How to watch a video from a phone on TV

How to watch a video from a phone on TV

Is it possible to connect the phone to the TV for watching the film, how to do it best, what methods are suitable for smartphones iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and. RIA Novosti, 16.09.2021

Moscow, 16 Sep. RIA Novosti. Is it possible to connect the phone to the TV for watching the film, how best to do it, what methods are suitable for iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and Honor smartphones. In the material of RIA Novosti.How to connect a phone to television and practically all the latest models of TVs of known brands are equipped with a mobile device connection function. This provides great opportunities: viewing on a large screen of a film downloaded on a mobile device; transfer to mobile games TV; Convenient search for information on a wide display.You can synchronize the screens of a mobile phone and TV with the help of various adapters or via a Wi-Fi network through special applications.The best option is to connect a smartphone to TV. However, some options are best suited for a specific phone model: with iOS and Android operating systems. Consider each of them.For iPhone iPhonephons, you can connect to the TV through adapters such as USB cable and HDMI system. You can try to use the HTML cable and even special Apple Store apps (one of the rather popular-IMediaShare). However, a proven and most reliable way to synchronize TV and phone screens with an iOS operating system is Wi-Fi Network.For Androidsmartphones with the Android system, it is easiest to connect using special adapters, because their connectors are more likely to be more likely than Apple phone ports. Over, if the TV supports Wi-Fi Direct or DLNA, then the connection is easy to install without wire.You can synchronize the screens using any Android Smartphone model.Samsung Telephones Samsung are most conveniently connected to the TV using the SCreen Mirroring source or through Miracast technology. A special accessory “DEX station” has been developed, which operates through an HDMI cable and allows you to connect Samsung Galaxy phones to any TVs.Xiaomitelephones Redmi Note 3 Pro, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5 and other newer versions are connected to the TV via HDMI cable and via USB. There are also third.Party programs for Xiaomi, such as Bubbleupnp, Wireless Display.Honor is most of the Honor and Huawei smartphones to connect to a USB cable. If you use the Smart TV-Box prefix, you can apply HDMI.The wireless connection of connecting the phone to the TV via cable is not always the easiest option, because often the connectors do not coincide, and there are no special adapters at hand. In this case, it is better to use a wireless connection.Through Wi-Fi Direct, the option is considered the most optimal if both electronic devices support the Wi-Fi Direct option.For the connection, you will need to: go on the phone in “Settings”, select the Wi-Fi Direct section from the entire menu and click “Connect”; Almost the same operation is done in the settings of the second device (find the point “Network” and turn on Wi-Fi). The TV will begin to look for a mobile device, after which an active window with the “Connect” button will appear on both screens.Through Dlnadlna, it is a set of standards by which on compatible devices it is possible to transmit media materials of various types (photographs, music, films, etc. D.) Such a compound will occur through a router. The phone must have Android OS, and the TV, in turn, support the DLNA system.For the connection, it will be required: through the AirPlayol from the simplest ways to connect the device from Apple. Airplay. However, in addition to the smartphone and TV, you will also need the Apple TV prefix, which is completely compatible with the iPhone and immediately offers the user all additional options.For the connection, it will be required: through Miracastmiracast. This is a technology that provides for the transmission of video images without wires. Suitable for phones with the Android operating system, works only on modern Smart TV TV models and is carried out using Wi-Fi network.The connection will be required: through Chromecastchromecast. This is a device developed by Google, which transfers media materials to TV. This connection method is suitable for Android smartphones.The connection is required: through Screen Mirroring, the connection option is available for Samsung models.For the connection, it is necessary: ​​to TV Samsung.Mimo SCREEN MIRRORING, Smart View app, Miracast technologies, there is also a wireless way to connect the phone to the Samsung TV. Using the “YouTube Broadcasting”.For the connection, it is necessary: ​​the wired connection is not possible to install applications, you can use wired methods of connecting the phone to the TV.Through a USB-cablepter, a mobile device is used as a flash drive through a USB cable: the action performed on the smartphone is not duplicated on the screen, but the media files can be lost.For the connection, it is required: through the HDMI cable there is a mini hdmi connector for direct connection to TV on smartphones. If it is absent, you will need an adapter with Micro USB on HDMI or adapter.It will take: through MHLMHL it is now supported not by all smartphones. For this already outdated connection method, Samsung phones (released until 2015) and some devices from Sony, Meizu, Huawei, HTC are suitable.For the connection, you need to connect the adapter with the MHL to the TV using the HDMI system, to the phone through Micro USB.Via Slimpotslimpot is another adapter for synchronization of phone and TV screens. Suitable for smartphones with the Android operating system, such as LG G2, G3, G4, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. Connects to TV via HDMI connector.Through the Lightning Didgital AV Adapteret, the adapter will help connect an iOS mobile device with TV. In this case, the smartphone connects to via Lightning connector.Useful advice on how to connect a mobile phone to a TV, study the advice of specialists:

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Wired methods

You say what wires, in the yard of the 21st century, have long been Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and in general the whole world is rapidly abandoning the annoying laces. I understand that it looks like I want to return the “Ancient Age”, but this is not so.

MHL adapter

HDMI cable avoids delays in “pulling pictures” when broadcasting the screen onto the TV. And this can be relevant, for example, in games, dynamic films, in working moments. Using the adapter OTG or MHL, allows you to expand the full.Time capabilities of the smartphone: connect the keyboard, mouse, other periphery, charge the battery. In fact, you can use a mobile phone as a system unit, and a TV will act as a monitor.

In general, the wired connection has not yet lost its relevance.

But if for Android you can use an OTG or MHL adapter, then for the iPhone you will have to buy the Lightning to HDTV Cable Video and Charge Plug and Play with an HDMI connector. Now the of such accessories have fallen very much in price, so you will not have to lay out 5,000 for a plastic box.

MHL or special connection process. The adapter for the iPhone is not difficult:

  • Insert Lightning, Type-C, or Micro-USB into a connector on the phone case,
  • HDMI cable in a TV connector,
  • We connect an external power supply (usual by 5 volts),
  • Select the signal source using the remote control from TV.


Another version of the cable connection is through the morally outdated Slimport device. The principle of operation is similar to MHL, but there are versions for DVI, DisplayPort Monitor and for the VGA-input of the projector.

Type-C adapter on HDMI

A modern wired option, but not suitable for all phones. The fact is that to support the display of the image from the device of the equipped Type-C to a large screen, the device must support the DP Alt Mode technology (most often through the dock). The list is extremely short, but if you are a happy surplus of a boot apparatus, feel free to buy a Type-C adapter on HDMI, and use health.

Like a flash drive

The easiest option, but the most not functional. Allows you to view files in the internal memory of the device, photos, videos, music. In fact, the mobile phone joins the TV like a flash drive, the main thing is to choose a USB in the TV menu on TV. A built.In file manager resembles Windows will open, using a remote control and “arrow”, open a multimedia file.

How to connect a phone to a TV using miracast

Miracast technology is, in fact, a wireless analogue of an HDMI cable that transfers everything that happens on the screen of a smartphone or computer to a connected TV. A kind of wireless screen duplication.

On the Android Smartphone, this function is either in the settings, in the connection section-“broadcast”, or in the curtain, where it can be called differently, for example, Screen Mirroring, Mirror Share, Smart View, or something else. The iPhone has an analogue: AirPlay. In fact, the same thing, so you will not have to look for “crutches”.

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How to Connect Android Phone to Smart TV | Screen Mirroring | Wireless Display

watch, video, phone

Everything would be fine, but Miracast has a couple of not very convenient features. Firstly, this is really a complete duplication of the screen, that is, if you block the phone, the TV screen also goes out. And secondly, there is no multitasking: on the big screen, exactly what is on the smartphone, which means to launch the film and sit under it on social networks or play, for example, it will not work.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via DLNA

Devices with support for the DLNA integral are able to unite into a single system if you are in the home network. It is important that a special router with DLNA support will be required to broadcast from the phone to the TV. Unfortunately, not all video formats can be displayed in this way. Also, the phone must be on the Android operating system, which for some users can become a problem.

As a result, for normal work, a TV and a router with DLNA support will be required. You can connect to such a network only with a certain type of phone with the installed application. For example, Bubbleupnp for Dlna. All devices must be connected to one Wi-Fi network.

If a TV without Wi-Fi

In this case, you will have to use a wired connection. It is most convenient if your smartphone is equipped with USB-C-it will be enough to purchase an adapter on HDMI or VGA (depends on available connectors on TV) and connect a phone through it. As a rule, modern TVs are equipped with HDMI. This integration allows you to broadcast the picture and digital sound and is well suited for output to a large screen of games and cinema.

You can also find MicroUSB adapters on HDMI on sale, but they are already less common than with USB-C.

After you physically connect the devices with a cable, go to the TV settings and change the signal source to the desired HDMI port-then the picture from the phone will be displayed on the big screen.

Without over and cables

The display broadcast function is most often laid down by the developer of modern smartphones. Each manufacturer calls this function in different ways. For example, Screen Mirroring. Function on Samsung devices. The principle of operation is to transfer the image from the phone screen to TV via Wi-Fi.

Obvious advantage. The lack of the need for wired connection. The disadvantage is the possibility of interruption of communication, as well as the delay of the picture or audio. Important criteria are the qualities of the Wi-Fi module on the TV, the speed of information broadcast and the power of the phone.

As an example, we offer Samsung smartphone.

  • In the phone menu you need to find a point with connections and select “Other networks”. Among them is the function Screen Mirroring. On the TV itself, you need to activate the function of broadcasting the picture.
  • The connection is made. The image on the phone and TV coincide. Using this function, you can not only view videos, images, but also start games installed on your smartphone.

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We talked about five different options how to watch a movie from a phone on TV. Each method has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Check out each of them and choose the most convenient and suitable for a specific situation. Progress does not stand still, programmers are developing the latest ways to transmit information.

Perhaps in the near future we will be offered new opportunities for connecting a smartphone and TV. One thing will remain unchanged: the ability to broadcast the phone display allows you to watch films or photos not on a small screen of a smartphone, but on a large TV screen. Leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the article if questions appear.

Wireless connection

Those users who have Smart TV can watch movies from the phone on TV by wireless.

Important! This is feasible only through Wi-Fi. Bluetooth, NFC, IR are designed for other purposes.

There are several technologies so that users can watch a movie from the phone on the TV:

This is a technology in which a local network is used for synchronization. It is always organized with an intermediate link. A router. The disadvantage of the DLNA is that it is quite difficult to transfer the film to the TV: you need to install special applications on TV or on a smartphone, create a network between them, and only after that you can broadcast the film.

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The advantage of this method is complete access to the phone‘s memory. You can manage directly with TV or on the contrary. Organize in the application for working with DLNA folders that can be launched on the device, watch on the television screen.

Advice! The most convenient program to watch movies via DLNA. VLC. This application can solve many problems, including viewing IPTV, which is also relevant for TV.

Wi-Fi Direct/Miracast/Widi

Another way to bring movies from a smartphone to the TV screen is to use the duplication method (broadcast). It is based on Wi-Fi Direct/Miracast/Widi technologies, which, despite different names, work according to a single principle and successfully interact with each other.

Technically, they also use local wireless connection with the difference that they do not need an intermediary in the form of a router. The convenience is that the Internet may not be held in the house at all, but you can still broadcast films.

Content can already be downloaded on a smartphone, or the user watches online films through 4G, but uses a large diagonal TV instead of a small smartphone.

This method implies complete duplication of the desktop from the gadget to TV. For example, you can launch a film in VK and not look for it on third.Party resources. The user, sitting on the couch, turns on the viewing on the mobile phone, controls content, volume, and he does not need to get up or stretch behind the remote control.

Some modern brands have a pre.Installed software for performing these tasks, for example, Screen Mirroring from Samsung or broadcast from Xiaomi. But even if a special application is not preinstalled on the Android phone, you can download third parties. At the same time, the Play Market has a software for a full.Fledged duplication of the screen or video players with broadcast support.

The following programs are good software:

How to connect a phone to a TV via Chromecast

To use a wireless technology for connecting a smartphone to a TV named Chromecast, you need a special prefix from Google or other manufacturers. It is connected via HDMI. With the help of a mobile application from a search giant, you can broadcast any content that you need.

Connection to the TV using AirPlay (iOS)

On Apple devices you can use “AirPlay”. Patented technology for broadcasting audio and video without the use of wires.

Airplay technology is designed to work only between Apple devices. If you send content from your iPhone or iPad to “Apple TV”, then AirPlay will do good to you. If both of your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then they will automatically find each other. You can select the AirPlay connection in the settings of your phone, like using Bluetooth when connecting to wireless headphones.

The program “Translate on TV” for a smartphone

The Google Play applications have another development useful for us. To “broadcast on TV”. It is an analogue of the previous one with similar functions. And also free for home use. To work it, you will need to connect your devices to one Wi-Fi network so that they can work locally. Over, even in the absence of the Internet, you can transfer files to TV.

The application supports most popular TV firmware. And easy to use file player.

Other advantages of the application: Explanation:
Built.In browser. Knows how to look for a video on the Internet. You can quickly find the desired picture to view it on the big screen of TV.
High quality. Support for resolution 1080p.
Data conservation. If you accidentally stop playing and turn off the device, the application will remember this place. And at the next time the turning on will begin playing from it.
Capture video. The application is able to record in real time videos in YouTube.

If your TV for some reason does not accept data, make sure that the necessary functions have the available. Also make sure that it is currently connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the smartphone. If you can’t connect the device using a cable, use the application for Android or iPhone. Or a built.In function that allows you to broadcast a video from a mobile phone to a home TV.