How to zoom out the screen on your computer

Reduce or enlarge icons

If there is nothing wrong with the resolution, then it is worth reducing or increasing the icons yourself. The easiest way to do this is using the menu that appears after right-clicking on the desktop. Here you will find the View menu item. Hover the arrow over it and select Large Icons, Normal Icons or Small Icons in the submenu.

Changing the scale of the screen on your computer

The size of the interface depends on the resolution and physical aspect ratio of the monitor (screen diagonal). If the image on the computer is too small or large, then the user can change the scale himself. You can do this using the built-in Windows tools.

Universal method

Probably the easiest way to make the screen on your computer smaller. This method is suitable for all operating systems, including Windows XP.

To normalize the aspect ratio you need to do the following:

  • Right-click on any part of the desktop and select “Screen resolution” in the context menu.
  • On the “Resolution” line indicate the desired setting by dragging the slider up or down.
  • Press OK button.

After these manipulations, a popup window will appear on the screen with two suggested options: save or discard the changes made. If the user is satisfied with the updated settings, you should press the save key, but if not, you should cancel the action and repeat the action. 1-3 until the optimal settings are reached.

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How to reduce the scale of the screen

Due to the peculiarities of the standard layout of the site, many users of this resource may be interested in the topic of scaling the content. In the course of this article we will equally touch on how to increase the scale and its reduction by different means.

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How to zoom out the screen on your computer: an overview of ways

For modern operating systems it is very important that their interface was as simple, clear and convenient as possible. And it should be customizable. The interface customization involves many aspects such as scaling and changing screen resolution. I do not need to explain why this is necessary. Everyone knows how tedious reading small print can be, and the same goes for small elements of the interface. buttons, icons, panels, menus, and so on. The opposite is the situation, when the inconveniences are caused by oversized elements of the interface. That is why Microsoft Windows developers have provided the ability to resize the screen and individual components.

It is not very difficult to adjust the size of the workspace in Windows. You do not need any special programs, although they do exist, nor any additional graphics drivers. In this tutorial we will tell you in detail how to change the scale of the screen on your computer, but before we start the demonstration we will clarify the difference between scaling and resolution. Changing the resolution means changing the number of displayed pixels, and it is not necessary for the desktop elements to become larger or smaller. Scaling is more correctly understood as changing the size of elements of the interface. icons, text, menus, panels, etc.

Usually when you install Windows, it selects the best screen resolution, and to change it unnecessarily does not make much sense, because it can only worsen the visual perception of the interface. If you, for example, reduce the resolution of the display, the workspace will be compressed, but the size of text icons and other elements will not change, they will become more crowded and scrolling bars will be added to the interface if necessary.

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How to zoom out the screen on your computer? Simple solutions

Hi all! For a long time I have not written any information posts and today on the agenda how to reduce the screen on a computer or any laptop?! Usually before writing a post I look what’s there in runet in general (in order to accidentally miss anything), but a little googling I was just horrified by the most common situation where users are looking how to reduce the size of the screen is simply nowhere described.

How to Zoom Out on a Computer Desktop : Basic Computer Operations

zoom, screen, your, computer

Here the user enters How to make the scale smaller on the computer? and that it sees all sorts of scale settings, font sizes and other system manipulations (we’ll talk about them too). However, everyone is silent that the incorrect zooming on the computer screen is primarily due to the graphics adapter drivers, but more about all in detail.

How to reduce the laptop screen for Windows

The computer has long been a familiar gadget in the office and at home. Users have mastered its basic functions. However, some features that could make the process of work more convenient, remain unclear to many. For example, not everyone knows how to zoom out of the computer screen. It is not very difficult to learn it.

Narrowing the monitor screen on your computer

The easiest and fastest way to solve the problem in question is to set a higher resolution screen. The point is that if it is not, the picture may be stretched and may not fit the actual aspect ratio of your monitor or laptop display. We have already written about how to perform this procedure in current versions of Windows, so use the instructions below, all the required information can be found there. The only additional note. for our specific task it is recommended to set the maximum available.

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Windows 10 has a setting that allows you to reduce the size of the taskbar, specifically the size of its icons.

Right-click on your taskbar, and at the bottom of the menu that appears, select “Options”.

Left-click on the radio button under “Use small taskbar buttons”.

Your taskbar will now shrink. In order to return it to its original appearance, simply click on this switch again.