HP laptop does not turn on the Caps Lock

What to do if the HP laptop does not turn on. HP laptop does not turn on, flashes Caps Lock. What is the malfunction

HP laptop does not turn on, how to start it is the first question that faces the owner of the device. Laptops, due to its mobility, are much more often than table computers, used to work. They are used by students, managers, trade workers, and almost every IT specialist has their own laptop (as Americans call their laptops).

The mobility of the laptop, its main advantage over desktop PC, has become its problem place, its compactness led to difficulties with cooling during operation, as a result of the percentage of breakdowns of laptops is higher than that of other devices.

Therefore, it is always recommended to buy laptops of well-known brands, such as HP (Hewlett-Packard for example, which have long established themselves in the market and have a dense network of service centers in Russia.

Also, until the end of the expiration of the warranty service, it is not worth neglecting advice, store the packaging from the laptop and the documentation for it, which indicates the guarantee and internal filling of the laptop.

Deciphering Caps Lock flashing on HP laptops

Almost all HP laptops built a special diagnostic utility, which displays a certain sequence of light signals to the Caps Lock key indicator (in some cases Num Lock) if there are problems with the inclusion. According to the combination of blinking (1 flashing, 2 flashing, 5 blinking), you can determine which particular component is faulty and where to begin the elimination of the problem.

A similar role in the system unit of a stationary computer is played by a speaker, which indicates the source of the signal sequences to the source of the problem in the working computer.

To correctly determine the number of flashes of Caps Lock, you need to immediately start to count them when you turn on the laptop.

Simply put, if you turned on the laptop and, starting with the first flashing, counted 3 of them (including the first), after which the casp lock flashes stopped for 3-4 seconds, this means that in your case Caps Lock blinks 3 times, after which, after which, after which, after which The cycle is repeated.

Next, we consider possible combinations and their designation.

Caps Lock on HP flashes 1 time

The central processor malfunction. If your laptop is built on the AMD processor A4/A6/A8/A10, then its failure is very likely. Most often, due to constant overheating and physical wear, these processors stop working, speaking of this by cyclical solitary blinking by the Caps Lock button.

Caps Lock on HP flashes 2 times

Damage to the basic input/output program or in other words. BIOS. It often happens that the memory on which BIOS is recorded is damaged. Because of this, the laptop cannot turn on and Caps Lock begins to blink 2 times in a circle.

Solution. Replacing the flash drive BIOS and its flashing on the programmer.

Caps Lock on HP flashes 3 times

Most often this indicates problems with RAM.

Decision. At home, you can try to get all the RAM modules, clean the contacts on them with a gear (eraser) and try to insert one at a time, each time trying to turn on the laptop.

We extract and change the laptop’s RAM places

Ideally, try to replace the memory module with a deliberately working.

Caps Lock on HP flashes 4 times

Problems with the video chip. If you very rarely cleaned your laptop from dust and did not change thermal grease in it, then you are provided with problems in the video chip (video card). Due to overheating, it degrades and ceases to display the image on the screen. Bottom line. Flashing Caps Lock 4 times and expensive video chip replacement.

Caps Lock on HP flashes 5 times

Problems with a systemic (motherboard). Also a rather sinister symptom. Among the frequent problems with the motherboard, one can note the failure of the northern/southern bridges, video chips, multicortrollers. Repair, as a rule, is also inconsistent.

Caps Lock on HP flashes 6 times

Bios authenticity. Very often his flashing solves the problem and the laptop works further great.

Hello! Today we will talk about one common problem when the HP laptop constantly flashes Caps Lock and tell you how to deal with this problem. When the laptop is turned on, the operating system does not load, the screen burns black and the Caps Lock key flashes. This trouble is especially found on old computers. HP support says that the key should flash a certain number of times from one to six. There are times when the button flashes constantly, let’s talk about it. To correct this problem, you will have to arm yourself with a screwdriver.

The reasons why the HP laptop does not turn on.

Let’s see what malfunctions seriously affect the Robot HP. And also how to eliminate them better. Many of our customers and clients most often fail on laptopes by the North Bridge or South. It is necessary to replace it immediately, so we do every time in this situation. We will also immediately find out what the laptop is from. And what to do. Some of our visitors also have a problem with the video chip, it stops working, does not function. In this case, the result is the same, it should be replaced by a new. If you want to know why your device does not work, we advise you to make free diagnostics with us. Maybe even such a small problem, such as not the working button, which is easy to repair/replace.

The laptop does not turn on when it does not charge, that is, there is no supply of electricity. Accordingly, in the discharged state, he cannot even load, not to work. Perhaps only the power connector is broken and it must be replaced. Do not forget that you need to do the diagnosis to find out what real breakdown. For example, there may be a problem in the outline of the power, and only the check will tell you that this is exactly the case. There is such a saying “measure seven times and cut off once”. In our work, knowledge is also important as in this proverb. Knowing where exactly the problem is and how it is worth fixing it so that you can use your laptop for a long time. This is our main task. If the laptop has stopped turning on, you should not be nervous, perhaps the connector is torn out, or rather its contact group is damaged. It will help its restoration, and it will continue to work as before the breakdown. With the help of diagnosis, you can accurately find out if there are problems with the motherboard, which also affects the work of HP.

HP laptop does not turn on? Want to know how much time it will take repair?

The laptop has turned off and does not turn on in different cases, we already know what malfunctions can be, but the time spent on their correction is also important. In our GSMMOSCOW service, you will learn the exact time for repairing or replacing parts in your device. We will approximately say how much time will be spent in a particular procedure.

Our masters will make a replacement of the video chip, southern and northern bridges from about four hours. And yet, if indicators do not burn at the laptop. This does not mean that it has broken, check the power.

Repair of the board, provided that it is available (namely, thanks to the staffed warehouse) from two hours.

The replacement of the power connector will be made from one hour.

We will make the diagnosis of your HP from one hour and immediately find out why the light does not light up. There is no inclusion.

What to do if the HP laptop does not turn on, that is, after starting, only an empty black screen is visible, and on the keyboard the light indicator of the Caps Lock (or Num Lock) indicator flashes on the keyboard?

The problem when turning on the laptop, when nothing happens on the screen, although the fan works. A serious reason for concern. If it is impossible to start a computer, HP usually flashes on the keyboard, the Caps Lock key indicator, and it flashes for a reason. Depending on the frequency of flashing, you can determine the error code that will help us to pre.Diagnose the malfunction.

Solved Laptop Not Turning On Black Screen Caps Lock Scroll Button Blinking 2020

If the laptop does not turn on, and the battery indicator flashes or does not burn, perhaps the reason is the insufficient battery charge. When working “from the outlet” the laptop should turn on. If you have everything in order with the battery, and when starting, indicators are blinking near the Caps Lock and/or Num Lock keys, you need to count the number of flashes and determine the reason by their number. The official website of the HP gives such a decoding of signals:

Caps Lock/Num Lock Tested component Fault
Flashes 1 time CP
Blinks 2 times BIOS Bios damage
Blinks 3 times Memory The memory module is faulty
Blinks 4 times Graphic arts
It blinks 5 times Motherboard Total system board
Blinks 6 times BIOS

But it is not always possible to reliably determine the malfunction in this way, so the laptop will have to be given to the service center in any case. However, we give explanations from the HP website to these faults.

The central processor is faulty here is simple, but expensive. HP advises immediately contact the service center.Bios damage. HP advises to wait, in the event of this error, the computer will reboot and eliminate it itself, though this process can be very long, so it remains to be patient and just wait.The memory module is faulty. If light indicators say that the problem is in RAM, disassemble the laptop and carefully remove the memory from the slots. Insert it back and try to turn on the computer again. If the situation has not changed, replace the RAM bar with new ones or consult a specialists.The graphic controller is faulty. HP advises immediately contact the service center.Total system board. This is a failure for which there is no given indicator blinking mode. As in the case above, you are dear to the service.BIOS authenticity. A very rare problem associated with unauthorized changes in the BIOS parameters or their discrepancy in the hardware platform.

Error codes indicated by LED indicators on HP laptops

When starting the monitor screen remains empty. If a malfunction of the hardware components was found during the implementation of diagnostic programs, the fan works, but the monitor screen remains empty. To quickly find the cause of this malfunction, remember the sequence of inclusion of light indicators on the keyboard.

Fix ! HP Caps lock blinking/flashing but no display in any laptop easy method. Amar Tech Tips

When performing diagnostic programs, a sequence of inclusion of light indicators next to the Num Lock or Caps Lock key corresponds to a specific error code. At the end of the sequence, flashing stops. The blinking scheme is repeated at every attempt to turn on the computer until the error is eliminated.

The battery indicator indicates the condition of the power supply. When starting a computer or during operation, the circuit can be used to determine the state of the power system.

Battery indicator

Indicators near the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys blink when an error is detected during the launch. Indicators flas a certain number of times in a row and then go out. The number of flashes in the sequence indicates which component caused an error when testing it during the initial audit.

If the indicators stopped blinking, and the computer did not start, you can press the power button again to repeat the test.

The subsequent sections show the general explanations of each error code indicated in the above table.

AC power supply adapter is not connected or the battery has a low charge

laptop, does, turn, caps

When the computer only works from the battery and the alternating current feeder is disconnected, and the battery indicator and the Caps Lock/Num Lock indicators do not burn, this indicates a low charge or discharge of the battery. Connect the alternating current power adapter, make sure that the battery indicator burns, wait 15 to 30 minutes and then turn on the computer. If the computer starts, test and calibration of the battery. If the computer does not start, connect another battery (if any) to make sure that the malfunction is in the battery.

If after changing the battery the computer does not start, remove the battery and connect an alternating current power supply unit. Make sure the battery indicator is on and turn on the computer. If the battery indicator does not burn, then the power supply unit is faulty or the connection between the adapter and the system board is unreliable. Connect another alternating current power supply uniform (if any) to make sure that the malfunction is in the power supply.

Insufficient battery level

If the battery indicator flashes (its icon is a stylized image of a lightning category), then the battery power is not enough to start a computer. To eliminate this error, apply the following solutions.

  • Connect the laptop to the alternating current adapter and repeat the attempt to start the computer.
  • Make sure all the adapter connectors are securely connected.
  • Make sure that the light indicator on the alternating current adapter (if there is) burns. This means that the power from the wall electric outlet enters the adapter of alternating current.
  • If the power from the adapter of alternating current enters the computer, leave the battery on recharging for a while from 30 minutes to 1 hour and restart the computer.

Note: recharging the battery during this time is called slow recharging. Slow recharging is a continuous process of replenishing a low.Level DC charge for gradual recharge of a highly discharged battery. Strong discharge of the battery occurs if it was not used for a long period of time.

The central processor is faulty

In the work of the central processor (flashes code 1) problems arose. Only the replacement of the CPU will help.

If there is an error indicating the BIOS failure (flashes code 2), you may not notice the codes, because as soon as the computer finds this error, you will restart and attempt to correct errors in the BIOS, then re.Restart will occur. As a result, you can observe a very long launch process, at the end of which there will be a message that errors in BIOS are corrected. If such a problem arises, update BIOS.

The memory module is faulty

If you make an error of the memory module (flashes code 3), follow the recommendations in the following table.

When using original memory

After adding a new memory

Note: some memory module errors may allow the computer to launch, but then lead to its restart and output of a flashing error message.

The graphic controller is faulty

In case of failure of the graphic controller (flashes code 4), only replacement helps practically.

Total system board

The general failure of the system board (flashes code 5) is understood as a malfunction of the hardware component, for which there is no other corresponding code of the light indicator.

BIOS authenticity

BIOS authentication failure (flashes code 6) very rarely occurs. Such a malfunction is the result of the inconsistency between the BIOS settings and the devices installed on the computer. This error occurs if the BIOS failed to check the authenticity of the signatures of the devices in the system. The purpose of checking the authenticity of BIOS is to protect against unauthorized changes in the BIOS installations in the computer.

When a BIOS authentication inspection fails, BIOS installations are automatically fixed. If the automatic correction of the BIOS installations is made unsuccessfully, perform this operation manually. To make correction of BIOS errors manually, press all four keys with arrows at the same time. To initiate the BIOS transition to the EFI section to search and restore the current BIOS installations.

If the BIOS system of the laptop is damaged due to the unsuccessful installation of the BIOS update or because of another unsuccessful procedure related to the software, the computer displays the black screen and does not load. The computer will not upload the BIOS or System Recovery screens, and will also not load them from peripheral devices, as such operations requires a working system of BIOS. If this happens, you can restore the previous BIOS version in order to restore the basic functions of the laptop.

HP laptop errors codes

HP laptops during self-diagnosis can give out light signals that indicate a malfunction of any laptop node.

laptop, does, turn, caps

If your HP laptop flashes Capslock indicator, this may say a lot.

It should be noted that very often the processor itself, but the north bridge of the laptop, which is involved in the process of initializing the central processor, is very often faulty.

The system board failure is a common error that may imply a failure of any laptop node. Detailed diagnosis is required.

Capslock/Numlock (main/auxiliary code)

2.2 (flashes) Caps Lock indicator flashes red 2 times, then white 2 times.

3.2 (flashes) Caps Lock indicator blinks white 3 times, then quickly 2 times.

3.3 (flashes/sound signal) Caps Lock indicator blinks white 3 times (slowly), then 3 times faster.The indicator blinking is accompanied by a sound signal. The blinking of a red indicator is accompanied by a lower sound, and white. A higher sound signal.

3.5 (flashes) Caps Lock indicator blinks white 3 times (slowly), then 3 times faster.

4.2 (flashes/sound signal) Caps Lock indicator flashes white 2 times (slowly), then quickly 2 times.The indicator blinking is accompanied by a sound signal. The blinking of a red indicator is accompanied by a lower sound, and white. A higher sound signal.

4.3 (flashes/sound signal) Caps Lock indicator flashes white 2 times (slowly), then quickly 2 times.The indicator blinking is accompanied by a sound signal. The blinking of a red indicator is accompanied by a lower sound, and white. A higher sound signal.

4.4 (flashes/sound signal) Caps Lock indicator flashes red 2 times, then white 2 times.The indicator blinking is accompanied by a sound signal. The blinking of a red indicator is accompanied by a lower sound, and white. A higher sound signal.

5.3 (flashes) Caps Lock indicator flashes red 5 times, then white 3 times.

5.4 (flashes/sound signal) Caps Lock indicator flashes white 5 times (slowly), then quickly 4 times.The indicator blinking is accompanied by a sound signal. The blinking of a red indicator is accompanied by a lower sound, and white. A higher sound signal.

The system board failure is a common error that may imply a failure of any laptop node. Detailed diagnosis is required.

Let the computer cool. If the error is not eliminated after cooling and cleaning the laptop, perhaps the internal components were damaged due to heating.

As a conclusion

The situation when the laptop does not turn on or behaves abnormal, it may be associated with poor contacts. For example, the power indicator burns, but the device does not respond to the button. In this case, the laptop is disconnected from the network, the battery is pulled out, the service hatches are opened at the bottom and the ruler of RAM gets. All available contacts should be wiped, on the bar. Clean up with a clerical elastic band.

Before connecting the adapter and the battery on the laptop, you need to clamp the power button for 20-30 seconds. There is a high probability that maintenance will help to return performance. Check this is simple: just insert the battery, connect the power adapter and make sure that after turning on, the laptop loads normally and works.

I hope you figured out which of the reasons constantly flashes Caps Lock and how to fix trouble. If the given methods are not effective will have to send the North bridge for repair or replacement, as well as think about buying a new device. If you know other ways to revive the device, write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев or our group in contact.

When caps Lock flashes 5 times watch the next video material.

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Program way to get rid of the black screen when loading

It happens that a black screen haunts users even when the laptop turns on. But at the start of Windows, it loads for a very long time. Up to 10 minutes of the black screen, and only then. Greeting. Also, a long awakening of the laptop (exit from sleep mode), a long launch on behalf of the administrator can be recorded in the symptoms. What to do?

  • Press the key combination “Windows” R
  • Enter the regedit team into the line. The registry editor will start.
  • Next, we find the Enableulps parameter in all the following sections of the registry and change the value to 0 (zero).

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\amdkmdag HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\amdkmdag HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\\0000

If this parameter does not have this parameter, click CTRLF and enter the Enableulps in the search bar. Try to look like that.

This command we force the video card to work always, never turn off, even if the laptop is not used (just the same sleep mode). But by this, we will slightly raise the power consumption of the laptop and an increase in the temperature of the video card is not critical, but it is worth remembering this.