How to watch the CCTV cameras via Internet

Sighthound Video

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According to the developers, Sighthound Video is a software that can not just react to the movement, as most other utilities, and react to people and track them.

The ability to recognize people and distinguish them from animals or other objects reduces the number of erroneous camera triggers and unnecessary alerts. Sighthound can work with computers, Android phones and tablets.

The program can be quickly set up, almost in a minute. It has an excellent search system, allowing to find the necessary fragment in the video with an accuracy of a second. Archive can be stored in the cloud.

It’s a paid product with a trial download. The free version allows you to receive video from only one device.

Functionality, area of use, pros and cons

Various technologies for accessing surveillance cameras and viewing data online from a laptop or smartphone have technically been implemented quite a long time ago. back in the early 2000s. They were most often used by individuals, and installing and configuring the system was a rather confusing selection of compatible hardware, software and a constant war on malfunctions. It was impossible to consider such combinations, as serious security systems, due to limitations of the speed of Internet connections, problems with coverage by mobile operators, etc.п.

In recent years, these problems have been completely solved, and the widespread introduction of 4G standards and the emergence of affordable IP-technology has allowed manufacturers to produce specialized surveillance equipment designed for remote access via the Internet. Also the range of use of such systems has significantly widened.

Private life (apartment, cottage, cottage). Is still one of the most demanded areas. Systems installed here are mostly used for personnel control or as alarm systems. Many cameras are equipped with software or hardware motion detectors. In case of unauthorized entry into the premises, they send an alarm signal to the owner in the form of SMS and MMS-messages. An additional advantage of video surveillance over the Internet is the ability to quickly assess the situation and determine whether the alarm is true or false.

Office. Any small or medium-sized business owner who is personally involved in management will need remote video surveillance. Employees, knowing that they can be seen at any moment, get an additional incentive to faithfully perform their duties, even if the owner is not in the office.

Technological control of production and engineering communications. It is especially important to monitor complex equipment located at remote sites, where there is no possibility to keep staff permanently. Thus you can significantly save on repairs (preventing accidents), as well as on the hiring of highly qualified professionals.

The enterprises of retail and service industries. Remote access to the video surveillance system will be useful for owners of small stores and cafes, as well as for large networks. It is used as the basis for control over display of goods on the shelves, staff performance: waiters, barmen, cashiers, consultants, queue management, quality of service, etc.п. Also, analytical video surveillance software will help to automatically calculate attendance, effectiveness, and other parameters.

Video surveillance systems in supermarkets are used not only to prevent shoplifting, but also to analyze business processes

Let’s briefly outline the general technical advantages and limitations of remote Internet access to the video surveillance system. So, the positive points:

  • It is allowed to use cable (Ethernet) and radio channel (Wi-Fi) local networks to provide access to multiple cameras;
  • the ability to transmit an image of any level of resolution and detail, allowing you to perform analytical operations with video data (recognition, counting objects, etc.).п.);
  • additional functionality: panning, rotary control, zoom, etc.п.;
  • Recording and broadcasting of sound, the ability to work in dialog mode;
  • comparative ease of organization and configuration of remote access.

Among the limitations are the following:

  • the cost of the kit is quite high;
  • high requirements to data transfer equipment: servers (video recorders), routers, repeaters;
  • The bandwidth of the communication channels must be high;
  • special attention to the development and compliance with network security requirements.

Ready-made video surveillance kits for a private home: tasks, types of systems, basic selection criteria, review of the best models, average prices, the nuances of independent installation.

Connection of one video camera

Connecting one device for recording is the easiest way to organize remote surveillance. In this case, the procedure is simple:

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After that in the browser it is necessary to enter the IP-address assigned to the device. Sometimes it is specified on accompanying labels, in most cases the information is given in the user manual. Otherwise it’s impossible to figure out how to configure IP cameras to view over the Internet.

Select the option to automatically obtain an IP address. Either static information is prescribed in the manual mode. Login and password for remote access is prescribed in the same part.

Most often you choose the value of 80.

  • When the desired address is given, disconnect the camera from the Internet and connect it to a PC.
  • You can view the video in the browser using any device. Just enter the IP address first, followed by a colon and the port number itself.

How to view CCTV DVR over Internet/Mobile Remote View from your Hotel room

The best way to find the IP camera in the local network

Herospeed Search Tool is a “universal” IP camera detection tool. It finds any IP camera regardless of brand, type and specified IP address. Including different subnets. And it won’t show you any other network devices on your network.

The pluses of this program are that it is free, lightweight (less than 10 MB), and it is available for both Windows and MacOS. Herospeed is a modest Chinese hero, the only thing we know for sure is that he distributes absolutely free client-server software for video surveillance systems for 256 channels.

How to organize online video surveillance over the Internet

Remote online surveillance of a particular object, where cameras were installed, with the technological progress has become real from anywhere on the planet. Wherever a person is, the Internet will make it possible to see what is happening at home, in the garden or other places where surveillance equipment is installed. This was unimaginable before, but now it is possible to follow what is happening even from a cell phone! To implement such a system is simple enough. Let’s see how to do it in practice.

How in theory it is possible to organize remote access?

Any user who accesses the Internet has an IP address, this IP address is provided to him by the Internet service provider. And 99% of the time it’s dynamic. Dynamic IP is so called because it changes from time to time. ISPs provide dynamic IP addresses because they are more cost effective. These IP addresses are provided by your ISP by default and are free, so most internet users use them. One of the easiest ways to access your surveillance system is to use an IP address, but a dynamic IP address can be difficult to use, because it changes all the time. But this trouble can be solved, the easiest way to do this is to use DDNS service. It allows you to access your router at all times. You can use it to get a permanent URL to access our router, even if your ISP gives you a dynamic IP address that changes all the time. However, you can use DDNS service only if you have a “white” dynamic IP address. The problem is you may have a “gray” IP address, in which case you can not use DDNS.

Public “White” IP Address

Dynamic IP can be white, in which case you can connect to your router. Public “white” IP address (even if it’s dynamic) allows you to access our router from the Internet. That is, this address provides a direct connection from the Internet to your router and then to any network device on your network. DVR or surveillance camera no matter. However, if the “white” IP-address is dynamic, then periodically it changes, but it’s never a problem, because there are honest free DDNS services (about them below).

Private gray IP address

“Gray” IP-address is the address in the local network of Internet service provider and, therefore, such addresses are not visible on the Internet. And you can’t access the Internet using a private IP address. In this case, communication with the Internet is carried out via NAT (network address translation replaces the private IP address by a public one). “Gray IP isn’t always a bad thing. In terms of Internet security, t.к. “Gray IP addresses are not directly visible and are behind a NAT. which secures your home network.

How to determine if you have a white or gray IP address?

An important question, without an answer to which you can’t understand how to move forward. Your router may warn you about this on its own. That’s exactly how Asus routers work, if you use a “Gray” IP address and try to enable DDNS, your Asus router will give you a warning message that it’s impossible. So your IP address is “gray. If you don’t have a router which can notify you which IP address is being used, there is another way. To do this you have to go into the settings of your router, and look at the WAN IP address, depending on the router model you can do this in different sections. Usually on the home page or under WAN or Internet. My router, as you can see in the screenshot, gives the IP address: Then you need to go to the site where you can see your public IP address. For example, at www.2ip.Ru. As seen in the screenshot, www.2ip.Ru gives IP-address:, that address is different from what you see on my router. That means I have a “gray” IP address. Accordingly, when the WAN IP address of the router is different from the address that shows That would mean your IP address is “gray.”.

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What kind of equipment you need to buy for WAN with remote access?

It all depends on the type, tasks and functions of the video surveillance system that you plan to create at the facility. If it is a question of capturing what is happening in the apartment, often enough one camera and a dedicated IP address. To build a large video surveillance network over the Internet you will need:

  • camcorder;
  • recording device;
  • router;
  • power supply;
  • hard disk;
  • network cable;
  • specialized software;
  • other.

Choose an IP camera for video surveillance over the Internet and other components can be independently or with the help of specialists. Today there is a wide range of ready-made surveillance kits. Their advantage is full compatibility of CCTV elements, easy setup and connection of the equipment.

How to remotely access the IP camera’s web interface?

To configure video surveillance for an apartment via the Internet, having at hand one digital camera, you need to follow a certain order of actions:

  • Using a USB cable or network patch cord, connect the camera to a personal computer.
  • Go to the network control center and configure the network to the same subgroup as the camera (e.g. camera address, there should be a setting of After that, start your browser.
  • Start your browser (Internet Explorer) and write the IP address of the recording device in the address bar (see “Internet Explorer”). user manual, label or disk with the manufacturer’s software).
  • After accessing the web interface of the camera, you need to specify its IP address in the settings, or check the box Get automatically.
  • In the Security tab it is recommended to change the manufacturer’s login and password to your own.

View CCTV cameras over the Internet online from any handheld device. It will be enough to enter the https://IP address of video camera: open port of recording device in the address bar of the browser.

Remote video surveillance over the Internet using a router

Setting up the system, which includes a router, is done similarly to the technology of connecting IP-cameras, described above. Here IP address, login and password are written for the router.

The next step is to assign a local IP address to each video camera. This operation is done by connecting cameras one by one to the PC which is used to configure the equipment. In the appropriate section you enter the personal IP address of the device and internal port 80. After all cameras have been run, they connect to the router. Video is accessed by entering in the address bar of the request https:// IP address of video camera.

How to configure video surveillance over the Internet, if there is a video recorder?

Building a surveillance system based on connecting video cameras to a recorder allows you to expand the functionality of video surveillance systems. Thanks to this device the user gets the opportunity not only to watch video online but also to work with the archive and be notified about an alarm as a result of triggering of the alarm sensor. Scheme to configure video surveillance over the Internet using the recorder involves

  • login to the Web interface of the logging device;
  • Entering the IP address of the recorder, the port, the subnet mask;
  • Login to the web-internet router.

If all the settings have been made correctly, the video is accessed on request https:// IP address of the recording device: external port of the router.

How to watch a security camera via the Internet online

In this article we will consider how to see the same CCTV camera via the Internet online, what are the options for this and what needs to be done to implement the possibility of remote viewing in principle.

There are several options for viewing CCTV cameras over the Internet, the first thing to understand: ip camera. is a fully independent device with built-in web server, a powerful processor, a network interface, and can operate in conjunction with a video recorder or PC, and stand alone.

The first option to watch video online or video archive is to use specialized software. In the world there is a whole mass of CCTV manufacturers and accordingly different software. We will consider the most advanced and commonly used, namely Dahua and Hikvision.

Dahua video surveillance systems use SmartPSS software. This software allows you to configure the equipment, view video online, view video archive, more advanced settings and more. in general, the complete management of CCTV.

In order to view a CCTV camera online, you must first open the “DEVICES” tab in SmartPSS. in this tab add your devices, NVR or PC server, use the “add” button.

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How to view a CCTV camera online Reece.1

In the window that appears, fill in all the fields, namely:

After you finish configuring the system you can go to online video viewing or video archive. To view the video online, you need to select the tab called “Live View. In the window that will open, on the left side of your screen you will see all available devices. Т.е. You can select and view the necessary CCTV camera online or select several of them.

How to watch security camera online online Reece.4

If you want to view video archive you need to click on the picture with the word “Playback” in the main menu. In the opened window you can choose one or several IP cameras you want to watch the archive of. There is also a timeline at the bottom of the screen, with which you can adjust exactly in what time period you want to view the archive.

How to watch the CCTV camera via the Internet online Fig.5

In video surveillance systems Hikvision mainly uses software iVMS 4500. there are different versions, but the meaning is the same. The functionality and purpose is very similar to the above mentioned SmartPSS.

Here you also need to first add all devices and configure. Open the “Device management” tab in the main menu. After selecting “Add device” and fill in the necessary data.

To watch the video online you need to enter the “Main View” tab. On the left side of the window that opens, you will also see all available devices from which you can watch video online.

If you want to view the video archive, you need to go to the tab “Remote Playback” here you can also choose the cameras you are interested in and the time period for viewing the video archive.

Or you can connect to IP camcorder via Web browser. It is better to use Internet Explorer (IE) browser to watch the video, to connect you need to know:

You just need to enter in the Web-browser line IP address of the camcorder and the port, for example: If the device is available and there is a connection to it, a window will open in which you must enter the username and password for the device.

Benefits of setting up video surveillance over the Internet

Remote video surveillance system provides the ability to organize work using wireless network protocols. The remote format of control of its settings allows you to reduce the number of staff. The SMS user does not need to watch continuously what is happening within the protected area. It’s enough to set up the appropriate notifications to be among the first to receive information about unauthorized crossing of the boundaries of an object under video surveillance.

What does video surveillance for summer homes with access to the Internet? Capability:

  • receive images from the camera in real time;
  • listen to any of the protected areas with a microphone;
  • view video archives;
  • monitor several objects simultaneously;
  • Manage the operation of surveillance cameras.

When setting up video surveillance over the Internet you can use the existing network corporate or home. Easily upgradeable system can be expanded over time by adding data servers or surveillance cameras. The range of persons able to remotely monitor what is happening at the facility can be expanded if desired. If configured in a certain way, the CMS will provide the ability to view video to multiple users who have authorized access to the service system.

Accessories for creating a remote video surveillance system

Formation of CCTV on the basis of exactly considered object is individual. At the same time, the number and quality of cameras needed to create the system is different, and the list of equipment required for their maintenance, remains unchanged. As a rule, the installation of video surveillance for apartments via the Internet involves the purchase of the following functional elements:

  • analog/digital video surveillance cameras;
  • A recording device (video recorder);
  • router;
  • hard drive;
  • the required amount of network UTP cable.

In addition to equipment, the organization of the SMS requires a static IP-address. It is provided for a fee by the provider or DDNS-service. An alternative option is to use P2P technology or work with cloud storage service.

As it was mentioned before, the video surveillance cameras in the apartment can be viewed via the Internet with the help of different types of electronic devices. For this purpose, specialized software is installed on them, which comes with the DVR or can be downloaded from AppStore or Google Play separately. The software allows you to set the resolution and video quality, picture orientation, the ability to transmit the sound stream, other. Among the programs in wide demand are XMEYE, GOODEYE, gDMSS.