camera archive. Even if the cameras were installed by an external company at the request of the residents, the building management company still has access to the system. If the managing company doesn’t have access to the video, they know the contacts of the person who installed the video surveillance system.

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There should be signs/stickers in the entryway that say you are being video taped. Most often, they have contact information for the company that installed the video surveillance. Contact them to get the record. You might also be asked to provide proof of ownership of the building.

If the cameras were installed under a federal program, access to them is granted to employees of the federal government, authorized officials, law enforcement and executive agencies. In the event of an incident, residents can leave a request to retain the video archive from the cameras by calling the program’s hot line. With the application number received from the operator, contact the law enforcement agencies at the scene of the incident, who will help obtain the video archive and attach it to the case.

Please note that none of the above organizations are obliged to provide recordings to third parties, but only at the request of law enforcement agencies. If you are unable to obtain the necessary video on your own, contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

What to do with video from a surveillance camera/video recorder

1) Try to load alternative players

The most popular reason for not being able to open the video file is the lack of codecs (or various glitches with them). Therefore, the first thing I would advise is this:

  • or install a good set of codecs (I recommend “K-Lite Codec Pack” option “MEGA” when installing in the settings specify “Lots of stuff” so you will have all the necessary codecs);
  • Either use players that do not need codecs in the system (e.g. GOM Player, PotPlayer, Splash HD Player Lite, KMPlayer).

If you can not play the video in the above players it is possible that the file from the DVR was encoded into a “special” codec

There are two options for playing back such files:

  • find out the manufacturer and the model of the device (where the video was recorded) and download programs from the official site (usually, all manufacturers have software for working with their equipment on the site);
  • Use HEX editor, find out the file header and try to manually find the necessary codec (decoder).

2) To use special software for playback of such files. software from the manufacturer

For example, take one of the popular manufacturers of such equipment DVR Falcon Eye FE-1104MHD Light (not advertising!). Going to the manufacturer’s official site, I find the exact model of the device (see. screenshot below).

FALCON EYE manufacturer’s official website

At the bottom of the page there are not only instructions and codecs for video editing. characteristics, but also software to work with the video recorder.

Actually, having downloaded and opened the archive you can find: player (not only for Windows), converter, codecs, etc. “dobro”.

In principle, then no difficulties with the processing of such video should not arise.

3) Use HEX editor and analyze the beginning of the file

In cases when producer and model of your recorder is unknown (or there is no software on its official site, or it is closed long ago) you can try to find codec for decoding video manually. You will need some kind of HEX editor for this (for example, you can take Win HEX).

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When you open a video file in this editor you will not see it, only the numbers, letters, etc., will be shown. (Many users are “intimidated” by this. ). Actually, we just need to look through the first 4 bytes of the file (see “The first 4 bytes of the file”). screenshot below, they are highlighted “4HKH”).

From these 4 bytes we can manually try to find the codec to decrypt the file. Just ask a question in Google (Yandex) like “4HKH video compressor” (“4HKH video converter”) and other derivatives.

In general, what you do next may vary depending on what “decoding” and video software you download.

That’s all, for additions thanks in advance.

How to view a surveillance camera through your Android phone

How to do video surveillance and home monitoring via Android phone. it’s really not that difficult. Here you will learn how to watch the camera through your phone and what you need to do to do it. What programs are available and where you need to install them. We will offer different options when you can make video surveillance from a regular Android smartphone.

Option 1. Android smartphone and IP camera

Video surveillance with your own hands has become possible because you can connect an ordinary IP camera and an Android smartphone into one system. In other words, you can turn a camera and a regular smartphone into a video camera to monitor your home when you’re at work, on a business trip, or just away on business. For this you need: a stable connection to the Internet, preferably via Wi-Fi, the installation of the program on your smartphone and directly the IP camera itself.

So, how to watch a surveillance camera via your Android phone:

You need to determine how the camera works.

Configure the camera to your home Wi-Fi (you must have high speed internet).

Install the software on your phone. Unifi Video is good for Ubiquiti Networks cameras, TinyCam Pro for Chinese cameras, and TineCam Monitor Pro or IP Cam Viewer for all others.

Access the camera by IP, serial number, automatic local network search or scanned QR-code.

The essence. establish a connection between the phone and the camera to view images in real time. These special programs will help pair your smartphone with your camera.

Option 2. Turn your Android phone into an IP camera

Turn your Android smartphone into an IP camera is really possible with special programs that, once installed, turn an ordinary smartphone into a surveillance camera.

For example, a very popular program IP Webcam, which provides the ability to monitor the house via phone in real time, without buying a camera. The programs can be different. We described some of them in detail in the article “How to connect to someone else’s camera smartphone.

Option 3. Full-fledged home tracking

We have described how to view the camera from the phone, now we will talk about the full-fledged surveillance of the house, which can be done with a regular Android phone. VkurSe software. lets you keep up to date with everything that is happening at home and on your phone. This is the perfect app for parental monitoring of children’s behavior when they are left alone at home. The program installs on your phone within 10 minutes and once installed gives you 24/7 monitoring. You can also use it at work, in the car, and just to quickly find your phone, if it is stolen or you lose it yourself.

  • at a distance make a recording of the surroundings;
  • send a command for a photo from the camera;
  • get screenshots of the screen;
  • listen to recorded phone conversations;
  • listen to recorded voice messages;
  • read the correspondence on your phone;
  • And more.
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To set up surveillance of your home through your phone, you need to:

Leave the phone at home.

Log in to the app from your office and send commands.

After registration you will get an office where you will get all the information and from where you can send commands to your phone.

Undeniable pluses and bonuses

  • After registration, VkurSe service provides a free period in which you can monitor your home for free.
  • Every month there are discounts and different promotions (for example, to all newcomers a week for free or if you pay for 2 years, the price will be 2 times cheaper).
  • The site has online advisers who answer all your questions very quickly.
  • All manuals, registration, descriptions and commands are all written in Russian.
  • Everything is very clear and therefore it is quite easy to use the program.

Now you know how you can monitor your home through your phone and what you need to do.

Always be aware of what your family members are doing at home!

Video playback software.264 and H.264

Recordings with the H264 extension are also called. MPEG4 Part10 AVC/H.264. There are a lot of players for this expansion on the Internet.

Differences and similarities of formats 264 and H.264

The format.264 is the raw elementary streams of H.264-ES (also called a temporary MPEG-4 video file). In turn, H.264-ES is part of the H.264. Older black box models record video in the.264. These video files cannot be used for direct playback with regular players, and need to be processed by special software.

view, camera, footage

H Format.264 allows you to reduce the video recording to a minimum size. After the video is fully compressed, the video and audio quality is still high. This format is used by surveillance cameras and video recorders of the new format. H.264 is also called MPEG-4 Part 10 AVC/H.264. Despite the long and ugly name, it’s very easy to find H.264.

To open such files, you need to use one of the following methods:

Download, configure Smart PSS, and view cameras

For centuries people have tried to protect themselves, their loved ones, and no doubt, to some extent, we have succeeded, but there is no limit to perfection. Many apartment complexes are now installing video surveillance systems. With the help of which the residents can watch what is happening to their property or find out where their child is playing in the yard.

One of the most popular programs allowing you to connect to video surveillance system is a solution called SmartPSS. This program allows you to view video surveillance cameras over the Internet, and in this article we will look at how to make settings to connect to the video surveillance system, how to view live what is happening at the moment, as well as review the archive records.