How you can connect your phone to the TV

Interfacing your phone with another device is common practice for every user today. And when asked about its connection to the TV, you immediately think of the connection to the PC. In practice, however, these are different things.

A computer or laptop is often used to download files to your phone or to flash it.

From the TV it is more comfortable to view multimedia files.

  • Each phone has a specific connector, the format of which often depends on the manufacturer. (for example, the iPhone has the original Lightning port, while Samsung smartphones have a typical USB-C cable, only with more pins).
  • Modern televisions have several jacks for picture and sound output from the phone, but their number is not an indication of quality. (Only picture and HD video playback is supported if you have an HDMI port.).

How to connect your phone to the TV

The easiest way to connect, allowing you to use your mobile device as a flash drive. But you can only play photos, videos, and audio files stored in the phone memory.

What to do

Connect your TV to your phone with a USB cable.

Set your TV to use the USB port as source.

If necessary confirm the connection mode on your phone.

The folder structure or the list of files scanned and recognized by the TV will be displayed on the big screen. What you see will vary based on the model of the device.

Use the remote control for navigation and browsing.

Connect via WI-FI

This way is good that you do not need to connect any wires, no need to figure out which port you insert them into. But it is important that the manufacturer has built into the TV WI-FI module. That’s why this connection option will not suit the owners of older TV models.

Connected by WI-FI, you can transfer images to the display, watch movies and videos, play video games, listen to music.

On the phone open the settings and select the wireless connection options there.

Open the TV settings, the item “Network” and also enable Direct.

If you do not have this option. then this connection option is not suitable, because your TV does not work with wi-fi.

Next, the screen should start scanning and then. The list of available devices for synchronization.

Find the name of your smartphone in the list.

There will be a request on your cell phone. confirm the connection.

How to stream a gallery to your TV

The following chip is great for those who want to stream photos or videos from a smartphone to the big screen. DLNA technology will help us. The conditions for the connection are as follows:

  • Both devices must support DLNA and be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • The TV must be connected to the router via a LAN cable.

Broadcast the picture from your smartphone to the TV.

To connect your smartphone to your TV via DLNA, you need to:

  • Go to TV Settings.
  • Activate the DLNA function.
  • Open any media file on your smartphone.
  • Then click on the three dots next to the photo or video.
  • Tap on Select Player and specify your TV in the list of available devices.
  • Then the picture will automatically play on your TV.

If for some reason you’re not able to use this feature, Google Play has a special application BubbleUPnP for DLNA, which can help you.

The algorithm is about the same.

  • Make sure the TV and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as described above.
  • Launch the app on your Android smartphone.
  • Then go to the Devices tab and select your TV.
  • Once that’s done, open Library.
  • Navigate to the folder where your photos or videos are stored.
  • As soon as you open a file, it will be immediately streamed to the TV.
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BubbleUPnP app for connecting your smartphone to your TV.

Connecting with DLNA

Wireless connections are much more attractive these days. If your cell phone and TV are connected to the same local network, you can use DLNA technology to connect them. Modern televisions usually do not need additional devices and have a built-in DLNA function. For older models not designed for a network environment, a media player, a game console or a special Android set-top box (like Chromecast) can be a DLNA hub. All DLNA certified devices have the appropriate logo or sticker, which means the product has passed compliance testing and is able to connect to other certified devices.

To create your own DLNA server for streaming movies and music, you need to install a special program on your phone. Then start the server, connect it via Wi-Fi to your home network, and enjoy watching.

How to connect your phone to your LG TV

There are at least three ways to connect your phone to your LG TV. Choose the connection method that works for you:

  • Connect your phone with a cable to the USB input on your LG TV.
  • On your smartphone, select Connect as USB Mass Storage.
  • From the LG TV menu, select USB Devices, and from the drop-down menu, select your phone model.

Done ! Now you can watch vacation photos and videos from your smartphone on your TV. This method works on any TV with a USB input and on almost any phone.

  • Turn on Wi-Fi Direct on your phone under Wireless Connections.
  • In the TV settings, go to the Network tab and activate Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Your phone name should appear in the list of connected devices.
  • Select your phone and connect to it, confirming the selection.

Done! Now you can control your TV with LG’s proprietary Wi-Fi Remote technology or stream content from your phone to your TV. Also, connecting your Smart TV to your phone via Wi-Fi Direct becomes a good option when there is no other way to connect your TV to the internet.

It’s best to connect your LG smartphone to your LG Smart TV using the Smart Share feature.

  • Connect your TV and phone to your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Activate Smart your LG TV.
  • Activate Smart your LG phone.

Ready! Now you can use all the Smart Share features, such as displaying pictures from your phone on the big screen.

There are other ways to connect your phone to your LG TV, but most require you to purchase additional devices. For example, iOS smartphones can connect to a TV through an AirPlay set-top box or Lightning Digital AV adapter. Smartphones with a separate HDMI output (such as the LG 2X) can be connected directly with an HDMI cable. MHL or SlimPort compatible smartphones can be connected via a dedicated Micro USB to HDMI adapter.

Finally, you can connect your phone to your TV with a Chromecast media player. Simply follow the instructions!

How to connect your phone to the TV for watching movies

Obviously, this scenario does not require synchronous playback of the film on the smartphone and TV. So it is worth to use the USB connection: find the microUSB-USB cable that comes with the device, and use it to connect the portable device to the TV. The Android device will ask to click connect mode, click on the USB drive. Then look for the button on the TV remote control, which is responsible for selecting the signal source. Click USB as source and then the type of data you want to view.

How to connect your phone to your TV with HDMI

Most modern TVs have an HDMI High. Definition Multimedia Interface port. This technology replaces analog connection standards and allows you to fully display your smartphone display of any diagonal on the TV screen. This loses the quality of video and photos, you can watch movies from YouTube or view pictures taken with the maximum resolution of the camera.

To transfer an image from your smartphone to your LG, Sony, Philips, and other brands of TV, you need to buy a USB to HDMI adapter. Some TV models have a built-in micro-HDMI or mini-HDMI port, which makes the connection much easier and eliminates the need to purchase a special adapter to have a broadcast from your phone to the TV.

Power off the phone and TV set, connect the HDMI cable and power on again.

  • Some TV models automatically find your smartphone after turning it on and identify it as a USB flash drive. If this does not happen, perform the actions in this sequence.
  • Go to your TV’s menu and select HDMI as the signal source.
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Adjust the picture resolution and frequency.

How to connect the phone to the TV through USB

Connecting via USB is a simple and popular method. Its use requires only one condition. the presence of a USB-port on the TV. Using this method allows you to use your phone as an external storage device, i.e. to send photos and videos stored on your phone to the TV screen.

Here are the instructions on how to connect your phone to your TV via USB cable:

How to Connect iPhone to TV Screen Mirror! (2021)

  • Connect your devices with a USB cable (you can use a charging cable);
  • Select the appropriate connection option on your smartphone display;
  • Select USB-port as a signal source in TV settings (usually the button Source on the remote control is used for selection).

After performance of the named actions connection will be completed. Further it will be necessary only to equip the remote control and to look through files on the TV screen.

How to connect the phone to the TV through USB?

If you have a modern TV and you look at the back or side of its body, you will see a large variety of ports, among which there will probably be a USB port. If there is a USB port, it means you can connect other devices to it. An Android-based smartphone is no exception.

True, there are nuances, about which it is necessary to know. The thing is that not all televisions are able to recognize your phone as a flash drive, which means that if you want to watch a movie you have downloaded to your phone, it will not be possible. And this method does not work even if you switch the device to other modes. If this is your case, the most you can do is look at pictures taken on your phone or just charge it. However, everything can be exactly the other way around.

How to connect your phone to the TV

Modern Smart-TV becomes a guide to the world of all pleasures at once: such a device can be connected to the Internet and turned into a home theater, watch on a big screen your favorite TV shows, videos from YouTube, looking at photos from Google-drive and with a large company to choose tickets for the next vacation. The good news is that you can do the same if there is only one smartphone at home, and the TV available boasts a screen diagonal, but not the stuffing.

Ways to connect wirelessly

It is possible to connect your phone to the TV using wireless connection in several ways, depending on the brand, model, and technical capabilities of the equipment.

The smartphone can be synchronized with the TV through a common home network. just connect both devices to it, and then link them together.

However, there are other ways in which you can pair your devices and duplicate data.

connect, your, phone

You need a TV with Wi-Fi and an Android smartphone. You can pair your devices without a router or a wired connection. TV acts as an access point for the cell phone. You can use this connection to send media files from your smartphone’s menu to another device’s screen. Pairing can be performed quite simply.

  • On a Smart TV connected to the network, enter the settings menu. Turn on Wi-Fi Direct in the wireless activation section.
  • On the smartphone as a network to connect, select the item “Wireless. Find and turn on the item with the name Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Wait for the device search to complete, select the TV.
  • Through the menu “Send” to transfer audio, photo or video files from the memory of your smartphone to the TV.

This is not the richest multimedia option, but it is quite easy to implement.


Using this method you can combine any Android-smartphone and TV which supports the DLNA connection to the router. The principle of operation is similar, but both devices are connected to the home, created by the router Wi-Fi network. It is enough to combine the devices, and then you can use the gallery, making a projection of the data on the screen with greater resolution. You can display files in different formats.

The order of connection will be as follows:

  • connect both devices to the same network;
  • Select the “DLNA connection” option in the TV settings;
  • start the gallery in Android, open the file for broadcasting, in its “Menu” go to the item to select the media device/player;
  • Click on the TV model name in the drop-down list.
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You can expand the settings and the range of available programs for playback, import files using third-party utilities.

Simply install BubbleUPnP from the marketplace. this app will solve the problem.

With Miracast

If your TV supports Miracast technology, you can mirror the streaming data from the screen of a compatible smartphone. On Smart TVs this option is usually pre-installed. If you have an HDMI-port it is possible to equip other TVs with it, but with the help of an adapter. It is better to choose a universal one. for Chromecast, Miracast, AirPlay.

If Miracast is available by default, simply follow the following steps.

  • Go to menu. Select and enable Miracast.
  • Select “Wireless Monitor” under “Display” on the smartphone. Turn this option on.
  • Choose among available devices.
  • Wait for the picture to appear on the TV screen.
connect, your, phone

Connecting with AirPlay

If you have an Apple TV and iPhone, you can use their joint use mode, similar to Miracast. You just need to turn on AirPlay. Once the devices are paired, you can play games together, watch presentations, and view video and photo content.

You’ll need a home network connection to use AirPlay.

Then on your smartphone, in the menu select “Control item”, then “Screen Repeat”. You need to select Apple TV in the available list, wait until the image appears on the TV screen.

Connecting via Chromecast

This method is good for Android smartphones and iPhones, any TV. You’ll need a dongle, a special Chromecast media player from Google. It connects to your TV via HDMI, turning any device without Smart features into a full-featured multimedia device.

Once connected to the smartphone and TV, the technology will allow wireless access to the gallery and phone memory, run games.

To establish the connection, you need to connect the set-top box to the Wi-Fi network, set Google Home on the smartphone to control smart devices. All other settings are launched through the app and the Google account.

Screen Mirroring for Samsung

If you want to combine two Samsung devices at once, you can solve the problem of connecting your TV and smartphone quite easily. This manufacturer has a proprietary application Screen Mirroring, through which you can activate the duplication of data broadcast on the screen. The order of the connection will be as follows:

  • In the Samsung phone settings, find the item “Visibility of the tablet/smartphone”;
  • activate this function;
  • Open the “curtain” of notifications on the TV, click on the Smart View icon;
  • Using the remote control, press the Menu button and select Screen Mirroring;
  • confirm the pairing after the corresponding information is displayed on the smartphone screen.

With this option, you can view files that are not available for viewing on TV directly because of format incompatibility.

You can connect your smartphone to your TV through the HDMI port, USB connector, or tulip. It all depends on whether you have the correct port on your TV and the cable in your home. Let’s look at each option in more detail.

The most reliable way to connect your phone to your TV is with an HDMI cable. Virtually all TVs today are equipped with an HDMI port for audio and video. On some modern models the port version 2 is installed.1, capable of working with the 8K format. But for streaming media from a mobile device, HDMI 2 is sufficient.0.

Connection steps

  • Find or buy the right cable. To do this, check the types of connectors on the devices.
  • Connecting devices by wire. Your mobile device first, then the TV.
  • Selecting in the TV menu When there are several connectors, you need to find the right one through Source.
  • Waiting for the picture to be displayed. If nothing appears, go to the settings of the gadget and select “screen” in the image settings.

It is faster and easier to connect a phone that has an HDMI-mini connector. There are such ports in premium gadgets. And in this case no adapters are needed.