How to write a conversation on the phone on the iPhone

How to write a conversation on the phone on the iPhone. How to record an incoming call to iOS?

Using App Store applications

Most of them work according to the principle of conference: you at the same time call not only the subscriber, but also a special bot. It is he who writes your conversation, and then saves it in the application.

Almost all programs for recording an iPhone conversation are paid. Some offer a free trial version. You can buy a subscription for a week, month or for a longer period.

We recommend downloading only proven applications from the App Store.

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Tapeacall Pro

Tapeacall Pro is probably the best application for recording conversations that you can use today. The application allows you to quite simply record any calls.

When you talk on the phone, just click on the record button and the application will create a trilateral conference-link, where a third fishing line for a trimmer is used to record a call, the application worked every time in my testing, and the recordings sounded clearly for both sides.

The application also allows you to share a record through social networks or email. You can even download the records in the cloud.Storage (Google Drive and Dropbox), if you want to save the repository on your iPhone.

However, the best part of Tapeacall Pro is that the application charges a fixed fee. For 3.99 / month or 19.99 / year, you can record an unlimited number of calls without limiting the duration of the call.

Best for those who like to conduct long telephone interviews. The application has a free version, which allows you to use the application for a 7-day trial period. Then you must pay the above expenses if you want to continue to use this application.

Iphone Recorder

Call Recorder Unlimited was developed by Teltech Systems. This application has a rather convenient integration, in addition, the transfer of the entry into a text document is available. In the menu you can find all available tariffs and, if desired, configure the sounds of notifications.

This application is available in the App Store store for free. But to use it, you need to pay a subscription of 129 per month.

To start fixing the dialogue, press the button

For listening, open a playback sheet and choose the desired conversation

How to record a telephone conversation on Android

Many smartphone manufacturers initially added the opportunity to record conversations, no additional programs or services are required. For example, you can record conversations on Xiaomi (until recently), Oppo, Realme and others. You can clarify this moment in the characteristics of your smartphone.

For example, Samsung believes that the recording of conversations should not be available to users, and therefore, by default, such an option is not in most countries of the world. In Russia, for smartphones Samsung, recording of conversations is prohibited. For smartphones, you can get a ROOT access, put programs that they can write all the conversations from the line, but I also do not advise doing this-this is an excessive risk that you definitely do not need.

In the Play Market you can find many programs that are conditionally free or paid and can record calls automatically on any Android Smartphone. As a rule, they use the same method as Tinkoff Mobail, this is the addition of the third line and the subsequent sending of the file to you (or immediately recording on your device).

It is important to indicate that most programs do not know how to record conversations using Volte, Vowifi, this must be taken into account and apparently disconnect such opportunities if you need a conversation recording in the application. Also on Android 10 to third.Party applications cannot be transmitted about calls, so you need to manually prescribe the call name with whom the conversation took place. This is extremely inconvenient.

The developers of utilities record telephone conversations focus on the fact that their “brainchilds” serve exclusively good goals and do not violate the inviolability of private life. For example, the creators of Call Recorder, even in the title of the program, noted that it is intended for telephone interviews. Thanks to the application, the interviewer does not have to restore the conversation from memory or notes in the notebook.

There is no ban on recording telephone conversations in Russia, as well as obligations to notify the interlocutor that his words are recorded. Only the transfer of this information to third parties contradicts the Constitution. However, domestic developers are not in a hurry to create applications for recording conversations, so iPhone users, if necessary, should periodically record conversations on quite decisive steps: hacking iPhone or the purchase of expensive “overseas” equipment.

How to send an entry from an iPhone recorder to a computer or other device?

You can transmit an audio recording from a recorder to another mobile device by MMS message through the “Share” button.

One mmm is about 7. When transmitting a file to another iPhone, Imessage Messenger should be used. Then it will be possible to avoid financial expenses completely.

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Sending a PC record is more difficult, but a couple of effective ways still have.

Through e.Mail

This method will bring the result under two conditions:

To send the recording, click the same “Share” button and select the “Mail” option.

Then, in the “Who” field, indicate the mailing address to which you have access and send a letter.

Say exactly when the message comes, you can’t. Most often delivery takes a couple of minutes, but can stretch out on the clock. Open any of the two mailboxes on PC: the one used by the Mail application, or the one to which you sent a letter. In the first case, the message should be sought in the “sent” folder, in the second. In “incoming”.

As soon as you find the right letter, save the audio recording contained in it on the computer.

Through itunes

If you correctly make iPhone synchronization with iTunes, records of the recorder will be transferred to the hard drive PC. How to perform synchronization?

Launch iTunes, connect the gadget to the PC and proceed to the device control menu by clicking on the icon with the image of a smartphone.

In the “Settings” block, select the “Music” section.

Put the checkpoint “Turn on the voice entries”. This is very important: most often it is precisely because of the lack of this checkmark that users cannot copy the recordings from the recorder on PC.

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Click “synchronize” and run the exchange of data.

When all 5 synchronization steps end, leave the device control menu and find a record from the recorder in the media text. In order not to sort out a whole playlist, you can immediately proceed to the “Voice Records” section in the “Musical Playlists” block.

Find the record from the recorder you are interested in, click on it with the right mouse button and click on the point “Show in Windows conductor”.

So you will find yourself in that folder on a hard PC disk, where all voice recordings in ALAC format are stored.

You can also find this folder by walking along the path C: users1musicitunesitunes media. It is called “Voice Memos”.

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Top 1: Intcall

  • Make and record calls within the country and abroad with different tariffs.
  • Write down the entire phone call and save it on your iPhone.
  • Transfer the iPhone calls to your computer using the iTunes file exchange function.

Top 2: Tapeacall Pro

  • Record of incoming and outgoing calls to your iPhone without time limit.
  • Download your calls to Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote.
  • No per minute frees.
  • Your operator must maintain a 3rd recording before using the Tapeacall Pro calls to record the calls. (Not including EE in the UK.)
  • Inaccessible in Simpletalk and H2O Wireless in the USA.

Top 3: Call Recorder Pro for iPhone

  • Start recording a phone call that is already performed.
  • The phone record price starts at 30 minutes for 1.
  • Download and share your call through the iPhone via SMS, Dropbox, email, etc. D.

Top 4: Recording calls by nonotes

  • Record phone calls on the iPhone and saving files in the cloud.
  • A free iPhone call recording application offers 20 minutes a month to record calls.
  • Reproduction of iPhone calls by scanning a QR code.
  • It is difficult to stop the call record, and then return to redirecting with small increments of time.
  • It is impossible to add a description to the iPhone call record file.
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TOP 5: IREC Call Recorder for iPhone

  • Call and record internal and international calls in the IREC Call Recorder application.
  • Freely control, play and delete audio recordings.
  • Rewrite phone calls.

Buying an application

The second way to record the conversation on the iPhone is to use the application from the official App Store store. There are many of them, but for the most part they are not free.

  • Transcribe by nonotes. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls and then transfer them to the text (transcript). 20 minutes of recording per month. Free, subscription costs 579.
  • TAPEACALL. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls by pressing one button. Record can be recorded in the background. The application costs 849, but you can write down unlimitedly.
  • Intcall. The application also writes any calls, and in addition, allows you to hide your number during the call. Subscription costs 379 per month.
  • Call Recorder Unlimited. Something between the first and third. Very similar to Tapeacall, but also knows how to transcribe audio. The cheapest subscription, only 115.

Rekk recording calls

The REKK multifunctional application will open the rating, which is compatible not only with the iPhone, but also with laptops based on MacOS. The application works with the help of a conference-friendly service provided by a mobile operator, so before installation it is necessary to make sure that this service is connected.

To figure out how to record an incoming or outgoing call, we recommend clicking on the icon “?” in the upper left corner. There you will find step.By.Step instructions with screenshots. There is also video assistance on using the application, so dealing with its main functionality is not difficult.

At the end of the conversation, a file with a record will be saved, which can be shared with friends on social networks and instant messengers. There is also a conversion function that allows you to convert dialogue to the text. It can be convenient if there is no time for listening to the whole conversation, but you need to quickly find a certain fragment.

For convenience, all records can be sorted by some filters. By default in the player there is a sort by the phone number, but if desired, you can enable the display of only selected conversations. So that the notes do not get into unnecessary hands, you can protect the application with a password or Touch ID. In addition to the main function, the application can perform the function of the anti-scheme of the application to block incoming calls and determine the numbers.

However, most functions will have to pay. Paid subscription has 3 planes: for a week (300), for a month (450) and for a year (850).