How to view the memory on your LG TV

How to increase the memory on LG Smart TV

Sometimes LG Smart TV users get a message that there is not enough memory on the device when they try to open photos, videos or listen to music with a web browser. This is due to the fact that the internal memory of the TV is full and there is not enough space to download multimedia content, as a result an error message appears and the task is stopped. To fix such a problem, you need to clear or increase the memory of LG Smart TV.

With a large number of installed applications in the LG TV, the physical volume of free memory decreases significantly, which makes it impossible to install new programs and the correct operation of previously loaded. If the lack of memory is a result of accumulated temporary files. you need to clear the cache on your Smart TV using the operating system or third-party programs.

Let’s consider the instructions for increasing the free memory of the device by cleaning the cache on the LG Smart TV. It will increase your Internet speed and reduce the number of errors.

Increasing the memory of your LG Smart TV by clearing the cache. Cache is a temporary files created by the installed software. They store various technical information necessary for operation, which is automatically deleted when the service is closed. However, some of the data is not completely destroyed. Gradually the information garbage increases and can significantly reduce the size of unoccupied memory of the device.Therefore, it is necessary to clean the cache from time to time, erasing unnecessary stored information, while freeing up the memory of the Smart TV.There are several ways to do this:

The first method applies when there are many programs installed in the TV and there is no time to clear each one’s cache individually:

  • On the TV remote control, you must press the “Smart” button to enter the smart mode of the device. In some models, the “Home” button is used for this purpose.
  • Select the “Settings” section. The location of the section depends on the version of the installed system.
  • Then select “TV info”.
  • Go to “General” section.
  • Select “Clear Cache” and click on it.
  • Confirm once again your wish to clear the cache.

The second method is used if you access content not through installed third-party applications, but through the system browser:

  • Press the “Smart” (or “Home”) button on the TV remote control to enter Smart Mode.
  • Select a browser and open it.
  • Find the “Settings” section. Depending on your operating system version it can be either in the upper right or lower corner.
  • Select the “Clear cache” tab in the opened section and click on it.
  • Confirm once again your wish to clear the cache.

Increasing LG Smart TV memory by uninstalling apps. When clearing the cache does not create the amount of free memory required for online services, you have to delete some of the installed applications. Some of them are built into the operating system and can not be deleted. these are Googlе services, the browser and many others. Uninstall those installed programs that were downloaded from the application store.

To free up memory and uninstall an app on your LG Smart TV, you can do the following to speed up your device:

  • Press the “Smart” (“Home”) button on the remote control and switch to the Smart mode of the TV.
  • Use the navigation buttons on the remote control to select the icon of the program to be deleted from the application bar at the bottom of the screen. The icon of the selected application is raised above the icons of other applications.
  • Long press the “OK” button to call the “Edit panel” section of the menu.
  • Select “OK” again. An X appears above the selected application icon.
  • Press the “Up” button on the remote control. A face icon appears above the application icon.
  • Press “OK” on the remote control, thus activating the TV screen menu with “Delete” and “Cancel” sections.
  • Select “Delete” on the remote control using the navigation buttons and press “OK.
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Expanding the memory of your LG Smart TV using a USB drive. Unfortunately it is not possible to install an additional hard disk inside the device to expand the internal memory of LG Smart TV. But as a solution to the problem, you can expand the memory on your TV using a USB drive. Smart TV will recognize it as “internal memory” where you can store any files. To do so, follow these steps:

Why does memory overflow error appear?

The internal memory of the TV is used in two cases:

  • Storing system information for the proper operation of the device, as well as for installing various applications;
  • Stored cache. information that is stored in memory temporarily. These files appear when running installed applications, playing audio and video files.

Memory overflow error can pop up in different situations. These include:

Sometimes this error can occur while you are browsing the Web site through your TV. In this case the content displayed on the screen freezes and a loading icon (hourglass or spinning circle) appears. After a while, the content will start playing again, but not for long. after a couple of minutes it will hang up again. Very often users begin to suspect that the Internet connection is weak, but sometimes the problem is still the same lack of memory.

Especially often the cache gets clogged when surfing the web and playing files from the Internet. Internet downloading services are usually very busy, so the connection and download speeds are irregular, and can sometimes drop to zero. To ensure that the video and audio play in good quality, the operating system preloads the necessary data in the internal memory of the TV, and then displays the picture and sound on the TV screen. In the case when the memory is full, the quality will decline and the downloading will sag.

Also, when the internal memory is clogged with installed applications, there is a shortage of memory, which makes it impossible to install new programs and run installed programs. In this case you just need to uninstall some applications.

If the main problem is the cache overflowing with information garbage, it will have to be cleaned using third-party programs or the OS.

Cleaning the memory (cache) on LG Smart TV and other models

The built-in TV browser is able to store all your actions and when you use different services, there is an overflow of memory TV.

As a consequence, the owner of the TV can not use it for its intended purpose. To avoid this kind of inconvenience it’s necessary to figure out how to clear the memory on LG Smart TV, so that the TV functions are restored as a result.

Why does the error appear?

There are many different functions that are available to the owner of the device as they use it, thanks to the capabilities of the TV, for example:

  • Watching movies and listening to music;
  • Use Smart TV via a browser;
  • Viewing different files and photos;
  • Apply the keyboard for easy use of Internet content;
  • Control applications through the TV remote control.

All this leads to an accumulation of information in the internal memory of the technique, and as a result leads to the fact that there is not enough memory for the further normal playback of various films and music on TV.

In this regard, periodic system updates are simply necessary to avoid overloading.

Important: Bear in mind that this error only occurs if the TV is connected to the Internet, in the case when you watch TV channels in normal mode, such failures are excluded.

Also failures can occur when connecting to a computer, using a flash drive, listening to music. In this case, the occurrence of errors with information overload is not bound to a certain page. The corresponding message can occur when watching a movie or listening to music on any site quite unexpectedly for the user.

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You can reload the page, but this option will help for a few minutes, then the problem will make itself felt again.

In this case it is necessary to understand that to solve the situation by increasing the memory is not possible, as it can be done in the case of the computer. Nowadays a lot of smart equipment encounters such problems, because there is no single constructive solution that would save the user from problems at the initial stages and would solve the situation when it arises in one click.

For example, a Samsung TV also faces a similar problem when there is a need to download a streaming video. It has memory overflow due to slower loading of the image as opposed to online streaming.

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Had to clean. Therefore, to avoid the problem, it is recommended to use other applications only in those cases where the video is placed in blocks.

How to clear memory on LG Smart TV

The occurrence of the error message indicates an overloaded memory of the smart TV, to cope with the temporary problem you need to clear the cache of the LG Smart TV browser.

This process is done in 2 ways:

    Clear the cache of all applications: to do this, press Smart on the remote to open the main menu; in one of the top corners, depending on the stitching of TVs, activate the “Change” button;

Choose one of the online services that are not used and in the opened window click “Delete”.

select in the drop-down list “Clear cache” and confirm the action.

After a while the memory is completely cleared, and the speed of image playback is restored, and the memory is freed from unnecessary content along with the message of overflow.

If this does not happen it is necessary to reload the page or go to reload the TV. In addition, you can prevent the problem without purging by prudent use of the functions of the TV and connecting to Windows with special applications that will not allow the memory to overload and provide comfortable viewing and listening to any content.

In this case you can connect to the Internet at any time, through Wi-fi by setting up a router. Other way the problem is not solved, even the service specialists LG, can not give a detailed answer to the question how to clear the memory, because all options that are applicable to the computer here are excluded, available only the use of special applications that block the saturation of memory information.

It is possible, of course, to try to update the software in TV and hope that after the update the situation will be resolved in a favorable way, but this option does not always work for a long time.

Conclusion Overflow of TV memory occurs due to the use of online content or listening to music, this problem is quite easy to solve, there are several options. cleaning the browser or applications and the third option. is a clever use of TV resources, so that there is no memory overload.

Unfortunately this problem is not solved on the constructive level by the developers, but we can hope that the new versions of technics will be free from it as the progress is in permanent development.

How to reset LG TV set to the factory settings?

Use only UP/DOWN and ENTER keys. Go to the sub-item SVC (move the cursor down and press ENTER), then go to the sub-item Info. There is a sub-item SVC Info. And then we get an insight: in the Panel Display Time line the number of operating hours of the given TV is displayed.

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Why do memory overflow errors occur?

The system notification about the lack of free memory appears on the TV screen when the user tries to open the browser. This means that it is possible to watch terrestrial or satellite channels even with an overflowing memory. However, content streaming requires an appropriate resource. Sometimes the error indicating the need to clear the memory of LG Smart TV. Appears when you start a game or play music.

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It is not the lack of free space on the built-in hard disk that causes the error, but the problems with the browser or a specific site. Practice shows that the error text can appear far from the moment the browser is launched. For example, the user has opened a website, started a video, and only then will the screen display a notification that the memory of the LG Smart TV needs to be cleared.

The most effective temporary solution to the problem is a normal web page update. However, the software failure will manifest itself again, perhaps after a couple of minutes. How exactly the appearance of the error during the content streaming playback is provoked? This is caused by the lack of memory space for storing temporary files. Therefore, movies, clips take longer to load than usual.

To avoid this error, use sites where files are saved in blocks. This memory layout prevents cache overflow. It is not possible to expand the internal memory of the TV. Therefore, users have to solve the problem in order to fully use the technique in the future.

Of course there are preventive measures to avoid the occurrence of this software failure. Try to clear browser and TV cache in time. Make sure you always install the latest Smart TV operating system updates. An outdated version of the firmware can cause a decrease in performance of your device.

What to do if your LG TV hangs?

If your LG Smart TV is frozen, the first thing to try is to reset the device. This will most often solve the problem. If your TV does not respond to remote control commands, unplug it from the power by pulling the plug out of the socket and plug it in again after a few minutes.

Press and hold the power button on your remote control for 5 seconds until “Power off” appears.). TV will turn off and turn on automatically in about one minute. Unplug the AC power cable (cord).

How to update your LG TV software?

How to clear internal memory on your LG phone

  • Go to the “Settings” menu. Select “Device Management” and under “Internal Memory”
  • In this section you will see how much memory you can free up in your LG phone. Android OS will offer you several options.

How to solve this problem?

Even in the response from the LG specialist, there is no information about what can be done in this situation.

There is no way to expand the memory of the TV. Connecting USB sticks and hard drives won’t help.

The only way out is to watch movies and listen to music through special applications which are already installed on your TV. You can also install other programs, see the instructions on how to install applications on LG TV.

You can also update your TV software. Maybe in the new version of the software, this problem will be fixed.

If you know something about this problem, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I would be grateful!