How to wipe the computer monitor at home

How to wipe the monitor?

I buy all sorts of fluids-trap, wet wipes, t.D., But over the past few years, either the quality of manufacture has worsened, or they began to do all this household chemistry somewhere in the basement around the corner of the store-that I will not leave all the stains, in the dark intenses infuriates terribly.

The last straw was a megabobodic spray on a helmet base for 350r, allegedly not leaving divorces and washing off everything in a row. When opening in the bottle, there was a sticky bubble, muddy slurry, which you can wash off from the monitor fick.

Maybe there are some brands or funds proven?

I describe my own way (please do not throw rotten tomatoes at me):

A piece of toilet paper is taken, slightly soaked in soapy water (slightly soap). Thoroughly wiping the monitor (if the paper is too hard, it will flow, and this is bad). After that, take a piece of dry toilet paper and wipe the remaining water stains. Profit!

My 2 home monitors have been cleaning in this way for more than 4 years.

Thank you just cleaned. Not in soapy water, but ordinary. He smeared slightly, wiped and immediately wiped a dry piece of paper. Divorces do not have time to stay. Cleans better than special tools.

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Used just water and toilet paper. Cleaning. Surprisingly good, satisfied. (first wet, then dry).

But after a couple of years, the monitor had to be changed. Old 17 “LCD NEC Multisync was left without any coating (it was anti-glazing, probably)? Now on it instead of stains of dirt. Stains from unevenly quarrel coating.

Probably the paper was stiff. I don’t notice my way, even with antibort. With this method, the main thing is calm and without pressure.

There are rags, called “microfiber”, I suffered for a long time with glasses, then I accidentally stumbled upon 🙂 I don’t even need to smear it, you just wipe it. And that’s it.

She seems to be quite hard to rub, if dry? I’m afraid the matrix at the monitor will not withstand such pressure.

Divorces from the same wet wipes are removed without much effort, the stains have not tried to pull it out. The matrix is ​​still alive 🙂

Tode was tormented with stains on the laptop display, then I remembered about a rag from glasses, tried it. Success!)

What are you doing with the monitor, that you need to rub it hard? Spit into it and paw with your hands? I wipe the microfiber, once every six months I clean with a liquid. All.

Faced a similar problem. Found a solution in napkins for Top Gear, which for (!) car glasses are positioned (in Auchana they sell. It seems that you can find in other places). Do not leave divorces either in the car or on the monitors.

Yeah, this is also like the trouble that now some kind of garbage instead of alcohols began to be used. Somewhere, I even heard a bike that this is from the fact that alcohols destroy special coatings. I don’t know nonsense or not, but it looks like yes.

With alcohol you need to be neat with matte monitors, here there are coatings and you can erase. And it will be very ugly. The very 2 matte monitors. I wipe my water on the turned off and warm monitor and wipe the fiber from the machine set. Monitors like new come out

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I use this now, and a friend has a well, norms. They have napkins, but did not use. There are in DNS stores.

Yeah, I have the same. I really like it. Only my daughter pierced my daughter for glasses (due to small size), and I clean the usual microfiber “for glass and screens”.

I have been using such a spray for several years, and suede rags:

From liquids I use a liquid spray from Defender, it is quite satisfied, there are no divorces. I wipe it with a special fabric (I can’t say anything concrete, they gave it to me), she is sharpened by a specialist for monitors.

“Special fabric” is a microfiber. Napkins from it are sold in any computer supermarket. You can even use microfiber napkins “for the kitchen and furniture”.

I look like the dust with a rag that was in a box with a new phone. If you need to wipe something, then I gently wipe it with a barely damp cloth, and then remove the stains with the same cloth from the phone. No chemistry.

I take a cotton swab, moisten it with vodka, wipe it. All monitors are laundered with a bang and glossy and with anti.Reflective coating. They say you can still use Mr. Muscle, but I was honestly afraid.

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There are cheap Katun napkins for cleaning photo buses 40 pcs., 200 rubles cost. There is enough for a very long time. My package has been lying for 2 years. Given the fact that the wife still uses when washing windows.

My case, these are antistatic rags for glasses (they have a rubber coating on the back), light it slightly, wipe it, then remove the moisture with a dry side. I did not have to clean the spots, but the stains from wet wipes are easily! P.S is better to wash them once a week or a month

I was interested in the recommendation of the author Korvindest to use toilet paper. I did not dare to use soapy water for cleaning the matte TFT monitor, applied distilled water for injection. It is inexpensive, sold in pharmacies. Paper. Soft, without villi. After cleaning spots, divorces, villi no left.

Previously, he tried to clean the monitor with a case of soft thin fabric from glasses, having previously taken away the spot. Plastic glasses themselves are cleaned in this way, but with a decent effort. For a large monitor area, this is long and ineffective. I also tried “technical” distilled water (stored in large plastic barrels) and the same cover. There were stains. This “technical” distilled water turned out to be a lot of impurities than water for injection. Electronic boards immersed in it without protecting soldered connections stopped working much faster.

How to clean a monitor from dust and divorces

No matter how clean it is in your apartment (room), where there is a computer or laptop, over time, the surface of the screen is covered with dust and divorces (for example, traces of oily fingers). Such “dirt” not only spoils the appearance of the monitor (especially when it is turned off), but also interferes with viewing the picture on it when it is turned on.

Naturally, the question of how to clean the screen from this “dirt” is quite popular and I will even say more. Often, even among experienced users, there are disputes on what can be wiped (and the better is not worth it). So, I’ll try to be objective.

What means should not clean the monitor

Often you can find recommendations for cleaning the monitor using alcohol. Perhaps this idea was not bad, but it is outdated (in my opinion).

How To Clean A Laptop Screen

The fact is that modern screens are covered with anti.Reference (and other) coatings that “be afraid” of alcohol. When used when cleaning alcohol, the coating begins to be covered with micro-bursts, and over time, you can lose the original type of screen (often, the surface begins to give a certain “whiteness”).

You can also often find recommendations for cleaning the screen: soda, powder, acetone, etc.D. I do not recommend using all this extremely! Powder or soda, for example, can leave scratches (and micro-tsarapins) on the surface, and at once you may not notice them. But when there are a lot of them (a lot). You will immediately pay attention to the quality of the screen surface.

In general, you should not use any means except those that are recommended specifically to clean the monitor. The exception, unless, is a baby soap that can slightly moisten the water used for wiping (but more on that below in the article).

Regarding the napkins: it is best to use a wiper for glasses (for example), or buy a special for cleaning screens. If this is not, you can take several pieces of flannel fabric (one used for wet wiping, the other for dry).

Everything else: towels (except for individual fabrics), sleeves of a jacket (sweater), handkerchiefs, etc.D Do not use. There is a great risk that they will leave scratches on the screen, as well as villi (which, sometimes, worse than dust!).

I also do not recommend using sponges: various hard sand grains can fall into their porous surface, and when you wipe the surface with such a sponge, they will leave traces on it!

To AK clean: A couple of instructions

The best option for cleaning

I think that many people have a laptop (computer) in the house, there is also a TV, the second PC and other devices with a screen. This means that in this case it makes sense to buy some special set for cleaning screens. As a rule, it includes several napkins and gel (spray). It is convenient to use mega, dust and divorces are removed without a trace. The only negative is that such a set will have to be paid, and many neglect it (I, in principle, also. Below I will give a free way I use myself).

One of these microfiber cloth sets.

On the package, by the way, instructions are always given on how to clean the monitor and in what sequence. Therefore, in the framework of this option, I will not comment on anything more (especially, to advise a tool, which is better/worse :)).

Free method of cleaning the monitor

Screen surface: dust, divorces, villi

This option is suitable in most cases to absolutely everyone (unless it is better to use specials in cases of completely contaminated surfaces. Facilities)! And in cases with dust and fingers. The method copes perfectly.

First you need to cook a few things:

  • A couple of rags or napkins (those that can be used, gave the tips above);
  • Water capacity (water is better distilled, if not, you can use ordinary, slightly moistened with baby soap).

Turn off the computer and de.Energize it completely. If we are talking about ELT monitors (such monitors were popular about 15 years ago, although they are now used in a narrow circle of tasks)-wait at least an hour after turning off.

I also recommend removing the ring from the fingers. Otherwise one sloppy movement can ruin the surface of the screen.

Slightly moistened with a rag (so that it is just wet, t.E. Nothing should drip or flow, even with pressure) wipe the surface of the monitor. You need to wipe it without pressure on a rag (napkin), it is better to wipe the surface several times than a lot of pressing once.

By the way, pay attention to the corners: dust loves to accumulate there and she doesn’t look like that right away.

After that, take a dry napkin (rag) and wipe the drying surface. By the way, traces of divorces, dust, etc. Are clearly visible on the monitor. If there are places where the stains remain. Wipe the surface again with a damp cloth, and then dry.

When the surface of the screen is completely dry, you can turn on the monitor again and enjoy a bright and juicy picture!

What to do (and what is not) so that the monitor serves for a long time

Well, firstly, the monitor needs to be correctly and regularly cleaned. This is described above.

A very common problem: many put the papers by the monitor (or on it), which close the ventilation holes. As a result, overheating occurs (especially in summer hot weather). Here the advice is simple: no need to close the ventilation holes.

Flowers above the monitor: they themselves do not harm him, but they need to be watered (at least from time to time :)). And water, often, begins to drip (flow) down, right on the monitor. This is a directly sore subject in various offices.

Logical advice: if it happened and placed a flower over the monitor, then just push the monitor before watering so that if the water starts to drip, it does not hit it.

No need to put a monitor near batteries or heating devices. Also, if your window goes to the sunny southern side, then the monitor can overheat if it has to work under direct sunlight most of the day.

The problem is also solved simply: either put the monitor in another place, or just hang the curtain.

How to play it safe from too frequent monitor cleaning

To avoid too frequent cleaning, you should adhere to simple rules:

  • During the sneezer or cough, cover your face with your hand or handkerchief, or turn away;
  • Do not poke your fingers in the matrix and do not allow home or guests to do it;
  • Forbid the cat climb the table where the monitor stands;
  • Do not wipe the pollution with your finger or fingernail if you are not going to clean it in the near future;
  • Do not put a plate of food, as well as cups, glasses and glasses with drinks too close to the monitor;
  • Try to remove fresh pollution immediately, since it will be more difficult to do over time.

How to wipe the monitor

To wipe the computer screen, you need to purchase in the store all the products necessary for the procedure:

Wet wipes designed for cleaning monitors. Make sure they are suitable for TFT TN, TFT IPS matrices. They must be made of non.Permanent material

Pay special attention to the composition of the impregnation. It should not be there alcohol

Preference should be given to napkins soaked in water, which do not leave stains.

Glossy screens are more sensitive to divorces, wiped them with special accuracy. At a time it is desirable to capture a large area.

Use wet wipes for cleaning the monitor as follows:

  • We wipe the display with a damp cloth, while capturing all the corners;
  • We are waiting for the napkin to dry;
  • We re.Wipe the screen by means of a dry napkin;
  • Repeated wiping with a dry cloth guarantees the absence of divorces and a clean radiance of the monitor.

Dry napkins. Cleafing napkins can be wet or dry. They remove not only dirt, dust, but also have the ability to relieve static stress. They can be combined to eliminate pollution from the screen. Such a set of dry and wet wipes can be purchased in a computer salon. Wet impregnated with a special composition, thanks to which all the dirt from the screen is qualitatively and quickly eliminated. Dry is designed to remove moisture residues, pollution.

Complex for cleaning the laptop monitor. It includes a bottle with a cleaning spray, packaging of dry napkins. Fluid from the bottle cannot be sprayed onto the screen. A small amount of liquid is applied to one of the napkins, then the surface is wiped. The second cloth of the display is wiped out of leisure.

Fabrics designed for wiping glasses. The microfiber is considered ideal in cleaning spots from the display. It is designed to collect dust, eliminate stains, fat spots from sensitive surfaces. This fabric is effective in its structure.

High.Quality cotton pads. If the quality is low, cotton wool will fall from the disks, villi will stick to the monitor, which are difficult to clean.

General advice on monitor cleansing

Before you start cleaning the surface of the computer screen, you must familiarize yourself with the following tips:

  • Before cleaning the gadget, the gadget should be completely turned off and de.Energized.
  • When using a spray, this tool should not spray the gadget’s display itself, but wiping material and in a small amount.
  • Tissue material during cleaning should not be very wet, it should be wet.
  • Necessarily the surface of the screen wipes dry after wet cleaning with a dry cloth.
  • In no case should you clean the dried pollution from the monitor by a pointed object, since in this case you can scratch it.
  • You should not touch the display with your hands.
  • Inaccessible sections of the display can be cleaned with cotton sticks.
  • During cleaning, you should not press on the surface of the display, as this is fraught with damage.
  • It is recommended to remove all the jewelry from hand before cleaning so as not to scratch the surface of the display.
  • To protect gadgets, use a film that will protect the screen from external contaminants.

And remember: you should turn on the computer after cleaning only when the surface of the monitor is completely dry. When a product or liquid gets into the electrical device, immediately contact a specialist.

How to clean a computer monitor?

All components of the computer require care, but the display needs a special care and cleaning, since dust settles on it, and with improper operation, spray from drinks and food appears. Over time, all the dirt is reflected not only on the brightness and quality of the image, but also on the appearance of the computer.

How often to clean the monitor?

The protective coating of the monitor cannot serve forever, so too often it is not worth wiping the computer monitor at home either. This can only reduce its functionality. The computer display is cleaned as it is contaminated, and “two or three dust” can remove any dry microfiber rag.

Important! Under ordinary operating conditions, enough:

Careful care for the monitor is necessary if you are used to eating a computer. If you notice small drops from drinks and food, then perform wet screen cleaning once a week.

Display care rules

In order to, on the contrary, reduce the amount of wiping and learn to carefully operate the device, adhere to the following simple rules:

  • Do not put the glasses with drinks and plates with food close to the screen.
  • Do not wipe the spray on the display with your hands.
  • Do not touch the monitor with your fingers.
  • Use a protective special film for devices with touch screens.
  • Make sure that the children do not touch the display.
  • Remove fresh drops immediately, since the frozen dirt is more difficult to remove.
  • Regularly clean the device from dust, since it is harmful not only to the health of the user, but also has the ability to accumulate a static charge. And this, under certain conditions, can lead to a breakdown of the device.

How can you wipe the screen?

Many consumers ask the question whether it is possible to wipe the monitor with wet wipes or alcohol?

In order not to harm the monitor and not spoil the matte anti.Reflective coating, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • No alcohol during cleaning, since when in contact with alcohol, the anti.Fobed film easily dissolves.
  • No means for washing windows or dishes.
  • Do not use paper napkins, toilet paper, etc. P., since they contain hard particles of wood that can scratch the screen.
  • Do not use wet wipes for personal hygiene, since their composition is not suitable for cleaning monitors. In addition, stains will remain on the display, which is very difficult to remove, even with special means for caring for monitors.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use abrasive tools to wipe the computer monitor at home, as they scratch the screen.
  • Do not use anything soap so as not to leave stains on the screen.

Important! If there were no special tools for cleaning the monitor at hand, it is better to leave everything as it is, but you will take care of wiping, as soon as such an opportunity is presented.

How to wipe the monitor without divorces?

Before you start cleaning any device, be sure to make sure that the device is disconnected from the network. This will protect you from not foreseen situations, and on the dark screen dirt and dust become more visible.

Important! After completing the cleaning procedure, be sure to let the screen dry well before operation, and at the same time admire the results of your work.

To correctly clean the computer monitor at home, adhere to the following recommendations and tips:

  • To remove dust from the screen, use a soft pile fabric.
  • Wipe the monitor with circular or vertical and horizontal soft and smooth movements. While wiping, do not press too much on the surface.
  • Do not spray the cleanser directly on the screen or body of the monitor, since the liquid can dry through the cracks inside the device.
  • Apply a cleaning product to wiping material, and then proceed to cleaning the monitor.
  • Do not try to scrape dirt with a sharp object or nail. If the pollution is not cleared the first time, then repeat the attempt.
  • First process the difficult spot with a remedy applied to the napkin, and after a few minutes remove it with soft movements.
  • During work, be sure to hold the monitor with your free hand to avoid the fall of the device.
  • The material used for wiping should always be clean and slightly wet, but not wet.
  • If the screen is too dirty, then replace the wing material between the approaches or rinse.
  • After cleaning the base of the monitor, delete dust from the back of the screen and buttons.
  • If cords leading to the computer are attached to the monitor, then disconnect them and also wipe them.
  • If dust and dirt have accumulated in the corners of the screen, then remove the pollution with cotton sticks.
  • Possessed places and cracks clean with a toothpick wrapped in a cloth.
  • Turn the monitor into the network only after completely drying out.

Important! Before cleaning the computer monitor at home, be sure to remove all the jewelry from your hands: rings, bracelets, watches that can leave a scratch on the sensitive surface.

Cleaning algorithm

Cleaning the computer monitor is performed in the following sequence:

  • Turn off the equipment, remove the fork from the outlet.
  • Prepare cleaning products.
  • Wipe the display with a damp cloth or rag.
  • Remove the stains with a dry cloth or rag.
  • When the surface dries, they turn on office equipment (connected to the mains).

From dust

Important! In the process of cleaning, it is forbidden to press hard on the screen. The surface is recommended to be cleaned with soft and smooth movements. You need to move from top to bottom, from one side of the monitor to the other.

From dirt

  • Turn off the laptop from electricity;
  • Take a wet napkin or spray the cleaning liquid onto the tissue;
  • Wipe the screen with a damp cloth;
  • Remove stains with a dry cloth or soft fabric;
  • When the display dries, turn on the laptop.

In the process of cleaning the computer screen, it is prohibited:

  • Wash dirt with sharp objects;
  • Strongly press on the liquid crystalline monitor;
  • Spray cleaning liquid or water on the display;
  • Clean the surface with a wet rag;
  • Clean the display with decorations on hand.

From fat spots

How to remove fat spots from the laptop display:

  • Turn off computer;
  • Wipe the fat spots with a damp cloth or a napkin;
  • Go through a moisturized fabric throughout the monitor;
  • Remove the remaining liquid on the surface of the screen with a dry rag.

Important! Fat spots can be wiped with a rag moistened in soapy solution. The fabric should be slightly wet. It is forbidden to wash fat from the monitor alcohol or vodka.


If you do not know how to clean the computer monitor at home, do not experiment. Soft Blessed Napkin. That’s all you need. But if the screen is very contaminated, you have to go to the store. For full care for a liquid crystal display, you need to purchase specialized tools.

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